Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Terminated Teenage Thug Trayvon Martin & Gun Toting Greaser George Zimmerman

Greetings, your friend Conway is here with more cynical observations regarding the gigantic insane asylum that is the United States of America, a benighted, bankrupt nation ruled by greedy, elitist, delusional despots and controlled by misanthropic, sadistic malevolents thinly disguised as police.

That noted, I am posting only occasionally as of late, as my writing of articles like these are an uncompensated, self-imposed task, not to mention being a colossal waste of time and effort to compose vicious polemical essays that no one reads - other than being perused by my good friends at the NSA on occasion, diligently scanning my terse screeds for anything that could be considered a threat to anyone, in the name of "freedom" of course. Freedom my goddamned, motherfucking ass - Americans are not free, they never were free, and they have no rights at all and they never did - watch the late George Carlin's observations regarding American "freedom" and "rights" if you are obtuse enough to think otherwise.

Anyway, to the matter at hand - an apparently shiftless, troublemaking, 17 year old nigger kid and gangster wannabe named Mr. Trayvon Martin was shot and killed by a 28 year old, fat spic named Mr. George Zimmerman down Florida way on 26 February 2012. Yes, Zimmerman is the beaner's surname; his old man's a goddamn Nazi kraut from Virginia and his mother's a swarthy wetback hailing from Peru; talk about opposites attracting. Now, one month later, angry Mau-Maus are on the march across the country, demanding justice for Trayvon, whatever that is or is supposed to be, regardless of what Martin allegedly did to escalate the situation that led to his demise. You see, contrary to what the Goebbelsian media has presented for slackjawed drones to absorb, actual evidence seemingly exonerates Mr. Zimmerman. He, a wannabe pig, allegedly acted in defense of his life, i.e., the shooting occurred after Mr. Martin jumped his fat ass, and yet the jigs want him crucified like Jeebus due to the fact that he didn't let some angry, banana-lipped moolie beat him to death before the fucking pigs arrived.

Go figure - the coons even have the audacity to say that beaner Zimmerman is a racist whitey cracker, and "Dat it be da white folks fault mafukka", and other easily predictable, hackneyed bullshit that they've repeatedly bleated for untold decades. Really people, what the fuck do honkys even remotely have to do with this idiotic, goddamned debacle? George Zimmerman is not a whitey by any measure of the word - anymore than the narcissistic jackanapes sitting in the White House is, despite having a dog faced, coalburner honky mother who suffered from a bad case of jungle fever. 

Blown out of proportion events like this trigger civil wars; I have predicted a vicious bloodbath for this nation over the past decade, and it seems that its arrival is imminent - welcome, storm, welcome. Get this - none other than the Black Panthers, an ersatz KKK for eightballs, is offering a reward of ten grand for the abduction of the greasy spic's hide, which is against the law incidentally, and professional, parasitic agitators like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are milking the situation for all it is worth - to fill their bursting pockets with even more filthy lucre. Even the shitkicking Moslem maniac Louis Farrakhan, a delusional shitskin who allegedly visits dead Islamic eightballs in Earth orbit, is publicly stating there will be "retaliation" for this incident. Retaliation for what, and directed toward whom, I ask - what does any other person, of any color, age, or sex, on the entire goddamned planet, have to do with this situation? Yet another troublemaking spook calling himself Spike Lee reportedly broadcast Mr. Zimmerman's street address over Twitter - that is called "intimidation" and is supposedly against the law - don't hold your goddamned breath waiting for this nosy, troublemaking bastard to be collared for his crime. Just ask a pair of goofy latter-day nazi crackers named Harold Turner and William White - both were charged and imprisoned for the same offense - publicly posting the names and addresses of those individuals they didn't like, and nothing more. Fucking double standards sicken me to my core; this decadent, bankrupt, hypocritical, dying nation deserves anything it gets, from being overrun by its enemies to being completely annihilated by thermonuclear explosions.

I candidly submit that all these posturing clowns had better watch their step; this nation is on the brink of armed insurrection, and if when it comes, niggers, a small minority of the population, will be wiped out by pissed off beaners, crackers, injuns and gooks, who will probably turn on each other after the spooks are dealt with. 

I don't know about you, but I'll sit back and laugh at all of those glorified chimps, howling like a goddamned jackal when it happens.

EARTH TO TALKING, IDIOTIC, MOSTLY HAIRLESS SIMIANS, AKA HUMANS: Disparate races and cultures cannot live together, as they will resent, oppose, and finally kill each other, like the chimpanzee descendants that they are. Why - who the fuck knows, but it is clearly obvious to anyone capable of critical thinking, simply look at history. Sure, a tiny percentage of people of any color can live together, but there are always exceptions to rules. That said, by and large the races hate each other's guts, not to mention despising each other's beliefs and traditions, for whatever goddamned reason.

Oh well, such is the nature of man, there is nothing I can do about it, and even if I could, I wouldn't take the trouble to bother. Charles Darwin once opined that one race of humanity will eventually supplant all others in a glaring example of survival of the fittest. I agree with his observation completely, and wager the pragmatic gooks will be victorious in the end, having slaughtered everyone else, using any means at their disposal, by the latter part of the 23rd century or thereabouts.

Interesting premise, isn't it, but it is man's not so distant future: No more blue-eyed honkys, no more black-skinned niggers, no more blondes or redheads, no more broad nosed, nappy headed hos, no more kikes, injuns or wogs - all courtesy of those scheming, evil slopes. What the hell, look on the bright side - at least we'll be rid of those nutty, shitkicking, quasi-Caucasoid ragheads, their absurd "religion" of Islam, and their silly fucking Koran, not to mention all that other goofy superstitious prattle hailing from that area. Then, perhaps, the living remainder of man can resume evolving into something other than than the self-convinced, arrogant, apelike idiot that he is, though I honestly doubt it. More than likely, the chinks, japs and other assorted gooks will render themselves extinct shortly thereafter, slaughtering each other in a final Armageddon over whatever silly gods are left, inane political theories, or perhaps over fucking Pokemon being better than Hello Kitty, or vice versa. 

Now to a brief, cursory summary of the Martin-Zimmerman case, as far as I have been able to construct a summary of it, based on woefully incomplete data. To begin, Mr. Trayvon Martin, having been suspended from school for having a baggie in his locker with traces of pot in it, was apparently strolling home from a local convenience store, after allegedly purchasing Skittles, a form of candy, and a can or bottle of "Arizona Iced Tea". 

For reasons unknown, Mr. George Zimmerman spotted Martin on foot and felt he was "acting suspiciously", and called the pigs to report Martin's vexing presence. There had been a rash of burglaries in the area, so I suppose it was not out of the ordinary for an unknown individual in the area to be considered suspicious by those living there. Zimmerman, admittedly a bit overzealous when it came to his "Neighborhood Watch" activities, went against the dispatcher's advice to wait for the pigs and elected to pursue Martin, calling after him to stop for questioning. Having briefly eluded Zimmerman, according to his statement, Martin reappeared and then began to beat the living shit out of Zimmerman, who then shot Martin in the chest point blank with a 9mm handgun. 

End of story, or so it seems, the police accepting Zimmerman's version of the story, together with witnesses coming forward, substantiating his statements. As physical proof of the altercation, greasy Zimmerman had a fat lip, a busted nose, a bloodied skull and grass stains on the back of his outfit, signifying that he had apparently been in contact with good Mother Earth during the fracas, with paramedics confirming his injuries. Hence, the police found no cause to place greaser Zimmerman in custody, and later released him to go about his business. In the meantime, moolie Trayvon Martin, probable small time drug dealer and apparent thug, was down for the count, having joined the ranks of the unbreathing, and was unceremoniously hauled away via Floridian meatwagon to the local morgue for an autopsy.

Then, rather than fading away as another dubious example of man's love for his fellow man, this unfortunate situation was further infected by weeks of rumor, lies and innuendo, turning it into a festering boil that was repeatedly prodded and picked at by determined agitators until it finally morphed into the angry, oozing carbuncle it is today. Shrill spooks are blaming the pigs for having not arrested Zimmerman, blaming whiteys for existing, and employing the pathetic excuse that Zimmerman, a obese beaner, had "asked for it" by accosting Martin, plainly stating that even if Martin had physically assaulted Zimmerman, he deserved it for being a "profiler" and a "racist". As with Floridian slut Casey Anthony, the mob rules, and be damned if the facts are contrary to what they have been led to believe by the Goebbelsian media - that a terrible racist honky/nazi/klansman had shot a "little black boy" in cold blood. Just look at the ancient pictures of a 12 year-old Trayvon Martin plastered all over the media, in a clumsy but effective attempt to elicit sympathy for him - and to foster anger at Zimmerman, depicted as a dour man whose only mission in life is to kill people.

Really people, seventeen year old, 6'3", 140 lb nearly full-grown niggers are not "children" by any fucking measure of the word - judging from the available evidence, that aggressive, stupid, smart-mouthed punk Trayvon Martin got a little more than he expected from a short, fat beaner named George Zimmerman, deftly using the "great equalizer".

Though my opinion carries little weight, judging from the available evidence, at this time I call it "justifiable homicide", or, using "pig" terminology, a "good shooting." That may change, though I do have my doubts.




  1. Interesting read. You distribute guilt like an old Jewish Mother, vilifying ALL of us quite "fairly" in the process.
    "Say it like it is", has achieved a new level here. It's jarring, yes.
    But it's a good dose of reality to see PC totally undone!

  2. Thank you very much Helen, you are one of the few people who actually understand why I create these polemical essays, and why I write them the fashion that I do.

    I submit the American people, together with much of the Western World, are quite literally living in a delusional fantasy land of outright lies and Orwellian false history, punctuated by state sanctioned worship of useless sports figures and worthless "celebrities", all of this perfidy eagerly promoted by amoral, elitist politicians, the clergy, and the controlled Goebbelsian media.

    For example, young people, for at least the past 40 years or so, rather than being inculcated in school, are instead indoctrinated, afterward regurgitating ridiculous propaganda that makes no more sense than the silly poetry penned by Edward Lear. When confronted, the childlike “drone” as I call them, can’t even see they are brainwashed, as they have been so carefully conditioned that it has, in effect, blinded them; that doesn’t say much for the collective intelligence of those beings called human. Just look at some of the inane remarks on wagist.com for proof of this blunt assertion. Some of the people there seem not only delusional, but mentally unbalanced, posting obtuse straw man arguments, blatant ad hominem attacks, and outright lies, rather than actually debating – writing anything that they feel can bolster their position. I’ve seen it on both sides of the argument, as to why – I haven’t a goddamn clue.

    Anyway, those disconcerting facts, coupled with blatant hypocrisy committed by political elitists and their ilk, makes anything done by past totalitarian pretenders like Hitler or Stalin seem like the work of rank amateurs in comparison. It’s like living in a nightmare that one cannot wake up from.

    That said, when this decadent construct finally collapses under its own weight, as happens with all societies, I wager there will be a bloodbath reminiscent of the French or Bolshevik revolutions, only on a much greater scale – I do pity those millions of innocents who will be swept away by the coming storm – and it will come.



  3. so conway...ive given up on the wagist and thought i'd read your essay like you dared me to do.....wow....just wow......i'm glad i did. I don't know why but i kind of have a new found respect for you. I cant say i get what you are saying or trying to do, but can see that you are equally offensive to all parties, and may be taking the piss at the same time as offering a commentary. I might be wrong, but whatever it is that you are trying to do it is definately thought provoking. I still don't know if you are super smart or kinda crazy but i am keen to learn more about what you have to say.....you have a way with words thats for sure. Thanks for daring me to read your work because i think i can learn something in one way or another....i'm fascinated!!!!Cheers conway :)

  4. Thanks for your missive, jo. As far as wagist goes, one must remember that much of it is folks venting, and they usually do so in an emotional state of mind, with or without alcohol. What the hell, at least they're not in the same room – I wager they'd kill each other if they were.

    I create my polemical essays tongue in cheek, while making cynical observations regarding politics, race relations and religion. Along the way, I note, sadly, the propensity of man, in all his forms, to be an unabashed goddamn hypocrite of the first degree, along with being a creature who will take advantage of any situation if given the chance.

    All of my work is meant to be thought provoking - to shock people out of their apparent torpor in an attempt to make them look at situations on their own, rather than bleating out dogma they have been TOLD by those having an agenda.

    That said – am I smart, or crazy – who knows? Self-analysis is a subjective task at best; perhaps I’m both, or neither – although not too many people completely in their right minds would offer their detailed thoughts for free, like I do here.

    Thanks again – feel free to read further and respond if you like. Tell your friends too, though I suggest you warn them that if their hair is straight before visiting, they will leave with it curled.