Tuesday, November 30, 2010

News, Conway Style

Conway here, once again presenting politically incorrect, epithet strewn, foulmouthed commentary on current events, with special emphasis on the latest insanities occurring in the United States of America and the world at large. I imagine if I received compensation for writing this horseshit I might entertain the idea of employing a different approach. However, I don't get paid for this crap and I never will, so I compose it using my own brutally honest fashion, which is virtually certain to offend someone, though I truly don't give a shit if it does.

That out of the way, this harangue begins with a jaded look at foreign news, starting with the Koreas, the southern part of that Far Eastern peninsula occupied with wealthy, industrious, upwardly mobile gooks, and the northern part, apparently occupied with starving gook serfs who wish to flee by any means available, including wading out to the open sea using only a fucking patched inner tube for buoyancy. That would explain why so many North Korean slopes now reside in countries like China, South Korea, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. You see, the northern part of the Korean peninsula is more like the ninth layer of hell than any sort of "Democratic People's Republic", as it is so called by those members of the "Korean Worker's Party", an exclusive clique of specially favored political douche bags more akin to jackbooted left-wing nazis than any sort of workers. Members of the KWP, like most soft-palmed politicians, actually do very little work of any kind, other than bullying, subjugating and occasionally killing the lesser peons in this literal torture dungeon of a society. When performing "work" assigned to them by upper echelon KWP gooks, they go out of their way to be utterly vicious bastards, competing with each other in behaving like the most sadistic of inquisitors. Party members do this in an effort earn brownie points from superiors, and to appear powerful before their peers in the party. Perquisites gained by joining the KWP include the filling of pockets, eating actual food, fucking the best sex partners taken from villages, and living in the best housing, rather like what current politicians running the United States would love to emulate, but cannot, as of yet. Just give them time.

This literal festering boil on the face of the world, North Korea, is a country about the size of Pennsylvania, but the similarity abruptly ends there. It is ruled by a weird looking, paranoid, four-eyed despotic slope ironically called "Dear Leader" by his inner circle of brown nosed, terrified sycophants. Dear Leader is known to the rest of the planet as Kim Jong-Il. Mr. Kim/Dear Leader is the deranged offspring of an earlier "Dear Leader", who was yet another four-eyed, Stalinesque, megalomaniacal Communist gook named Kim Il-Sung. Interestingly, the elder Kim's rotting, putrescent corpse is considered the "Eternal President" of North Korea, though it is unclear if the presidential cadaver is required or called upon to perform any state functions. Talk about state-sponsored necrophilia - I thought Lenin's tomb was bad enough, but these gooks take the prize when it comes to the ridiculous deification of deceased "leaders". Anyway, Kim Jong Il, who according to NK media always gets a hole-in-one when playing golf, is actually a nuclear armed madman who makes the now cadaverous chink Chairman Mao of China look like a rank amateur by comparison. Last week, on orders from this psychotic, diabetic zipperhead, the North Korean army shelled an island in South Korea, apparently in a determined attempt to start Korean War II by destroying infrastructure and sending four South Korean gooks to their graves. Who the fuck knows what will happen next; the USS George Washington, on orders from the nigger, has headed at flank speed to the Yellow Sea, apparently to see if head slope Kim will try to lob an atomic bomb at it or something. I reckon the shit will hit the fan if that happens, but such a conflict should be very good for a welcome price rise in hard commodities like gold, silver, copper and oil. As for the narcissistic eightball in the White House doing anything if presented with 6500 naval bodies and the twisted remains of a glowing, sunken, radioactive aircraft carrier, courtesy of gook Kim - don't hold your goddamn breath; Obama's wife, the banana-lipped, appearance challenged moolie Michelle, is more of a man than he could ever be.

In Russia, members of their legislative body, the Duma, have finally admitted that Marshal Joseph Stalin of the USSR personally authorized the Katyn massacre. No shit Sherlock, it only comes 70 fucking years too late. As it turns out, good old "Uncle Joe" and his sadistic gremlins from the Kremlin, rather than Hitler's kike killing, goose-stepping Waffen SS, committed that particular atrocity, when Stalin’s fun-loving Soviet NKVD summarily exterminated 20,000 hapless polacks in the Katyn Forest in 1940. That dubious fact doesn't make the dead blockheads executed any less dead, but it does seem to open new opportunities for the current crop of polacks running Poland. Now, after the official admission of Stalin's guilt, the polacks want "compensation" from the russkis, ostensibly to be paid to the victim's families. Considering that the Katyn massacre occurred nearly three quarters of a fucking century ago, I seriously doubt there are any aggrieved immediate relatives looking for dough, as they are likely all DEAD. I wager the "families" are just opportunistic collateral descendants who could have never even known the victims, all bleary eyed with hands out, looking for a windfall. How cynical of me, but I idly wonder how much loot they have already extracted from Germany over the now ancient Katyn affair.

That's the problem with the race of man, everyone is looking for free money; it's like the American niggers who want compensation for slavery that occurred 150 fucking years ago. All the cash in the world won't help the now dead and decomposed coons that were enslaved one iota, but it sure as hell can fatten the bank accounts of living jigs today that never saw slavery, at taxpayer expense, of course. Hell, the kikes have been occupied suing Germany for decades over what the Nazis did; even sheenies who were never anywhere near a goddamn concentration camp, or fucking Germany for that matter. I guess hebes, like proverbial Shylocks, have set the precedent for extracting either pounds of flesh or literal blood money - now everyone feeling wronged by life can join in for a slice of the pie! By the same token, why don't the descendants of the slaughtered frog Huguenots sue the current beadrattlers occupying the Vatican for what their mackerel smacking faithful did in France during the late 1500's? Or, why don't the limeys, krauts and frogs get together and sue the wops for what the fucking Romans did to them two millennia ago? Further, why don't the relatives of yankees who died at the Boston massacre sue the limeys for what the goddamned redcoats did in 1770? Why don't the drunken micks in Ireland sue the limeys over what fucking Oliver Cromwell did 400 years ago? Really, it all makes about as much sense as what the greedy polacks want to do - extract FREE MONEY from Russian taxpayers who didn't have one motherfucking thing to do with the goddamned Katyn massacre, as atrocious as it was. Justice for those abused or slaughtered by their fellow psychotic simians does not come out of an ATM via court order, as there IS NO justice, at least none that man can perceive.

To put it simply, and bluntly: For most humanoids throughout history, and even those yet to be born the future, life was, is or will be a goddamned shitbrick, a meaningless existence and struggle for survival hardly even worth experiencing. All humanoids die, whether by infectious disease, old age, cancer, accident, or expiring by the score in fucking slit trenches with bullets in their heads, while a sadistic bastard holding a smoking Tommy gun laughs at them. Conversely, even for those rare fortunates who have money falling out of their assholes, fuck prom queens, and die peacefully in their sleep, death is still death. Distant relatives making a buck off the abuse or slaughter of their forebears only cheapens a disgusting situation further, reducing people to mere lucre, and does nothing for those who died.

In other foreign news, Canadian pigs, hailing from Ottawa, in her Majesty the Queen's service, strip searched a nigger broad named Stacy Bonds on September 28, 2008, apparently for some kind of power trip or sexual kicks. I sit here idly wondering what took so fucking long for this incident to come to the surface; the phrases "cover up" and "whitewash" come to mind. First, the pigs arrested her for "public intoxication" in the name of the law and dragged her off to their sty, over the protests of an allegedly SOBER Ms. Bonds. If that wasn't enough, then a sow kicked Ms. Bonds to the floor, after which a sadistic male pig cut off her blouse and bra, apparently because he wanted to see some titties. Then the pigs had the audacity to toss her half naked into a cell, afterward charging Bonds with "assaulting" the pigs, probably while Mr. Sharp Scissors jerked off in the can. Fast forward to the present; a judge named Richard Lajoie threw the entire case out, and called the incident a "travesty" upon the person of Ms. Bonds. No shit, I wonder why it took two fucking years to adjudicate the prosecution persecution of an innocent jig with no prior criminal record who should have never been arrested anyway. Mr. Matthew Webber, Bonds' mouthpiece, says his client's confidence in the police has been shaken and that she is considering filing a lawsuit against the pigs that fucked with her. Now this IS INDEED a situation where a whole shitload of bucks are definitely due to an innocent VICTIM of pigs, though I wager those jackbooted chinook sons of bitches will try to figure some way out of the mess they're in - probably by LYING, as is usual for power-mad, sadistic PIGS from any country.

Now on to domestic news; beginning with an evidently senile cracker from South Carolina that allegedly threatened to bump off the head jig running this bankrupt, terminal dump. Get this - a silly old fart going by the name of Michael Stephen Bowden, 78 (note the standard three-name "weirdo" identification), told a bemused nurse at a local VA hospital that he wanted to shoot the narcissistic, arrogant eightball, and then himself, because the arrogant eightball wasn't doing enough for all the other coons. Yeah, he said that, and now this geriatric honky simian is in the capable though sadistic hands of the Federal pigs, probably being tasered, waterboarded or god only knows what else. Honestly, Mr. Bowden must have severe brain damage; I have already submitted that nothing can be done to save this place, and especially so if a drooling idiot like Joseph Biden was left in charge of the fucking United States! For Christ's sake, why the hell do you think Barack Obama picked his simpering, plugheaded puss for VP? He needed an effective insurance policy against going the way of William McKinley, that's why! Obama may be an arrogant, egotistical, grade-A asshole with pathological delusions of grandeur, that's a given, but Biden is even WORSE; a pathetic creature so goddamn utterly brain-dead that it's amazing he can even breathe, let alone speak coherently. Really folks, no self respecting would-be assassin, when confronted with the utter disaster of Joseph Biden becoming President, would even consider the idea of kicking Obama in the balls, let alone taking him out; the cost to what's left of this nation would be too fucking much!

In Portland, Oregon, a misanthropic, interloping, foreign Moslem spearchucker laid plans to "make jihad" and blow up a fucking Christmas tree lighting ceremony, apparently because he hated Americans like Major Nidal Malik Hasan did, despised Christmas, like Ebenezer Scrooge did, and loathed Christians, like most Moslems seemingly do. Mr. Mohamed Osman Mohamud (ALERT: three-name "weirdo" identification), an imported, bushy haired nigger kid of 19, hailing from the bad joke of a "nation" called Somalia, wanted to kill perhaps hundreds of people attending and celebrating the tree lighting ceremony. Strangely, Mohamud's draconian though unsuccessful attempt on the lives of innocent people is NOT considered a "hate crime" by our friends at the FBI. However, the torching of a fucking eyesore of a Mosque in apparent retaliation IS considered a "hate crime" by the FBI, though their quixotic reasoning pattern on these issues eludes me. You know what I mean, what's good for the goose is good for the gander, and so forth. Anyway, as a rare plus for the Feds, the only reason this hateful, intolerant ape slaughtered no one is that Mohamud was a boastful, inept fool, and first attempted to contact an Al Qaeda network in Pakistan via email, wanting to die a "martyr" in the name of shitkicker Allah. I wager those missives set off myriad alarm bells at the NSA, who probably monitor every fucking email sent on the entire goddamned planet, they in turn contacting the FBI pigs to monitor, and then collar, the vengeful and intolerant jig. Now cooling his heels in the hoosegow, probably for life, Mohamud, a young and very stupid eightball, was an utter failure as a budding terrorist, and was so fucking clueless that he relied on FBI instructions and materials for the creation of his "bomb" - a truly laughable situation. Oh well, I reckon Mohamed will have plenty of time to reflect on those gigantic blunders while he is regularly beat senseless by sapper wielding screws, between getting passed around among jailhouse queers and getting fucked in his ass. Incidentally, can someone, somewhere, please tell me WHY practically every goddamned, motherfucking Koran toting male humanoid is named "Mohammed" or a variation thereof?

As an aside, if the reader happens to be a follower of Christianity, don't feel singled out by these fanatical, murderous Islamic cocksuckers - Moslems hate anyone who isn't Moslem and declines to kiss their collective raghead asses to boot. Hell, Moslems hate hook-nosed Jews, polytheistic, dot-headed Hindus and Allah-denying, blasphemous atheists even more than they hate fucking Christians. I should know, as I'm an avowed atheist and I think shitkicker Allah, as revealed by "prophet" Mohammed, was a drug-induced figment of a carrot-topped bedouin sandnigger's vivid imagination. Further, several Moslems have told me they hate me, and that I should be killed like Theo Van Gogh was, due to my zealous embracement of life as an "infidel", along with my observation that Mohammed was an epileptic, power-mad control freak, and my occasional comparisons of their silly god to the likes of common swine. I guess threats made against the life of a sludge drinking, atheistic equity trader are unimportant to the American Federal Government and their overpaid legions of jackbooted, stoic pigs, who are so concerned with the "civil rights" of destructive, imported religious fanatics, sworn on their non-existent god, shitkicker Allah, to make the entire goddamned world a Moslem shithole.

In Oklahoma, their duly passed statute against Moslem Sharia law has been precluded from being implemented thanks to a Federal judge named Vicki Miles-LaGrange, her adjudication regarding this matter made on behalf of an interloping, four-eyed sandnigger named Muneer Awad, a member of the Council on American Islamic Relations, or CAIR. This organization, CAIR, is composed of a fanatical cadre of raghead troublemakers dedicated to using our OWN LAWS against us. Yes, it is also the same CAIR that is alleged to be involved in funneling money to Moslem terrorists, in the name of "religious freedom", of course, CAIR expertly shoving our First Amendment up our collective asses sideways. Don't you just love how the Federal government is literally going out of it's way to undo anything the states are trying to do to defend themselves against camel jockeys, spics and other interlopers who utterly detest the American way of life? Just look at fucking Arizona, which is hip-deep in illegal beaners; they pass a statute where pigs can actually do something useful for a change, i.e., ferreting out illegal aliens, and the Federal government, not enforcing its own laws against illegal aliens mind you, sticks its nose in and sets aside parts of the Arizona statute, with the arrogant, narcissistic nigger in the White House calling the law "misguided". Like I have written before, the United States Federal Government, not to mention most of the state and municipal legislatures, is now controlled by absolutely crazy people, dedicated from top to bottom to the complete destruction of this nation. Further, these reckless, lunatic "leaders" evidently don't give a flying fuck if they too are destroyed in the easily predictable conflagration that will occur sometime in the future, which, as history has shown, eventually happens to EVERY NATION that EVER EXISTED on Earth. What can I say; history has proven it conclusively: the hairless, talking creatures comprising the race of man are, sadly, for the most part, fools.

Turning to other "religious news" in these wacky United States, a 52 year old, cocksucking, bead-rattling, pedophile priest (which seems to be most of them) named "reverend" John M. Fiala, of Dallas, Texas, tried to hire a hit man so he could forever silence his now 18 year old accuser, an unnamed Texas man who was 16 at the time of Fiala's unwanted and unsolicited homosexual advances. After enduring the vile depredations and homicidal/suicidal threats of Father Fagala, sorry, I mean Fiala, for two fucking long years, the teenager finally got up the cojones and went off to see a guidance counselor. Then, evidently urged on by the counselor, he went off to see the pigs, which, doing something good for a change, arrested and dragged the perverted, bead-rattling bastard off to the hoosegow for sucking the cocks of teenaged boys. Anyway, this wasn't enough for evil Father Fag, who, while out on bail, added insult to injury and attempted to solicit the boy's murder.

This is a new one for pedophile priests; usually they take their punishment and end up getting murdered in jail, which happened to another queer priest named John J. Geoghan (pronounced gay-gan, it fucking figures). Father Gayguy - sorry, I mean Geoghan, got his just desserts from a vengeful dude who despised queers, named Joseph Druce. Call me different if you like; I submit Mr. Druce should have been given a fucking gold medal and released from prison, but alas, my recommendation carries no weight in this case. Perhaps I'm missing something, though I consider myself familiar with due process, and I do know there are many laws on the books prohibiting murder, but I am unaware of any statute anywhere in the United States that specifically prohibits the killing of a queer priest. Unfortunately, for his service of dispatching a homosexual pedophile priest RAPIST, Joseph Druce was unjustly sentenced to "life in prison", for whatever reason. Yeah, as if it actually mattered to Mr. Druce - he was already sentenced to life in prison for killing another limp-wristed, cocksucking son of a bitch who fucked with him while hitchhiking. The reader, if interested, can watch a great video of Father Geoghan being bumped off by Mr. Druce on YouTube. Highlights include guards vainly attempting to get into the cell where faggot Geoghan is receiving non-adjudicated justice from Mr. Druce, who eventually strangled and stomped the queer bastard to death.

Back to "reverend" Fiala, now languishing in custody. Now everyone can watch the State of Texas waste a pile of taxpayer money by trying this disgusting, predatory fag priest in court, when they could solve the entire problem quickly and easily by simply locking the queer bastard in a cell, and handing him a rope. After all, Faggy Fiala did say that he wanted to commit suicide; an appropriate length of rope in a locked cell would make this possible. Perhaps I'm being a little callous here, but I think the Justice Department of Texas should give him the chance to kill himself - just think of all the taxpayer money saved that could be put to better use in these hard times.

In other news, professional agitator and nigger Al Sharpton wants the FCC to ban Rush Limbaugh from the airwaves. Highlighted below is some of the nonsense this troublemaking loudmouth said on his radio show regarding Mr. Limbaugh.

"You've got to remember that those stations that Rush Limbaugh is on and others are regulated by FCC, granted by FCC; they go back to them to get waivers. They go back to them to get consolidation. They have the right to set standards. That does not impair your right to speak what you believe, but it does say that you are not going to do that to offend groups of Americans based on their race, their gender, their sexual status - none of that."

Now this blue-gum wants the FCC to make life easier by letting he and those in his corner lie through their fucking teeth - literally telling others what to THINK, with no opportunity for opponents like Rush Limbaugh to provide rebuttal from the other end of the spectrum. Typical, predictable liberal rhetoric; I wonder what part of the phrase "free speech" this semi-articulate eightball doesn't understand. Free speech is and can be OFFENSIVE speech, especially political speech, which liberals like Mr. Sharpton will defend to the death - as long as it's speech they personally AGREE with. Otherwise, such unapproved, mean-spirited "hate speech" is taboo for liberals, especially if it contains non-politically correct references to Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, jigs, feminist twats, queers, wetbacks, and so forth. I happen to find much of Mr. Sharpton's speech offensive, considering that he can barely put coherent sentences together - you should watch on YouTube when this out-of-his-league jackass in humanoid skin attempts to "debate" religion with atheist Christopher Hitchens. Fractured pronunciations, misused words, straw man arguments that a child could slap down; this obtuse, inarticulate clod defeats HIMSELF whenever he opens his goddamned mouth. Mr. Hitchens only adds icing to the cake, destroying Mr. Sharpton effortlessly, and with much more civility and finesse than I'd ever use if forced into debating this stupid, fraudulent, superstitious junglebunny.

Well, that's the news folks, if you liked it, that's fine. If you don't like it, well, the close button is always available for immediate use, don't let me stop you.



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