Friday, December 3, 2010

WikiLeaks Waterloo, Julian Assange, and the Wicked Weasels of Washington, DC


Conway here, now posting jaded, foulmouthed and epithet-strewn observations, complete with occasional updates, regarding the ongoing WikiLeaks debacle.

As of this post, the WikiLeaks site is down, thanks to our friends at Amazon. They, like sniveling cowards, have booted them off their servers in the name of freedom or something like that. Yes, Amazon is also the website that was selling the pedophile instruction manual, so what the fuck can you expect? Shortly thereafter, WikiLeaks was booted from, and are apparently looking for yet another host. Though Amazon is resorting to a stance in stating that WikiLeaks "violated their terms of service"; anyone with a fucking brain can speculate as to who the real culprits are behind all of this. I candidly wager that "someone" from the US State Department contacted Amazon and ordered them to dump WikiLeaks, or "bad things" would happen to them in fucking spades. probably received the same threat, but is employing another excuse, stating that a DoS attack forced them to pull the WikiLeaks registrations. Uh-huh, that at least sounds reasonable. If it did indeed happen, I wonder where the DoS attack came from - was it the NSA, the CIA, the FBI, or perhaps it was our good friends at the Pentagon? We'll never know, but can all rest assured that the US doesn’t like watching it's dirty laundry being aired in public, and will give swift retribution to anyone defying that draconian decree.

According to the website, some pages can be viewed by using WikiLeaks IP addresses. Link:

Yes, I am indeed a paranoid old bastard, and it doesn't surprise me in the least that WikiLeaks and Julian Assange are now squarely in the crosshairs of the power-mad, Machiavellian United States Federal Government, facilitated by their paid lackeys abroad, i.e., Sweden. You see, Swedish authorities conveniently want to incarcerate Mr. Assange over a charge of “rape”. Yeah, and I'm the fucking pope; if the "rape" charges are so fucking true, why in hell did they allow him to leave Sweden unfettered, MONTHS ago? I'll tell you why, Mr. Assange is really wanted by the greedy, corrupt, evil megalomaniacs running the United States, and they're twisting Sweden's arm to get him, due to the fact he has exposed this bankrupt nation, run by pragmatic, two-faced, elected pirates, for the utterly contemptible fraud that it is. Just look at that sullied shitskin from New York, the "Honorable" Charles Rangel, a goddamned tax-evading nigger crook who has had his nose in the trough for 40 fucking YEARS! He was "censured" for "ethics violations" by his fellow ethically challenged freebooters in the House of Representatives, which is little more than a wrist slap, after which I'm sure he cried all the way to the bank, or perhaps laughed all the way there. So, this crooked, amoral, above-the-law prick, caught with his grubby hands in the cookie jar, has gotten away with criminal actions that would send anyone else to prison. I keep forgetting, Congressmen and other politicians are so much goddamn BETTER than the rest of the lowly trash populating this country, so laws made for the rest of the people don't apply to them. Silly me, that's what I get for thinking "all men are created equal" - what fucking BULLSHIT!

That noted, back to Julian Assange's obviously US manufactured Swedish legal troubles. An evidently looney, Christian feminist twat going by the name of Anna Ardin is apparently at the center of the allegations. Mr. Assange doesn't deny having fucked this left wing, rather hot, dizzy Swedish meatball, and has stated repeatedly that their sweaty copulation session was a completely consensual encounter. Oh brother, if what Assange says is a true statement, some "Christian" Ms. Ardin is; from what I've read in the Bible, chastity of both sexes is considered a virtue, and Christian women aren't supposed to be wanton SLUTS. Who knows, perhaps Assange is a premature ejaculator, or maybe even impotent, and left a horny Anna in the lurch, pissing her off so severely that she vowed revenge. Hell, that blunt speculation makes just about as much goddamn sense as what I've read of the situation anywhere else. Incidentally, regarding the "charges" against Mr. Assange, they are very nebulous, ranging from "rape", to "sexual molestation", to "failure to use a condom".

What? Failure to use a condom - what kind of silly fucking offense is that supposed to be? Talk about a gross invasion of personal privacy; they actually charge men in Sweden for neglecting to use socks on their stiff, dripping dicks? How the hell do they know who is using rubbers and who isn't - remote-controlled, miniaturized pussy cams, sending sex videos to the local pigs? No fucking wonder the native population of obtuse olafs occupying that idiotic icebox of a nation is falling through the goddamn floor, necessitating the importation of fanatical ragheads, illiterate niggers and other quasi-civilized interlopers that are about as Swedish as spear chucking 18th century Hottentots with bones through their noses. Further, these imported bastards from wherever absolutely refuse to assimilate into Swedish society, just as they refuse to assimilate when they squat ANYWHERE ELSE in the Western world, apparently wanting to turn Sweden and all other countries they occupy into the same strife ridden hellholes as the failed nations they migrated from. You see, stupid, greedy whiteys have stopped having children for the most part, so, idiotic governments, wanting to maintain their tax base, drag in any piece of fucking shit they can find, in a doomed, actually laughable effort to fund the extravagant Ponzi scheme pensions and social welfare perquisites promised to aging, retired crackers who never had any brats. This importation of myriad warm bodies is occurring based on the dubious theory that they will actually work and pay taxes, so retired crackers can continue to live lives of leisure, like the lazy, self-centered, egotistical bastards they have become. Pathetically stupid, politically correct politicians falling for the obtuse mantra of “all men are created equal” continue to promote this failed experiment - importing a fucking tax base from anywhere. They prejudicially assume, without any justification, like the typical bigots they are, that dogmatic, intolerant sandniggers from Arabia or superstitious, animistic, idol bowing porchmonkeys from darkest Africa can be morphed into "upwardly mobile, consuming, westernized drones", so they can continue to fund pensions for lazy crackers who refused to reproduce in the name of fucking greed. Problem is, most of the unskilled, foreign interlopers refuse to work or pay taxes, preferring welfare, so they can sit on their asses, fuck, and repopulate Western nations with even more dogmatic, superstitious, hateful, lazy offspring who think the world owes them a goddamned living. Call me harsh if you like, but I submit whiteys across the planet are getting exactly what they DESERVE, that is, extinction, thanks to their idiotic proclivity of chasing wealth and luxury, rather than doing what nature intended for all hairless simians: FUCKING AND HAVING GODDAMNED CHILDREN to replace themselves when they ultimately drop dead.

Anyway, don't be surprised if Mr. Assange, 39, conveniently expires from a "heart attack" or something like that. Such an event is to be expected, considering Assange is a very great danger to the powers that be, specifically the United States, a nation run by a determined coterie of Machiavellian gangsters that make Al Capone look like a fucking saint. If that doesn't happen, and the contrived "rape" charge doesn't stick, expect the Federal and Interpol pigs to hound Assange, painting him before the world as a "drug dealer", a "money launderer", or perhaps even a "child molester". Credulous fools will buy any of that horseshit, sitting slackjawed in front of television sets, mesmerized by paid Goebbelsian propagandists. Believe me, if anyone becomes a threat to the elected villains running this goddamned place, little inconveniences like "due process" and such fly out the fucking window, and they resort to employing any means necessary to achieve their objectives, even if they have to slaughter people to maintain TOTAL CONTROL. This latter option, that of simply having Assange killed by CIA operatives, has in fact been suggested publicly by several prominent American politicians, many of these soft palmed, sedentary clowns referring to him as a "terrorist" as well. This blunt, ill-considered rhetoric coming from our "leaders" is reminiscent of swarthy gangland mobsters like Lucky Luciano ordering a "hit" on someone, with the CIA assuming the role of a 21st century version of Murder, Incorporated. Further, such stupid, plainly malevolent statements uttered by these power mad maniacs only reinforce charges that the United States is ruled by cunning, two-faced, opportunistic, amoral, elitist hypocrites that have no fucking regard for anyone except themselves.

UPDATE: WikiLeaks has again acquired a new host, in Switzerland this time: . I sit here, idly wondering how long it will be before the guys in white hats from Langley or Fort Meade take the initiative and figure out a way to knock this incarnation of the website offline. Perhaps the narcissistic eightball in the White House will simply say fuck it all, and then order a hydrogen bomb to be dropped on Zurich to teach those disobedient yodeling bastards a lesson they won't forget. I certainly wouldn't put it past those looney, two-faced bastards - just read some of their cables, on WikiLeaks!

Connecticut kike Joseph Lieberman of the US Senate is taking credit for coercing Amazon to drop hosting of the WikiLeaks site; he must be so proud of himself. I wonder where the hell he was when Amazon was busy with selling detailed instruction books on pedophilia to perverts across the entire fucking world in the name of "freedom of information". Mr. Lieberman, obviously a hypocritical, scheming sheenie of the first degree, is behaving exactly like the totalitarian, despotic chinks running communist China behave, censoring material they find "embarrassing", the authorities there threatening, imprisoning or even killing those they can identify who fuck with them. Who knows, perhaps this arrogant, hooknosed hebe is simply emulating the jackbooted Nazis of WWII that he claims to despise so goddamned much, leaning on Amazon like an ersatz version of SS Obergruppenf├╝hrer Reinhard Heydrich. Further, a clearly grandstanding Leiberman stated that he wants to "make an example" of Assange and "bring him to justice", whatever that actually is. As to how he plans to accomplish this, who knows; Lieberman certainly isn't saying, probably because he has no fucking clue himself and was simply running off at the mouth like the posturing phony that he is. Considering the glaring fact that Mr. Assange is not a US citizen, never was, and has not broken any American laws, I'd love to see just how that swaggering, beady eyed, kosher putz Senator plans to do anything to him, unless he intends to have Mr. Assange kidnapped by the CIA, labeled a "terrorist combatant" by them, and have him sent to Gitmo for softening up, using a regimen of rubber hose sessions. Then perhaps Mr. Lieberman will fly his bagel ass down there and order him waterboarded, so the old fart can watch and get a few kicks.

Elsewhere in this dark world, populated by hairless, and clueless, talking simians, always at the rear of the battlefield and ever ready to run, the cowardly, Moslem fearing frogs running France are at last getting involved in this idiotic situation too - shrilly demanding that fucking WikiLeaks be "banned" from French servers, and across the globe as well. As with Mr. Lieberman's stated designs on Julian Assange, I wonder just how the hell they plan to accomplish that Herculean task - perhaps by destroying every goddamned computer on earth?

Oh yes, and US Government goons charged with administering this pathetic, dying mess have ORDERED the medicated, politically correct drones serving them not to view WikiLeaks, even on their own equipment, probably on the pain of firing, death or perhaps even worse, even going so far as to block access to the website at several government agencies. Spokesmen for government agencies also ridiculously claim that classified material viewed on WikiLeaks could endanger "national security" and must not be viewed by their employees. Whatever idiot came up with that illogical, unenforceable directive is apparently so fucking dimwitted that they don't realize the supposedly "classified" missives are available, en toto, for public view by ANYONE on the goddamned planet - the “secret” missives having been "de-classified" by none other than WikiLeaks! No wonder this place is so fucked up, it's not only run by crazy people, it is run by plainly OBTUSE crazy people. What are they so fucking AFRAID of anyway, that their own employees will finally see our "leaders" for the contemptible goddamned charlatans that they really are? You know what I mean, the "Emperor has no clothes" and so forth. Really people, what's wrong with this picture - is it that politicians don't enjoy the idea of being exposed for the lying, backstabbing, amoral, arrogant, condescending, power-mad, elitist, hypocritical fucking bastards that they ARE? Silly me, who would have figured that?

Oh well, so much for fucking "freedom of speech", which in reality is nothing but a trite phrase that may sound nice, but when the shit hits the fan, it instantly vanishes like the shimmering mirage that it is. Always remember from now on that "freedom of speech" is paid only lip service by the power-mad megalomaniacs running this dump. They cynically promote this cleverly crafted LIE, which of course is swallowed hook, line and sinker by credulous, drooling fools who do not realize that we only have freedom of speech when our ESTEEMED BETTERS allow us to have it, and then only if we AGREE with them.

UPDATE 2: Paypal, the American Internet company famous for taking years to settle monetary disputes with customers, some of their "disputes" so fucking frivolous that strains credulity, announced it has "frozen" the WikiLeaks donation account. This probably occurred via the direct orders of the head jig and his sycophantic coterie of condescending, power-mad, amoral megalomaniacs running the United States. Perhaps the Federal pigs intend to confiscate the money in the name of the law as "alleged drug proceeds", like the jackbooted, duly sworn pigs tried to do to me decades ago, so they could LEGALLY STEAL my funds. The United States Federal and State governments now resort to employing these amoral tactics regularly, STEALING MONEY and OTHER VALUABLES from often INNOCENT people who cannot defend themselves, in order to keep this dying, miasmic mess going a little longer before it collapses completely. Paypal, of course, denies any coercion from American authorities, stating, "Our payment service cannot be used for any activities that encourage, promote, facilitate or instruct others to engage in illegal activity." I would just LOVE to know just what "illegal activity" they are referring to on the part of WikiLeaks, considering they have not gathered, appropriated, stolen, or otherwise surreptitiously taken ANY of the documents presented on their site. Nor do they actively solicit documents or pay for them in any way; it is the decision and responsibility of the uploader to provide them to WikiLeaks gratis. Indeed, we already KNOW the individual who DID indeed appropriate and upload the "secret documents" and videos, a certain PFC Bradley Manning, age 22, an intelligence analyst from the United States Army. How in the fuck WikiLeaks or Julian Assange could be responsible for the deliberate and clearly traitorous actions of Mr. Manning, Christ only knows, but I'm sure the elected criminals ruling this dump will dream up something to charge Assange and company with, just give their word twisting, semantical rhetorician, shyster lawyers the goddamned time.

You know, it just occurred to me - how, in the name all sanity, did a 22 year old, high school dropout, "Specialist" army grunt, a literal low man on the totem pole, acquire a fucking security clearance at that tender age and become the "intelligence analyst" he is described as by the media? In addition, it turns out Bradley Manning is a totally unfit candidate for military service in any normal universe, he being an angry, maladjusted, man-chasing cocksucker, and with a violent streak too - having been demoted from "specialist" to PFC, for apparently taking a poke at another soldier serving with him. Who knows why he did that, perhaps the soldier turned a horny Manning down for a blowjob or something. Talk about arrant stupidity on the part of American politicians, forcing the armed forces to allow anything, including fags and dykes, to join up; it's no goddamned wonder morale in the service is lower than fucking whaleshit. Oh well, that's what you get when you allow queers to serve in the military. Anyway, it is said PFC Fairy Manning faces 52 long years at USDB Leavenworth after an inevitable court-martial. I candidly suggest that the military court dispense with such formalities, put a bullet in his queer goddamned head for being a traitor, bury the remains in a landfill and be done with it.

Meanwhile, empty-eyed spokesmen for United States "control central" are now stating that identified "supporters" of WikiLeaks may be ineligible for gainful employment in "much coveted" (yeah, right) federal jobs. I idly wonder how they will reconcile that draconian proposition with the "freedom of association" clause in the First Amendment, but I suppose they'll get around that small inconvenience somehow, just like they got around the Fourth Amendment prohibition of "unreasonable search and seizure" when they decided that they needed to LEGALLY STEAL PEOPLE'S MONEY, like they tried to do with me. Really - as if anyone with ambition, intelligence and capable of independent thinking would actually WANT to work for these politically correct, drone making control freaks. I cannot speak for any possible readers, but I would rather dig ditches for a dollar a day, for the rest of my fucking life, rather than spend even one second of my valuable time sitting in a cubicle, assisting in the creation, facilitation and furtherance of an ORWELLIAN POLICE STATE that has done everything in its goddamned power to destroy the original freedoms that Americans were once guaranteed under the US Constitution. Further, considering the dreadful economic condition the nation is currently in, and with President Narcissistic Eightball having frozen pay increases for all federal workers, who the FUCK in their RIGHT MIND would even WANT to work for those evil bastards?

UPDATE 3: 6 December 2010: Now the dimwitted, blundering olafs in Sweden are claiming that Julian Assange committed yet another nebulous offence of "unlawful coercion", against someone, probably Anna Ardin. Apparently, this charge is related to the other three, i.e., rape, sexual molestation, and failure to use a condom. I assume the pigs mean that Mr. Assange repeatedly asked Ms. Ardin for a piece of ass, and when he wouldn't stop begging for a slice of hair pie, she simply acquiesced and fucked him to get it over with, rather than simply saying no. Sure, that spiel sounds believable, and I'm the goddamned Speaker of the House. Then, after getting drilled, she changed her mind like a fickle vixen and is now claiming Assange raped her, so she won't feel like such a cheap Christian chippie who spreads her legs at the drop of a hat.

In addition, Mr. Assange's Swiss bank account has been closed, and rather quickly I might add; the authorities there claiming that he gave false information regarding residency in Switzerland. Whether the account has been “frozen” is unclear as of this point, conflicting articles state he is either free to claim his funds, or the authorities are withholding them – yeah, the greedy bastards are probably withholding his money as “alleged drug proceeds”, I candidly wager.

So, dear reader - how does it feel to be a goddamned SERF, with no real fucking rights at all; endlessly mocked, used and laughed at by your betters in government? Like it or not, that's exactly what you are, and there's not a damn thing you can do about it.

Live long like Conway!

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