Thursday, December 16, 2010

Some GOOD News, for a Change

Hi there, kindly old Conway here.

This afternoon, while shares of Hecla Mining and Kodiak Oil fell through the fucking floor, I had the good fortune to come across a delightful article entitled "Suicide bombers kill 39 Shia mourners in Iran". According to the article, the Shia "mourners" were mourning for a mythical Moslem jackass named Imam Hussein who croaked off some 1200 years ago or thereabouts. As to why they were "mourning" for this dead clown, who the hell knows, but later, these fanatical morons, had they not been annihilated beforehand in a cacophonous explosion, would have mulled about the town of Chabahar, Iran, wailing and beating themselves with chains in memory of the Hussein character, apparently because they were rather fond of having bleeding bruises and feeling pain. I couldn't help but smile as I digested each gory detail, the story describing determined, fanatical Sunni suicide bombers infiltrating a crowd of mourning Shia fanatics near and within a Mosque, shortly thereafter slaughtering their fellow Moslem brethren, who had the unmitigated audacity to be fucking hell bound, heretical Shiite bastards. You see, Shia Moslems, who are the mortal enemies of Sunni Moslems, believe in a slightly different version of a non-existent deity, the impotent shitkicker Allah. This particular "god", known to non-Moslem "infidels" like myself as an utterly evil, capricious, vengeful, murderous spirit of the windswept desert, was dreamed up by a nutty epileptic camel jockey named Mohammed, who lived in Arabia during the seventh century; I forget exactly where at the moment due to not really giving a shit.

Anyway, Sunni Moslems believe in "shitkicker Allah 1.0", whereas Shia Moslems believe in "shitkicker Allah 1.1". There are other "apostate Islamic" sects knocking around the Middle East called Druze and Sufi Moslems, believing in god only knows what, all of these misanthropic, foolish clowns detesting one another and occasionally murdering each other in the name of the "true interpretation of Islam", or so they would have others believe. Strangely, there is absolutely NO PROOF whatsoever that shitkicker Allah even exists, but thankfully, that inconvenient fact doesn't keep these delusional fools from destroying each other by the wagonload, using guns or homemade bombs, just like the kind grandmother used to make. Yeah, it's sort of like the Catholic and Protestant micks of the Emerald Isle; both claim to be Christians of a sort and yet have despised and slaughtered each other for centuries.

Encouraged by the wonderful news of silly, idiotic Moslems annihilating each other, I clicked on another pleasant article entitled "Suicide bombers kill 40 in restive Iranian province". Well, maybe it's 40, and maybe it's 39, though it must be admitted the planet has more than enough crazy sandniggers to go around, so let's hope it was 40, a nice even number of ragheads. Too fucking bad it wasn't 40,000 of those backward, delusional dipshits, but I'm sure they'll get around to that kind of score soon, just give them time. Afterward, between monitoring the prices of gold, copper and oil, I perused several other takes on this amusing, man-made disaster, all stories describing stoic Sunni Terminators blowing themselves up and bumping off heretical Shia zealots in the name of the idiotic religious superstition called Sunni Islam.

The "leader" of Iran, a weird looking mutant, shit for breath dwarf named Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has formally accused the limeys, the hebes, and the yankees of supporting and facilitating the Sunni suicide bombers, which, even if they did support them, is simply tit for tat in my fucking book. Considering that scores of zany, fun loving, "peaceful Moslems" have been busy with wholesale murder for years, killing hundreds of limeys, kikes, micks, yankees, spics, tightwads, niggers, pakis, krauts, gooks, polacks, frogs, mulattoes and anyone else they can lay their motherfucking hands on, I say what the hell, it's about time someone got off their ass and started bumping off those misanthropic, delusional bastards. I'll tell you one thing, that goofy sonofabitch Ahmadinejad should thank his shitkicker Allah that I'm not running this decadent, politically correct dump; I'd dispense with using inefficient suicide bombers and simply launch a nuclear tipped ICBM at his ugly ass, shortly after telling him to go fuck himself over the goddamn horn and hanging up on him.

Moving on, to state that I despise the very concept of religion is an understatement, but I particularly loathe every variety of the Mohammedan "faith" above all other forms of vacuous simian superstition. I have personally found while debating them that followers of Islam are, to an individual, intolerant, sanctimonious, arrogant and intransigent, standing on high in prejudicial, holier than thou judgment of others not inclined to buy their absurd, distasteful Koranic hogwash. Another particularly annoying trait of Mohammedans is they feel it is their right to force absurd Islamic fairy tales on everyone they encounter, and to despise those they accost if they decline to accept and embrace their inane, badgering, endless proselytizing. For those very reasons I find adherents of Islam the most loathsome, disgusting creatures I have ever encountered in my life. It's too goddamn bad that "prophet" Mohammed, who couldn't read anyway, never had a literate follower acquaint him with an Arabic translation of the Christian Gospels. That noted, if Moslems simply behaved like Bible beating Baptist fanatics, Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons, or perhaps even Hare Krishnas, I would still find them extremely annoying, but not at all loathsome and disgusting, as, once I would tell them to fuck off, they would simply kick the dust from their feet and leave my presence, the thought of harming me for being an atheist not once crossing their minds. That's why I garnered immense pleasure from reading about those fanatical shitheads destroying their own - it's too goddamn bad they don't make a daily habit of it. Hell, if I could figure out a way, I'd donate sums of money or provide materiel to both sides, Sunni and Shia, so I could enjoy watching those dopey cocksuckers kill each other off to the last goddamned deluded man.

Now I suppose there are dimwitted, idiotic American liberals reading this terse, malevolent screed who think - "What a terrible, hateful, mean-spirited man Conway is, he wants poor, peace loving Moslems to kill each other." To which my response is: Yes I do indeed; would you rather have them killing Americans, like they did to nearly 3000 innocent fucking people on September 11, 2001?

Well, would you rather that happen again, or is your memory too fucking short; perhaps having been thoroughly brainwashed by Goebbelsian talking heads squawking on the goddamn boob tube?

If so, let me refresh it for you; one young man who DIED, thanks to peaceful Moslem bastards, was a husband and father named Kevin Cosgrove. If you have the guts, you can listen to a chilling recording of him perishing as the WTC South tower collapsed on top of him. Here's a fucking link for you:

Go ahead, after listening to that, tell me those goddamned, motherfucking ragheaded Moslem bastards are worthy of one iota of respect or consideration.

Oh yes, I almost forgot - "Season's Greetings".



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