Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Lunacy, Plain and Simple, the Crucifixion of Julian Assange, and INCEST

M-o-o-n, that spells moon.

Conway here once again, penning even more vicious, insensitive, foulmouthed diatribe for readers to peruse, should they wish to; it is their choice. That said, any niggers, crackers or gooks, of either gender, i.e., bucks or bitches, of any age, i.e., punks or geezers, offended by my blunt remarks may leave now; please don't let the motherfucking door hit you in the ass as you leave.

Alas, the dimwitted, hairless simian calling itself man never ceases to amaze me, regardless of their race, gender or professed belief system. Man everywhere embraces and promotes hypocrisy, arrogance, zeal, conceit and delusion as if they were goddamned virtues. Believing themselves intelligent and wise, they become FOOLS, displaying a collective egotism so glaring that it outshines a fucking supernova. With each passing day, these smug, verbalizing, walking shit factories sink further into rationalized abject insanity, proving if there is a creator of sorts out there somewhere, it must be an absolute moron, having erroneously created lesser, mortal buffoons bent on complete self-destruction. That, or in a dark Cartesian vein, the assumed creator is a quite literal demon; a sadistic monster, garnering pleasure from creating and observing inferior, arrogant, zeal driven creatures that have no discernable merits, other than possessing the adroit ability to go about harming one other in every conceivable way.

The latest absurdities coming from the remote northern icebox of "tolerant", blithering idiots inhabiting Sweden illustrates this vexing phenomenon. Now, the obtuse olafs intend to charge Julian Assange of WikiLeaks fame with the crime of "surprise sex", along with "failure to use a condom", these charges filed on behalf of the two hot, horny brunhildas he fucked some months ago. The term "surprise sex" brings to mind a ludicrous vision of Mr. Assange appearing from nowhere, as if beaming into a boudoir from the USS Enterprise or whatever, with either Ms. Arden or Ms. Wilen as helpless victims, his stiff dripping prick materializing in their wet, willing flues, albeit sans a sock. You know, it just occurred to me, humanoid foreplay usually includes oral sex these days, especially fellatio, so, I idly wonder, considering the sluts were allegedly so "worried" about Mr. Assange having syphilis or something, if either of those bags blew him while he wore a rubber. Really folks, I think not, considering all the cunts I've had the pleasure to discuss cocksucking with told me that dicks taste one hell of a lot better than rubbers ever could. It must be one of those "woman things" I guess; shit, if I were a broad, I'd be a card carrying, cunt licking dyke - I can't for the fucking life of me understand what women even see in men.

Anyhow, Assange's act, that of fucking willing, libidinous sluts without rubbers, is, in Sweden, evidently considered a crime, though apparently only for English speaking crackers named Assange, of whom US politicians are all pissed off about, some of them even publicly desiring that he be murdered for telling people the truth. Yes reader, you guessed it, the charges are clearly a contrived crock of shit, probably instigated and facilitated by the elected criminals running the US government, in a pathetically obvious attempt to discredit Mr. Assange before the entire world. Their campaign isn't working very well, but that won't stop the delusional fools running the USA from trying to discredit him anyway. Hell, they and their controlled media talking heads keep shoving utterly false, dogmatic LIES like created equality and its ugly sister multiculturalism down everyone's goddamned throat, while decaying American society rapidly becomes Balkanized, heading toward an inevitable internecine civil war, crowned by a vengeance filled bloodbath. I swear on my rotten eyeteeth, if I live long enough to see it happen, I plan to laugh my ancient ass off when these idiots start killing each other like the zealous, self-convinced simians they are. You see, whether anyone wants to admit it, man (Homo Sapiens) is an animal, specifically, a variety of talking ape, though a mostly hairless ape. Homo Sapiens is a TRIBAL APE to boot, like chimpanzees, generally preferring the company of their own "tribe", i.e., those who look similar to him or her and are allied with his or her worldview. That's the fucking way it is, period, and that will never change until the end of time. Anyone even remotely capable of critical thinking can see this IS the case throughout most of the world, excepting "Western" countries of course, regardless of inane musings by clearly delusional shitheads, holding hands while singing kumbaya and promoting absolute nonsense - like everyone's the same, all men are "brothers", or the world's a fucking village and other idiotic, softheaded drivel. Give me a fucking break - the race of man has the GALL to call themselves Homo Sapiens - they fucking flatter themselves!

Back to the stupid olafs; not surprising in the least is the blatant double standard Swedish authorities are employing in this Kafkaesque case. Mr. Assange is being charged by the authorities with "rape", due to condom failure during consensual sex, while interloping camel jockeys who gangbang Swedish broads are treated with kid gloves - the cowardly, pandering authorities of Sweden citing "cultural differences" and "misunderstandings" as pathetic excuses for the glorified wrist slaps given to such animalistic, foreign sex offenders - often five sandniggers at a time arrested for fucking Swedish cracker gals against their will on a goddamned Stockholm sidewalk in broad daylight. Camel jockeys in Sweden often refer to Swedish cunts openly as "whores", due to the fact they don't walk around wearing tents for clothing, and ragheads use their "lack of proper attire" as an excuse to get their cocks wet, stating Swedish women deserve to be raped, or that they "ask" for it. Apparently, from what I've read, brain dead Swedish judges completely agree with Moslem sandnigger observations regarding hapless Swedish broads, as gangs of these uncontrolled, horny, Koran toting, shitskinned bastards ply the cities of Sweden unmolested, like sanctioned Mohammedan brigands. Further, in this Orwellian shithole of a society, Sweden, indigenous SWEDISH people can be and are in fact arrested by the pigs for "calling people names", e.g., calling sandniggers who rape their women sandniggers. This double standard has arisen out of the fear of "offending" the imported interlopers destroying what is left of Swedish society. Apparently, the indigenous inhabitants of Sweden (whiteys) have absolutely NO rights, IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY, while the humanoid flotsam washing in from fuck knows where have all the rights, receiving preferential and, yes, deferential treatment by the fucking traitors ruling Sweden. Actually, I can't blame ragheads there for behaving like uncivilized savages, as cowardly Sweden permits them to behave that way; the interlopers having no need to assimilate, to learn the Swedish language, or, apparently, the need to obey any fucking laws at all! Honestly, is that the fault of the ragheads? No, it is the fault of the stupid, cowardly white bread Swedish pieces of shit that have no fucking guts to defend their culture, laws, or traditions. Hence, they are getting exactly what they deserve, all of them, considering the elected, traitorous leaders of Sweden prosecute indigenous honkys who simply express the fucking desire to live with their own kind, i.e., for Sweden to be Swedish, and not awash in ragheaded, fanatical Moslem invaders who have absolutely no fucking respect for anything having to do with Swedish culture or the people that created it. I say fuck Sweden, they make me vomit; it's too goddamned bad Adolf Hitler or Joseph Stalin didn't annihilate those demented olaf cowards when they had the fucking chance.

All epithets and foul language aside for a short moment, it seems that the Caucasian variety of those creatures called Homo Sapiens has quickly devolved into incredibly stupid creatures, unworthy of survival - they are literally selling their own goddamned nations down the drain in the name of "tolerance", feeling guilty over what their long dead ancestors did. Well, I have news for stupid crackers, if the gooks or niggers had been on top in the past, they would have done the same fucking things to whiteys, and in some cases, they in fact did - in Haiti for example, and during the Bataan Death March. That proves all hairless simians can be goddamned savages, not just the pale-faced variety; other examples are easily available for perusal on the Internet, just look them up, should the reader be so inclined.

Moving on, between drinking coffee and trading the bourses, I came across a very interesting item with regard to the "last taboo", that is, incest. It seems that a New York dude named David Epstein, apparently a Christkiller, had consensual sex, that is, he fucked, his 24 year old daughter, with her express permission given to him beforehand. Mr. Epstein, apparently, according to the law, is considered a perpetrator of the felonious crime (!) of incest, and his unnamed daughter, a willing participant, is oddly considered a "victim" of said crime. Okay, bear with me here, if they, father and daughter, indeed fucked each other as consenting adults, how in hell can she be any sort of victim, and why isn't SHE being charged with incest as well? Now don't be a fucking prejudicial bigot and try to do my thinking for me here, it's tough enough to it on my own in this particular case; it took me all of about two seconds, honestly. That said, go ahead, call me liberal if you like, but who gives a shit if they fucked each other, both individuals in said case are ADULTS, and both made the informed decision to uh, conjugate their DNA, so to speak, by bumping uglies. Is what they did disgusting? Who the fuck knows, but how is what they did (i.e., fucking, sucking, licking, etc) any goddamned different from what ANY consenting adults do with each other sexually, other than the participants being related to one another? Come on people, adult gayguys fuck each other's asses until they bleed and blow each other silly, usually without rubbers mind you, and lezzies lick each other's cunts raw and wear strap-on dildos to fuck each other's twats, so what's the big goddamn deal about two horny relatives fucking each other? I mean really, everyone is supposed to be so motherfucking "progressive" these days - so what's the goddamn problem here? Oh yes - think of the possible inbred children, conceived in incest, some folks may say. Well, I say what business is it of yours, or of the nosy state of New York for that matter? I submit that's what ABORTION CLINICS are for; you know, excising such unwanted freaks from the gene pool, quickly, quietly and cleanly, for a fee. That way, daddy and adult daughter, or mother and adult son, or adult brother and adult sister, if they so desire, can fuck each other until the goddamned cows come home, and no drooling, wally eyed, web fingered idiots will arrive for the state to raise. In addition, is it incest for an adult lezzie daughter to go down on her willing mother, or the mother, her adult sister? Is it incest for a faggy father to blow his homosexual adult son, or perhaps fudgepack his own queer brother? Further, what about an orgy, reminiscent of ancient Rome, with the entire family mulling about nude, fucking, sucking and licking each other? Inquiring minds WANT to know.

Anyway, the legalistic, megalomaniacal dictators in New York want to put this poor hebe away for 4 long years, all because he parked his dick in his daughter's snatch, with her express permission. I now wonder how in hell they became apprised of his alleged fucking of his daughter. What happened, did his frigid wife rat him out, or did he slip a cog and call the pigs on himself? Regardless of how the authorities found out, once again, man's idiotic, hypocritical, selective zeal and love for power over others comes into play, prosecuting consenting, related adults who fuck each other for incest. It's fucking unbelievable; the authorities, i.e., pigs, ignoring thieves, rapists and running ax murderers, are instead prosecuting a silly sheenie for incest, along with hounding male Mormons for polygamy, while queers of all varieties do whatever the hell they want, including the siring of offspring, the carrying of offspring, or acquiring children for themselves via adoption. Further, swinging serial fornicators of either sex can fuck different partners until they're blue in the goddamned face, with fornicators or fornicatresses having 10 brats from ten different partners - and no one says a motherfucking word. Glaring double standards, that's what it is, yet another hallmark of man's revolting hypocrisy.

Oh yes - it's colder than a goddamned witch's tit across most of the Northern Hemisphere. Rather early too I might add, and there are articles across the Internet stating that the severe cold is caused by - get this - anthropogenic global warming. Yeah sure, up is down, light is dark, wrong is right, blue is red and cold is hot, silly me for thinking otherwise.

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