Thursday, January 27, 2011

Latest Observations

Hello again, it is time for yet another invective strewn missive, courtesy of your insensitive, mean-spirited friend Conway.

Let's see, between losing my ass in commodities, I've been perusing the Internet for easily predictable absurd opinions regarding current events, albeit poorly disguised as intelligent discourse. It seems any drooling moron with a keyboard can add their two cents these days, even if they can't spell worth shit and render it all in acronym strewn, unpunctuated lowercase. I unsurprisingly noted that many young, brainwashed American drones do not believe for one fucking moment that Dr. Kermit Gosnell, MD (Medical Deviate) practiced infanticide at his "Women's Medical Society" otherwise known as a human slaughterhouse, or more politely, an abortion clinic. Not content to accept that Gosnell went just a little overboard, even for an abortionist, many writers (knee jerk liberals, that is) blame FOX News and other assorted "conservatives" (whatever they are) for the perceived hatchet job against good, kindly doctor Gosnell, devoted abortionist. Sure, that's why Philadelphia prosecutors have assembled a 281-page grand jury report, followed with indictments against that murderous, psychotic, four-eyed nigger and his inept cadre of bloodthirsty inhuman ghouls.

I candidly wager some cynical readers don't believe me; thinking I am embellishing or perhaps attempting to be sensationalistic. Well then reader, go ahead, simply read the motherfucking charges for yourself if you have the guts to; enjoy the grisly photos. Don't come back and say I didn't warn you: 

Some pictures were VERY GRAPHIC weren't they? Well, don't blame me, I didn't take them, nor did I post them, and that's exactly what abortion is, grisly, cold blooded murder of helpless human beings, plain and simple, the REALITY of abortion is not pretty at all. Did the reader appreciate the highly detailed photo of the perfectly formed, murdered male infant with the nape of his neck sawed open and his spinal cord cut, thrown away by good "doctor" Gosnell like so much fucking GARBAGE? Silly people who protest such truthful depictions are nothing but goddamned wanton cowards, afraid to face reality, emotionally judging such photos "offensive"; their itty bitty shitty feelings "hurt" by such terrible visages. Well, that's just too motherfucking bad, I viewed them for the reader beforehand, reporting the truth for your benefit, that's what you get for doubting my veracity. I hope the vivid memory is burned into your mind and will give you nightmares for untold years. Really, putting aside your feelings for a moment, how do you think that goddamned brat felt as he PAINFULLY DIED at the hands of that unfeeling simian "physician" - tell me, do you think he ENJOYED having his spinal cord cut with scissors with no more concern on the part of Gosnell than if he was snipping a fucking piece of twine? I submit for that one act of cold-blooded murder alone nigger monster Gosnell should be publicly drawn and quartered.

Hell, some brain-dead idiots even have the unmitigated gall to pathetically charge that Gosnell is being persecuted by racists due to his being a nigger, which is absolutely insane, but I suppose they have to employ the "racism" canard as a straw man in a pathetic attempt to defend this utterly indefensible, malevolent eightball. However, allowing such asinine horseshit to be publicly posted by fools and debated by all is the very essence of free speech - people do indeed have the absolute right to say or write most anything, even if their compositions are some of the most OBTUSE fucking scrawlings I have ever had the misfortune to read.

I also noted idiotic, sycophantic commentary relating that narcissistic eightball Obama's delusional and monotonous Tuesday monologue will go down in history as the most brilliant oratory since the goddamned Gettysburg Address. Yeah right, and I'm Oscar Wilde; judging from the utter ineptitude I observe in America, especially in the "younger generation", it should be incredibly easy for either the Moslems or the Chinese Communists to swat this bankrupt nation off the face of the earth, and deservedly so, thanks to the current citizenry being mentally paralyzed due to endless media brainwashing, coupled with inborn utter stupidity. As proof of this assertion, even when presented with the absolute truth, with accompanying documentation, as with the Gosnell affair, most Americans, of every age, REFUSE to believe anything if the revelation conflicts with their personal worldviews, such as I noted in the first paragraph. Talk about fucking cognitive dissonance, it's enough to make one vomit.

Again elaborating on the butcher of Philadelphia, I also perused shrill charges that Dr. Gosnell's clinic operated in the fashion that it did due to "stingy taxpayers". Just one goddamned, motherfucking minute people - why in the hell should I, or anyone else, have to pay for the abortions of horny sluts who couldn't keep their legs closed? Honestly, if broads want abortions, I say let them have them, I don't really fucking care; the slaughter does not involve me personally. However, I draw the line at contributing even one goddamned thin dime to their murderous quest: any feckless twat who would slaughter her own kid is an unfit mother anyway and their dead brats are better off being dead.

Conversely, one small item in the defense of Dr. Gosnell and his actions is that he specifically catered to the dregs of society, i.e., poor white cracker trash, illegal alien spics, niggers on welfare and other assorted undesirables - all of whom screw like goddamned rabbits, with no thought given to the welfare or education of any possible offspring. Further, just think of how many criminals are not alive today, thanks to that vicious, cold, murderous, spearchucking bastard. I guess it depends on one's point of view, doesn't it?

I also noted (with a sinister laugh, mind you) that the United States Federal Government will run an unbelievable 1.4 TRILLION dollar deficit this year. History has proven that no nation or person can borrow theirselves out of crushing debt; gold may be down for now, but it's far from out by a damn sight. The handwriting is on the wall, even though counterfeiter Bernanke refuses to read it. Don't believe a word I say, just wait until REAL inflation kicks in after the Chinks dump our bonds, and see for yourself that a stale loaf of bread for $49.95 at the local grocery store is considered DIRT fucking cheap.



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