Monday, December 19, 2011

Interloping Ragheads Pissed Off at Lowe's

Season’s Greetings once again from your friend Conway, penning yet another offensive, invective filled missive, guaranteed to piss off just about everyone.

Kindly pardon my absence, but posting various polemical essays is growing rather tedious for me, as no one really reads these terse screeds, and those that do come here do so mainly for the pictures, like a bunch of silly schoolchildren. Hell, folks visiting don't even comment anymore, as they apparently realize I don't give a flying fuck if they disagree with whatever I write, and after posting their poorly written, disjointed tripe I usually slap them down with a devastating rebuttal, especially when silly ragheads try to fuck with me regarding their shitkicker god Allah and his illiterate, epileptic pedophile prophet, shitkicker Mohammed. For those having visited and read before, it should be plainly obvious that I have no use at all for religious superstition of ANY KIND, and have even less use for religious superstition coupled with vile injunctions to torment and slaughter those who do not agree with such inane dogma, as is exemplified in spades by the disgusting cult of Islam. Should anyone reading find they have a problem with that stance, tough shit; I didn't ask you to fucking come here - close the goddamn page and move on to something more agreeable with your tastes.

Speaking of swarthy, interloping shitkickers, once again the easily offended Mohammedan foreigners infesting this dying nation have found yet something else to complain about - Lowe's Companies, Incorporated, purveyors of all and sundry regarding construction materials. Lowe’s made a legitimate business decision and elected to withdraw their advertising support from a clearly propagandistic program on The Learning Channel dubbed "All-American Muslim" a slanted serial that could have been created by none other than Goebbels himselfconsidering the clearly oxymoronic title of the show.

Always a contrarian, I spell “Muslim” as "Moslem", just to piss off Mohammedan sandniggers, which they constantly point out - which makes me even more determined to continue spelling it that way. I also deliberately call them "Mohammedans", a terminology Moslems despise, the adjective “Mohammedan” inferring that they worship shitkicker Mohammed, which they in fact DO, considering the atrocities they commit when their dead pedophile is “defamed” in whatever fashion by infidels like me. Delusional, mentally retarded, intolerant vermin is a more apt description of those arrogant, misogynistic freaks calling themselves Moslems, which I have and shall continue to call them - to their very faces I might add.

At any rate, TLC's "All-American Muslim", is about as popular as gonorrhea in a whorehouse, so Lowe's, not wanting to waste valuable advertising dollars on a program that no one other than Moslem fanatics bother to view, cancelled their advertising contract. This of course "offended" the devoted, dronelike adherents of Islam, who loudly cried that Lowe's Companies, Incorporated was bigoted and insensitive with regard to their untenable, idiotic "beliefs" - a ridiculous, puerile crock of superstitious hogwash, called Islam. Further, I don't blame Lowe's for ditching "All-American Muslim" - I wouldn't advertise on such a clearly indulgent program if they fucking PAID ME for the opportunity. I suppose the Mohammedans should also be offended by the following list of companies; they too withdrew advertising support from “All-American Muslim”:

1) Bank of America Corporation
2) Campbell Soup Company
3) Dell, Incorporated
4) Estée Lauder Cosmetics
5) General Motors Company
6) Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company
7) Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Incorporated
8) McDonald’s Corporation
9) Sears, Roebuck and Company
10) Wal-Mart Stores, Incorporated

Upon hearing of the news, a group of smart-mouthed, annoying, troublemaking sandniggers calling themselves “The Council on American-Islamic Relations” (CAIR) blundered its way into this plainly contrived debacle as well, shrilly calling for a boycott of Lowe’s Companies, Incorporated. Echoing the monotonous bleating of other chronic malcontent ragheads, they also state that Lowe’s is “insensitive and bigoted” toward “Muslim beliefs”, or more accurately, inane, Middle-Eastern superstition with no roots in ACTUAL REALITY. CAIR, a closeted terrorist organization deliberately overlooked by “Homeland Security” (An Orwellian, cabinet-level department of the United States Federal Government created by empty-eyed dunderhead Bush), is also responsible for making a complete nuisance of themselves regarding anything that can be perceived as a sleight toward followers of Islam, from “racial profiling” in airports to requiring ugly, burka clad Mohammedan cunts to expose their disgusting mugs for driver’s license photographs.

Along with all of that horseshit, an imported chink, a California senator named Ted Lieu had the unmitigated audacity to sternly castigate Lowe’s and Company for making a business decision regarding where they want to spend their own fucking advertising money, that they earned. Sticking his nose up Moslem asshole and sniffing the odoriferous stench for all it's worth, this sycophantic, smooth talking gook wants an “investigation” regarding Lowe’s and their terrible actions, allegedly directed toward the peaceful Moslem community. Yeah right, "peaceful Moslem community" - yet another splendid Goebbelsian euphemism for mendaciousintolerant, murderous, hate-filled, delusional, ragheaded, goddamned bloodthirsty Saracens, who despise Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, pantheists, atheists, women, homosexuals, and anything else that doesn't fit into their idiotic, seventh-century parochial worldview.

Really people, who the hell does this crooked, soft-palmed, overpaid politician think he is – an overlord who can ORDER Lowe’s to spend their funds on an unprofitable venture? All this cowardly, interloping, two-faced cocksucker is really doing is pandering for the raghead vote, and his idiotic threats and empty pontifications will get him nowhere, considering that according to the First Amendment, not to mention plain old common sense, dictates that Lowe’s can do anything they want to fucking do with their own money - from publicly burning it to using it to purchase the services of prostitutes of either sex for their employees. Perhaps this posturing slope can pony up some of his own dough to pay for Lowe’s advertising on TLC's latest, lie-filled propaganda program; that way he could put his money where his goddamned mouth is.

All I can say is keep pushing Moslem interlopers; keep agitating for special status in a supposed nation of equals, keep trying to tell others not of your religious inclination to defer to your draconian demands; keep trying to tell others what to do and how to fucking think. If the past history of mankind is any harbinger of the future - what crazy goddamned Hitler did to the hook-nosed Jews will pale in comparison to what will happen to your sorry, troublesome, superstitious asses.



Friday, December 16, 2011

Christopher Hitchens - 1949-2011

Hello from the ethers; no vitriol is to be found in this short missive. It is with great regret that I announce the death of Christopher Hitchens, a verbose iconoclast with all the subtlety of a D-9 bulldozer. He was also a brilliant writer and all around bohemian, who smoked like a chimney and drank like a goddamn fish - and loved every fucking minute of it.

That noted, he told it as he saw it, without pulling any punches; those who debated the man found a formidable, erudite adversary - if they had the temerity to take him on.

This tiny planet in the middle of nowhere will not see his like again.

I'll miss you, Hitch, and so will many others.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The 2012 Presidential Election: An Analysis of Narcissistic Vermin and Posturing GOP Clowns

Conway here; greetings, felicitations and all that happy horseshit.

This post is dedicated to an analysis of the most vexing of events, that of the US Presidential elections, your friend Conway offering a critique of each candidate in as concise a manner as possible. A detailed, comprehensive analysis of each is unnecessary, as those capable of critical thinking already know that an honest politician is about as rare as a goddamn Catholic priest who isn't a drunk or pedophile.

The soft-palmed, filthy rich, elitist, aloof bastards 
running this benighted dump, for example, Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi, along with all the other posturing political crooks, must fall on their backs and horselaugh at the collective gross stupidity of the American citizenry as they continually fall for more carefully crafted Goebbelsian rhetoric. That noted, I find it most disgusting that nearly every one of the Presidential candidates are little more than amoral, self-serving, greedy, do nothing cocksuckers who have never really worked one day in their entire goddamned lives.

To begin, on one hand, we have the Presidential incumbent, Barack Hussein "Barry" Obama, a preening, smoothtalking, narcissistic nigger ward heeler that announces his lies from a TelePrompTer like the scripted, rehearsed phony he is. Our current presidential Head Gangster is a delusional megalomaniac so inept that he couldn't run a fucking trash compactor properly, let alone a nation. On the other hand, we have a pack of cap-toothed, smiling Republican crooks, looking to supplant that buffoon and take the exalted position of Head Gangster. All are more concerned with appearance than substance, exactly like the current asshole smelling up the White House. No wonder I don't bother to vote anymore; I'd accomplish more by watching my fingernails grow, observing paint dry, or by pissing into the wind.

Always calling a spade a spade, I submit for all who read that the head moolie, Barack Hussein "Barry" Obama, is so fucking delusional that he actually believes his own lies, along with viewing his myriad failures as successes, while he stares at himself lovingly in a mirror for hours on end. Possessing an unparalleled talent for transmuting gold into lead, everywhere jackanapes Obama turns he fucks up, and afterward resorts to blaming others for his stupidity, e.g., Republicans, corporations, "racists", "extremists", and "mean-spirited haters". Never taking responsibility for his ineptitude, Obama blames others for blunders so utterly devastating and ridiculous that it makes the doddering, bible-beating jackass Jimmy Carter appear as a competent statesman. And to think this obtuse moron is running for re-election, if he were half the man he claims to be he'd admit defeat and resign for the good of the nation.

Alas, Barry Hussein, a vindictive creature suffering from 
gross delusions of grandeur, won't ever do that. I wouldn't be a goddamn bit surprised that he and his minions will manufacture a fiscal or political "crisis" of some sort, so this puerile abomination of a hairless talking simian can suspend the Presidential elections and crown himself as the despotic dictator he aspires to be. Should this happen, expect this neurotic megalomaniac to plainly state via the media that no other man living has his superb wisdom and depth of knowledge, solemnly stating that the nation needs his and only his beneficent guidance, laughingly depicting himself as a modern day Marcus Aurelius.

Now to our Republican contenders, for the most part a group of reprehensible freaks who belong more in a circus sideshow than any sort of election; the major figures are: Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich, Jon Huntsman, Ron Paul, Rick Perry, Mitt Romney, and Rick Santorum.

Starting alphabetically, Michele Marie Bachmann is a smiling, clueless, air headed twat with a bad case of foot in mouth disease, who wished a rotting corpse named Elvis Presley happy birthday on the anniversary of his death. Not that such inane trivia is really important mind you, but if she's that fucking dumb what other gaffes is she capable of? Cute, sure, for a makeup covered, botox-injected, menopausal old bag in her fifties, but she makes Sarah "Paul Revere" Palin, another cute, aging, plastic moron, appear as an absolute genius.

Now don't for one goddamned moment think that I am a misogynist who believes women are unfit for political office - in the past I did in fact vote for several twats, along with a few niggers, a spic, and I once even voted for a queer, of the cocksucking variety. I didn't and still don't give a shit if a politician is male or female, black, white or yellow, gay or straight - if I agreed with their platforms I voted for them. I doubt seriously that most readers can make that claim; I guess I'm not half the intolerant bastard that I seem to be.

Moving on, Herman Cain, by all accounts, is an Uncle Tom reminiscent of darkie Alan Keyes. I actually like both of these men, but no self respecting boot-lipped jungle bunny would ever vote for Cain, "'cuz he be too mafukkin white". I am quoting verbatim an overheard description of him uttered by a local shiftless jig with the same IQ as the beat up ghetto blaster he held in his hand, while I was occupied fueling my beat up old junker. Whiteys of all stripes will never vote for him either; guilt-ridden liberal crackers viewing him as an Uncle Tom, and conservative honkys dismissing him as just another uppity nigger. A shame really, considering Cain's political outlook is more in line with the traditional American conservative stance. As a Republican of the Paleozoic species, Herman Cain passes this particular litmus test better than most.

Newton Leroy "Newt" Gingrich is an articulate, hypocritical whoremonger and malignantly arrogant bastard; an intransigent ideologue that feels only his worldview is correct - aside from his whoredom, he is a diametrical bookend of Obama. An intelligent man, many of Gingrich's professed ideas are acceptable, but, considering his gross hypocrisy and propensity for lying, don't count on any of them being implemented if he is elected, which will never happen in any universe.

Jon Meade Huntsman, Jr. is a smoothtalking Mormon hypocrite in the unbridled race for Head Gangster; he is a high school dropout, a millionaire, and a fence-rider. He is also a personal friend of the narcissistic eightball, how that can be considered a positive credential is open for debate. You see, inept narcissist Barack Hussein Obama is a proven endorser of infanticide, citing from his questionable record in Illinois, and how anyone like Huntsman, who is considered an adherent of the Mormon faith, can befriend such a disgusting piece of vermin is beyond me. I'm a godless atheist and I think abortion is cold-blooded murder, so how can a pseudo-Christian Mormon hypocrite befriend an amoral nigger like Obama, who believes it is perfectly alright to slaughter newborn infants? That said, Jon Huntsman is hardly an exemplar of Presidential material, but giving the current electorate of brain-dead, television addicted American fools, he has as much of a chance as any of these plastic, makeup covered clowns.

Ronald Ernest "Ron" Paul is the only candidate who actually has a grasp on the nation's financial problems and he offers tenable solutions, but he has the personality of a cobra and is about as electable as Charles Manson. If he even gets near the White House, the powers that be, i.e., the current crop of elected gangsters, will have him eliminated. His life an open book, simple character assassination will not work in Paul's case, so they'll remove him via an engineered "stroke", or "heart attack", or by having his head blown off his shoulders by a "terrorist" for the good of all involved. You see, Ron Paul is too damn much of a threat to the status quo, and even if he did manage to get himself elected without being killed beforehand, he would find that he would not be able to accomplish much of anything, as the College of Crooks called Congress would thwart his every move. Too bad the angry, grimacing old fart doesn't realize that and drops out of the running for Head Gangster; perhaps he is senile.

James Richard "Rick" Perry is real piece of work, a wealthy, dictatorial creature that is a legend in his own mind, but not to anyone capable of critical thinking. A smoothtalking piece of utterly contemptible vermin, a religious fanatic, and a two-faced hypocrite, Rick Perry is a prima-facie example of why I don't care at all for most "Christians" of any sort. He also appears to be a self-convinced, vengeful individual who feels that the guilty are guilty, even if the evidence points to innocence - just ask Cameron Todd Willingham, if there actually is such a thing as afterlife and you can find a medium who isn't a goddamn fraud. You see, hypocrite Perry had Mr. Willingham executed in 2002, over the protests of experts, lawyers, and other assorted interested folks, who felt the fire that Willingham was accused of setting at his home - the conflagration resulting in the deaths of his two children - actually happened due to accidental causes. What does Perry care - as a "Christian", even if he made a mistake by executing an innocent man, good old gullible Jeebus, invisible King of Fools and Savior of no one, will forgive him.

In addition, Rick Perry, a delusional, self impressed megalomaniac like Barack Obama, also thinks he has the right to order teenaged girls in Texas to be forcibly injected with the HPV vaccine "Gardasil", courtesy of his good friends at Merck and Company, Incorporated. Who in the fuck does this vicious, goddamned shit-for-brained bastard think he is, telling others what to do with THEIR BODIES - exposing young women to dreadful side effects like arthritis, Guillain-Barre Syndrome, paralysis, seizures, unconsciousness and DEATH

This two-faced piece of despicable shit also LOVES illegal aliens, i.e., beaners, refusing to erect a fence to protect the Texas-United States border, and supplements these interloping spics with largesse stolen from legally residing American taxpayers of all colors and creeds. Further, Rick Perry supported the disgusting, Elmer Gantryesque, beady-eyed, bald-headed charlatan Albert Gore in 1988, so how can anyone trust a fence-riding shithead like he is - anyone who would vote for this despicable, verminous bastard deserves whatever they get from him, should this hypocritical, pious, superstitious talking ape manage to get himself elected President.

Willard Mitt Romney is yet another smoothtalking Mormon hypocrite who says one thing and does another. His detractors sometimes refer to him as a RINO (Republican In Name Only). In other words, he is a flaming liberal masquerading as a conservative. He also brought the state of Massachusetts "Romneycare", another idiotic governmental debacle and glaring example of interference in the personal lives of the citizenry. I wouldn't be surprised if this superstitious asshole gets the nomination and goes on to run against the narcissistic eightball for the exalted position of Head Gangster, otherwise known as "President" of this decadent, moribund nation, the United States.

Richard John "Rick" Santorum is a Catholic, bead-rattling wop hailing from Pennsylvania; his fiscal politics are illuminating, but his social stance renders him unelectable, considering this nation is so fucking decadent from top to bottom that the Biblical Sodom and Gomorrah appear as exemplars of morality. Among Santorum's detractors is a limp wristed, dick-smoking "journalist" and loudmouthed fairy mick named Dan Savage, who decided to act like an obtuse, name calling child in 2002 and made sport of the man's surname, defining "Santorum" as a mixture of K-Y jelly and shit; i.e., a byproduct of two queers assfucking. How nice; why is it that queers and their ilk are fascinated by shit, piss, cum and other unsavory body products? I've said it before - nothing at all can be done about fags, dykes or mixed-up bisexual switch-hitting freaks, cocksucker Dan Savage is a prime example.

"Women's rights" advocates also despise Mr. Santorum due to his pro-life stance. Really, why does he care - cunts who slaughter their own brats via abortion are unfit mothers anyway. I submit that such women are actually doing their unborn children a favor by killing them, saving their offspring the experience of having to endure such an odious progenitor. Further, I cannot understand why some people, e.g., the far left and the far right, are obsessed over such things as queerdom and abortion. In addition, Santorum also supports the creation of the American Police State by dunderhead Bush, and is a staunch supporter of the "Patriot Act" which has turned the entire United States into a fucking jail. How can a man who supposedly loves freedom and liberty support such an execrable and draconian set of laws? Answer: Because this two-faced Janus a fucking hypocrite, that's how!

Anyway, Rick Santorum should have been more pragmatic and kept his big mouth shut regarding matters like goofy, AIDS ridden cocksuckers, bull dykes and abortion. Had he done that, Santorum may have had a chance to capture and exploit the exalted position of United States Head Gangster. Alas, he didn't, so Santorum's fucked; he should simply pack it in and stop wasting everyone's time, including his own.

Lesser contenders in this idiotic race of amoral, opportunistic crooks include hopefuls Gary JohnsonFred Karger, a cocksucker, Andy Martin, whose hatred of Obama is his best quality, Thad McCotter, Jimmy McMillan, another nigger, Tom Miller, Buddy Roemer and Vern Wuensche.

Gary Earl Johnson is a "libertarian" and "fiscal conservative"; in other words, he's a Ron Paul clone. Unelectable, considering the American citizenry is so goddamned stupid that it boggles the mind, and they seemingly WANT the United States to become a bankrupt, third-world nation where squalor is the norm and our elected betters reign over people like kings of a fiefdom. That said, if Gary Johnson even gets near the White House, the entrenched political gangster's devoted character assassinators will quickly appear - stating he's a Nazi, a communist, a member of the Ku Klux Klan, or a pedophile. If that doesn't work, I wager they'll claim he's a tax evader, and at last resort they'll simply have him killed and blame the entire affair on a "terrorist" from Borneo or some other such place. Isn't "democracy" wonderful? Aside from those scenarios, generally speaking, stupid, gullible American drones fall for form, not substance, so this guy is totally fucked, and will never get anywhere, politically speaking. Honestly, Mr. Johnson should stop wasting his time and return to the business of construction, which made him a whole shitload of dough.

Fred S. Karger is a "Log Cabin" Republican hebe faggot who has about as much of a chance of being elected as a snowball has of surviving a trip through a blast furnace. Karger is also a "gay rights" advocate, who desires to make cocksucking, assfucking and cuntlicking by those of the same sex to be accepted as a normative condition by the populace. Considering that perhaps 5% of the overall population is homosexual, that will never happen, ever.

Fred Karger also wants the Mormon Church to change its status on their collective condemnation of queers, and accuses them of being
"intolerant". What Karger fails to realize is that Mormonism, like any religion, is an exclusive clique of superstitious talking simians who adhere to a particular worldview, and as such, have the right to believe in whatever the fuck they want to believe in, along with the "right to choose" those they wish to exclude from their group. Sorry Mr. Karger, but exclusionary policies with respect to religious belief is called FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION, and such views are protected by the goddamn First Amendment, whether you like it or not.

Really, why doesn't this flaming homo simply found his own goddamn church, if he feels the need to believe in and worship a non-existent big head in the sky? Then Karger can invite other "religious" fags and dykes to join him in "fellowship" at his ridiculous church of queers, so they can all feel "included" in the pathetic farce that is religion.

Oh well, so much for Fred Karger, perhaps that childish cocksucker Dan Savage will vote for him; now on to the next posturing Republican asshole.

Anthony Robert "Andy" Martin-Trigona despises Barack Hussein Obama almost as much as I do, and has even went so far as to declare the inept, narcissistic nigger a Moslem foreigner, and that his father was a communist agitator named Frank Marshall Davis. I honestly wouldn't be a goddamn bit surprised if Obama is indeed the bastard child of Davis or some other banana-lipped spearchucker, considering that his cunt mother was a coal burning honky slut with a bad case of jungle fever, and there are indeed some bizarre discrepancies as to the Head Gangster's actual origins. You see, there is that haunting birth certificate horseshit, along with a rather suspicious "Selective Service" registration document, and it is rather strange that a supposed native of the State of Hawaii carries a Connecticut Social Security number. However, calling the clueless eightball a Moslem is completely inaccurate, as Barack Hussein Obama is an atheist, like I am, along with being an absolute fucking hypocrite of the first degree. Aside from that, Martin's detestation of Obama, though admirable, is all he has to trade on, and that makes him unelectable.

Thaddeus George "Thad" McCotter, from what I have read, seems to be a conservative whose fiscal policies seem to make sense on the surface, but as a politician, he's probably just another lying fucking crook with so many skeletons in the closet that they are bursting through the jamb. Unknown and unelectable; even if he is honest, and finds support in his bid for Head Gangster, the cadre of entrenched political gangsters will make certain that he never reaches the White House, by employing good old-fashioned character assassination. You know, things like: he attended a Klan rally when he was five, or called someone a nigger when he was 14, or knocked up a slut when he was 17, or fucked his own mother at 20, etc, etc, etc. If that doesn't work, they'll shift into overdrive, and simply have his head blown off, JFK style, by a "terrorist".

James "Jimmy" McMillan III is a silly eightball who looks like a black Colonel Sanders. A Vietnam veteran, he mouths off about all sorts of things, especially the "the rent is too damn high". That said, McMillan is even less electable than Herman Cain, who will never be elected for anything.

Thomas J. "Tom" Miller is, unfortunately, a goddamn fool; a former flight attendant and middle class single father, his vision of the United States is totally incompatible with the views of the elected gangsters running this dying nation. If he makes any real inroads toward the exalted position of Head Gangster, look for him to be quickly character assassinated by the other crooks in the race, they possibly alleging that he smoked dope, or sucked dicks, molested children or sold drugs. Should that prove ineffective, there is always the JFK plan for the entrenched political gangsters to fall back to, eliminating him from the race permanently, afterward blaming the affair on a "terrorist". In other words, those vicious bastards will do ANYTHING to destroy an upstart outsider who has the audacity to dare to invade their exclusive, criminal clique of privileged, elitist human pigs. Miller's platform sounds good on the surface, but that's about all. Unknown and unelectable.

Charles Elson "Buddy" Roemer III, a former representative and governor, brought floating casinos to the State of Louisiana. That's about all this silly kraut ever did as governor; in his 2012 Presidential campaign he has proposed "campaign finance reform" as his key issue. He has also pledged to limit campaign contributions to $100 per person - is this guy brain-dead or what? At that rate I expect him to raise about $200,000 tops, and you need a hell of a lot more dough than that to BUY the American Presidency. I wager he should pull out all the stops, take anyone's money and campaign on the platform of "America Is Dying". Further, any clown who calls himself "Buddy", rather than "Charles" or perhaps "Charlie" suffers from personal identity issues, and is more than likely a two-faced glad-handing shithead who would promise anything, only to lose any election - even if he ran unopposed

Vernon E. "Vern" Wuensche is yet another outsider who will be quickly destroyed, using any means necessary, by the gangster clique if he even gets remotely near to winning the Republican Presidential nomination. They'll say that he smoked dopefingered his sister, or had sex with animals - any of these should suffice to alienate the slack-jawed drones, even if such allegations are outright lies. Alternative plan "B" is the old standby - pull a JFK on him, then blame it on a "terrorist". His platform sounds good on the surface, but is probably little more than carefully packaged lies, considering he is vying for the exalted position of Head Gangster.

The analysis complete, from where I sit, there is no one at all to vote for, other than "none of the above". Unfortunately, that choice is not on the ballot anywhere in the United States of America. Not that it really matters, as this nation is in its death throes and headed toward insurrection or dissolution - it would take a miracle from a god to stop the inevitable, and I believe in neither miracles nor gods. If I manage to live through the coming debacle, I will laugh like a goddamned jackal, as I have stated for decades that the elected criminals are paving the way for their, and our, destruction. Enjoy the toboggan ride.



Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Utterly Corrupt American Judges on Parade

Hello again.

No pictures in this post. It fucks up stats; Osama/Obama is a prime example of this strange phenomenon. Hundreds of hits, regarding a doctored photo of a dead sandnigger, posing with a half-breed nigger sporting the IQ of a polyploid, cyclopic German shepherd with anencephaly. That said, I, Conway, your favorite, hateful misanthrope, is here to entertain you with yet more jaded observation and commentary, guaranteed to elicit some kind of reaction from my readers - all two of them or so.

I swear to Christ, this world is so fucked up that it would take years to address and analyze the multiple insanities occurring at ever increasing rates, so, after perusing selected stories, I then pick the most odious one and focus on it.

We have ragheads of various nationalities slaughtering each other in the Middle East, NATO is still bombing Libya for whatever reason, and we have children being tortured to death in Syria. We have shitkicker Allah worshiping loonies in Iran arresting people for witchcraft and consorting with genies and devils, whatever they actually are. We have jackbooted pigs in America running around shooting innocent people, and we have the latest cadre of political crooks vying for the exalted position of head gangster; currently, a hare-brained nigger with the total intellect of a Briggs and Stratton lawnmower engine is charged with administering this decadent, bankrupt, dying mess.

Anyway, after digesting those current debacles, I came across a fascinating story of unbridled judicial corruption that occurred in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania during 2008; the "Kids for Cash" scheme, with corrupt robed adjudicators pronouncing draconian sentences upon juveniles, reminiscent of the amoral bastards who ran Joseph Stalin's gulags in Siberia. Some of these kids were guilty of little more than acting up at dinner, and were sentenced to a privately run, capitalist prison, in a scheme run by two greedy bastards, posing as judges, to fill their pockets with kickback loot. It is glaringly evident this decadent shitpile of a nation is rotten to the goddamn core, and has now turned to grinding up its own citizenry, even children, in the gears of "justice" - to make a profit in the name of freedom.

Focusing on the main malefactors in this story, it seems that Mark A. Ciavarella, Jr, 61, and his wacky sidekick, Michael T. Conahan, 59, conspired to make a pile of bucks for themselves by "referring" selected juvenile offenders to "private facilities" built, owned and run by a pair of creepy crooks named Robert J. Powell, a lawyer, and Robert K. Mericle, a real estate developer. The facilities were euphemistically named PA Child Care and Western PA Child Care by these simian creatures, cleverly disguising that they were in fact prisons.

All four of these crooked bastards have been charged and convicted of various crimes, many of them felonies, ranging from a relatively minor conviction and penalties in lawyer Powell's case, to a more severe conviction and penalties in developer Mericle's case. Powell, apparently, will only have his law license suspended for a while, and Mericle will probably end up on probation after paying stiff fines as part of a plea bargain.

The two other jokers, "judges" Ciavarella and Conahan, are a pair of arrogant, cunning, amoral bastards who will hopefully get exactly what they deserve, but considering they are wealthy, politically connected felonious criminals, will probably serve out their sentences at a country club "prison" like FCI Allenwood Low. This loathsome situation goes at least back to the early 2000's, where Ciavarella and Conahan conspired to funnel cash to themselves, courtesy of Mr. Mericle, the real estate developer, by sending juvenile offenders to Mericle's and Powell's for profit jails. It is claimed that Powell was unaware of the agreement between the three aforementioned felons, and may explain the lenient penalty accessed against Mr. Powell.

Mark Ciavarella, apparently a wop, is a dead-eyed felonious piece of shit who looks like the crooked warden from the "Shawshank Redemption", and evidently has the same kind of morals; that is, none at all. He couldn't have cared less if his actions led to the demise of a 23 year old male named Edward Kenzakoski III, who was railroaded by this greedy fucking bastard, Ciavarella, on a minor "drug paraphernalia" charge when he was 17, which put him on the path to the fate that awaited him - death by suicide. This happened thanks to his loving father, who DELIBERATELY FRAMED him by planting said drug paraphernalia. I wonder how dear old dad feels about his son being DEAD, thanks to his actions. Who knows, perhaps the elder Kenzakoski is a sick bastard, visiting his son's grave on occasion and gleefully masturbating to his child's early demise. Continuing, Mr. Kenzakoski III's mother, a Sandy Fonzo, confronted the four-eyed son of a bitch Ciavarella as he left the Federal Courthouse in Scranton, Pennsylvania, having been convicted on 12 out of 39 counts. Ms. Fonzo cussed out that mealy mouthed, amoral felon like a pro; my hat's off to her; too bad she couldn't take a swing at him and knock out a few of his capped, rotten teeth.

Al Flora, Ciavarella's shyster, tried to but the best spin that he could on a case he LOST, by saving that most of the government's charges were unproven, and tried to make it appear as a victory for he and his unrepentant, felonious client. Well, he may not have been in handcuffs when he left the court, but crooked Ciavarella discovered to his dismay at sentencing that he's going to sit on his crooked ass behind bars for 28 long years, considering that he was found GUILTY of 13 felonies.

What should really happen to that soft-palmed, greedy bastard and "racketeer" Ciavarella, is that he should be summarily hurled into the general population of USP Allenwood High. That way, he can have his pretty capped teeth knocked out by double-life, musclebound jailhouse queers with nothing to lose, who would afterward fuck him up his ass, to death, while sworn guards are preoccupied with other pressing tasks, like a coffee break.

The same goes for the other convicted, crooked corrupt "judge", Michael Conahan, Ciavarella's partner in crime. If I were running this place, I'd have both of those soft-palmed, crooked bastards CRUCIFIED on a median strip of the Pennsylvania Turnpike, so that passing motorists could pause and enjoy watching them slowly die.



Saturday, August 6, 2011


For years I've said all cops are pigs, and I have yet to find any compelling evidence that would behoove me to reconsider that cynical stance. In every town, city and state of the dying United States, tight-lipped, jackbooted swine constantly flaunt and abuse their authority, slaughtering, shooting, beating and even suffocating innocent victims of their arrogant, criminal thuggery. It is plainly evident that pigs of today are literal criminals, drunk on their power - little more than cold blooded, psychotic sociopaths sporting guns and badges; a despicable gang of amoral, armed highwaymen looking to accost, harass, assault or even kill anyone that crosses their paths.

I should know what pigs are; over the long years I have had lying pigs accuse me of being a "drug dealer", simply for carrying my own money on my person. I have had pigs pull weapons on me for no apparent reason, and have had pigs scream at and harass me for the most inane of infractions, such as a flickering tag light or a bald tire. One pig recently pulled me over, employing the silly pretense that I was operating a "stolen" vehicle, one that I have owned for nearly 28 years, and such a clapped out, rusty old wreck that only a Mongoloid idiot would consider appropriating it, and then, only under duress.

Those factual statements bring us to the absolutely dreadful case of the "Danziger Four", i.e., NOPD pigs Kenneth Bowen, Robert Gisevius, Robert Faulcon and Anthony Villavaso. These four pigs have been convicted of violating their dead victim's "civil rights", clearly a contrived charge to avoid the possible contention of "double jeopardy" by the pig defendants, as is forbidden by the Fifth Amendment of the United States Constitution. In all fairness, I do concede that the pigs did indeed violate their civil rights, considering their victims are dead, but the charges are nevertheless contrived, using a twisted interpretation of the Fourteenth Amendment. The Danziger Four's facilitators, Sergeants and fellow pigs Arthur Kaufman and Gerard Dugue, assisted in covering up the atrocious actions of the aforementioned thugs with badges, that is, wanton murder, and were charged with obstruction of justice, falsifying evidence, conspiracy, and other offenses.

Honestly, what can be expected from a corrupt city like New Orleans that employs most anything they can drag or dredge up as their "police"? New Orleans' history is replete with cases of felonious, criminal pigs who have been arrested, tried and convicted of offenses like armed robbery, extortion, drug dealing, rape, murder and Christ only knows what else. Don't believe any of my words, Google it and find out for yourself; the people of New Orleans are more afraid of their "police" than they are of hardened criminals, and have stated so in interviews.

Now focusing on the "Danziger Four" case and their offenses; they were a group of duly sworn "peace officers", comprising two hard-nosed honky crackers and a pair of arrogant niggers, one of the latter a mulatto. On the morning of September 4, 2005, after supposedly hearing the news of a nearby gunfight over the pig radio at the sty, these four pigs collectively decided to turn a section of post-Katrina New Orleans into their own private shooting gallery, for whatever reason.

Having made their decision, the four pigs plied the dank, flooded streets of the city in a commandeered rental truck turned NOPD pig-mobile, literally looking for trouble, finally arriving at Danziger Bridge for a fateful rendezvous with a family of homeless, waterlogged eightballs, apparently minding their own business, according to everyone EXCEPT the pigs. Determined to teach them a lesson, nigger Officer Robert Faulcon, apparently wanting to show his fellow sworn officers how brave he was, took the initiative, leapt from the truck and effortlessly bumped off an unarmed, retarded jig named Ronald Madison, 40, by shooting him in his BACK with a shotgun.

Not at all impressed by Faulcon's savage lust for blood and death, whitey Sergeant Kenneth Bowen upped the ante, grabbing and firing an AKM at James Brissette, 17, an unarmed teenaged coon, who evidently was guilty of being in the wrong place at the right time. For Brissette's egregious infraction, that of being a Louisianan porch monkey standing on a bridge, the sentence on that day was death. The two other pigs, Sergeant Robert Gisevius and Officer Anthony Villavaso, apparently overcome by sheer blood lust, joined in the gunplay, unloading entire magazines in the direction of Brissette and Madison, the four pigs managing to seriously wound four other unarmed bystanders in a blistering fusillade of hot lead. The surviving victims of this unprovoked pig assault were Susan Bartholomew, 38, Leonard Bartholomew III, 44, their daughter, Lesha Bartholomew, 17, and Jose Holmes, 19. All victims of the Danziger Four are eightballs, yes, but being a nigger is not a valid reason to be shot or killed in the United States, or in any normal universe for that matter, especially when unarmed and in full view.

Anyway, after being served with Grand Jury indictments for the first-degree murders of Brissette and Madison, the Danziger Four managed to get the charges dismissed in typical corrupt Louisiana fashion, this Southern Tradition going at least as far back as Kingfish Huey Long and probably further. The District Judge, Raymond Bigelow, cited prosecutorial misconduct with regard to the Grand Jury as the basis for his decision. "Evidence" of their "innocence" was offered, specifically a throwaway Colt revolver that actually belonged to Sergeant Kaufman, together with corroborating statements taken from non-existent witnesses. All of this "evidence" was fabricated by the police, and sworn under oath to be the "truth". Yeah, right - pigs telling the truth? If you believe that nonsense, try believing I'm George Soros. The bullet-riddled survivors, aghast, were left to wonder why a judge arbitrarily decided that it was perfectly legal and proper to shoot a bunch of unarmed eightballs on a bridge for no good reason. Hailed as heroes by their fellow porkers, the smiling, murderous pigs, the Danziger Four, thought their ordeal was over.

I don't usually endorse the idea of Federal interference in the affairs of the States, but in the above circumstance I must make an exception. It seems the FBI didn't buy the contrived stories of the six NOPD pigs, and after investigating the case, the Federal government brought charges against the Danziger Four for "Civil Rights" violations, such rights guaranteed to all citizens by the Fourteenth Amendment of the United States Constitution.

So, it seems that two honkys, and two nigger pigs were charged with violating the Constitutional rights of two dead spooks - talk about fucking irony! That's the strange phenomenon regarding pigdom; in ways very similar to an exclusive clique, when you join the pigs you are no longer just some silly whitey, or nigger, or gook, or spic or even a red skinned injun; one effectively becomes a shade of "blue" in the eyes of fellow pigs. That unwritten rule applies whether one is pink, brown, yellow, black or any color in between. Clannish motherfuckers they are indeed - and pigs will lie, cheat, steal or even KILL to protect their own, or to get their own asses out of a sling. Disgusting, isn't it?

Continuing, Uncle Sam didn't like the way the Danziger Four slaughtered two unarmed eightballs and their conspiracy to cover it up, so the pigs finally went to trial and were convicted on all charges by a jury of their peers. Strangely, it doesn't matter if Federal pigs continually get away with slaughtering people by the goddamn truckload, like they did at Waco, but that's another story and is unrelated to this particular case. Anyway, the maximum penalty for their offenses is life in prison, which on the surface may seem rather excessive, but when considering they were sworn police officers whose first duty was to uphold the law, perhaps the maximum sentence is much too lenient.

Now our felonious, criminal, former "peace officers" of the Danziger Four will have to look forward to long stretches in a Federal prison like Leavenworth, kept sequestered in protective custody by an idiotic coterie of fools that seemingly don't want true justice to prevail. Instead, they will lock these clowns up in a special wing of whatever prison, feeding and clothing them for decades on end, wasting taxpayer's funds. It would be much more cost effective to simply throw them in with the general population of murderers, bank robbers, drug dealers and muscle-bound jailhouse queers, all of which despise pigs, and would deal with them quickly, and severely. If they were very lucky, they might survive for a while as the submissive girlfriends of six foot four, 280-pound homosexual gorillas, but sooner or later they would all be shived to death by vengeful prisoners armed with sharpened plastic toothbrushes.

At least they would die that way if there actually were justice in this benighted nation. Incidentally, I'm laughing like a goddamned jackal at their collective misfortune. I also wish to apologize to my readers for not using enough foul language, though I did make liberal use of myriad racial epithets, so that may compensate for the woeful lack of colorful words like fuck, shit, cocksucker, cunt, prick, goddamn and motherfucker in this piece.



Monday, August 1, 2011

IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Anders Behring Breivik

Hello, your friend Conway is here again, providing news and commentary for the reader, employing my usual foul-mouthed, insensitive, epithet strewn fashion, guaranteed to offend all politically correct, hand-wringing secular puritans and loony religious fanatics of every stripe across the entire goddamned globe. Any regular reader (all two of them, that is) already knows that I pull no punches; I don't give a fuck if I offend anyone, and I don’t give a good goddamn what anyone thinks of me. I never did care really, but that’s another story.

So, here goes, my commentary on the latest anomalous flotsam drifting across the luminiferous ethers that comprise so many sectors of the Internet these days.

On 22 July of this year, a fucked up 32 year old Norwegian clown, a deranged blond honky olaf prick named Anders Behring Breivik, decided to bump off 77 people, most of them of his own countrymen, using bombs and guns, as he hated Moslem immigration and “multiculturism”. Yes, you read it correctly; rather than attacking the source of the problem, i.e., swarthy, savage Moslem shitkickers infesting Norway, Breivik decided to slaughter a herd of hapless whiteys, many of them little more than brainwashed, tolerant Norwegian cracker punks, who bleated whatever rhetoric their parents told them to bleat. It reminds me of old “Radio Free Europe” TV ads from the sixties - depicting teenagers regurgitating trite, oxymoronic, Goebbelsian lies like “Islam is peace” and all that crap.

After perusing the list of victims, it seems that Breivik did manage to slaughter four or five swarthy, imported interlopers with an agenda, who didn’t even belong in Norway, but that fact in no way excuses his senseless killings of 72 apparently indigenous Norwegians. Go ahead, call me a racist if you like, and then tell me that fucking pink-skinned limeys, russkis or stupid polocks belong with the ragheaded, fanatical sandniggers of Saudi Arabia. Better yet, tell me that blubber munching Aleutian Eskimos belong with drunken aboriginals in Australia, or that japs belong with jenkem-sniffing eightballs in Zimbabwe. Like it or not, it is a fact of evolution that disparate subspecies of of animals, including the varieties of those talking simians calling themselves man, show antipathy toward each other, blame fucking Charles Darwin if you like, not me.

Anyway, sending silly brainwashed whiteys to their graves by the truckload, Breivik allegedly initiated this carnage to express his displeasure at being surrounded by shitskinned foreign interlopers who absolutely refuse to assimilate into Norwegian culture. You see, Moslems wish to turn Norway and every other European nation they can subvert into oppressive Sharia hellholes; they feel they’re so much better and pious than the terrible infidel Norwegians they have invaded. Conversely, rather than annoying pasty-faced European infidels, why don’t swarthy Moslems stay in their respective countries, and make things better there, creating the very first “Sharia utopia” as an example for the rest of us? Why won’t they do that, rather then blundering into other nations like glorified squatters, arrogantly telling others what to do once they arrive there?

The answers are quite simple:

1) Those individuals that leave backward, arid, third world tyrannies in the Middle East are usually opportunistic COWARDS, looking to drain blood like vampires from any nation that is stupid enough to give them aid and succor. Just look at "Great" Britain, infested with polygamous ragheads having three wives and fifteen children, sitting on their asses as "refugees", living off the taxpayers, courtesy of the Crown. Arrogant, condescending whiteys think they are noble, kind and compassionate, but they are truly stupid creatures, giving aid and comfort to their sworn enemies - any race that refuses to defend itself DESERVES to perish

2) Moslems, due to intense Koranic inculcation at the hands of their progenitors, are compelled from birth to be annoying, utterly intransigent asshole know-it-alls with regard to their obtuse religious superstition. They are further compelled to proselytize their Koranic drivel to all they encounter, telling those who do not believe their obtuse fairy tales that they should be killed. I should fucking know - years ago, a Moslem shitkicker named “Mohammed” (why are they ALL named Mohammed?) sternly informed me that I should be killed for not embracing ridiculous bullshit like Islam, which makes Lewis Carroll’s “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” seem believable by comparison.

Shitkicking Moslems do this in the name of their despicable desert god, the invisible, impotent shitkicker, Allah, and a dead epileptic pedophile from 1,400 years ago, their “prophet”, the deranged shitkicker Mohammed. Shitkicker Mohammed was the illiterate Bedouin moron who babbled out a tome of death called the Koran between epileptic fits. Frothing at the mouth like a rabid dog, shitkicker Mohammed’s incoherent shrieks were dutifully written down by literate Bedouin morons who took his insane, repetitive, convulsant utterances as some sort of fucking gospel.

Anyway, while Breivik’s draconian and misdirected actions make no sense at all to critical thinkers, I suppose they made sense to him, which is what counts in this debacle, as he is the alleged bomber and triggerman. Why he decided to slaughter mostly his own countrymen is unclear on the surface, but when one thinks a little deeper it becomes readily apparent as to why this “lone nut” and “extremist” decided to attack peaceful Norwegians, and not “peaceful” Moslem interlopers that do not belong in Norway at all. First, one must realize that amoral, elected criminals run all nations; it is the very nature of those mostly hairless, hypocritical talking simians called man, of whatever color.

Therein lies the rub – the despotic, elected gangsters running Western Europe realize that their native population demographics are in the shitter, due to greedy, guilt-ridden honkys committing collective suicide by not reproducing. Therefore, the amoral elected gangsters, out only for themselves and now desperate to keep themselves in power at ANY cost, following the idiotic Goebbelsian lie of “all men are created equal”, believe they can turn savage, emotional, superstitious, desert-dwelling sandniggers into Norwegians, or as the case may be, limeys, frogs, blockheads, or krauts.

Thinking further, one must realize that elected crooks will do absolutely ANYTHING to further their agenda – that is, staying in power, and if they have to resort to slaughtering their own to accomplish that, so be it - remember, “The enemy has no face”. This clown Anders Breivik talks the talk, sure, that of a “right wing radical”, but doesn't walk the walk; instead, he kills his own fucking countrymen for no LOGICAL REASON. I candidly wager he was literally PROGRAMMED by the elected gangsters to do exactly the opposite of what would be expected from a “right wing radical”.

I further submit this seemingly false flag operation was initiated to discredit those opposed to their policies; Hermann Goering couldn’t have done a better job. Such a cunning measure could also facilitate the herding of the slackjawed drones into the open arms of a government of monsters that couldn’t care less who dies, as long as they can stay in power and milk their imported sandniggers for taxes to fund their ultimate agenda – absolute Orwellian CONTROL of everyone.

That IS the agenda of the soft-palmed elected criminals, but, they, like fools, don’t realize the incredible “diversity” of the human psyche, especially when conditioned from birth by those holding another worldview, especially a superstitious worldview. Take the Moslem cavemen infesting Europe for example; they truly believe that a human construct called Allah runs this chaotic and meaningless universe, and that a joker named Mohammed had some sort of direct connection to the impotent specter, Allah. Further, they believe that his incoherent, disjointed babblings, as recorded in the Koran, are the very words of their own delusional creation, Allah.

Yeah, it sounds fucking ridiculous, but that is exactly what over 1 billion talking simians believe – that a thing dubbed Allah is some sort of godBelief is not fact, but try convincing a wild-eyed, bomb carrying, 34 year old virgin that his belief system, as told to him by his parents, is a crock of shit – such an argument will get you nowhere, and is as useless as pissing into the fucking wind.

That’s the problem with “diversity” which the elected gangsters claim to embrace and promote, as long as that “diversity” is coupled with blind obedience from the host population, to the point where they are not allowed to disagree, even while watching their own daughters being raped and murdered by roving hordes of goddamned interloping Moslem savages. I hear all sorts of bullshit coming out of these detached cocksuckers about “tolerance” and “compassion”, but I don’t see one iota of tolerance or compassion coming from those bloodthirsty Saracen bastards the elected gangsters have imported. The Romans believed that compassion is a vice, and so do I, and to have compassion on one's enemies is absolute foolhardiness. Eventually, in perhaps only a few generations, the swarthy Mohammedan interlopers will out-breed the gutless, pasty-faced indigenous population, the stupid, compassionate honkys of Europe, and will supplant them. Then they will slaughter the very elected gangsters who helped them to destroy Europe, in the name of Allah, of course. I cannot say that they won't deserve death at the hands of their enemies, and if I were there, I would laugh at them as they were being slaughtered - like the goddamned fools that they ARE.

Enough of this diatribe; if I hurt anyone’s little itty bitty feelings, too fucking bad – I didn’t ask you to come here, and don't let the goddamn door hit you in the ass as you leave.