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A Nation, Founded on LIES, Part Three

Hello, and welcome to Conway's wonderful world of the politically incorrect, which makes paid pretenders like Bill Maher look like the controlled, propagandizing puppet and simpering kike dwarf that he is. That arrogant, annoying, know-it-all motherfucker is a real piece of work; just look at his history.

That noted, I intend to easily prove before all who read that the Third Amendment of the United States Constitution is nothing but a LIE, using several examples that will follow shortly. I shall do this by interpreting historical events, along with employing the same cunning, rhetorical legerdemain that politicians and shysters use to "prove" that "money can commit a crime" or that "corporations are persons". The first cannot "do" anything, considering that money is an inanimate object, and the second is not a "person", never was, nor ever will be, as a corporation is a man-created, intangible entity without life. In today's bizarre world, where logic and rational thinking no longer applies, that doesn't matter - like in Orwell's 1984, we have "Newspeak" which consists of variably defined words and phrases, dependent on the situation. The disgusting whoremonger, William Jefferson Clinton, proved that, by rhetorically stating that it all depends on what the meaning of the word "is" is.

The amoral, elected pirates running this moribund, miasmic balkanized dump will stop at nothing to further their aims, even if it comes to using "law enforcement" personnel as an ersatz army to facilitate their duly approved agenda of total control. I will use various cited articles along with the State and Federal Government's employment of militarized, jackbooted pigs to enforce their will as proof that the Third Amendment is nothing but a lie, by using the "William J. Clinton" method of "variable meaning".

If you have read my earlier polemics, you already know that I have no use for politicians or their armed, badged privateers, and that I subscribe to a dialectical materialistic view of world history - which, quite simply, states that economic forces have driven and shaped events, and that the elitist class of talking apes who most effectively control capital, in whatever form, are the ones who reign over and control lesser talking apes, a lower class called "the masses", via exploitation, in the form of work, taxes, et cetera. Marx may have been wrong with the idea of communism, but he was right on the money with regard to what he dubbed "class warfare". Such is self-evident, considering the privileged SWINE that run the United States, so without further delay, I shall present the Third Amendment.


No Soldier shall, in time of peace be quartered in any house, without the consent of the Owner, nor in time of war, but in a manner to be prescribed by law.

I will now take this patently idiotic Amendment apart as follows.

1) "No Soldier shall, in time of peace be quartered in any house,"

2) "without the consent of the Owner,"

3) "nor in time of war,"

4) "but in a manner prescribed by law."

Madison really fucked up on this one - the Third Amendment is not only meaningless on the surface, but contradictory when the third and fourth parts are contrasted against the first and second parts, together and separately.

Concentrating on the first part, with reference to the second part, it basically states that no member of the Armed Forces "in a time of peace" can be housed in any domicile without the consent of the owner of said domicile. Very nice, on the surface, but when looking deeper, anyone with even half a brain can see that the statement is a bunch of shit written for credulous fools. 


Well, at the time of ratification, the United States didn't have property taxes, so you did own your property then, sort of, in a way, I guess, unlike today, where "property ownership" has been clandestinely and effectively abolished, with the slack-jawed American drones never even noticing that their "property rights" had vanished. Really, try not paying your property taxes, and see just how long you continue to "own" your "property". Nor did we have Nixon's draconian EPA, so, citing the preceding "laws", i.e., property taxes and Nixon's EPA edict, you don't own your motherfucking house now anyway, and you never did, at least since 1970, fancy, calligraphic, notarized "deeds" notwithstanding. Property ownership is another cunning LIE - get over it, serf. You are a tenant in common, at best - and the all-powerful SOVEREIGN STATE OWNS your property, period, and "permits" you to "use it" - nothing more. That's the way it is - look it up; consult any current law dictionary for proof of this blunt assertion.

The third part of the Third Amendment, relying on the second part, implies that the "owner" must give consent as well in "time of war" whatever that actually is, but it does not state that directly, and all of the earlier Madisonian sophistry of the Third Amendment is in fact negated by the fourth part, "in a manner to be prescribed by law". Quite literally, regardless of how this absolute farce of an Amendment is written, any "legal" body, house, senate, tribunal, or even a MOB of self-appointed barbarians can meet, pass an ordinance with regard to YOUR property, and LEGALLY jam troops in whatever form down your fucking throat, whether you like it or not. Oh well, so much for "rights" - you don't have them, and you never did. Further, employing an even simpler method, all a judge has to do is to approve a "warrant" with regard to your property, using the Fourth Amendment AGAINST YOU, based on the "sworn testimony" of a crooked pig, and then duly sanctioned, armed freebooters can break into your home, legally, and even kill you, your family, or a group of those allied to your cause.

I'm sure that some legalistic rhetorician would say that I'm "taking it out of context" or that "I don't understand what is being related", or other such nonsense - how the fuck else can it be interpreted - it's what James Madison WROTE! Here is some Goebbelsian propaganda stating that the Third Amendment doesn't apply to the States at all, and that jackbooted pigs breaking into your house, armed with automatic weapons and the like aren't "soldiers" - what the fuck are they then, Jehovah's Witnesses?

Yeah, what a case of rhetorical, legalistic hair-splitting, after all folks, the Fourth Amendment wasn't formally recognized as "applying to the States" - until 1961!

Here's another one - stating that the Third Amendment has not been legally "incorporated" against State governments. In other words - the Third Amendment is a fucking LIE, just like all of the other laughable Amendments in that glorified piece of toilet paper called the Constitution. If your "rights" get in the way of "government" - your rights are GONE.

You see - the pigs can break into your house without a warrant and arrest you, the OWNER, for not letting them quarter theirselves in your home. Read the next links:

Now, one would think that since the Bill of Rights was ratified by the States, that those rights would be honored by those States admitted to the Union - nope, through cunning, legalistic machination, only "certain rights" apply, most of the time in some cases, or only sometimes in most cases, or maybe not at all in a few cases - incredible, isn't it? Guess what, it's all a bunch of BULLSHIT  - you don't have any fucking rights, and you never did, wake up and realize it. The silly "civics" classes that were jammed down your throat as a kid were just as useless and inapplicable to reality as the propagandistic lunacy of attending "Sunday School" on weekends.

Moving on, the time has come to list modern historical precedents, and employ rhetorical legerdemain to facilitate the establishment of conclusive PROOF that the Third Amendment is nothing but a goddamned, motherfucking LIE, authored by a very naive, intelligent man, or a very cunning, intelligent man, or a simple idiot, disguised as an intelligent man. I will cite three separate events, which are graphically illustrated for the reader below.

1) Mr. Jose Guerena, an American spic, Arizonan "citizen", ex Marine, man without a criminal record, and murder victim was slaughtered by pigs, who entered his domicile unannounced, mowed him down with a fusillade of bullets from automatic weapons, and then tramped around in his home for several hours afterward, "looking for drugs" - while only finding a picture of "Jesus Malverde, Patron Saint of Drug Dealers", according to the drug-dealing criminals that run this place.

Okay - what does any of that have to do with the Third Amendment?

A lot, read carefully - pigs are employees of the STATE, a sovereign body, they are paramilitaristic in form and action; they are paid by the state to carry out their agenda, i.e., "enforcing the law" - with an ersatz army of ARMED MEN. When the pigs forced their way into the home of Mr. Guerena, on 5 May 2011, they did so under the guise of a "warrant", issued under the cunning pretext of duly sworn LIES. Authorized by the state under the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America, they commandeered and "quartered" themselves within Mr. Guerena's home, after they murdered him. It's as simple as that; after the smoke from the automatic weapons settled, and the house or "compound" secured, the corpse of Mr. Guerena was hauled away from his home to the morgue in a fucking meat-wagon - without being charged with anything, not that it would have made any difference by then. I suppose Mr. Guerena's "soul" floated up to Jesus or something after he was blown away by pigs, but that's another story. A few years passed, and the survivors, i.e., Mrs. Vanessa Guerena and her two children by her dead husband, Jose, received 3.4 million dollars in "compensation" from the employers of the pigs, Pima County, et al, without admitting any wrongdoing - and with none of the pigs that murdered him fined, or charged with anything.

Here, read selected articles regarding the slaughter of Mr. Guerena for yourself - I didn't write the fucking things - then look further on the Internet for verification, you'll find it:

Go ahead - rationalize and dismiss the above articles as "biased" - there are many other articles, other than the two offered for perusal, which report the same events with regard to Mr Guerena and family, in the same fashion, and relating the same dreadful results to the reader. Rationalize it further, and plead that the "poor police" made an honest "mistake" - that still doesn't make Jose Guerena any less DEAD, does it?

2) Mr. Randall Weaver, a honky, used to be a Christian, but he woke up - now he is an atheist, like me, and for goddamned good reasons. You see, several members of his family were mercilessly slaughtered in the State of Idaho by armed, jackbooted thugs with automatic weapons employed by the Federal Government, thanks to a "bench warrant", issued for a "failure to appear" charge. This charge was related to an earlier charge by Federal pigs, regarding a downright trivial modification of common shotguns. You see, the shotguns were sawed off three-eighths of an inch (9.5 mm) below the legal limit - how utterly unforgivable, wouldn't you say?

If you wish, read the following articles; they will familiarize you with the events of 21 August 1992 and subsequent events, lasting through 31 August 1992.

Go ahead, call the above links "biased" too, if you like - then find other "not so biased" sites, which will relate the same events and sworn testimonies to you in the same fashion.

Continuing, for this "terrible crime" of "failure to appear", agents of United States Marshals Service and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which are two types of Federal pig, were deployed to the residence of Randall Weaver, a mountaintop property known as "Ruby Ridge". The USMS and the FBI are paramilitary units, employed and ARMED by the Federal Government. Comprising yet another ersatz army, USMS and the FBI stormed Weaver's property and home, murdered members of his family, and then quartered theirselves on his supposed "property", searching for "evidence", while Weaver's wife and son were hauled away in meat-wagons to the local morgue, having been slaughtered by the Federal pigs in the name of freedom. 

Judging from the above incident, I guess the Third Amendment doesn't apply to the Federal Government, either - who the fuck does it apply to - invading Martians?

After years of legal wrangling, Mr Weaver was, for the most part, absolved of any wrongdoing (see the above articles), and the amoral criminals running this bankrupt nation "compensated" he and his surviving children with the sum of 3.1 million dollars, again without admitting any wrongdoing on their part. The only good thing that came out of the entire ordeal is that one arrogant, jackbooted thug, a US Marshal named William Francis Degan, Jr., was sent to his grave by a man named Kevin Harris, where he belongs and rots forever.

Below is a revolting "memorial", actually an atrocious, sanitized propaganda piece which could have been written by Paul Joseph Goebbels, complete with "reflections", devoted to the dead pig, for your reference:

Nauseating, isn't it? Notice there is absolutely no mention of Randall Weaver by name, or his murdered son Samuel, who also "ended his watch" on 21 August 1992. Incidentally, Samuel Weaver was shot in his BACK by these "brave policemen". Samuel's mother, Vicki, wife of Randall, "ended her watch" on the following day, thanks to another sadistic, jackbooted gook pig, Lon Horiuchi, who shot her in the head while she was holding her infant daughter Elisheba in her arms. Isn't that wonderful?

Here's information regarding the "hero", Lon Horiuchi:

3) Mr. Vernon Wayne Howell, AKA Mr. David Koresh, another whitey, was a deluded religious fanatic who led a group of loony Christian misfits who called themselves the "Branch Davidians". Odd, yes, but the First Amendment of the United States Constitution plainly says that you can worship any fucking thing you want, from Avantis to zebras and all in between, in any way that you want, as long as no one else is hurt in the process, you know, like conducting "human sacrifices" or whatever. Yes, the First Amendment has already been conclusively proven by your friend Conway as an utter crock of shit, but I'm simply citing it for reference, and the sake of argument.

In typical fashion, David Koresh and his devoted, brainwashed minions were accused of anything and everything imaginable by the media, from drug dealing and running a clandestine methamphetamine factory, to stockpiling weapons, to child molestation. Sounds familiar, doesn't it - a hackneyed Goebbelsian trick used to discredit those individuals considered a threat to the status quo. The ATF and the media employed such cunning tactics and mendaciousness to make Koresh and his ilk appear as dire threats to the public, and the rest is history, with charred bodies everywhere. Anyway, the only provable charge is that these certifiable lunatics were creating automatic rifles from semi-automatic rifles, for whatever reason, namely, AR-15s and semi-auto AKMs, but, considering that no one had yet been killed as the result of such activities, one would think that simply arresting Mr. Koresh and others of his group at other locations, away from the Branch Davidian "compound" would have been a much better idea. Further, the fact that the Second Amendment is also a crock of shit comes into play here, as the "National Firearms Act of 1934", effectively banning automatic firearms for the general populace, proves the Second Amendment as fraudulent sophistry for credulous drones.

Making a long story short, arrogant FBI and ATF pigs and their porcine allies attempted to serve search and arrest warrants upon Koresh and his coterie of armed, sycophantic loonies, in the most aggressive fashion possible, which predictably resulted in four jackbooted pigs and six religious fanatics meeting their ends on 28 February, 1993. Thus started a 51 day siege, where the pigs blared loud music and aimed brilliant halogen spotlights on the "compound", callously disregarding any "kids" attempting to sleep therein.

Analyzing the situation, perhaps the Branch Davidians were justified in stockpiling weapons and creating automatic weapons to defend themselves, considering the occurrences of 28 February 1993, when they were attacked by jackbooted thugs using automatic weapons, and especially considering what occurred later, on 19 April 1993, when the "compound" was totally destroyed by dyke Reno and the "authorities" - in the name of freedom, or apple pie, or the flag, or whatever the hell those pricks use to justify their positions. This draconian action ended the siege, yes, but also resulted in vicious old Uncle Sam exacting his pound of flesh like a veritable Shylock, in the form of the incineration of 76 people, including seventeen "kids", and their leader, loony Koresh, Messiah of the damned.

That view, of course, is contested by the vicious, elitist criminals running this society, who state that the Branch Davidians were responsible for starting the fire that caused the carnage, judge for yourself -  all one needs to do is to view the following footage:

Yes, the second video is supposedly "doctored" and therefore "discredited" by the authorities - what would YOU do or say in their position? Further, comparing identical parts of both videos - which one IS the "doctored video"? How can anyone tell - supposedly, the latter was taken from a VHS video, whereas the former came from who knows where - and where is the original Beta-cam or U-Matic tape? 

No one knows. Strange - isn't it?

Anyway, after the fire died down, the paramilitaristic pigs moved in, ostensibly in the name of "securing the perimeter"and "quartered theirselves" on the destroyed remains of the Branch Davidian's property, without their, or their heirs, permission, having used a "warrant" to facilitate such a quartering. 

Oh well, so much for the Third Amendment, effortlessly destroyed by your friend Conway as the mendacious sophistry that it is. In summary, noted above are three separate occurrences of government sanctioned police brutality and invasion of property, not to mention a veritable shitload of blatant violations of other supposed "inalienable rights" of the people -  the "rights" of Jose Guerena, the "rights" of Randall Weaver and his family, and the "rights" of David Koresh and his followers. 

As for Jose Guerena, he was completely innocent of any wrongdoing, period; the survivors of the unwarranted attack on his household receiving 3.4 million dollars in "compensation" for his slaughter, with the perpetrators of his demise admitting "no wrongdoing" in the entire affair. I wager that is due to his killers having "more rights" than Mr. Guerena ever did - like something out of Orwell's Animal Farm - no wonder they are called "pigs".

Regarding Randall Weaver, after being shot by the pig Lon Horiuchi, and having his wife and son slaughtered, he was convicted of a trifling charge in an obvious attempt to thwart the ability of Mr. Weaver to file a lawsuit. It didn't work; he and his family received 3.1 million dollars in "compensation" from the government, which stated that their duly sworn officers committed no "wrongdoing" in the killings of Vicki and Sammy Weaver. 

Mr. Kevin Harris, the man accused of killing the pig William "Bill" Degan - was charged with murder, along with a pile of other charges thrown in for good measure. He was tried and afterward acquitted of all charges by a jury of his peers. Then the Federal Government, pissed off that Harris had walked, attempted to try him on the same charges, which were thrown out due to the "double jeopardy" clause contained in the Fifth Amendment. Lucking out on that one, Harris went on to collect $380,000 in "compensation" from the authorities, whose jackbooted swine had attempted to kill him during the siege.

As for Koresh and his Branch Davidians, their own stupidity contributed to the siege and the stupidity of the ATF, FBI and other authorities exacerbated it, which culminated in a hellish conflagration of debatable origin that killed 76 people, 17 of them children. All of these people, including the "kids" supposedly had "rights" under the Constitution, but when arrogant, testosterone laden, self-convinced, armed pigs, backed by a tyrannical government, decide to "move in", your "rights" go out the fucking window. In the aftermath, several survivors of the siege were convicted of various charges, some justified and others unjustified; as a result, few lawsuits of note have been filed, mainly because most of those who could have filed them are DEAD, and the one notable lawsuit filed for 675 million dollars in damages by the survivors was summarily dismissed in 2000 by the same judge who presided over the criminal trials. Yes, that is a fact - such would be laughable if it wasn't the grotesque parody of justice that it is. You see, you don't even have the right to sue those bastards for damages, even if your loved ones were killed and your property destroyed, due to you being a serf and they being the Sovereign. Get over it, that's the way it is, always has been, and it's the way it will stay.

Well, serf, isn't your laughable "freedom" wonderful? It gets you fucking DEAD today, regardless of any silly goddamn "Constitutional Amendments", which are much better for wiping assholes than for ever bothering to read. There are many other examples of police terrorism, old niggers being shot in their own homes, grandmothers mowed down by pigs on erroneous warrants, unarmed drivers being shot to death at the side of a road - the data is there is you have the guts read it.

Now, employing the Hegelian dialectic, we will take the Third Amendment of the United States Constitution, which, in the simplest of terms, claims that we have the "right" to refuse the quartering of soldiers in our domiciles, as a thesis. That statement can then be juxtaposed against the evidence presented above, as an antithesis, from which a synthesis can be deduced.

Synthesis: The Third Amendment of the United States Constitution is a goddamned, motherfucking LIE.

Go ahead, try to prove me wrong; the utter hypocrisy of this place makes me want to vomit.



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