Monday, February 14, 2011

Egyptian FOOLS trade Terrible Despot Hosni Mubarak for MARTIAL LAW

Hello there.

It looks like the Egyptian protesters have collectively shot themselves in the foot, trading terrible Hosni Mubarak's Emergency law for the dreadful horrors of martial law, literally jumping headlong from the frying pan into the fire.

I don't think the flag waving, sign carrying, chanting throngs of Allah's delusional, shitkicking thugs expected that scenario to happen, did they? They, allegedly following shitkicker Allah's will, wanted to transform Egypt into a burka clad, Sharia hellhole, but as of now Egypt has been effortlessly converted into a hellhole of a different sort - a secular, military one, backed by scores of tanks, jets, and stern-faced soldiers bearing automatic rifles.

Oh well, things like that happen sometimes, you get what you wish for and then comes the heartbreaking reality of regret. You divorce your wife for the gorgeous tramp at the convenience store, who then, after pulling out her upper plate, tells you in a mumble she's a bipolar crackhead with AIDS. Or, you trade in your beat up old junker for a fucking shiny lemon that starts knocking and burning oil like a furnace within 3 days. Returning to the car lot in desperation, you find that old reliable has been flattened in the yawning maw of a car crusher; the dealer pointing his finger at you and laughing at the top of his lungs. You know exactly what I mean; the grass is always greener and all that rose-colored horseshit that is never true.

Across the planet, feckless, intellectually impaired, progressive idiots are celebrating the resignation of President Hosni Mubarak, claiming the breeze of "democracy" is spreading through the Middle East. Yeah, tell that absurd fairytale to the Egyptian Army junta, not to mention the fat, royal sandnigger hypocrites ruling nearby Saudi Arabia. These ragheaded "princes" swill beer, wine and liquor by the gallon, inhale platefuls of pork tenderloin, lobster and shrimp, and fuck harems of scantily clad whores by the wagonload - and no one says one goddamned word. Meanwhile, their Sharia law "religious police" ply the streets, imprisoning common subjects for making eyes or holding fucking hands, between lopping off the heads of adulterers, infidels and queers. How utterly nauseating; hypocrisy is indeed the most revolting trait among hairless simians of any race; as a species they seem to be turning it into a goddamned art form.

Anyway, Cairo's Tahrir Square is now completely devoid of people, thanks to the Egyptian Army employing time-honored tactics that Mr. Mubarak was loath to even threaten - the suspension of the Egyptian Constitution and the draconian imposition of martial law. I idly wonder what the narcissistic head porch monkey sitting in the White House thinks of that development, especially since martial law is, shall I say, rather different from democracy or even despotism, for that matter. You see, with martial law comes seemingly innocuous sounding actions like curfew orders, and violations of such curfews usually lead to summary executions. Summary executions are performed without the benefit of charges, jail cells, due process, adjudication, and other annoying legalistic trivialities; people are simply killed on the spot for violating whatever decree, even a decree where it is ordered for everyone to stand on one foot. The first clown who loses his balance winds up with a goddamned hole in his head, legally, courtesy of a stoic soldier wielding a Maadi AKM, enforcing good old martial law.

In the event the reader is unaware, situations like these have occurred for centuries, in practically every nation on Earth. Martial law has even occurred in the United States, under President Abraham Lincoln, the supposed hero of the Civil War who "saved" the Union, evidently so it could evolve into the bankrupt, criminal led, draconian police state shithole it has become. Old Honest Abe would spin in his grave like a fucking top if he knew what America has morphed into, that is if he weren't simply rotting away in a tomb like he has for the past 146 fucking years. Some delusional, softheaded fools may disagree with me, thinking that Lincoln is "looking down from heaven" on what is left of the United States. Well, if afterlife, not to mention justice, actually happens in this dark universe, judging from his actions when President, I doubt very seriously that Abe's looking down from anywhere; let alone heaven, more than likely, he's looking up at this debacle from the flaming bowels of hell. Who knows, with Lincoln's historically recorded lust for blood, destruction and death, perhaps he's actually enjoying the spectacle, seated beside the likes of William T. Sherman, Bloody Bill Quantrill and Jefferson Davis, their asses roasting forever on benches crafted from hot coals.

Vivid imagining aside, all of this simply proves there is no such thing as "rights" in a literal, concrete sense, god given or otherwise, regardless of the obtuse, propagandistic rhetoric coming from smooth talking political scoundrels. That's the way it is, when the shit really hits the fan, legalistic bullshit like rights, due process, constitutions and other meaningless sophistry go right out the motherfucking window, replaced by the raw, brute force power of martial law. Martial law is resorted to and used by governments to maintain their power only, and to achieve and maintain at least the semblance of order among the unwashed, lowly masses. Individuals who resent martial law, if still breathing, are labeled by approved Goebbelsian talking heads as "rioters", "looters", "haters" or even "terrorists". Such cunning, mendacious rhetoric is employed by those in power to promote fear and blind obedience among the rest of the populace. Whether individuals, their families, or entire towns are annihilated in the conflagration makes no fucking difference to politicians or military personnel - the hapless fucks ground up in the gears of martial law are simply dismissed by the ruling faction as collateral damage and nothing more, that is if they even bother to acknowledge the existences of those slaughtered. Governments of all kinds, even in the United States, can, do and will continue in resorting to these tactics, simply to maintain their authority and little else, killing anyone, regardless of innocence or guilt, perceived as a threat to them.

It seems, based on centuries of historical evidence, that violent revolution is, unfortunately, the only way to get rid of such self-serving, megalomanical bastards who will do anything, no matter how atrocious, to maintain their stranglehold on power. When revolutions succeed, one usually finds deposed dictators begging on their knees for mercy, tearfully telling all that they love their countrymen, and only resorted to committing atrocities in the name of god and country. After forcing their victims to hear such sickening, contrived harangues, they are usually killed; whether that actually proves anything is a matter of dispute, considering they are usually replaced by the same kind of individuals, having the same goals and achieving the same results. One only needs to look at the blood-drenched French and Bolshevik revolutions for proof of this assertion.

Does it surprise the reader that human beings truly have no rights at all? It shouldn't, if the reader is capable of critical thinking. Reading Hobbes' remarks on sovereignty can be quite revealing for those who wish to do so; I employ this simple syllogism to arrive at a logical conclusion:

A) First Premise: People have "inalienable" rights, i.e., under the United States Constitution, and supposedly by "god", whatever that is, was, or may be.

B) Second Premise: The United States Constitution is a document, i.e, sheets of old parchment written on by the hand of man; it cannot enforce itself, as it is only a collection of ideas. The Constitution can in fact be suspended on express orders from the governmental ruling faction, i.e., the President of the United States, or, in lieu of the President, the Congress or the Armed Forces, either body serving as a junta.

C) Inferred logical conclusion, based on first and second premises: People are not and never were "citizens" by definition, anywhere on earth. They are only subjects of a sovereign entity, and as subjects are at the mercy of those having more power than they, e.g., governmental authorities of whatever stripe, i.e., kings, queens, fuhrers, presidents, congressmen, military, etc. Therefore, people have no rights whatsoever in a literal sense, that is, unless the governmental ruling faction allows people under their control to have them as privileges.

D) A synthesis, deduced from first and second premises, together with inferred logical conclusion: People have absolutely no fucking rights at all, period, they never did, and they never will. Indeed, "rights", like buddies who swiftly head for the exits during a barfight, are fair weather friends - never there when you really need them, and always hanging around when you don't.

Back to the hapless Egyptian drones, trapped like Norway rats in a somewhat larger than usual cage called Egypt. They, rather than simply being arrested and detained, like happened to them under the terrible "despot" Hosni Mubarak, can now look forward to simply being killed by the Egyptian military if they get out of line. Begging, crying or other pathetic excuses will not prevent them from quickly meeting shitkicker Allah, should it exist, courtesy of a 7.62mm slug entering their skulls, fired point blank from a cold, efficient soldier using a Kalashnikov rifle. Mr. Mubarak, former President of Egypt, who stupidly demoted himself to a private citizen of Egypt, can also look forward to summary slaughter if he dares to get in their way.

All that said, isn't "democracy" wonderful?



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  1. 27 years ago, I got stopped by the MP's on the base I was at in England, for allegedly driving the wrong way down a one-way street. (Okay... so my infraction wasn't all that "alleged," 'cause I was so utterly ripped to the gills, I couldn't differentiate a one-way street from a pair of pants, and the only reason I was driving was because I was physically incapable of walking more than three steps without falling down.)

    So. The MP's suspected me of being utterly ripped to the gills, and they therefore politely requested that I perform a breathalyzer test. And then they said the following: "You have the right to refuse this test, but if you do so, your base driving privileges will be automatically suspended for 6 months," which... sounded to me, like a perfect bargain, so I promptly refused the test.

    But. One of the MP's then told me, "Um. You really don't want to do that." I asked him why not? He said, "I'm not allowed to say, but trust me - you don't want to do that."

    So. Not knowing why "you don't want to do that," I refused the test. And so. They drove me to the base clinic, called and woke up the base commander at 3:00AM, and had a VERY short conversation with him. They then told me the following: "The base commander has waived your right to refuse blood/alcohol testing. Please roll up your sleeve, as the technician here is going to take a sample of your blood."

    Shit! But I had rights, man! They told me so! Inalienable fucking rights, man!

    Being drunk off my ass, and therefore in a perfect condition for heated debate, I decided to argue the point with the MP's: "I have the right to refuse this testing! You assholes said so!" To which they responded:

    "We told you you didn't want to do that, asshole, but did you listen? No. Now roll up your sleeve, or we'll strap your ass to the table."


    "Inalienable rights."


    Bullshit. You have the right to do as the prick with the gun on his hip says. Don't force him to wake the base commander at 3:00AM, or YOU WILL BE SORRY, ASSHOLE!

    Good luck, Eqyptians, with all your new-found "rights" and "freedoms;" but don't be surprised when some asshole with medals on his chest and gold glitter on his hat "waives" them for you.

    Good luck, and may Allahu bloo-loo-loo, save you all.