Friday, February 4, 2011

Hypocrisy, Thy Name is Politician

Greetings, your friend Conway is here, again presenting selected news items for the reader, complete with foul mouthed, insensitive, epithet strewn, jaded commentary; this and other terse screeds posted between eating, sleeping, taking the occasional piss or shit, driving around in my beat up old junker, and of course, trading the bourses.

No sooner do I identify that megalomaniacal moolie interloper in the White House as a closet atheist, when along comes none other than the goddamned Christian Science Monitor, a ridiculous rag parading a saccharine, servile article describing jackanapes Obama as a "Christian man of faith". Yeah, and I'm the fucking Pontifex Maximus at the Temple of Jupiter in Rome; pardon me while I barf in a baptismal font. In the above depicted photograph, President Barack Hussein Obama is pictured, his head bowed in feigned humility, standing among to the most loathsome coterie of unabashed fucking hypocrites assembled in the last 50 goddamned years. Honky Joseph Biden stands next to the head jig, head bowed, Biden a man so utterly brain-dead that his supposed Christianity doesn't surprise me in the least, considering he has perhaps three fully functioning brain cells in his entire goddamned skull. The next humanoid male in this line of scoundrels is a libidinous ex-President who needs no introduction, as if the word-twisting, stiff-pricked whitey whore monger William J. Clinton or his erstwhile cunt wife Hillary are exemplars of Christianity - wait just a goddamned minute, perhaps they actually are Christians, considering the scores of "Christians" I've had the misfortune of meeting in my travels. Untold times my ancient ears have endured hearing the idiotic, self serving, hypocritical statement that Christians are "not perfect, just forgiven", which seems to give them license to behave like the most revolting pieces of shit since Gaius Caligula. Apparently, for those Christians professing such annoying, obtuse tripe, Jesus Christ, their alleged Savior, is little more than a gullible, supernatural sucker who falls for most fucking anything, endlessly "forgiving" them at their request for lying, stealing, cheating, pillaging, raping, plundering, murdering and - Christ only knows what else.

I'll say this, if Jesus Christ is anything other than the inane figment of fertile imaginations (which I absolutely believe he is), at least I'm going straight to the bowels of hell with my eyes wide open. That's more than I can say for "Christians" such as those I've met, along with the pew bound line of vile hypocrites illustrated in the photo, I imagine they'll spend eternity with flames licking their asses, asking themselves "why", probably while I sit back and laugh at them.

Go ahead, read and see the spectacle for yourself, here's a link, complete with a slideshow, for this nauseating, contrived drivel - syrup of ipecac is not as effective as this horseshit:

Obama a Christian? Don't make me laugh, Obama wouldn't make a good bump on even Elmer Gantry's charlatan ass; he has clearly stated that he supports the idea of a "woman's right to choose", i.e., abortion, which, discarding all of the semantical legalistic rhetoric and modified definition, is in fact infanticide, plain and simple. I don't give a good goddamn if they decide to call a human fetus a motherfucking platypus, it is still human life, and destroying human life is in fact murder. At least it was murder until clever, word-twisting rhetoricians promulgated the obtuse idea that human fetuses are not in fact human, or are "not alive", together with other such euphemistic mendaciousness which effectively serve to disguise the stark reality of abortion as the premeditated murder it is. That said, I'm not going to go through the bother of citing dogmatic horseshit as is presented in the Bible, look it all up for yourself in Exodus and Leviticus if you like, but for people to claim they are Christians, and then for such claimants to support cocksuckers, cunt licking dykes, and to support and sanction the slaughter of the unborn, makes them utter fucking hypocrites, period. The word hypocrite is indeed an apt description for those individuals who piously profess one idea and then commit an act in absolute contradiction of what they profess to believe - really, what the fuck should people like Barack Obama be called, "morally challenged"?

Anyway, the latest staged perfidy with regard to Obama's supposed "faith", is only more blatant Goebbelsian propaganda meant for slack jawed American drone consumption - I don't think they seriously expect anyone with any semblance of intelligence to believe that Obama is anything other than a smooth talking, pragmatic atheist with a flair for convincing, though cunningly contrived, piety. The Christian Science Monitor states this vile, hypocritical hottentot prays to his god - and what god is that, pray tell, perhaps Moloch? Are they trying to be serious or is their article actually meant to be satire? Further, it is said in the piece that he and his wife find it "difficult" when others question their "faith". Well isn't that tough shit; I won't even hazard a guess at his wife's beliefs, or the lack thereof, should that be the case, but Barack Obama, who claims to be a Christian, is definitely wanting, especially when it comes to the Bible he claims to believe in. Jesus Christ, alleged Savior of believing Christians and central figure of the New Testament, said, "You will know them by their fruits". Hey, I didn't say it; Barack Obama's supposed god Jesus said it in the Gospel of Matthew!

Really people, those humanoids calling themselves Christians, according to their Bible, are not supposed to support or engage in the practices of homosexuality, neither are they supposed to support or engage in infanticide. Whether the ideas of or the practicing of homosexuality or infanticide are "right" or "wrong" is not the issue here. Determinations regarding either are left to any given individual, weighing the issues and making value judgments, should they deem them as necessary. Moreover, Christians are not supposed to lie either, like "Christian" Barack Obama constantly does, neither are they supposed to commit acts of adultery, as "Christian" William J. Clinton has with numerous sluts, violating his "sacred oath" of marriage to his lawfully wedded spouse, Hillary Clinton. 

As far as my value judgments are concerned, I have no religious beliefs whatsoever, and I don't give a shit if Clinton fucks around on his wife and builds himself a harem, complete with scimitar wielding, baldheaded eunuchs. I also couldn't care less if queers elect to blow and lick each other's genitals raw, and, as I have written before, women who procure abortions are unfit mothers anyway. Though firmly opposed to the idea of the deliberate killing of the unborn, I honestly feel such women are doing their slaughtered brats a favor by not forcing them to endure the disgusting presence of such a vile progenitor.

Expounding on abortion, as stated many times before, I personally view slaughtering the unborn as murder, period, even though I would do absolutely nothing to limit the practice of first-trimester infanticide, which is what abortion really is, nor would I ban the employment of abortion inducing drugs like RU-486. Further, as a public service, I can even tell any pregnant woman reading this, who desires to kill their unborn child, how to do it effectively without the need of costly, messy abortionists like Kermit Gosnell, and without having to endure the vexing embarrassment of purchasing an eyebrow raising prescription from the local fucking Walgreens. That said, an extended session of jumping jacks, or a long, hard jog while wolfing down multiple stalks of celery can do an admirable job of dispatching an annoying unborn brat, especially in the first trimester. So can a rigorous regimen of sit ups, followed by a nice, soothing, really hot bath. Employing either method, a short time later, presto, a few abdominal cramps, some blood on the floor and an ugly clot, floating in a commode, reminiscent of a red turd crapped out during a bad bout of bleeding hemorrhoids. One flush and it's all over with, and just think of the substantial savings. These suggestions also work rather well for second or even third trimester "pregnancy terminations" too, though with later gestation times, do-it-yourself abortion turns into a rather messy and often painful affair. A few stiff shots of cheap 80 proof booze, or a friend's leftover painkillers from a past toothache should serve to dull the pain somewhat. In addition, the disposal of a larger dead brat's carcass can prove labor intensive, and perhaps even "offensive" to some, but what the hell, that's the way life is, cold reality sucks. Anyway, once you're sober, clean up any blood, stuff the dead kid into a trash bag and then heave it in a dirty old garbage can, or perhaps a dumpster, just like abortion clinics often do. Incidentally, for those fainthearted, pro-abortion progressives reading this, appalled by my helpful suggestions, they are nothing new and are freely available elsewhere on the Internet - even free, complete, downloadable instruction manuals for the reluctant mother-to-be.

You see, even I realize some broads just aren't cut out to be mothers, and if some slut wants to slaughter her developing brat in the first trimester, go ahead, it doesn't involve me; they can even try the free, do it yourself methods described above. However, as with everything, I submit that assisted, elective abortion does have its limits, and any broad who can't make up her silly goddamned mind by that time should simply bear the brat and make it a ward of the state if they don't want the finished product of their steamy copulation session.

Returning to queers for a moment, I really don't give a shit what they do, unless they attempt to involve me in their uh, shall I say, unorthodox sexual proclivities. I also don't think queers should be able to get "married" either, though I am not completely against the idea of "civil union" proceedings for those individuals of the same sex desiring to do so, my view based on laws and civil procedures going at least as far back as the Roman Empire.

Enough of that, I now present for the reader yet another blatant example of American legalistic hypocrisy, for the reader to peruse and become acquainted with at this link:

Isn't that nice? Jackbooted pigs are now cleverly protected by their bosses, that is, power mad, corrupt politicians, by using past laws that were never even intended to be applied in such a fashion, together with new laws designed to make pigs virtually immune from public scrutiny, no matter what they do. The Nazi Gestapo of Heinrich Himmler also had such protections and immunities, why am I not surprised? Disguised as statutes to prevent "interfering with the police performing their duties", such draconian laws are being introduced, passed and promulgated to keep the people from recording constantly occurring embarrassing incidents like the Rodney King affair, and nothing more. Such laws also make it much easier for pigs to lie in court, as they often do; you know, with the defendant having no record of the incident for shysters to employ as a defense to counter the pig's duly sworn lies.

Don't believe any of my words; use your damn head and look up on the fucking Internet at what the pigs do to people, some of it recorded by special cameras mounted in their own "pig cruisers". I personally watched in court long ago, when duly sworn pigs, after placing their right hands in the air with their left hands on a Bible, proceed to lie through their fucking teeth to an incredulous judge, earnestly trying to convince him that since I, Conway, had been found with money on my person, I was in fact a "drug dealer", and probably even a drug "kingpin", according to one jackbooted, frowning pig who glared at me from the stand. Strange thing was - my automobile was thoroughly searched by the pigs, and no drugs, not even one fucking aspirin tablet, were found, though they did steal an entire box of tools from the trunk of my car, apparently in the name of the law or something like that. I was later told that there was no toolbox in my trunk, as my shyster tugged at my shoulder, motioning for me to leave. The fact that I am here to relate this travesty to the reader is proof of the unfoundedness and total maliciousness of the charges, brought by power mad pigs without one goddamned shred of proof. Further, the judge angrily dismissed the case in the middle of the proceedings with a sharp smack of his gavel - even as one pig was still running his fat mouth about giving "lawful orders", the judge having to tell him, literally, to shut up.

Yes reader, I will repeatedly refer to this life changing incident, many more times, within other diatribes regarding the pigs and their unbridled abuse of power, like one recent night when a tightlipped young pig ridiculously claimed that the rusted out, beat up, worthless old piece of shit wreck that I drive around in was a "stolen vehicle". I will also continue my concerted effort to reiterate that every time one of those arrogant, smart-mouthed, jackbooted nazi swine catches a bullet in their head and dies from massive brain damage, I laugh like a goddamned jackal.




  1. I'll be damned. I thought I was the only one.

    I was arrested and thrown in fucking jail more than 20 years ago for "looking like I was under the influence of cocaine." The fat, no-dudes-ever-fucked-her-or-bought-her-flowers-gettin-her-revenge-against-all-dudes-bitch-cunt-man-thing-cop, who arrested me, held a card with different sized dots on it next to my eye, and declared that: according to her little card with different sized dots on it, I was on coke.

    Arrested and jailed, with my car impounded, with no drugs in my car, on my person, or in (as the urine test later proved,) my body. And when I bailed my car out of the Tony Fucking Soprano cop-kickback tow yard, the motherfuckers had stolen my tool box AND the fucking stereo.

    "Where are my tools?"

    "What tools?"

    "Where's my stereo?"

    "What stereo?"

    "You fuckers stole my shit."

    "Don't like it? Call the cops."

    Fuck me. And fuck you. You've been through it. You know how powerless that makes you feel, (um, because you ARE powerless, but it's nice to walk around fat dumb and happy, and not know this shit is going on 24/7 all across the country.)

    Fuck. You just ruined my day reminding me of that. I should have sued that man-thing, but I was younger and dumber back then.

    Those were nice tools. All Snap-on. Fuck.

  2. Excellent fucking description guy! I know exactly what you mean regarding androgynous, man-hating bull dyke pigs - the homely, smelly, fat, shapeless heifers that Quasimodo wouldn't fuck, even if he was drunk as a goddamned skunk. Appearance challenged, angry armed sows are in some ways even worse than the male variety of dimwitted, low IQ, power mad, jackbooted porcine creature.

    My apologies for ruining your day, every time I write about my run in with the pigs I get thoroughly pissed, and it happened fucking decades ago. When pigs fuck with me in my old junker every now and then it only serves to remind me of it - if I had nothing to lose, well, let's just say it would be rather interesting.

    And here I thought I was the only hapless fucker robbed by pigs; the tools copped from my car were by MAC, complete with a toolbox that I paid some mean bucks for. I reckon the bastards couldn't get the goddamned stereo as it was factory in dash and would have been tough for those clumsy morons to extract - not to mention there wasn't much of a market for eight track stereo radios ripped off from an old Mercury sedan.

    I actually tried to sue the pigs for false arrest after the judge threw the fucking case out - my hook-nosed shyster wouldn't touch it, neither would a dozen other sheenies. I should have filed the briefs myself, but I was younger and dumber then, and not so goddamned vicious.

    Oh yeah - it took a fucking year to get my dough back from the State, and only after someone, probably a duly sworn pig, stole a series 1934 ten dollar silver certificate, given to me by my grandfather. They also made me sign a release form stating that I couldn't sue them for stealing my money, otherwise they would have simply kept it, labeling it as "abandoned funds". That's the "law" you see, at least it was then, and it's probably even worse now.

    My shyster had the unmitigated gall to charge me a grand for his money retrieval "service", which basically amounted to me sitting at a table at the pigsty, powerless, signing away my rights while he French kissed the Assistant State's Attorney's asshole. Talk about nauseating; I never spoke to that beady eyed, soft palmed, baldheaded kike bastard again.

    Yes, we are indeed fucked, and it's only going to get worse.