Friday, January 7, 2011

Please Ask And Do Tell

Conway here, Happy fucking New Year and all that trite, superficial shit that has no real meaning at all.

I have jaded commentary regarding other items waiting in the wings, but the recent removal of Captain Owen Honors from the command of the USS Enterprise must take precedent above all else. By the way, the Enterprise is a fucking aircraft carrier, not a mythical starship, to those drooling simians unfamiliar with current naval nomenclature. Alas, Captain Honors' exemplary career in the military has been ruined, due to the fact that he simply told the TRUTH about the realities of military life in a rather blunt fashion. Sad, yes, but I have no such constraints fettering me; therefore, I call things as I see them, regardless of what any reader's opinion of my observations may be or if their itty bitty feelings may be offended. A reader may agree with my obnoxious screeds, or disagree with my obnoxious screeds; it makes not one bit of difference to me personally. There is little or nothing anyone can do about what I choose to post, or about the fashion in which I present such posts to the reader, other than to agree or disagree with my views, and that's the way it is.

That said, the fact that the United States of America is a decadent, bankrupt, dying nation, run from top to bottom by arrogant, amoral, power mad criminals, should be evident to anyone capable of critical thinking. Now that the armed forces have been ordered (by the courts!) to allow queers of all stripes to serve openly should fill those having even mediocre intelligence with alarm. The problem of flaming queers serving has to do with needed qualities like camaraderie and especially morale, the latter of which is rapidly vanishing from the military like a fart in the wind, considering what they are forced to tolerate already. That dubious fact does not bide well for any future military successes by American armed forces; that is if one can actually call the obliterated ruins of Iraq or the continuing debacle in Afghanistan past successes. I, for one, certainly don't call them successes by any measure of the word, considering Iraq is now plagued by fanatical, ragheaded Mohammedan suicide bombers, and is on the verge of civil war. Afghanistan has been bombed into the stone age for nearly four goddamned decades and is bordering on anarchy, run in places by factions of looney Moslem zealots who slaughter each other at the drop of a hat, while executing children for being "infidels".

Those presently serving, or for those possibly conscripted by force in the future, have to serve this multicultural, fragmented dump, the United States, with absolutely no consideration on the part of authorities for their personal preferences or worldviews, most of which are incompatible with the concept of uncloseted queers operating at their sides. Try ASKING them. I have, and they tell me that queers no more belong in the service than atheists belong in a goddamned church. Christ, they have enough problems already, from their families having to exist as fucking paupers in dumpy base housing while living on food stamps, to possibly getting their asses killed in needless wars started by wealthy, soft-palmed, megalomaniacal politicians, living in luxury far from the fray. Hell, most of the current crop of arrogant bastards running this nation never served anyone other than themselves; just ask cowardly clowns like Richard Cheney, William Clinton or Barack Obama.

Now male servicemen will have to worry about cocksucking faggots groping their dicks while they try to catch a few winks in the sack, or they will have to endure the prospect of leering gayguys trying to fuck them up the ass while they bathe together in communal showers. They will have to helplessly watch from bunkers or trenches as Captain Cocksucker goes to pieces and cries like a fucking baby when his lover, Sergeant Sorehole, is blown away by an errant hand grenade, when he should be focused on the situation, stoically giving orders to save the rest of their beleaguered asses from the enemy. As for heterosexual, female military personnel, they will have to be constantly on the watch for predatory, mannish, dildo wielding butch dykes who get turned on by ogling bush and a pair of tits in the shower, with the media covering up lewd NCO lezzies who rape hapless enlistees with fucking toilet plungers.

Such scenarios WILL indeed happen, regardless of all the obtuse, politically correct politicians and adjudicators thinking that queers can control themselves when in the company of members of the same sex, especially those they find physically attractive. You see, those idiotic simians calling themselves human beings, whether they be straight or gay, male or female, are little more than hormone-driven, irrational, talking ANIMALS equipped with a voracious libido. Regardless of a facade of "military discipline", when confronted with sexually compelling situations, most people are quite literally UNABLE TO CONTROL THEMSELVES. Kindly review your own sexual history for proof of that blunt assertion, that is, unless you are a fucking eunuch or enjoy lying to yourself. It's like the old saying, 95% of all people masturbate, and the remaining 5% that deny masturbating are liars. Former candidate Ms. Christine O'Donnell should make a note of that statement, and reflect on the gross stupidity of her past utterances.

Like it or not, those are the facts of human existence, and coupled with the political correctness of giving unfit individuals like open homosexuals the option of entering military service will do nothing but court disaster for those trolling queers. In a peacetime setting, the military may be able to get away with having fairies and dykes in the ranks; in a wartime setting, flaming queers will experience the same treatment that disliked or overbearing officers received in Vietnam - they will be remorselessly KILLED by their own troops, the slaughter of flagrant homosexuals disguised, of course, as "friendly fire". That will happen too, as homosexuality, regardless of current propaganda, will never be considered a normative by the vast majority of those simians inhabiting this tiny planet, and they will correct the situation accordingly.



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