Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Conway's Holiday Update

Conway here - Merry fucking Christmas, and Happy New Year. If you don't like me wishing you a merry fucking Christmas, fuck off.

I've finally gotten back into the spirit of creating new articles, after a long hiatus; trading stocks and tending to other things in life take precedent over something as silly as composing cathartic diatribes that no one reads.

That horseshit out of the way, a review of the major stories of the past year is in order, launching my latest vitriolic attack on the arrogant, aloof, elitist, apelike creatures charged with administering this dying nation. Let's see - jackanapes Obama was re-elected, as I predicted, George Zimmerman was acquitted, as I predicted, and the United States has sunk even further into abject insanity, as I predicted. Kermit Gosnell was convicted by a jury of his peers - which - curiously enough, I did not predict; it surprised the living hell out of me that the murderous moolie was convicted, but, considering the evidence, anything other than a conviction was impossible. The cowardly, greedy, arrogant jig agreed to accept a term of "life in prison", rather than a death sentence, which he deserves - hopefully he will receive justice at the hands of musclebound jailhouse queers who have an attraction to old, freckle-faced niggers.

The only good thing that happened in 2013 are the revelations made by Edward Snowden, the NSA contractor who decided to expose the United States for what it actually is, before the entire world: an arrogant, moribund, two-faced, hypocritical, bankrupt, decadent, totalitarian Orwellian police state run by gangsters - disguised as a "republic", and dubbed a "democracy" by politicians, brain-dead drones, and the government controlled media. I just love being told by those cocksuckers as to how fucking free I am - I have the freedom to suck dicks and fuck other men in their asses, and slaughter unborn children by the truckload, and I have the freedom to be as fucking obnoxious as I want  to be - but only if I am a queer, or support the wholesale killing of of unwanted brats by some horny cunt who couldn't use birth control or keep her fucking legs closed. Strange that I am not free to dissent from supporting the above, or to associate with whom I please, or to support others who are allied with my subjective worldview.

I have been told that on various threads I bothered to respond to, posting my disagreement with the herd, sans the colorful language that I use here. When commenting on threads related to articles that I read, I do not use foul language nor racial epithets, nor do I employ ad-hominems; however, I have been banned by such sites as Politico and Topix, along with the Huffington Post, LA Times and CBS, for daring to disagree. I submit for all who read this diatribe: the Soviet Union was freer than this goddamned insane asylum could ever be.

I humbly present this short diatribe as a prelude to further vicious polemical essays that will be posted in 2014.



Monday, December 23, 2013

A Future YOU Asked For

I had originally intended to post this screed in the summer of 2013, but sheer boredom with the tedium of blogging has prevented it until now - I only am posting it for continuity, and in preparation for future polemical essays.

Greetings fellow talking apes, your friend Conway has finally returned after a long hiatus, having composed more jarring, foul mouthed, politically incorrect vitriol that the reader loves, or perhaps hates with an unbridled passion. Either way, I don't give a shit what anyone thinks of what I write; you are reading what I think, for good or ill. What anyone else thinks is not very important to me, if at all important - what I THINK is important, and fuck everyone else. Really, I must draw a line somewhere; those individuals who do not appreciate my scrawlings may close the fucking page and move to something more in accordance with their tastes; I won't care.

Unlike most other blogs, which are unfortunately a microcosm of this moribund society at large, the reader is allowed to disagree with me, and to tell me so by responding to my vicious polemical essays, though at the risk of me pointing out fallacies in the disagreement, or if the reader simply wishes to call me a motherfucker, they risk me calling them a motherfucker, right back.

In disgust I deleted the essay I had intended to post in October 2012 as the elections went exactly as I predicted they would go, without any endorsements from me, mind you. I cannot endorse criminals; I view all of our leaders as meretricious scoundrels, regardless of party, and I refuse to vote for those I consider my enemies, and enemies of the people of the United States. In the months having passed since then, we have witnessed jackanapes Obama's glorious re-election by a society of brain-dead drones, with a little help from the dead electorate too - voting in rigged elections across the country. Now that the inept eight-ball has been re-elected, it seems he has gone into overdrive in his determined frenzy to destroy what is left of this nation, employing draconian assaults on the constitutional rights of the American citizenry.

Where to start regarding the Head Gangster's scandals and crimes - well, we have Benghazi, we have the AP wiretapping incident, we have the Holder/Rosen affair and we have the IRS singling out conservative groups, to name a few, not to mention Fast and Furious, together with another dozen or so criminal fuck-ups that occurred before this aloof, obtuse, obnoxious nigger was re-elected in an election that gives new meaning to the word FRAUD. As a side, we also have a young man named Edward Snowden, a government contractor who has proven that the Federal Government and its alphabet soup subsidiaries like the NSA and CIA are little more than a coterie of paranoid, obsessive-compulsive gangsters that have no regard at all for the privacy or rights of US citizens.

For Benghazi alone the smoothtalking moolie should be collared, impeached, convicted and thrown out of office, and afterward prosecuted as a war criminal and jailed for the rest of his life. It seems that condescending bastard can get away with ANYTHING - what hold does this half-breed with no history have over his fellow crooks and the American citizenry?

What the hell has happened to this nation? The American people have always been ignorant, unsophisticated fools for the most part, but the paralyzing apathy that has permeated this dump rivals that of the Roman Empire in the fifth century. For decades the young have received "educations" that have left them even more ignorant  than when they first entered school; some of these "graduates" cannot even find the fucking United States on a goddamn map of the planet. They have been specially conditioned by those in power to be ignorant, parroting drones, inculcated to believe anything they are told by the government and its mouthpiece, the media. They have been brainwashed into believing, with a religious fervor, that they have "rights" that were never even remotely touched upon in the Constitution, and are further mesmerized into disdaining the rights that they were guaranteed to possess by the Bill of Rights.

An insidious cabal of power-mad criminals have facilitated this vexing phenomenon; going back at least as far as the early 20th Century, that set out in a deliberate fashion to destroy the very fabric of Western culture. I submit they have succeeded, considering what this nation has become: a vicious, angry herd of left or right leaning, self-absorbed, alienated, self-convinced, dogmatic maniacs - hell bent on destroying each other at any cost.

I, for one, sincerely hope that they do destroy themselves, to the last man, and hope that I live to enjoy and relish in the destruction of this blossoming evil empire.

That said, The United States of America, for having turned its collective back on the Constitution, now deserves anything and everything it gets - from anyone.