Sunday, December 26, 2010

More GOOD News!

Christmas 2010 was such a bountiful, fun filled holiday this year, your friend Conway smiling and feeling good cheer, especially after perusing and digesting welcome information from the Google news feeds, while drinking cups of sludge-nog. At least for the most part that is; I frowned when the chinks, like legions of slant-eyed Ebenezer Scrooges, raised interest rates on Christmas Day, which could very well send gold into the shitter next week. Oh well, gold won't be down for long, considering the counterfeiters at the Federal Reserve are still pumping out funny money by the truckload, while doing other goofy things like buying worthless US T Bonds, using the worthless funny money they create to purchase them. Yes, that's exactly what the Fed is doing; it's all a desperate act of smoke and mirrors, considering no foreign nation in their right mind these days will even touch any form of US securitized debt with a ten foot pole. I guess sheenie Benjamin Bernanke feels it's his solemn duty to keep this bad joke of a system propped up for a few more years before the whole fucking shebang collapses like a house of cards in a spring breeze, igniting a civil war. Anyway, determined not to let the vexing revelation of chink subterfuge dampen my festive holiday spirit, I turned to other headlines, looking for the touching story that would steer my cynical, materialistic, diabolical mind from obsessing on the relative values of gold, oil, silver, uranium and copper futures.

I soon found an article that made my cold heart of granite suddenly burst with joy - a veritable Christmas present for me, illustrating the epitome of apelike mankind's love for one another. It appeared on my screen like magic on Christmas, the blessed holiday of peace and good will, describing welcome events that occurred in the idyllic, peaceful nation of Pakistan. My Christmas wish of good news had arrived - wonderful news of a looney, hateful, mean-spirited, grenade hurling, burqa clad Moslem cunt that slaughtered herself, along with 45 other delusional ragheads, by using a bomb. On joyous Christmas day she sent them all to the non-existent oblivion of DEATH. Yes, death, plain and simple, not an orgy of gluttony and sex presided over by mythical shitkicker Allah, a non-existent deity invented well over a millennia ago by the illiterate, drooling, epileptic pedophile and con man, the "prophet" Mohammed.

I, your friend Conway, want to be recognized by the world as the first man to congratulate and nominate the heroic, brave burqa bomber of Pakistan for the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize, she having done the entire planet a favor by sparing those still living from having to tolerate the continued noxious presence of 46 annoying, idiotic Moslem maniacs. The only downside in the entire affair is that she didn't kill even more of those silly fucking bastards; oh well, can't have everything I guess. In the interest of efficiency, I candidly recommend that the next bomber should carry a larger quantity of TNT or perhaps employ a more powerful explosive like C-4, any device laced of course with nails, screws, wheel weights or ball bearings.

The narcissistic, fan eared eightball, US President Barack H. Obama, condemned the latest "Peaceful Islam" inspired carnage as he sat on his worthless, impotent, dimwitted ass in Honolulu, Hawaii, stating the attack was "outrageous", adding ridiculously, "Killing innocent civilians outside a World Food Program distribution point is an affront to the people of Pakistan, and to all humanity." It is? According to whom, you? Well, I have some news for you, delusional nigger megalomaniac, pull your thick, nappy head from your ass and realize no one is innocent when it comes to continually escalating, emotion driven situations like these. Like the Hatfields and McCoys, it's a remorseless blood feud, plain and simple; tit for tat, one blows up some and another blows up still more, the carnage going on forever until one side is totally vanquished by the other. A Pyrrhic victory, sure, but that's how goofy fanatical ragheads do it, who the hell are we to tell them otherwise? Further, if those lazy Moslem bastards had not been leeching parasites, standing there with their fucking hands out, and if they had actually worked for a goddamned living, rather than muttering about terrible Western infidels and killing people in their spare time, they might still be alive. Had they simply pursued gainful employment, they would have had no need to stand in a line while cursing America, waiting for free grub sent in by foolish American morons who enjoy feeding people sworn on their shitkicker god to kill evil, atheistic infidels and all others not considered Mohammedan.

Talk about absolute fucking insanity, can you imagine if, during WWII, FDR and his cronies had been softheaded morons, sending food and medicine to Heinrich Himmler's Waffen SS, rather than sending bomb laden B17s, while nazis, undaunted, continued slaughtering kikes, limeys, niggers, frogs, polacks, russkis, queers, retards, religious fanatics and anyone else they could lay their fucking hands on? Or, could you imagine FDR sending in "humanitarian aid", instead of B29s packing napalm, for the poor, slant eyed jap monkeymen who conducted disgraceful atrocities like the Bataan Death March, so they wouldn't have to eat "steaks" carved from the asses of dead American GIs that dropped along the way? Such horrors, i.e., CANNIBALISM, did indeed happen in the Pacific Theatre; the imperial japs under Hirohito and Tojo were a disciplined, pragmatic, racist pack of vicious, bloodthirsty bastards that made the fucking nazis seem tame by comparison. Further, the jap army, arrogant to the core, tougher than fucking nails and meaner than a rabid wolverine, called any whiteys, chinks, gooks or flips they captured "mongrelized apes", literally going out of their fucking way to treat prisoners worse than animals. There were beatings, beheadings, burnings and torture, with some japs killing anyone who even dared to look at them wrong. So, as enemies of the Japanese Empire were considered subhuman, their army had no compunction regarding the consumption of murdered GI, or civilian, "animal protein", human remains butchered and used for delicious dishes like yankee dog soup, chink curry, flip flambé, and gook goulash.

Sherman said it best: "War is hell". War is hell indeed, but some folks, like crazy Moslems, seem to live for it and even thrive on it. What can I say - people are fucking animals; get used to that idea while you can and react accordingly. Just wait until WWIII comes, and it WILL come; you may be vaporized if you are very lucky. Otherwise, be very wary, you will encounter many opportunities to be beaten, beheaded, branded, burned, tortured or raped, and perhaps your dead flesh will be utilized by creative chefs as wholesome food for hungry soldiers.

Moving on in this diatribe, I cannot speak for anyone else, but I for one don't think World War Two could have ever been won by aiding our enemies, like we do with our enemies today. Then again, perhaps I'm just a "mean-spirited", hateful old crackpot that simply doesn't understand the altruistic, secular humanist actions of my esteemed betters, who know so goddamned much more than I do. Really, perhaps by nurturing and permitting our sworn enemies to slaughter us by the fucking shipload is good for the planet, by removing our dangerous, destructive "carbon footprints" from Mother Earth, putting the brakes on anthropogenic global warming. Hell, the greedy, whoremongering, Elmer Gantryesque charlatan, Albert Gore, would probably agree with that blunt observation, as long as he isn't slaughtered by hordes of fanatical ragheads.

All that silly horseshit aside, it seems to any detached, critically thinking observer that the entire "Western World" is now filled to the fucking gunwales with guilt-ridden, worthless, demoralized cracker pieces of shit who despise their own existences and absolutely refuse to defend themselves as penance for crimes real or imagined. Just ask an insane kike russki from Massachusetts named Noel Ignatiev; he is the current pseudo intellectual cheerleader promoting rhetorical, Goebbelsian nonsense, such as is described in the preceding sentence. Look him up for yourself and peruse what he has to say; I'm not a fucking encyclopedia. Further, stupid, degenerate honkies following Mr. Ignatiev's clarion call are obviously bent on committing literal suicide, by opening sovereign borders to any piece of babbling, hate-filled shit that can crawl, float or fly in, while wasting taxpayer dollars supplying sustenance to failed nations infested with illiterate, fanatical, Koran toting maniacs who enjoy killing others in the name of a non-existent, imaginary deity, the impotent, invisible shitkicker, Allah.

Alas, I freely submit whitey simpletons across the planet are getting exactly what they deserve, extinction at the hands of vicious, hateful enemies they refuse to defend themselves from. Meanwhile, I, an uncaring, cynical atheist who couldn't care less if the entire race of man goes extinct tomorrow, can sit back, relax, and enjoy reading of and watching stupid, fanatical, superstitious Moslems, of every race, killing each other like the fucking retarded idiots they truly are.

Better them than me, I always say.



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