Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fan Eared Narcissist and Henchman Hillary Press Hosni Mubarak to "Work with Opponents"

I haven't commented very much on world affairs, other than their relation to hard commodities, but exceptions do happen, and what the hell, there is a first time for everything.

That said, the delusional fool occupying the White House, President Barack Obama, is supposedly "pressing" Hosni Mubarak, the secular President of Egypt, to "work with" his opponents, in a clear example of "do as I say, not as I do". Judging from his past record with regard to his opposition, i.e., the Republican clowns in Congress, this pseudo-intellectual, arrogant eightball, Barack Obama, is more of a hypocrite than Hosni Mubarak could ever be in ten fucking lifetimes. In fact, I submit if the same situation of unrest was occurring in the US as is currently happening in Egypt, jackanapes Obama would resort to using whatever means necessary to maintain his hold on power, even if he had to slaughter truckloads of American people to assure the continuance of his now obvious mission of promoting absolute fucking chaos. Not that such a dreadful scenario would be an exception to a clearly underlying, still developing trend of Goebbelsian lies, murder and deceit - for the past two decades American Presidents have, as their despotic power increases exponentially to nearly Imperial proportions, occasionally resorted to such draconian actions, though on a much smaller scale than the typical psychotic maniacs ruling other areas of the planet, e.g., Kim Jong Il, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and Robert Mugabe.

Clear examples of this creeping Machiavellian phenomenon are the lying, revolting whoremonger William J. Clinton's blood-drenched debacle at Waco, Texas, and the absolutely Stalinesque actions of his dimwitted, bumbling successor, the empty headed moron, George W. Bush. Drooling dullard Bush gave the United States the unconstitutional wonders of arresting and detaining American citizens without charges or counsel, along with introducing his KGB-like "Homeland Security" gang of jackbooted porcine thugs, which is quickly morphing into little more than a goddamn American Gestapo, complete with dark colored, imposing uniforms. Just wait until the shit really hits the fan and flag-waving, duly sworn patriots from The Department of Homeland Security cart you off from your hovel in the name of freedom as an enemy of the state, along with accusing you of hating things like baseball, hot dogs, apple pies and Chevrolets. Don't say that I didn't warn you reader, the Fourth Amendment went out the window years ago, without anyone even noticing, along with the Sixth Amendment. Hell, they're also after those pesky First and Second Amendments too, not to mention the troublesome Fifth and Seventh Amendments, along with any other fucking annoying Amendments or inconvenient laws that get in their way of total Orwellian control.

Returning to the Egyptian situation, the head jig called Mubarak up on the Bat phone, haranguing that the people of Egypt wanted "democracy", and that he should "work with" the opposition, along with other meaningless rhetorical horseshit. Barack Obama is clearly an absolute fucking idiot, not realizing that much of the "opposition party" in Egypt is a coterie of bloodthirsty fundamentalist Moslem fanatics calling themselves the Moslem Brotherhood. For Christ's fucking sake people, insanity by any other name is still insanity - it's as if FDR was pleading with Golda Meir to head to Nazi Germany and "work with" the goddamn Waffen SS!

Wanting nothing at all to do with abstract concepts like freedom or individual rights, the Moslem Brotherhood is a determined group of parochial Islamic psychotics dedicated to the absolute destruction of any form of democracy and the imposition of an Imam governed, Islamic Sharia hellhole upon the hapless peoples of Egypt. Further, those of the Moslem Brotherhood absolutely despise the United States and constantly pray to their non-existent god, shitkicker Allah, for our total annihilation. President Obama, an inept, stupid, latter day Neville Chamberlain in blackface, is so goddamned far out of his league that he may as well be governing the United States from Neptune's largest moon Triton. Further, he has the unmitigated goddamned gall to believe he has the inalienable right to tell President Mubarak how to run his own motherfucking nation, and to embrace enemies sworn on their silly god to destroy him!

It figures, as if we don't have enough fucking problems here, right in own backyard. We are hip-deep in illegal, bloodsucking beaner squatters on welfare, there are no real jobs to be had anywhere, the economy is an absolute disaster, foreclosures are mounting and the treasury is utterly bankrupt. Meanwhile, like modern versions of Joseph Goebbels, the media tells all that everything is peachy. In reality, the United States is going down the commode in spades, led by a clueless mulatto moron who seems to possess the intellectual capacity of a goddamned trisomic hamster. Not content with fucking only this place up, Obama is determined to meddle in Egypt's affairs too, running his big mouth and twisting arms in a vain attempt to tell yet other world leader how to run his sovereign country.

Barack Obama reminds me of that doddering geriatric ignoramus James Earl Carter, whose utter stupidity in the late 1970's led to the unwelcome creation of the Islamic Republic of Iran, a dungeon of a state where they execute adulteresses, hang queers for simply being queers, and slaughter still others for "blasphemy", which really makes about as much goddamned sense as killing people for breathing. Who the fuck knows, perhaps that's Obama's intention; I wager he won't be satisfied until an "Islamic Republic of Egypt" emerges from this debacle, with Hosni Mubarak, a former ally, dancing at the end of a rope, figuratively stabbed in the back by Brutus Hussein Obama, a moolie megalomaniac with about as much common sense as a goddamned goose.

EARTH TO BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA: You can't even run the United States, you incompetent, posturing, smooth-talking, teleprompter reading imbecile, where in hell do you get the idea that Mubarak desires your unsolicited, uninformed and utterly irrelevant opinions? For your information, nigger, Egypt is not a vassal ward state of the United States for you to dictate policy to, as you have with Arizona, Egypt is ANOTHER COUNTRY, that is, a sovereign, independent nation, and Egypt's internal affairs are none of your goddamned business, period. 

As an aside, you, Mr. Obama, to my amusement, claim to be some sort of Christian - if that is so, why don't you take some Biblical advice, paraphrased from none other than the words of Jesus Christ, recorded in the Gospel of Matthew, the first book in the New Testament: Why don't you pull the fucking log from your own eye first, and your thick head from your ass while you're at it, before you complain about a speck in another's eye? Oh, sorry, I forgot for a moment, you're no Christian of any kind, neither are you a Moslem, you're just a cynical atheist, like I am, albeit incognito. Further, like all politicians that have ever lived, you are little more than a two-faced, opportunistic hypocrite, only claiming religious belief to garner the support and adulation of credulous American idiots.

Of course, anyone familiar with his history (history which we common unwashed serfs are permitted to know regarding this nigger, that is) is aware that Barack Obama in reality is so goddamn clueless that he believes there are 57 states in the Union, rather than 50, so it's no fucking wonder he's confused regarding the sovereign status of Egypt - I wager he didn't even know where the hell Egypt is until only a few days ago. Anyway, the controlled, programmed Goebbelsian American media is getting involved too, bleating in unison that Mr. Mubarak is a "strongman", a dictator or a despot, rather than the legally sanctioned leader of Egypt, as he was referred to by them only weeks ago - it's like something out of Orwell's 1984 - this week, as the new Emmanuel Goldstein, "strongman" Hosni Mubarak is America's common, implacable, eternal enemy, contrasted with last week, when "President" Hosni Mubarak was our common, progressive, eternal friend.

Don't these brain-dead shitheads realize what the hell they are advocating? Hosni Mubarak may be many things, some of them uncomplimentary, as with most people, but the alternative to his rule is much worse. With the Moslem Brotherhood running Egypt, enforcing Sharia law, killing infidels, queers, heretics and Christ only knows what else in the name of shitkicker Allah - it will be like fools employing naphtha in an idiotic attempt to extinguish a fire. A "democratic" alternative to Mubarak will only bring another Saudi Arabia or Iran to the fore, the Egyptian-Israeli peace treaty will go down the shitter, and, if war erupts, the Suez Canal will again become an unnavigable graveyard littered with sunken ships, and oil prices, already high, will head into the stratosphere

On the bright side, if the fanatical, shitkicker Allah worshiping Moslem Brotherhood takes over Egypt, pulls a Nasser and attacks the hebes, that should be damn good news for small cap oil producers like KOG and BEXP, along with smaller exploratory outfits like BQI and AAPH, not to mention little Pink Sheet speculatives like BGOI. Gold, in any form, physical, ETFs, stocks or options, along with other safe-haven metals like silver, platinum or palladium should do rather well too; war and the threat of war have a tendency to do that to commodities, you see. It shouldn't surprise the reader at all that I really don't give a shit what happens to Hosni Mubarak, or the entire nation of Egypt for that matter, as I don't know and never will know any of those fucks, and I couldn't care less if the kikes in Israel nuke them all in retaliation for an attack. In fact, the bloody destruction of a secular Egypt and an attack on Israel will only bring me piles of money, which I will invest in even more hard commodities, like uranium and copper, which the chinks are consuming like mad. So, like the cold, heartless bastard that I am, should it happen, I plan to reap profits from such a scenario: that of loony Moslem fanatics taking over Egypt and attacking Israel, thanks to obtuse Obama and his coterie of delusional, hand-wringing dunderheads.

Adding even more insult to injury, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has blundered her ugly, two-faced dyke ass into the fray, calling for a "peaceful transition" in Egypt, which has about as much of a chance of occurring as queer pedophile priests have of disappearing from Ratzinger's Vatican. It truly seems the United States government is literally devoted to promoting the ideas of hatred, divisiveness, religious wars, suicide bombings, chaos and even WW III. Who the fuck knows, perhaps megalomaniacal Obama, suffering from delusions of grandeur, having never served in the armed forces, actually enjoys the idea of thousands of American soldiers getting their asses slaughtered, at his behest, in yet another ridiculous armed conflagration.




  1. You know what I think?

    I think the Egyptians are about to learn an ugly truth: They're telling the cameras this protest is primarily about removing a corrupt, oppressive regime, when in fact, the main reason they're pissed off is because they don't have any fucking jobs, and therefore can't afford apartments, or food, or maybe a 30 year-old Toyota to tool around in - and as I would not disagree at all that their current plight is as fucked as fucked can possibly get, um, do they really believe that removing Mubarak is going to get them something to eat?

    What do they think is going to happen when Mubarak is gone? Will 80 million jobs magically drop from the sky? Will housing and food costs suddenly become reasonable? Is the presence of Mubarak the only cause for Egypt's current status as a 9th world shithole, or... Is the true cause in fact, that there are 80 fucking million Egyptians, and only 6,000 jobs?

    - and that doesn't even take into account the misery they're in for when and if sharia becomes law o' da land. Jesus Christ, those kids are so fucked. All 80 million of 'em.

    Shit. Suddenly I'm reminded of another overpopulated, 9th world shithole, called the USA. There are too fucking many Goddamn people running around this shithole, and until there are less, shit ain't gonna get better.

    You should leave, Conway - sacrifice yourself in the name of population reduction, as an example to the rest of us! I'll be right behind you. Honest injun. You go first.

    As for Obama and his bumbling, stumbling comments as the game has played out, all he had to do was state the following at the start, and stick with it: "I am not the fucking president of Egypt. Next question."

    The boy just doesn't seem capable of shutting the fuck up, when shutting the fuck up is clearly the best option. Just gotta say something. Anything.

    He is a jackass, sadly.

    But, who would you replace him with? Are any of his possible replacements any less dangerous than he is?

  2. Who would I replace the smooth talking, narcissistic eightball with?

    That's a damn good question, Paul.

    Considering that none of the current politicians are any goddamn good, your guess is as good as mine. I honestly can't think of even one current politician who would have the intestinal fortitude to fix this seemingly terminal situation in the United States. Yes, I actually believe it could in fact be fixed, using the current system, but all the fat assed leeches with their hands out would riot, the unions would strike and paralyze the nation, and any possible reformer, no matter how well intentioned, would end up with a bullet in their head for their trouble.

    What is desperately needed to save what is left of this nation is an individual or preferably a group of individuals that are non-partisan and fiscally conservative, who would run the United States as the business it actually is. Unprofitable or needless programs would have to be curtailed and immigration would have to be eliminated or greatly reduced to the point of allowing only productive people to enter; illegal squatters would have to be rounded up and forcibly deported to their home countries.

    In addition, regulations would have to be relaxed, and the nation, along with its citizens, would have to learn to be productive, competitive and self-sufficient. Just look around, there is more than enough real work available, with decaying roads, bridges and other infrastructure, to create 100% employment for those able-bodied citizens desiring work. However, with criminal politicians and their ilk fucking around with placating constituencies of illiterate beaners, assorted white trash and affirmative action niggers, along with grabbing as much pork and graft as they can for themselves, the odds of any reform occurring are less than zero. Thanks to man’s utter stupidity, greed and love for power, NONE of the above is ever going to happen, especially if the history of mankind is any indicator of future events.

    Plato pointed out that once the people realize they can vote themselves endless perquisites with no thought as to the funding of such, the treasury is quickly emptied and the country is doomed to the ravages of revolt and war. The only possible alternatives to this scenario are either taxing the citizens and any other taxable item or entity at a 100% rate for a duration of 20 or so years, which is impossible, or to allow massive inflation and eventual default on our obligations, which will throw the entire world into chaos and will propel the price of all commodities to the fucking moon. That, in turn, will probably start World War III, and there is not a damn thing anyone can do about it. Any conceivable scenario, outside of sheer fantasy like divine intervention, means a mighty rough ride is in the offing for the US and the rest of the planet.

    I don't know about you, but I stopped voting for any of those mendacious scoundrels years ago. It was a waste of my time – sort of like, as a condemned man, voting for my own fucking executioner and then handing him the rope to hang me with. There isn't a dime's worth of difference between Democrats or Republicans, “liberals” or “conservatives”, or any of the other bastards in between. They are all, to an individual, professional liars, out only for themselves, and are out to fuck the people without the benefit of a kiss or even Vaseline. Unfortunately, the only real cure I see for this goddamned place is a blood-drenched revolution, if one wants to call the death of millions, the destruction of infrastructure and resulting utter desolation a cure. I certainly don’t call it a cure, but it seems to be inevitable; perhaps it is the politician’s method for controlling global population.