Saturday, February 26, 2011

FACT: Americans are Very Stupid and Gullible People

Conway here.

I swear to Christ, I will never cease to be amazed at the utter fecklessness of average Americans; they can tell you who their favorite sports figures and ball teams are, or who the latest drug addled, walking sperm bank in Hollywood slutdom is, but five will get you ten that they can't name their Representative or their Senator in Congress.

Talk about fucked up priorities. I don't even bother to vote anymore, as it is like voting for my own executioner, though I can name each elected criminal that "represents" I, Conway, the unwilling representee, living in lovely Jerkwater, USA, 12345. I also know the identities of other elected, criminally inclined talking simians, such as the megalomaniacal moolie President Obama and the "intellectually challenged" Vice-President of the United States, the dimwitted dolt Joseph Biden. I even know that a Republican crybaby named John Boehner is the Speaker of the House of Representatives, a soft palmed whitey third in line for the honored post of "head gangster", otherwise known as President. I can also name several Supreme Court decisions that I totally disagree with, and several that I do agree with, unlike Alaskan attention whore Sarah Palin, or the really cute, airheaded Delaware cunt Christine O'Donnell.

Considering most people in the United States are brain-dead, easily led drones with IQs of eggplants, it is not surprising that 61% of the population supports the insane idea of "collective bargaining" for those parasites employed in the public sector, as it is so called. In other words, 61% of the idiots infesting this dying dump feel that taxpayers should be fleeced even further to pay for garbagemen, teachers, and bureaucrats, with only the garbagemen actually working to earn their pay. Indeed, it must be admitted that garbagemen work very hard, driving around in smelly, fume belching, manually shifted diesel trucks doubling as portable dumpsters; with garbageman assistants hanging off the back in all types of weather - that in itself demands a reasonable wage. Teachers, on the other hand, are literally glorified babysitters, nothing more, and bureaucrats of any stripe, from the DMV to the fucking Tax Office, as everyone who has ever dealt with them know, sit on their asses, act arrogant, and seemingly go out of their goddamned way to be as unhelpful and obstructionist as they possibly can.

That noted, I perused an article written by an arrogant liberal named George Lakoff, titled "What Conservatives Really Want". This Goebbelsian propagandist paints a picture with a very wide brush - he tries to pigeonhole those he judges and labels as "conservative", presenting them as capitalistic, narrow minded, religious, authoritarian bigots who want to limit the rights of females, immigrants, legal or illegal, queers, etc, etc, repeating the same tired, delusional fucking homily I have assaulted with for decades. He also presents "solutions" to the problems of insurmountable deficits in the same fashion, promoting inane ideas that sound very good to dimwitted ignoramuses, without realizing how unbelievably obtuse his entire presentation is.

That's the problem with the self-convinced, as zealous true believers, only their view is the correct one, those who disagree are condescendingly dismissed as uninformed, ignorant, resistant to change, and so forth. If that clumsy tactic doesn't work, the opposition is derided as mean-spirited, intolerant, haters, racists, nazis, xenophobes, or whatever. Interestingly, the self-convinced accuser never addresses the dissenter's argument, refusing to even acknowledge it, arrogantly dismissing the opposing premise, no matter how accurate or logical, as irrelevant. In other words, such individuals are themselves intolerant and mean-spirited, claiming to support the idea of free speech, but only as long as such free speech agrees with and supports their personal worldview. How typical of man - once again, arrogance, hypocrisy and zeal rear their ugly heads, traits exemplified in both liberals and conservatives, though more often with liberals, who lately resort to any kind of subterfuge that they can, no matter how ridiculous. Quite simply, it's like Democrat Barney Fag, sorry, I mean Barney Frank, calling Republican queer Mark Foley a flaming cocksucker.

Mr. Lakoff, a true Obamanoid zombie, vehemently opposes the idea of the Wisconsin governor, Scott Walker, via legislative due process, limiting the power of unions. George Lakoff tacitly calls Mr. Walker a liar, and states that tax breaks are being given to "big business" at the expense of the unionized public sector in Wisconsin. Talk about a barefaced, mendacious propagandist, he apparently does not even begin to understand how an economy even fucking works, let alone having the ability to create convincing lies regarding such. Mr. Lakoff's latest mesmerizing Goebbelsian rhetoric was posted on none other than the Huffington Post, apparently as an example of preaching to the choir, as their website exclusively caters to the most liberal of liberals, and "moderates away" those comments that are "offensive" i.e., not agreed with by the collective.

Anyone, perhaps all two of you, who actually reads my terse diatribes is already aware that I continually employ goddamned, motherfucking foul language in nearly all my posts, and I variously call hairless talking simians honkys, porch monkeys, and slopes, depending on their physical appearance, and that I also make blasphemous remarks directed at any god crossing my path, especially that of the desert demon, shitkicker god Allah, and his wild-eyed coterie of delusional, intolerant, murderous Saracens. However, when posting on most other sites, I at least attempt to follow their guidelines, as I have with comments made on the Huffington Post website. A few have been published, i.e., those that disparage religion, but they don't seem to like much of what I have to relate to them, often "moderating away" opposing comments that I attempt to post there. In the next paragraph, I offer to the reader the latest example, verbatim, of a post that was not approved by moderators at the Huffington Post, apparently due to the fact that it "offended" those who display a genuine aversion to indisputable facts.

Please attend; this is what I attempted to post there in response to the tedious, inaccurate screed, "What Conservatives Really Want":

I have several issues with your article, but the one I choose to focus upon is the idea of "corporate taxes" and allegations of corporations "not paying enough taxes". You don't strike me as a stupid individual, so you must realize that all corporations, or "big business" if you prefer, never truly pay taxes of any type, ever, and never have, as anything they do pay is passed off to the consumer or user of any services they may provide, from automobiles to xylophones. Hence, the people, i.e., the common citizens, pay all taxes ever levied on corporations, and any further corporate taxes, permits or other fees demanded by the State or Federal governments is only more of a tax burden upon the people of the nation.

Surely you see this, for corporate taxes are simply an additional cost of doing business, to be passed down like any other business expense as a price increase for services rendered.

That terrible, mean-spirited, offensive missive was not approved by the Huffington Post, though I have seen posts approved there that have foul language, and words like honky, but I have never once seen the words nigger, gook or kike posted in their comment area. I guess it's okay with them to call limeys, krauts or dagos whiteys or honkys, but its not okay to call niggers apes, boofers, junglebunnies or jigs, neither is it permissible to call gooks japs, chinks, slant-eyes or zipperheads. I wager one can't call fags or lezzies queers on the Huffington Post either, even though that is exactly what they are, the definition of "queer" being: "strange or odd from a conventional viewpoint; unusually different". Talk about a fucking double standard, what utter hypocrites they are; they are quite comfortable with it too, as hypocrites usually are.

Those observations regarding their website aside and referring back to my lonely, unposted missive, it is an absolute fact that "big business" never pays taxes; their customers do it for them in the form of higher prices for services or items rendered, and that's the way it fucking is, period, and always has been. You see, those like Mr. Lakoff and the propagandists at the Huffington Post have an agenda, and they will not tolerate those who disagree with them. They don't want their devoted drones to think, even for a second, for if they did, the scales would fall from their eyes and they would see the illogic of Lakoff's stance on "corporate taxes". Now thinking for themselves, they would also realize that George Lakoff is a biased, obfuscating mouthpiece for the narcissistic eightball Barack Hussein Obama and his union/socialist/liberal camp. Can't let that happen can they - it's too damn dangerous.

Other than my remarks in this screed, I don't really fucking care what the brainwashing collective at the Huffington Post does, as they have the right to censor anyone in favor of promoting their collective worldview, though I do realize why they would not post my opinion on the absurdity of "corporate taxes". They won't post it because they cannot deny it is the absolute truth, and the last thing liberals want to see or hear is the unvarnished truth about anything.

You know, liberals, especially radical liberals, kind of remind me of Moslems, come to think of it.



Wednesday, February 23, 2011

NEWSFLASH: Silly Ragheads Slaughtering Each Other by the Truckload

Greetings and felicitations; Conway here, always sure to offend someone with my heartless, foul mouthed, blasphemous, epithet laced observations, this time directed at those indigenous inhabitants occupying the Middle East, referred to by many folks as camel jockeys, musselmen, ragheads, Mohammedans or generically identified by the all encompassing term, sandniggers.

To state that I do not care about the ragheaded Moslem pricks infesting the Middle East is the understatement of the goddamned century, at least to the point of my not caring if they kill each other, down to the last angry, childish, fanatical fucking bastard. In fact, I applaud and further encourage all devoted Moslem believers across the Islamic world to continue in killing each other, in every possible way that they can, like they are currently doing in Libya. You see, I've grown rather weary of watching fanatical Moslems running about unfettered, murdering hapless kikes, whiteys, niggers and even the occasional gook in the name of their non-existent shitkicker god, Allah, and I much prefer that they instead slaughter each other in their own nations. In the midst of this amusing carnage, the Moslem god, shitkicker Allah, apparently reigns from his undetectable and invisible abode, a laughable phantasm which in reality is nothing but an imaginary, tyrannical deity hallucinated by the deranged mind of a power mad 7th century Bedouin with an agenda of conquest - an illiterate, murderous, epileptic child molester, named Mohammed.

Shitkicker Mohammed, who evidently babbled out his silly Koran tome of death between killing, raping and having epileptic fits, is revered by his fellow ragheads, e.g., those of the Sunni, Shia, Sufi and Druze sects, as the founder of Islam. Moslems continually repeat that Islam is a religion of peace, or perhaps pieces, that determination of course depending on whether one is considered an "infidel" by other devoted followers of Islam, provided they are all of the same sect, otherwise, they kill each other for not believing in the right version of Islam. When no one else is available for the faithful to destroy, Moslems, even of the same sect, often resort to killing each other, perhaps to sate and glorify their invisible, impotent, defenseless desert god of death and destruction. Hey, don't blame me people - I didn't invent shitkicker god Allah or fucking Islam, shitkicker Mohammed did, killing anyone who disagreed with his epilepsy induced delusions, setting a fine example for future generations of deluded fools to follow.

Like many simian humanoids, Moslems exemplify the phenomenon of "herd mentality", albeit on steroids, meaning that if any given individual in their midst disagrees with their collective worldview, those in disagreement can be and are in fact killed for disagreeing with the herd. With vexing "infidels" eliminated as necessary, what results is a sterile, homogeneous, backward society bereft of individual thought, a hivelike collective composed of deluded, superstitious, dunderheaded drones on constant watch for dissenting misfits, who are identified as "infidels" and then annihilated by the herd as "blasphemers". I swear to Christ, Locutus of Borg couldn't do a better job of forced assimilation than the goddamned Moslems do, even if he tried for a thousand fucking years. 

That fact of peaceful Islam noted; I find that superstitious people nauseate me to the core, making me want to vomit in their presence. That especially goes for the feckless followers of shitkicker Allah; North Africa and the Middle East are teeming with delusional, angry, ragheaded 35 year old virgins who refuse to stay in their own backward nations, keeping their inane, parochial outlooks in their own backyards, so to speak. Alas, the delusional, miserable, woman-fearing freaks that they are, such children in men's bodies feel they have to migrate, proselytize and occasionally rape female "infidels" of the host nation, exporting their obtuse, nonsensical Koranic dogma to the rest of the globe. Once taking root far from their homeland, like an ever growing, metastatic cancer spreading over the earth, Moslem males piously and arrogantly espouse mythical fucking sophistry and utter intolerance that even an average kindergartener could refute effortlessly, while engrossed watching their favorite cartoon.

Conversely, this unfolding, hilarious debacle across the Middle East should prove to be very good indeed for commodities like oil and gold, not to mention silver, all of which are again increasing in value thanks to Libya's role as a major producer of petroleum, along with being in complete chaos due to angry, murderous, delusional sandniggers, mulling about killing one another for whatever reason. In addition, gold and silver are further appreciating in value thanks to their "safe haven" status, especially with many people around the globe realizing that holding intrinsically worthless fiat currencies or "investing" in securitized debt are quite possibly the very best ways to LOSE every fucking thing they have ever worked for.

Libya, located in northern Africa, is a pathetic nation populated by loony, emotionally retarded, hate-filled sandniggers, run by a 68 year old, weird looking, dark spectacled, tent dwelling Moslem tyrant named Moammar Gadhafi, or Muammar Khaddafi, or perhaps even Mu'ammar Qaddafi. Who the fuck knows how this despotic asshole's moniker is truly spelled, considering transliteration from Arabic script to Roman script is an inexact science at best. Ruling as the Libyan version of North Korea's "Dear Leader", Mu'ammar Al-Qadhafi is referred to by brown-nosing sycophants as "Colonel" Gaddhafy, Brotherly Leader and Guide of the Revolution. It is doubtful that Ghaddafi is a real Colonel; perhaps he's a Kentucky Colonel like Harland Sanders was, but, regardless of that, Overlord Moamar is one mean motherfucker to be reckoned with - "brothers" like Khaddhafi are what the mythical Cain was to his murdered brother Abel. 

Anyway, shit for breath Qadhafy is a real piece of work, and doesn't take kindly to protesters fucking with him; the penalty for such an egregious offense is death, period. So, the Colonel's hired band of thugs, otherwise known as the Libyan Army, is "dispersing" crowds of dissenters using rather heavy-handed methods, most achieving what is desired bQuathafi - death of the protesters, who are labeled "rioters" and "terrorists" by Libyan media rhetoricians. Tactics include hurling live hand grenades at protesters, riddling them with slugs fired from Soviet era AKMs, mowing them down using anti-aircraft guns, and even employing military aircraft to drop bombs on them. It is plainly obvious that the Libyan army prefers to drive thumbtacks with sledgehammers, but it must be admitted their methods are an effective way of eliminating those dreadful protesters rioters terrorists.

Illustrated with accompanying color video, it is reported by various Goebbelsian talking heads in the United States that scores of idiotic, dead ragheads litter the streets of downtown Tripoli. Other footage shows graphic scenes of dismembered, unidentifiable cadavers lying about a blood-soaked sidewalk, probably thanks to fragmentation grenades or anti-aircraft guns - heads, arms, torsos, legs and guts strewn everywhere. Some of those antique Russian mini-howitzers fire exploding 23mm projectiles, when such artillery is unleashed on talking simians they are usually blown into pieces no larger than pork roasts offered at the local butcher shop. Look at it this way folks, Humpty Dumpty has a much better chance of being reassembled by the King's men than the bloody piles of human hamburger created by the Libyan Army have of even remotely being presented in serviceable condition to grieving relatives as the remains of their loved ones. Moreover, if not removed, carted away, and interred in slit trenches lined with quicklime, this deanimated human biomass could quickly become a health hazard, with swarms of blowflies and hordes of other vermin like rats feeding on the mangled, bloated, rotting carcasses of the protesters. 

Were I placed in charge of the Libyan sanitation corps by "Colonel" Muammar Qadaffi, I would send out teams of garbagemen wearing bio-hazard suits, equipping them with shovels and plastic buckets, together with employing a fleet of garbage trucks, pressed into service as convenient hearses to collect the slaughtered for disposal at a nearby landfill. Further, if consulted by the Brotherly Leader and Guide of the Revolution, I would advise Moammar Qudhafi to intensify his carnage upon the disobedient, infidel terrorists, in the name of Allah, or possibly Mohammed, or maybe even freedom, or whatever came to me at the time, that is if I could keep myself from laughing like a capricious demon at the ridiculous, blood drenched slaughterhouse that Libya has become. After all, who gives a shit about Libya, other than Libyans. Moslems breed like goddamned rabbits anyway, and the world has more than enough delusional people already - just look at the malignantly narcissistic eightball living in the fucking White House.



Monday, February 14, 2011

Egyptian FOOLS trade Terrible Despot Hosni Mubarak for MARTIAL LAW

Hello there.

It looks like the Egyptian protesters have collectively shot themselves in the foot, trading terrible Hosni Mubarak's Emergency law for the dreadful horrors of martial law, literally jumping headlong from the frying pan into the fire.

I don't think the flag waving, sign carrying, chanting throngs of Allah's delusional, shitkicking thugs expected that scenario to happen, did they? They, allegedly following shitkicker Allah's will, wanted to transform Egypt into a burka clad, Sharia hellhole, but as of now Egypt has been effortlessly converted into a hellhole of a different sort - a secular, military one, backed by scores of tanks, jets, and stern-faced soldiers bearing automatic rifles.

Oh well, things like that happen sometimes, you get what you wish for and then comes the heartbreaking reality of regret. You divorce your wife for the gorgeous tramp at the convenience store, who then, after pulling out her upper plate, tells you in a mumble she's a bipolar crackhead with AIDS. Or, you trade in your beat up old junker for a fucking shiny lemon that starts knocking and burning oil like a furnace within 3 days. Returning to the car lot in desperation, you find that old reliable has been flattened in the yawning maw of a car crusher; the dealer pointing his finger at you and laughing at the top of his lungs. You know exactly what I mean; the grass is always greener and all that rose-colored horseshit that is never true.

Across the planet, feckless, intellectually impaired, progressive idiots are celebrating the resignation of President Hosni Mubarak, claiming the breeze of "democracy" is spreading through the Middle East. Yeah, tell that absurd fairytale to the Egyptian Army junta, not to mention the fat, royal sandnigger hypocrites ruling nearby Saudi Arabia. These ragheaded "princes" swill beer, wine and liquor by the gallon, inhale platefuls of pork tenderloin, lobster and shrimp, and fuck harems of scantily clad whores by the wagonload - and no one says one goddamned word. Meanwhile, their Sharia law "religious police" ply the streets, imprisoning common subjects for making eyes or holding fucking hands, between lopping off the heads of adulterers, infidels and queers. How utterly nauseating; hypocrisy is indeed the most revolting trait among hairless simians of any race; as a species they seem to be turning it into a goddamned art form.

Anyway, Cairo's Tahrir Square is now completely devoid of people, thanks to the Egyptian Army employing time-honored tactics that Mr. Mubarak was loath to even threaten - the suspension of the Egyptian Constitution and the draconian imposition of martial law. I idly wonder what the narcissistic head porch monkey sitting in the White House thinks of that development, especially since martial law is, shall I say, rather different from democracy or even despotism, for that matter. You see, with martial law comes seemingly innocuous sounding actions like curfew orders, and violations of such curfews usually lead to summary executions. Summary executions are performed without the benefit of charges, jail cells, due process, adjudication, and other annoying legalistic trivialities; people are simply killed on the spot for violating whatever decree, even a decree where it is ordered for everyone to stand on one foot. The first clown who loses his balance winds up with a goddamned hole in his head, legally, courtesy of a stoic soldier wielding a Maadi AKM, enforcing good old martial law.

In the event the reader is unaware, situations like these have occurred for centuries, in practically every nation on Earth. Martial law has even occurred in the United States, under President Abraham Lincoln, the supposed hero of the Civil War who "saved" the Union, evidently so it could evolve into the bankrupt, criminal led, draconian police state shithole it has become. Old Honest Abe would spin in his grave like a fucking top if he knew what America has morphed into, that is if he weren't simply rotting away in a tomb like he has for the past 146 fucking years. Some delusional, softheaded fools may disagree with me, thinking that Lincoln is "looking down from heaven" on what is left of the United States. Well, if afterlife, not to mention justice, actually happens in this dark universe, judging from his actions when President, I doubt very seriously that Abe's looking down from anywhere; let alone heaven, more than likely, he's looking up at this debacle from the flaming bowels of hell. Who knows, with Lincoln's historically recorded lust for blood, destruction and death, perhaps he's actually enjoying the spectacle, seated beside the likes of William T. Sherman, Bloody Bill Quantrill and Jefferson Davis, their asses roasting forever on benches crafted from hot coals.

Vivid imagining aside, all of this simply proves there is no such thing as "rights" in a literal, concrete sense, god given or otherwise, regardless of the obtuse, propagandistic rhetoric coming from smooth talking political scoundrels. That's the way it is, when the shit really hits the fan, legalistic bullshit like rights, due process, constitutions and other meaningless sophistry go right out the motherfucking window, replaced by the raw, brute force power of martial law. Martial law is resorted to and used by governments to maintain their power only, and to achieve and maintain at least the semblance of order among the unwashed, lowly masses. Individuals who resent martial law, if still breathing, are labeled by approved Goebbelsian talking heads as "rioters", "looters", "haters" or even "terrorists". Such cunning, mendacious rhetoric is employed by those in power to promote fear and blind obedience among the rest of the populace. Whether individuals, their families, or entire towns are annihilated in the conflagration makes no fucking difference to politicians or military personnel - the hapless fucks ground up in the gears of martial law are simply dismissed by the ruling faction as collateral damage and nothing more, that is if they even bother to acknowledge the existences of those slaughtered. Governments of all kinds, even in the United States, can, do and will continue in resorting to these tactics, simply to maintain their authority and little else, killing anyone, regardless of innocence or guilt, perceived as a threat to them.

It seems, based on centuries of historical evidence, that violent revolution is, unfortunately, the only way to get rid of such self-serving, megalomanical bastards who will do anything, no matter how atrocious, to maintain their stranglehold on power. When revolutions succeed, one usually finds deposed dictators begging on their knees for mercy, tearfully telling all that they love their countrymen, and only resorted to committing atrocities in the name of god and country. After forcing their victims to hear such sickening, contrived harangues, they are usually killed; whether that actually proves anything is a matter of dispute, considering they are usually replaced by the same kind of individuals, having the same goals and achieving the same results. One only needs to look at the blood-drenched French and Bolshevik revolutions for proof of this assertion.

Does it surprise the reader that human beings truly have no rights at all? It shouldn't, if the reader is capable of critical thinking. Reading Hobbes' remarks on sovereignty can be quite revealing for those who wish to do so; I employ this simple syllogism to arrive at a logical conclusion:

A) First Premise: People have "inalienable" rights, i.e., under the United States Constitution, and supposedly by "god", whatever that is, was, or may be.

B) Second Premise: The United States Constitution is a document, i.e, sheets of old parchment written on by the hand of man; it cannot enforce itself, as it is only a collection of ideas. The Constitution can in fact be suspended on express orders from the governmental ruling faction, i.e., the President of the United States, or, in lieu of the President, the Congress or the Armed Forces, either body serving as a junta.

C) Inferred logical conclusion, based on first and second premises: People are not and never were "citizens" by definition, anywhere on earth. They are only subjects of a sovereign entity, and as subjects are at the mercy of those having more power than they, e.g., governmental authorities of whatever stripe, i.e., kings, queens, fuhrers, presidents, congressmen, military, etc. Therefore, people have no rights whatsoever in a literal sense, that is, unless the governmental ruling faction allows people under their control to have them as privileges.

D) A synthesis, deduced from first and second premises, together with inferred logical conclusion: People have absolutely no fucking rights at all, period, they never did, and they never will. Indeed, "rights", like buddies who swiftly head for the exits during a barfight, are fair weather friends - never there when you really need them, and always hanging around when you don't.

Back to the hapless Egyptian drones, trapped like Norway rats in a somewhat larger than usual cage called Egypt. They, rather than simply being arrested and detained, like happened to them under the terrible "despot" Hosni Mubarak, can now look forward to simply being killed by the Egyptian military if they get out of line. Begging, crying or other pathetic excuses will not prevent them from quickly meeting shitkicker Allah, should it exist, courtesy of a 7.62mm slug entering their skulls, fired point blank from a cold, efficient soldier using a Kalashnikov rifle. Mr. Mubarak, former President of Egypt, who stupidly demoted himself to a private citizen of Egypt, can also look forward to summary slaughter if he dares to get in their way.

All that said, isn't "democracy" wonderful?



Friday, February 4, 2011

Hypocrisy, Thy Name is Politician

Greetings, your friend Conway is here, again presenting selected news items for the reader, complete with foul mouthed, insensitive, epithet strewn, jaded commentary; this and other terse screeds posted between eating, sleeping, taking the occasional piss or shit, driving around in my beat up old junker, and of course, trading the bourses.

No sooner do I identify that megalomaniacal moolie interloper in the White House as a closet atheist, when along comes none other than the goddamned Christian Science Monitor, a ridiculous rag parading a saccharine, servile article describing jackanapes Obama as a "Christian man of faith". Yeah, and I'm the fucking Pontifex Maximus at the Temple of Jupiter in Rome; pardon me while I barf in a baptismal font. In the above depicted photograph, President Barack Hussein Obama is pictured, his head bowed in feigned humility, standing among to the most loathsome coterie of unabashed fucking hypocrites assembled in the last 50 goddamned years. Honky Joseph Biden stands next to the head jig, head bowed, Biden a man so utterly brain-dead that his supposed Christianity doesn't surprise me in the least, considering he has perhaps three fully functioning brain cells in his entire goddamned skull. The next humanoid male in this line of scoundrels is a libidinous ex-President who needs no introduction, as if the word-twisting, stiff-pricked whitey whore monger William J. Clinton or his erstwhile cunt wife Hillary are exemplars of Christianity - wait just a goddamned minute, perhaps they actually are Christians, considering the scores of "Christians" I've had the misfortune of meeting in my travels. Untold times my ancient ears have endured hearing the idiotic, self serving, hypocritical statement that Christians are "not perfect, just forgiven", which seems to give them license to behave like the most revolting pieces of shit since Gaius Caligula. Apparently, for those Christians professing such annoying, obtuse tripe, Jesus Christ, their alleged Savior, is little more than a gullible, supernatural sucker who falls for most fucking anything, endlessly "forgiving" them at their request for lying, stealing, cheating, pillaging, raping, plundering, murdering and - Christ only knows what else.

I'll say this, if Jesus Christ is anything other than the inane figment of fertile imaginations (which I absolutely believe he is), at least I'm going straight to the bowels of hell with my eyes wide open. That's more than I can say for "Christians" such as those I've met, along with the pew bound line of vile hypocrites illustrated in the photo, I imagine they'll spend eternity with flames licking their asses, asking themselves "why", probably while I sit back and laugh at them.

Go ahead, read and see the spectacle for yourself, here's a link, complete with a slideshow, for this nauseating, contrived drivel - syrup of ipecac is not as effective as this horseshit:

Obama a Christian? Don't make me laugh, Obama wouldn't make a good bump on even Elmer Gantry's charlatan ass; he has clearly stated that he supports the idea of a "woman's right to choose", i.e., abortion, which, discarding all of the semantical legalistic rhetoric and modified definition, is in fact infanticide, plain and simple. I don't give a good goddamn if they decide to call a human fetus a motherfucking platypus, it is still human life, and destroying human life is in fact murder. At least it was murder until clever, word-twisting rhetoricians promulgated the obtuse idea that human fetuses are not in fact human, or are "not alive", together with other such euphemistic mendaciousness which effectively serve to disguise the stark reality of abortion as the premeditated murder it is. That said, I'm not going to go through the bother of citing dogmatic horseshit as is presented in the Bible, look it all up for yourself in Exodus and Leviticus if you like, but for people to claim they are Christians, and then for such claimants to support cocksuckers, cunt licking dykes, and to support and sanction the slaughter of the unborn, makes them utter fucking hypocrites, period. The word hypocrite is indeed an apt description for those individuals who piously profess one idea and then commit an act in absolute contradiction of what they profess to believe - really, what the fuck should people like Barack Obama be called, "morally challenged"?

Anyway, the latest staged perfidy with regard to Obama's supposed "faith", is only more blatant Goebbelsian propaganda meant for slack jawed American drone consumption - I don't think they seriously expect anyone with any semblance of intelligence to believe that Obama is anything other than a smooth talking, pragmatic atheist with a flair for convincing, though cunningly contrived, piety. The Christian Science Monitor states this vile, hypocritical hottentot prays to his god - and what god is that, pray tell, perhaps Moloch? Are they trying to be serious or is their article actually meant to be satire? Further, it is said in the piece that he and his wife find it "difficult" when others question their "faith". Well isn't that tough shit; I won't even hazard a guess at his wife's beliefs, or the lack thereof, should that be the case, but Barack Obama, who claims to be a Christian, is definitely wanting, especially when it comes to the Bible he claims to believe in. Jesus Christ, alleged Savior of believing Christians and central figure of the New Testament, said, "You will know them by their fruits". Hey, I didn't say it; Barack Obama's supposed god Jesus said it in the Gospel of Matthew!

Really people, those humanoids calling themselves Christians, according to their Bible, are not supposed to support or engage in the practices of homosexuality, neither are they supposed to support or engage in infanticide. Whether the ideas of or the practicing of homosexuality or infanticide are "right" or "wrong" is not the issue here. Determinations regarding either are left to any given individual, weighing the issues and making value judgments, should they deem them as necessary. Moreover, Christians are not supposed to lie either, like "Christian" Barack Obama constantly does, neither are they supposed to commit acts of adultery, as "Christian" William J. Clinton has with numerous sluts, violating his "sacred oath" of marriage to his lawfully wedded spouse, Hillary Clinton. 

As far as my value judgments are concerned, I have no religious beliefs whatsoever, and I don't give a shit if Clinton fucks around on his wife and builds himself a harem, complete with scimitar wielding, baldheaded eunuchs. I also couldn't care less if queers elect to blow and lick each other's genitals raw, and, as I have written before, women who procure abortions are unfit mothers anyway. Though firmly opposed to the idea of the deliberate killing of the unborn, I honestly feel such women are doing their slaughtered brats a favor by not forcing them to endure the disgusting presence of such a vile progenitor.

Expounding on abortion, as stated many times before, I personally view slaughtering the unborn as murder, period, even though I would do absolutely nothing to limit the practice of first-trimester infanticide, which is what abortion really is, nor would I ban the employment of abortion inducing drugs like RU-486. Further, as a public service, I can even tell any pregnant woman reading this, who desires to kill their unborn child, how to do it effectively without the need of costly, messy abortionists like Kermit Gosnell, and without having to endure the vexing embarrassment of purchasing an eyebrow raising prescription from the local fucking Walgreens. That said, an extended session of jumping jacks, or a long, hard jog while wolfing down multiple stalks of celery can do an admirable job of dispatching an annoying unborn brat, especially in the first trimester. So can a rigorous regimen of sit ups, followed by a nice, soothing, really hot bath. Employing either method, a short time later, presto, a few abdominal cramps, some blood on the floor and an ugly clot, floating in a commode, reminiscent of a red turd crapped out during a bad bout of bleeding hemorrhoids. One flush and it's all over with, and just think of the substantial savings. These suggestions also work rather well for second or even third trimester "pregnancy terminations" too, though with later gestation times, do-it-yourself abortion turns into a rather messy and often painful affair. A few stiff shots of cheap 80 proof booze, or a friend's leftover painkillers from a past toothache should serve to dull the pain somewhat. In addition, the disposal of a larger dead brat's carcass can prove labor intensive, and perhaps even "offensive" to some, but what the hell, that's the way life is, cold reality sucks. Anyway, once you're sober, clean up any blood, stuff the dead kid into a trash bag and then heave it in a dirty old garbage can, or perhaps a dumpster, just like abortion clinics often do. Incidentally, for those fainthearted, pro-abortion progressives reading this, appalled by my helpful suggestions, they are nothing new and are freely available elsewhere on the Internet - even free, complete, downloadable instruction manuals for the reluctant mother-to-be.

You see, even I realize some broads just aren't cut out to be mothers, and if some slut wants to slaughter her developing brat in the first trimester, go ahead, it doesn't involve me; they can even try the free, do it yourself methods described above. However, as with everything, I submit that assisted, elective abortion does have its limits, and any broad who can't make up her silly goddamned mind by that time should simply bear the brat and make it a ward of the state if they don't want the finished product of their steamy copulation session.

Returning to queers for a moment, I really don't give a shit what they do, unless they attempt to involve me in their uh, shall I say, unorthodox sexual proclivities. I also don't think queers should be able to get "married" either, though I am not completely against the idea of "civil union" proceedings for those individuals of the same sex desiring to do so, my view based on laws and civil procedures going at least as far back as the Roman Empire.

Enough of that, I now present for the reader yet another blatant example of American legalistic hypocrisy, for the reader to peruse and become acquainted with at this link:

Isn't that nice? Jackbooted pigs are now cleverly protected by their bosses, that is, power mad, corrupt politicians, by using past laws that were never even intended to be applied in such a fashion, together with new laws designed to make pigs virtually immune from public scrutiny, no matter what they do. The Nazi Gestapo of Heinrich Himmler also had such protections and immunities, why am I not surprised? Disguised as statutes to prevent "interfering with the police performing their duties", such draconian laws are being introduced, passed and promulgated to keep the people from recording constantly occurring embarrassing incidents like the Rodney King affair, and nothing more. Such laws also make it much easier for pigs to lie in court, as they often do; you know, with the defendant having no record of the incident for shysters to employ as a defense to counter the pig's duly sworn lies.

Don't believe any of my words; use your damn head and look up on the fucking Internet at what the pigs do to people, some of it recorded by special cameras mounted in their own "pig cruisers". I personally watched in court long ago, when duly sworn pigs, after placing their right hands in the air with their left hands on a Bible, proceed to lie through their fucking teeth to an incredulous judge, earnestly trying to convince him that since I, Conway, had been found with money on my person, I was in fact a "drug dealer", and probably even a drug "kingpin", according to one jackbooted, frowning pig who glared at me from the stand. Strange thing was - my automobile was thoroughly searched by the pigs, and no drugs, not even one fucking aspirin tablet, were found, though they did steal an entire box of tools from the trunk of my car, apparently in the name of the law or something like that. I was later told that there was no toolbox in my trunk, as my shyster tugged at my shoulder, motioning for me to leave. The fact that I am here to relate this travesty to the reader is proof of the unfoundedness and total maliciousness of the charges, brought by power mad pigs without one goddamned shred of proof. Further, the judge angrily dismissed the case in the middle of the proceedings with a sharp smack of his gavel - even as one pig was still running his fat mouth about giving "lawful orders", the judge having to tell him, literally, to shut up.

Yes reader, I will repeatedly refer to this life changing incident, many more times, within other diatribes regarding the pigs and their unbridled abuse of power, like one recent night when a tightlipped young pig ridiculously claimed that the rusted out, beat up, worthless old piece of shit wreck that I drive around in was a "stolen vehicle". I will also continue my concerted effort to reiterate that every time one of those arrogant, smart-mouthed, jackbooted nazi swine catches a bullet in their head and dies from massive brain damage, I laugh like a goddamned jackal.



Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fan Eared Narcissist and Henchman Hillary Press Hosni Mubarak to "Work with Opponents"

I haven't commented very much on world affairs, other than their relation to hard commodities, but exceptions do happen, and what the hell, there is a first time for everything.

That said, the delusional fool occupying the White House, President Barack Obama, is supposedly "pressing" Hosni Mubarak, the secular President of Egypt, to "work with" his opponents, in a clear example of "do as I say, not as I do". Judging from his past record with regard to his opposition, i.e., the Republican clowns in Congress, this pseudo-intellectual, arrogant eightball, Barack Obama, is more of a hypocrite than Hosni Mubarak could ever be in ten fucking lifetimes. In fact, I submit if the same situation of unrest was occurring in the US as is currently happening in Egypt, jackanapes Obama would resort to using whatever means necessary to maintain his hold on power, even if he had to slaughter truckloads of American people to assure the continuance of his now obvious mission of promoting absolute fucking chaos. Not that such a dreadful scenario would be an exception to a clearly underlying, still developing trend of Goebbelsian lies, murder and deceit - for the past two decades American Presidents have, as their despotic power increases exponentially to nearly Imperial proportions, occasionally resorted to such draconian actions, though on a much smaller scale than the typical psychotic maniacs ruling other areas of the planet, e.g., Kim Jong Il, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and Robert Mugabe.

Clear examples of this creeping Machiavellian phenomenon are the lying, revolting whoremonger William J. Clinton's blood-drenched debacle at Waco, Texas, and the absolutely Stalinesque actions of his dimwitted, bumbling successor, the empty headed moron, George W. Bush. Drooling dullard Bush gave the United States the unconstitutional wonders of arresting and detaining American citizens without charges or counsel, along with introducing his KGB-like "Homeland Security" gang of jackbooted porcine thugs, which is quickly morphing into little more than a goddamn American Gestapo, complete with dark colored, imposing uniforms. Just wait until the shit really hits the fan and flag-waving, duly sworn patriots from The Department of Homeland Security cart you off from your hovel in the name of freedom as an enemy of the state, along with accusing you of hating things like baseball, hot dogs, apple pies and Chevrolets. Don't say that I didn't warn you reader, the Fourth Amendment went out the window years ago, without anyone even noticing, along with the Sixth Amendment. Hell, they're also after those pesky First and Second Amendments too, not to mention the troublesome Fifth and Seventh Amendments, along with any other fucking annoying Amendments or inconvenient laws that get in their way of total Orwellian control.

Returning to the Egyptian situation, the head jig called Mubarak up on the Bat phone, haranguing that the people of Egypt wanted "democracy", and that he should "work with" the opposition, along with other meaningless rhetorical horseshit. Barack Obama is clearly an absolute fucking idiot, not realizing that much of the "opposition party" in Egypt is a coterie of bloodthirsty fundamentalist Moslem fanatics calling themselves the Moslem Brotherhood. For Christ's fucking sake people, insanity by any other name is still insanity - it's as if FDR was pleading with Golda Meir to head to Nazi Germany and "work with" the goddamn Waffen SS!

Wanting nothing at all to do with abstract concepts like freedom or individual rights, the Moslem Brotherhood is a determined group of parochial Islamic psychotics dedicated to the absolute destruction of any form of democracy and the imposition of an Imam governed, Islamic Sharia hellhole upon the hapless peoples of Egypt. Further, those of the Moslem Brotherhood absolutely despise the United States and constantly pray to their non-existent god, shitkicker Allah, for our total annihilation. President Obama, an inept, stupid, latter day Neville Chamberlain in blackface, is so goddamned far out of his league that he may as well be governing the United States from Neptune's largest moon Triton. Further, he has the unmitigated goddamned gall to believe he has the inalienable right to tell President Mubarak how to run his own motherfucking nation, and to embrace enemies sworn on their silly god to destroy him!

It figures, as if we don't have enough fucking problems here, right in own backyard. We are hip-deep in illegal, bloodsucking beaner squatters on welfare, there are no real jobs to be had anywhere, the economy is an absolute disaster, foreclosures are mounting and the treasury is utterly bankrupt. Meanwhile, like modern versions of Joseph Goebbels, the media tells all that everything is peachy. In reality, the United States is going down the commode in spades, led by a clueless mulatto moron who seems to possess the intellectual capacity of a goddamned trisomic hamster. Not content with fucking only this place up, Obama is determined to meddle in Egypt's affairs too, running his big mouth and twisting arms in a vain attempt to tell yet other world leader how to run his sovereign country.

Barack Obama reminds me of that doddering geriatric ignoramus James Earl Carter, whose utter stupidity in the late 1970's led to the unwelcome creation of the Islamic Republic of Iran, a dungeon of a state where they execute adulteresses, hang queers for simply being queers, and slaughter still others for "blasphemy", which really makes about as much goddamned sense as killing people for breathing. Who the fuck knows, perhaps that's Obama's intention; I wager he won't be satisfied until an "Islamic Republic of Egypt" emerges from this debacle, with Hosni Mubarak, a former ally, dancing at the end of a rope, figuratively stabbed in the back by Brutus Hussein Obama, a moolie megalomaniac with about as much common sense as a goddamned goose.

EARTH TO BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA: You can't even run the United States, you incompetent, posturing, smooth-talking, teleprompter reading imbecile, where in hell do you get the idea that Mubarak desires your unsolicited, uninformed and utterly irrelevant opinions? For your information, nigger, Egypt is not a vassal ward state of the United States for you to dictate policy to, as you have with Arizona, Egypt is ANOTHER COUNTRY, that is, a sovereign, independent nation, and Egypt's internal affairs are none of your goddamned business, period. 

As an aside, you, Mr. Obama, to my amusement, claim to be some sort of Christian - if that is so, why don't you take some Biblical advice, paraphrased from none other than the words of Jesus Christ, recorded in the Gospel of Matthew, the first book in the New Testament: Why don't you pull the fucking log from your own eye first, and your thick head from your ass while you're at it, before you complain about a speck in another's eye? Oh, sorry, I forgot for a moment, you're no Christian of any kind, neither are you a Moslem, you're just a cynical atheist, like I am, albeit incognito. Further, like all politicians that have ever lived, you are little more than a two-faced, opportunistic hypocrite, only claiming religious belief to garner the support and adulation of credulous American idiots.

Of course, anyone familiar with his history (history which we common unwashed serfs are permitted to know regarding this nigger, that is) is aware that Barack Obama in reality is so goddamn clueless that he believes there are 57 states in the Union, rather than 50, so it's no fucking wonder he's confused regarding the sovereign status of Egypt - I wager he didn't even know where the hell Egypt is until only a few days ago. Anyway, the controlled, programmed Goebbelsian American media is getting involved too, bleating in unison that Mr. Mubarak is a "strongman", a dictator or a despot, rather than the legally sanctioned leader of Egypt, as he was referred to by them only weeks ago - it's like something out of Orwell's 1984 - this week, as the new Emmanuel Goldstein, "strongman" Hosni Mubarak is America's common, implacable, eternal enemy, contrasted with last week, when "President" Hosni Mubarak was our common, progressive, eternal friend.

Don't these brain-dead shitheads realize what the hell they are advocating? Hosni Mubarak may be many things, some of them uncomplimentary, as with most people, but the alternative to his rule is much worse. With the Moslem Brotherhood running Egypt, enforcing Sharia law, killing infidels, queers, heretics and Christ only knows what else in the name of shitkicker Allah - it will be like fools employing naphtha in an idiotic attempt to extinguish a fire. A "democratic" alternative to Mubarak will only bring another Saudi Arabia or Iran to the fore, the Egyptian-Israeli peace treaty will go down the shitter, and, if war erupts, the Suez Canal will again become an unnavigable graveyard littered with sunken ships, and oil prices, already high, will head into the stratosphere

On the bright side, if the fanatical, shitkicker Allah worshiping Moslem Brotherhood takes over Egypt, pulls a Nasser and attacks the hebes, that should be damn good news for small cap oil producers like KOG and BEXP, along with smaller exploratory outfits like BQI and AAPH, not to mention little Pink Sheet speculatives like BGOI. Gold, in any form, physical, ETFs, stocks or options, along with other safe-haven metals like silver, platinum or palladium should do rather well too; war and the threat of war have a tendency to do that to commodities, you see. It shouldn't surprise the reader at all that I really don't give a shit what happens to Hosni Mubarak, or the entire nation of Egypt for that matter, as I don't know and never will know any of those fucks, and I couldn't care less if the kikes in Israel nuke them all in retaliation for an attack. In fact, the bloody destruction of a secular Egypt and an attack on Israel will only bring me piles of money, which I will invest in even more hard commodities, like uranium and copper, which the chinks are consuming like mad. So, like the cold, heartless bastard that I am, should it happen, I plan to reap profits from such a scenario: that of loony Moslem fanatics taking over Egypt and attacking Israel, thanks to obtuse Obama and his coterie of delusional, hand-wringing dunderheads.

Adding even more insult to injury, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has blundered her ugly, two-faced dyke ass into the fray, calling for a "peaceful transition" in Egypt, which has about as much of a chance of occurring as queer pedophile priests have of disappearing from Ratzinger's Vatican. It truly seems the United States government is literally devoted to promoting the ideas of hatred, divisiveness, religious wars, suicide bombings, chaos and even WW III. Who the fuck knows, perhaps megalomaniacal Obama, suffering from delusions of grandeur, having never served in the armed forces, actually enjoys the idea of thousands of American soldiers getting their asses slaughtered, at his behest, in yet another ridiculous armed conflagration.