Saturday, February 26, 2011

FACT: Americans are Very Stupid and Gullible People

Conway here.

I swear to Christ, I will never cease to be amazed at the utter fecklessness of average Americans; they can tell you who their favorite sports figures and ball teams are, or who the latest drug addled, walking sperm bank in Hollywood slutdom is, but five will get you ten that they can't name their Representative or their Senator in Congress.

Talk about fucked up priorities. I don't even bother to vote anymore, as it is like voting for my own executioner, though I can name each elected criminal that "represents" I, Conway, the unwilling representee, living in lovely Jerkwater, USA, 12345. I also know the identities of other elected, criminally inclined talking simians, such as the megalomaniacal moolie President Obama and the "intellectually challenged" Vice-President of the United States, the dimwitted dolt Joseph Biden. I even know that a Republican crybaby named John Boehner is the Speaker of the House of Representatives, a soft palmed whitey third in line for the honored post of "head gangster", otherwise known as President. I can also name several Supreme Court decisions that I totally disagree with, and several that I do agree with, unlike Alaskan attention whore Sarah Palin, or the really cute, airheaded Delaware cunt Christine O'Donnell.

Considering most people in the United States are brain-dead, easily led drones with IQs of eggplants, it is not surprising that 61% of the population supports the insane idea of "collective bargaining" for those parasites employed in the public sector, as it is so called. In other words, 61% of the idiots infesting this dying dump feel that taxpayers should be fleeced even further to pay for garbagemen, teachers, and bureaucrats, with only the garbagemen actually working to earn their pay. Indeed, it must be admitted that garbagemen work very hard, driving around in smelly, fume belching, manually shifted diesel trucks doubling as portable dumpsters; with garbageman assistants hanging off the back in all types of weather - that in itself demands a reasonable wage. Teachers, on the other hand, are literally glorified babysitters, nothing more, and bureaucrats of any stripe, from the DMV to the fucking Tax Office, as everyone who has ever dealt with them know, sit on their asses, act arrogant, and seemingly go out of their goddamned way to be as unhelpful and obstructionist as they possibly can.

That noted, I perused an article written by an arrogant liberal named George Lakoff, titled "What Conservatives Really Want". This Goebbelsian propagandist paints a picture with a very wide brush - he tries to pigeonhole those he judges and labels as "conservative", presenting them as capitalistic, narrow minded, religious, authoritarian bigots who want to limit the rights of females, immigrants, legal or illegal, queers, etc, etc, repeating the same tired, delusional fucking homily I have assaulted with for decades. He also presents "solutions" to the problems of insurmountable deficits in the same fashion, promoting inane ideas that sound very good to dimwitted ignoramuses, without realizing how unbelievably obtuse his entire presentation is.

That's the problem with the self-convinced, as zealous true believers, only their view is the correct one, those who disagree are condescendingly dismissed as uninformed, ignorant, resistant to change, and so forth. If that clumsy tactic doesn't work, the opposition is derided as mean-spirited, intolerant, haters, racists, nazis, xenophobes, or whatever. Interestingly, the self-convinced accuser never addresses the dissenter's argument, refusing to even acknowledge it, arrogantly dismissing the opposing premise, no matter how accurate or logical, as irrelevant. In other words, such individuals are themselves intolerant and mean-spirited, claiming to support the idea of free speech, but only as long as such free speech agrees with and supports their personal worldview. How typical of man - once again, arrogance, hypocrisy and zeal rear their ugly heads, traits exemplified in both liberals and conservatives, though more often with liberals, who lately resort to any kind of subterfuge that they can, no matter how ridiculous. Quite simply, it's like Democrat Barney Fag, sorry, I mean Barney Frank, calling Republican queer Mark Foley a flaming cocksucker.

Mr. Lakoff, a true Obamanoid zombie, vehemently opposes the idea of the Wisconsin governor, Scott Walker, via legislative due process, limiting the power of unions. George Lakoff tacitly calls Mr. Walker a liar, and states that tax breaks are being given to "big business" at the expense of the unionized public sector in Wisconsin. Talk about a barefaced, mendacious propagandist, he apparently does not even begin to understand how an economy even fucking works, let alone having the ability to create convincing lies regarding such. Mr. Lakoff's latest mesmerizing Goebbelsian rhetoric was posted on none other than the Huffington Post, apparently as an example of preaching to the choir, as their website exclusively caters to the most liberal of liberals, and "moderates away" those comments that are "offensive" i.e., not agreed with by the collective.

Anyone, perhaps all two of you, who actually reads my terse diatribes is already aware that I continually employ goddamned, motherfucking foul language in nearly all my posts, and I variously call hairless talking simians honkys, porch monkeys, and slopes, depending on their physical appearance, and that I also make blasphemous remarks directed at any god crossing my path, especially that of the desert demon, shitkicker god Allah, and his wild-eyed coterie of delusional, intolerant, murderous Saracens. However, when posting on most other sites, I at least attempt to follow their guidelines, as I have with comments made on the Huffington Post website. A few have been published, i.e., those that disparage religion, but they don't seem to like much of what I have to relate to them, often "moderating away" opposing comments that I attempt to post there. In the next paragraph, I offer to the reader the latest example, verbatim, of a post that was not approved by moderators at the Huffington Post, apparently due to the fact that it "offended" those who display a genuine aversion to indisputable facts.

Please attend; this is what I attempted to post there in response to the tedious, inaccurate screed, "What Conservatives Really Want":

I have several issues with your article, but the one I choose to focus upon is the idea of "corporate taxes" and allegations of corporations "not paying enough taxes". You don't strike me as a stupid individual, so you must realize that all corporations, or "big business" if you prefer, never truly pay taxes of any type, ever, and never have, as anything they do pay is passed off to the consumer or user of any services they may provide, from automobiles to xylophones. Hence, the people, i.e., the common citizens, pay all taxes ever levied on corporations, and any further corporate taxes, permits or other fees demanded by the State or Federal governments is only more of a tax burden upon the people of the nation.

Surely you see this, for corporate taxes are simply an additional cost of doing business, to be passed down like any other business expense as a price increase for services rendered.

That terrible, mean-spirited, offensive missive was not approved by the Huffington Post, though I have seen posts approved there that have foul language, and words like honky, but I have never once seen the words nigger, gook or kike posted in their comment area. I guess it's okay with them to call limeys, krauts or dagos whiteys or honkys, but its not okay to call niggers apes, boofers, junglebunnies or jigs, neither is it permissible to call gooks japs, chinks, slant-eyes or zipperheads. I wager one can't call fags or lezzies queers on the Huffington Post either, even though that is exactly what they are, the definition of "queer" being: "strange or odd from a conventional viewpoint; unusually different". Talk about a fucking double standard, what utter hypocrites they are; they are quite comfortable with it too, as hypocrites usually are.

Those observations regarding their website aside and referring back to my lonely, unposted missive, it is an absolute fact that "big business" never pays taxes; their customers do it for them in the form of higher prices for services or items rendered, and that's the way it fucking is, period, and always has been. You see, those like Mr. Lakoff and the propagandists at the Huffington Post have an agenda, and they will not tolerate those who disagree with them. They don't want their devoted drones to think, even for a second, for if they did, the scales would fall from their eyes and they would see the illogic of Lakoff's stance on "corporate taxes". Now thinking for themselves, they would also realize that George Lakoff is a biased, obfuscating mouthpiece for the narcissistic eightball Barack Hussein Obama and his union/socialist/liberal camp. Can't let that happen can they - it's too damn dangerous.

Other than my remarks in this screed, I don't really fucking care what the brainwashing collective at the Huffington Post does, as they have the right to censor anyone in favor of promoting their collective worldview, though I do realize why they would not post my opinion on the absurdity of "corporate taxes". They won't post it because they cannot deny it is the absolute truth, and the last thing liberals want to see or hear is the unvarnished truth about anything.

You know, liberals, especially radical liberals, kind of remind me of Moslems, come to think of it.




  1. What's your fucking problem, Conway? How can you see anything wrong with allowing government employees to suck America's titties dry while we-the-private-sector-people-who-pay-their-fucking-salaries are forced to beg for quarters on the median strips?

    I mean, look dude - do you have any idea how hard it is to sit in a tall chair on the beach for ten hours a day?

    [San Diego residents were] "...shocked to learn that most of the fulltime lifeguards in this city earn well over $100,000 in total compensation a year..."

    You see? You're complaining about the effects of collective bargaining for guv employees, when all those poor bastard David Haselhoff types are ONLY making as little as a hundred grand a year!

    Rub zinc oxide on your nose, and try sitting on your ass in the sun every day for ONLY a hundred grand a year, Conway. And do it for twenty years, and then retire with an 80 percent pension and full medical - Do you have any idea How HARD that would be???

    Do you???????

    Oh shit. Wait a minute...

  2. Greetings, Paul.

    In-fucking-credible, that article you sent the link to.

    One hundred fucking grand a year, for sitting on their asses as goddamned "lifeguards".

    As an uneducated, sludge drinking moron who is behind the times, I guess I wouldn't qualify for such a stressful position, as I don't have a Bachelor's in "Advanced Ass Sitting", or a Master's in "Practical Sunscreen Application", let alone a an Associate's in "Sandcastle Architecture". Neither would you I'm afraid; it seems that neither of us understand our "betters".

    All bullshit aside, I'll tell you Paul, that article actually shocked the fuck out of me, and I'm not easily shocked in a world where nearly everything is insane.

    Thanks for the comment.