Saturday, December 11, 2010

Hypocrisy, the Hallmark of American Politicians

Conway here, as always, certain to offend many and entertain a few, by posting cynical, insensitive, foulmouthed commentary on current events, complete with occasional analysis of the disgusting, elitist trash governing this terminally ill nation.

This post is related to the post of December 3rd, not so much about Julian Assange and the elected gangsters out to destroy him, but to take a closer look at those elected gangsters out to destroy what is left of the United States, together with the descendants of those who built it. This includes the descendants of both honkys and niggers, not to mention redskinned injuns, and perhaps a few slanty-eyed gooks that slipped in when no one was looking.

For those over say, 40 years old, anyone with even a ganglion for a brain should be able to see that things are not as they once were; the nation a victim of the "creeping malaise" the bucktoothed Baptist jackass President Jimmy Carter spoke of on television during one of his rare lucid moments.

Though it may seem an impossible myth to the young, there was once a time where people weren't afraid to plainly state what they believed, for good or ill, whether it was the mouthy old fart down the street, a neo-communist member of the SDS, a Ku Klux Klansman, a Black Panther, or a Nazi. Whether people liked them or not, at least someone knew where they stood in their eyes, and if necessary, whether to either defend themselves from them, or to make a strategic retreat from their presence. Indeed, all people had the inalienable right to be absolute fucking assholes, according to the First Amendment, and there was an air of freedom and independent thought readily available for everyone to experience. Slowly and inexorably, like the creeping malaise spoken of by the oafish, drawling, Bible beating Georgia peanut farmer/presidential buffoon, the United States went from a nation where yes, there were polarizing differences and those who would use violence if deemed necessary to achieve their aims, to a literal PRISON where true differences of opinion and the right to speak out have been effectively CRUSHED by the very bastards we elected. Of course, for the obtuse drones of America, these unconstitutional Federal intrusions into public discourse were and are marketed by paid Goebbelsian media propagandists, cleverly disguised as promoting "tolerance" or "diversity". Pardon me while I vomit profusely. The people effectively "legislated" into sullen silence, the polarizing differences are still there, under the surface and growing, though the pathetic, dimwitted, greedy idiots running this benighted dump think they can actually legislate people's fucking worldviews. That's as obtuse as attempting to legislate morality, or legally sanctioning a particular belief system; all they have done is, in effect, caped off a boiling pressure cooker, and the inevitable explosion that is going to occur will catch most everyone by surprise, leading to a vengeance filled bloodbath of epic proportions. Whenever it happens, and it will happen, easily within the lifetimes of many people reading this screed, remember that kindly old Conway told you it would.

Seeming exceptions to the absurd, draconian rule of legally enforced worldviews include imported, zealous, delusional ragheads, who seem to have the inalienable right to be complete misanthropic shitheads in the name of their non-existent shitkicker god Allah, Moslem minions killing and maiming many of those born here at will. Cited examples are the cases of Major Nidal Malik Hasan, the paralyzed Fort Hood Terminator, and yet another Moslem piece of shit named Muzzammil Hassan, of Buffalo, New York, who, in the name of Islam, lopped off his estranged wife's head in 2009. Militant niggers of the New Black Panther Party that intimidate voters during Presidential elections seem to be excepted from Congressional tyranny as well, probably in the name of "diversity" and "tolerance". Regardless of those odd exceptions, thanks to the efforts of elected despots who want to establish TOTAL CONTROL over every aspect of the people's lives, we now live in a society of total Orwellian surveillance and enforced political correctness; the US having quickly become a neo-Soviet Union, where people are AFRAID to speak their true opinions, and where privileged groups like superstitious, intolerant sandniggers and militant, angry, baton wielding junglebunnies in downtown Philadelphia have far more rights than the rest of the fucking population.

In addition, as far as threatening, loudmouthed New Black Panther Party eightballs in Philly getting away with blatant cracker voter intimidation, we can all thank Federal Attorney General, Mr. Eric Holder, of Barack Hussein Obama's Justice Department, for that utter travesty of justice, his office having dropped the case. I submit that Mr. Holder is a "hateful racist" who deliberated violated the rights of whiteys that were threatened and intimidated by racist niggers.

Alas, those actual, historical happenings noted above aside, looney liberals and assorted talking heads in the media endlessly deride those like myself. You know, those that have the unmitigated audacity to point out such glaring occurrences and facts, labeling any who dare disagree with their chanted Goebbelsian propaganda as “hateful”, “offensive”, "mean spirited", “racists” or “bigots”. Really, try asking me if I give a fuck about what clowns like that my call me. I'm not out for a fucking popularity contest, that should be obvious by now, and I couldn't care less of what anyone thinks of me, or anything I have written. I suppose that's why I haven't received any terse missives castigating my posts, as those reading realize it is pointless to even try to admonish me, and I assure any possible detractors that they are absolutely correct in their assumption.

Now, let's take a goddamned good look at the individuals responsible for Carter's "creeping malaise" - our "honorable" collection of amoral, greedy, Machiavellian gangsters occupying Congress. They have duly chosen and sworn to make life hell for the American people, and a virtual heaven for those members of their clique of materialistic, megalomaniacal criminals. You see, as our esteemed betters, many "ethics" rules forced on the average American citizen do not apply at all to members of Congress, like, for instance, "insider trading" laws. Yes, that's right, those evil, goddamned bastards made certain when they outlawed insider trading for the rest of the population, during senile Prune face Reagan's tenure in the White House, that they were and are still EXEMPT from such legislation, allowing Congressmen to take advantage of lucrative equity deals denied to the rest of the citizenry. That's not the end of it either; these sedentary, soft palmed, lazy cocksuckers didn't have to pay one fucking cent of Social Security taxes until 1984. Don't believe my words, use your goddamn brain and look it up for yourself, then write me and try to tell me I'm wrong. For years, Congress was also exempt from many other laws that applied to their "lesser subjects", that is, the people of this nation, though it must be admitted that the Republican "revolution" congress of 1994, under whoremonger Clinton, did make an effort to curb some of these exemptions, probably to keep a real revolution from occurring at that time.

For those readers who are too goddamned lazy to look up current laws Congress is exempt from, here's a link for you, straight from our friends from the fucking United States Federal Government: While you're at it, look up the average yields of Congressional equity portfolios, too. The reader will find that, in addition to making piles of cash and gaining lucrative perquisites for sitting on their big, fat asses, making life hell for the rest of us, they beat everybody hands down when it comes to trading the bourses.

These "Honorable Congressmen" (pardon me while I laugh out loud at the oxymoron), exempt from many troublesome laws they impose on the rest of us, are the same loathsome, materialistic swine that passed and strengthened American forfeiture laws. Such laws were cleverly promulgated under the dubious cover of "a war on drugs" or other abstract nonsense, so they, in their unbridled GREED and lust for power, can literally steal money and other valuables at will, like modern Sheriffs of Nottingham, from their lowly serflike subjects, the American people. Further, our elected, amoral freebooters, while demanding "openness" from everyone else, of course demand complete secrecy from the people, so they can make and close backroom deals that fuck the rest of us in spades, exempting themselves from such restrictions whenever they can. Standing before cameras, they and their allies smile and employ cunning rhetoric, such as "we passed this or that or do this or that in the name of freedom" - that shopworn fucking word twisted in Orwellian fashion to mean the exact goddamned opposite of what it originally meant. The same goes for their imposed restrictions on "offensive", "hateful" or "mean spirited" speech, whereas the people they supposedly serve are not permitted to state their true opinions, in fear of legal reprisal from these tyrannical, despotic bastards. Meanwhile, they, like the elitist, aloof hypocrites they are, can employ any insulting, offensive term they may deem suitable, as is so graphically revealed by the WikiLeaks cables.

It is glaringly obvious that our elected betters and their operatives were figuratively caught with their pants down, thanks to the efforts of Julian Assange and WikiLeaks, proving that the elitist swine running this dump are no goddamn better than a bunch of gossiping schoolchildren, saying one thing in person to their counterparts and then saying another behind their backs. Now, amoral, privileged pirates like spymaster Hillary Rodham Clinton come out and cry it's "unfair" for those they cannot control to expose them for the two-faced, underhanded, rotten sonofabitches that they really are. Not to be outdone by his lesser Congressional charges, the head gangster of this coterie of elected criminals, currently President Boofer Jackanapes Obama, has claimed the right, just like a swarthy Mafioso don, to order the murder of anyone he personally deems a threat, whether they be citizen, non-citizen, friend or foe. So much for the antiquated concepts of "rights" and "due process"; now, an American President, like a wicked despot of old, can simply pick up the fucking telephone and have anyone eliminated, by having them legally hunted down and killed like an animal, brazenly ignoring such Constitutional inconveniences as the Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and Fourteenth Amendments. Considering that, I wager the next item the President of the United States will claim for himself is the "divine right of Kings", and perhaps fucking godhood after that. After perusing such stunning revelations, anyone that seriously thinks this hypocritical pack of amoral bastards deserve the level of security and secrecy they demand, is either a stupid goddamned drone, a brainwashed federal employee, or perhaps both. That said, if events keep going in the direction they are headed, an Imperial US Presidency and Congress is in the offing, like a latter day Roman Empire. I can see it all now, an American Empire, complete with Senators serving for life and with deified Presidents too, like the rotting corpse of Kim Il Sung, the "Eternal President" of North Korea.

It occurs to me readers may be asking themselves as to why Conway, as a lowly, sludge drinking, unwashed serf, has such an utter lack of respect and low opinion of my esteemed betters in government. The answers are quite simple, based on the principles this nation was founded upon. I hold this nation's leaders to a higher standard than the rest of the simians on this planet. For our "leaders" to emulate common gangsters from Capone's Chicago, albeit disguised with a "smiley face" mask, is not only disgusting, but makes a absolute mockery of the fucking Constitution, a document these elected human swine claim on the surface to uphold and defend on their "honor". Further, respect for ANYONE is EARNED, not demanded, and I have not one iota of respect for two faced, mendacious, greedy hypocrites, who consistently say one thing and do another. Having watched them in action for decades, I submit none of them are any good, period, and the sooner they are removed from office, the better. It'll be damned hard to do though - elections won't work, and those self-serving motherfuckers would slaughter half the population, in the name of "liberty and freedom" (for themselves, that is) to maintain their absolute stranglehold on power.

Enough of that meandering horseshit; it now seems that WikiLeaks is up across the board and morphing into a juggernaut, with mirror sites appearing everywhere on the planet. The more, the merrier, I always say - let's see the obsessive control freaks stop that. More horseshit is coming out regarding Julian Assange and the pair of promiscuous sluts he fucked too; the olafs in Sweden have actually come out with a straight face and stated he is being prosecuted for broken rubbers cleverly twisted by Swedish prosecutors into charges of "rape", to defame and detain the man. It is also said that the loose olaf sluts he fucked (specifically, Anna Ardin and Sofia Wilen) are "worried" about "possible STDS" they may have acquired from Assange and his chowder squirting, unbound boner that he shoved into their willing, waiting, wet cunts. Apparently, this hot pair of horny Swedish fornicatresses were obsessed with Mr. Assange, and they couldn’t control their simian libidos when in his presence. It also seems these women did not stop for even a moment to consider the possibility of receiving a bit more than simple orgasms from Assange when they got naked, spread their legs and copulated with him. I honestly find it rather strange, all of a sudden the possibilities of clap, herpes, syphilis, CMV or AIDS occurs to them now, just as WikiLeaks exposes the United States Federal Government for being staffed with legions of two faced, lying hypocrites, posing as diplomats, led by an absolutely incorrigible Secretary of State named Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Anyway, as the story now goes, Ms. Arden and Ms. Wilen, citing health concerns, tried to contact Mr. Assange so he could contact a physician and be screened for STDs, after the fact with regard to their steamy sexual encounters. So, unable to contact him, as Assange's phone was evidently turned off, they went to the local pigs and claim he raped them. Okay, what's wrong with this picture, people; does anyone reading this see the total ABSURDITY of their statements? Further, what would be the point of Assange being tested for anything, even fucking bubonic plague, considering these promiscuous twats had already had their crotches thoroughly explored by Assange's stiff, throbbing cock? Really, if they were so goddamned worried about possible infection by STD's, why didn't they simply have themselves screened by a physician and acquire therapeutic specifics? After all, medical care is completely FREE in the nation of Sweden, so they can't say they didn't get tested or treated due to the costs involved. That candid observation craters their yarn easily; I submit Arden and Wilen are common tramps and compensated liars; their contrived "testimonies" of "rape" bought and paid for by operatives of the United States Federal Government.

Moving on, Mr. Assange, apparently fearing for his life, has made available a "nuclear option" in the event he expires from a "heart attack" or something like that, thanks to our friends in upper echelons - an encrypted file labeled "insurance.aes256". It can be easily downloaded from many sources on the Internet and saved for future use by those interested, using freely available bit torrent clients.

Also, "Operation Payback" seems to be causing some real trouble for sniveling, US Federal Government lackeys PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, and, to a smaller degree, Amazon; they are also fucking with the olaf pigs and Assange's flighty, hormone driven, fornicatress accusers in Sweden. The folks of Operation Payback are flooding and crashing their servers, you see, and if anyone wants to help them, they ask for those so inclined to do so. Any interested reader can download a really neat program called Low Orbit Ion Cannon, or LOIC for short; it comes in a Zip File and can be downloaded in various forms from . The later versions of LOIC allow machines so equipped to be configured as bots via IRC, and can run in the background while the owner does other, more pressing things, like playing online games, reading the news, or surfing porn. Assisting Operation Payback in their brave and audacious venture can be considered a crime in some areas of the world, particularly the United States. So, be warned, and for Christ's sake, use anonymous proxies.



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