Wednesday, December 22, 2010

AMERICA: Land of the Pathetically STUPID and Home of the Morons

Season’s Greetings are sincerely bid to everyone reading, from your friend Conway.

I originally intended to post jaded observations with regard to McDonald's, beadrattler Mel Gibson and kike Henry Kissinger, but the incredible events of the past few days has necessitated the preemption or cancellation of that post, to be replaced by the following politically incorrect, foul-mouthed diatribe, devoted en toto to the concept of FREE SPEECH.

To start, it is readily apparent to an observer like myself that the average American citizen of today is so goddamned, motherfucking stupid that they couldn't pour piss out of a boot, with the directions written on the heel. They know nothing of the law, or of the US Constitution, or of how the US government is actually supposed to work; their IGNORANCE, if it wasn't so frightening, would actually be laughable. To refer to slackjawed, brainwashed American drones as stupid creatures is an accurate determination, as the stupid are uneducated, some born feebleminded by a quirk of genetics, others embracing stupidity by conscious, deliberate choice, as do nigger gangbangers across the nation. In fact, many of those having intellectual potential seemingly GO OUT OF THEIR WAY to remain uneducated fools; alas, a mind is a terrible thing to waste. I noted in an earlier post (for those who actually read this cynical shit) that a weak chinned, scatterbrained polock dolt once said to me that to call a nigger a "nigger", was against the law. I'd love to know where the fuck that blockheaded ski got that obtuse idea, but it does illustrate how grossly ignorant and incompetent the simians infesting America have become, especially when it comes to white bread crackers of all varieties.

That brings us to latest example of American injustice and double-standards: The arrest of Phillip R. Greaves II, a man with no criminal record of any kind, who authored a book entitled "The Pedophile’s Guide to Love and Pleasure: a Child-Lover’s Code of Conduct". Yeah, Mr. Greaves wrote that, perhaps not a book I'd be interested in perusing, but he wrote it, nevertheless. As to why Mr. Greaves wrote such a controversial tome, who the fuck knows; perhaps he did it as an entrepreneurial venture to make a few bucks from pedophiles of either gender. However, why he wrote it isn't the issue here. What IS in fact the issue is revealed in the following paragraph.

It seems that a power-mad, arrogant, sanctimonious pig named Sheriff Grady Judd, hailing from Polk County, Florida, apparently with nothing better to do other than harass people, got a hair up his ass and decided that he didn't like the idea of Mr. Greaves writing and selling a book with such a, shall I say, questionable title. So, like a crafty pig, Sheriff Judd ordered one of his oinking, donut munching underlings to purchase a copy of the book from Mr. Greaves, who resides in Pueblo, Colorado, so he could charge him with the crime of "obscenity" in FLORIDA, under the same Floridian statute that artist Mike Diana was charged (and convicted) under, in 1996. At least that's Judd's story, perhaps his real reason was to get himself a few cheap thrills from reading it. Perhaps Judd got pissed that "The Pedophile’s Guide to Love and Pleasure: a Child-Lover’s Code of Conduct" turned him on, so he decided to blame Greaves for turning him into a fucking pervert. That theory makes just about as much fucking sense as to charge a man halfway across an entire goddamned continent with a nebulous charge like "obscenity", over writing a fucking BOOK.

EARTH TO SHERIFF GRADY JUDD: Just exactly what fucking part of the term "Freedom of Speech" don't you understand? I realize from experience that the average IQ of a typical, hardnosed, jackbooted pig is only 90, but I believe it is fair to assume that, as a Sheriff, you can actually READ, and must at least be capable of comprehending what you read. The pathetic excuses "I don't approve of what Mr. Greaves has written and I find it obscene" or "Children may be hurt by his writings" will not suffice, as those are your opinions. There is nothing rooted in fact to support either of your statements, as one cannot predict the actions of another, based on the actions of still others in the past, e.g., a random selection of known pedophiles, contrasted with someone reading a book allegedly supporting pedophilia. Opinions, like moralities, are subjective determinations based on personal criteria; kindly consult the blood-drenched, despotic history of apelike mankind for factual proof of these blunt assertions. Further, you are not, and neither is anyone else, an objective arbiter of what can or cannot be classified as "obscene", as the judging of writings or depictions (as with Mike Diana's comic books) as "obscene" cannot and never can be made objectively.

That said, I candidly suggest that you mind your OWN FUCKING BUSINESS, Mr. Judd, and go back to drinking coffee, eating donuts, writing tickets, beating confessions out of prisoners, stealing money from innocent people, selling confiscated drugs, and whatever else crooked pigs amuse themselves with in Polk County, Florida.

Now for a little background on the defendant, Phillip R. Greaves II; he is an average, 47 year old male, a clearly disturbed, unkempt, unemployed, penniless whitey failure at life who claims he was a "pedophile" as a child. Yes, you read it right, this talking simian clown said he was a "pedophile" from the age of 7 until he was 15 years old, and then stopped being a "pedophile" for whatever reason. How a child can actually be a pedophile is unclear; apparently, Mr. Greaves is a literal basket case, and he clearly doesn't understand the standard definition of the noun "pedophile" at all, preferring his own definition of the word.

Emperor Hadrian and Prophet Mohammed were pedophiles, Greaves is not; he's a weirdo perhaps, but not a pedophile. What the hell, these days, you can define fire as water if you like, or sulfuric acid as ice cream; just ask whoremonger Bill Clinton, he's a master at twisting the meaning of any goddamned word in the dictionary. Further, Phillip Greaves isn't wrapped too fucking tight, and plainly states that 7-year-old boys having sex with 10-year-old girls are pedophiles. Yeah, Greaves actually said that too; next he'll say that lawn tractors, washing machines and '63 Chevys are pedophiles. I candidly wager the guy is some sort of undiagnosed masochistic fucking nut, but that vexing pathological condition shouldn't keep him from writing a goddamned book, nor should he prosecuted for selling a goddamned book - even one on pedophilia. Continuing, Greaves, apparently wanting to prove some sort of point, has duly allowed himself to be extradited from Colorado to Florida, in order to face obtuse charges of "obscenity", claiming he was "entrapped" by Sheriff Judd and his coterie of zealous, donut gobbling pigs. Apparently, Mr. Greaves is also a rather fucking stupid individual, as, in a small defense of Sheriff Judd's actions, he was not enticed nor entrapped by the Polk County Police Department to commit any alleged offense. Rather, a First Amendment defense with a competent shyster before a properly voir dired jury of his peers is a much more plausible way to assure an easy acquittal, paving the way for a hefty damage lawsuit to be directed toward Sheriff Grady Judd and the Polk County Police Department. That's what I'd use on that overreaching pig bastard Judd, but apparently, Mr. Greaves has other plans. Perhaps, as a masochist, he simply enjoys pain and welcomes being imprisoned as a method of getting free meals.

Sheriff Grady Judd of Polk County, for whatever it's worth, totally agrees that Mr. Greaves is indeed a pedophile, clearly showing that he is either a very stupid individual, or a devotee of the "William J. Clinton" method of variably defining modern English words. He also is taking the extreme liberty of comparing Mr. Greaves' book with the idea of someone threatening to "kill the president"; how he arrived at this idiotic conclusion escapes me. Anyway, now the legal system of Polk County Florida is going to waste thousands of dollars in taxpayer funds on a ridiculous trial of a clearly self-tortured, maladjusted oddball who seemingly belongs on a psychiatrist's couch or an institution, rather than a courtroom; I swear to Christ, justice is not only blind, it is absolutely fucking stupid.

Now, after reading all this, dear reader, please don't be a prejudicial, bigoted asshole, getting your fucking blood pressure all awry by thinking for even one moment that I am attempting to defend pedophiles or pedophilia, which I am not defending and never will defend. On the contrary, I, unlike most of the cringing sissies living in the US, actually think that pedophiles and rapists should be killed, personally preferring slow, prolonged physical torture of the condemned as the applied method of execution. What I am defending is the right of ANYONE to write or say ANYTHING they want to, as long as it is NOT considered a direct threat to ANYONE in particular. You see, the law already covers the idea of threats to personal safety, including the safety of narcissistic eightball presidents, you know, the "fire in a theater" allusion, decided way back in the late 19th century or thereabouts. That aside, Mr. Greaves' idiotic book may seem rather unsavory to most folks upon reading the title, myself included, but who fucking cares about that, a prospective reader, like Sheriff Grady Judd, has to go through the trouble to buy it from him, and Mr. Greaves is not forcing anyone to read his "offensive and obscene" scrawlings. What we have here is a "slippery slope" so to speak, blatantly leading to literal censorship of "unapproved" writings, depictions, or speech. Where exactly does one draw the line when it comes to "obscene" or "offensive" compositions or utterances? You know the saying - one man's trash is another man's treasure, just as Playboy, the Bible, Andrew Dice Clay's foulmouthed monologues, Piss Christ, Trilby, Sarah Silverman's videos, The Satanic Verses, Hustler Magazine or the Moslem Koran are either forms of art, sacred writings, or wanton obscenities. All are variously condemned, laughed at, agreed with or revered by disparate groups across the goddamned planet, dependent upon the personal, subjective worldviews of those exposed to any of the preceding examples.

As for myself, I personally find injunctions to murder people in the Koran disgusting, offensive and obscene, as I find incest in the Bible disgusting, offensive and obscene, as I find Mohammed's pedophilia, as recorded in the Hadiths, disgusting, offensive and obscene. Not to mention the arbitrary, bloodthirsty, megalomaniacal gods that are referenced to and endlessly praised within the Koran, the Bible, or the Hebrew Torah, also known as the Pentateuch. Perhaps I should call up Sheriff Grady Judd and suggest that he go about arresting the twisted, offensive people who sell or purchase these books, as such volumes may in fact induce a reader to murder someone, or perhaps fuck their sister, or even rape helpless children. Today, unlike Mr. Greaves' "obscene" book, there is a "children's book" readily available on, titled "Heather Has Two Mommies", this tome describing a "pleasant family situation" involving a pair of cuntlicking dykes raising a brat as if it were considered a normative. Where's sanctimonious pig Grady Judd when it comes to that "obscene" composition? Nowhere to be found, evidently, so I guess bull dyke lumberjacks, promiscuous, cross dressing, AIDS infected cocksuckers and perhaps even devotees of bestiality, of either gender, raising America's children to maturity, is completely fine in selectively moralizing Sheriff Judd's view, as long as they're not pedophiles too.

On the other hand, perhaps the reader should call up Sheriff Grady Judd over kindly old Conway, due to the fact that I endlessly call my fellow hairless simians whiteys, niggers, or gooks, and I use foul, mean-spirited words like motherfucker, cunt, sonofabitch, bastard, fuck, cock, and piss. Further, I call the President of the United States a fan eared eightball, an arrogant nigger, and a narcissistic pseudo intellectual, mulatto shitskin with delusions of grandeur. What the fuck, I'd call Barack Hussein Obama any of that, in person, right to his goddamned face, on national television mind you, not that I'll ever get the chance to, unfortunately, as in their eyes I'm just an ancient, hateful, offensive, misanthropic "crackpot" who enjoys the fine art of writing in the most utterly offensive prose that I possibly can. Hell, I even call our "honorable" elected Congressional officials greedy, power-mad criminals, as all of them are little more than smiling, two faced, cheating, glad-handing liars, corrupt, overpaid gangsters, dope fiends, whoremongers, high priced whores, cocksuckers, and drunks. I plainly compare them to Mafiosi like Lucky Luciano or Al Capone, though, defending the latter two, they were at least honest criminals, and didn't even try to hide what they really were.

Not stopping there, I repeatedly employ blasphemous profanities directed toward absurd, worthless, middle eastern belief systems, disgusted at those who give any credence to the inane superstition composed by drug addled primitives or delusional, convulsing epileptics. I continually go out of my way to use and shall continue to use "uncomplimentary" phrases like "goddamn", "shitkicker Allah", "Jeebus", "Jesus Fucking Christ" and I candidly refer to all of mankind's "impotent, non-existent gods" as the imaginary HOGWASH myths that they truly are, like a modern day Critias on steroids. Along with all that, I bluntly call homosexuals faggots, queers, cocksuckers, cunt lickers, peter puffers, and butch dykes. Why do I define and refer to all of the above using such terms? Because, aside from their contrived facades or whitewashed depictions, that's EXACTLY what they fucking ARE, and when anyone tells people the TRUTH about themselves, those so identified usually don't like others who dare to expose them before the unwashed, stupid, drone like masses.

Just look at the story of Jesus Christ, as recorded in the New Testament Gospels. Jesus, by most accounts I've read, was a relatively harmless, though clearly delusional, spiritually inclined man who truthfully told the Hebrew Pharisees and Sadducees that they were materialistic, corrupt hypocrites, bound straight for the bowels of hell in anyone's book. For that terrible, though absolutely accurate observation, the Hebrew High Priests had Jesus beaten senseless and murdered via crucifixion, badgering and twisting the arm of a Roman governor named Pontius Pilate for legal sanction to dispose of Jesus, the offensive, mean-spirited preacher from Nazareth. Today, sheenies, also referred to as Christkillers, obfuscate the issue, stating that the terrible Romans were solely responsible for the slaughter of Mr. Christ; when it is recorded that clearly hateful, mean-spirited, swarthy hooknoses occupying Jerusalem were in fact the ones that wished him dead, stating, "Let his blood be on our hands, and on the hands of our children". Don't blame me people, read the fucking New Testament for yourself, that's what it SAYS; hebes are clearly implicated as the prime culprits in this utterly appalling miscarriage of justice, perpetrated upon Jesus Christ, King of the Jews. As with Jesus, persecutions of those considered a threat to those in power continues to this very day, just look at Mr. Julian P. Assange, of WikiLeaks fame.

Enough of that tangent; for years I have watched this society, indeed, the world at large, go from at least the semblance of sane civilization, to a graphic, worldwide insane asylum composed of politically correct "secular puritans", like those of Sweden, contrasted with murderous Moslem religious fanatics, along with legions of hypocritical, arrogant bastards of whatever faith, whose foremost mantra seems to be "Do as I say, not as I do". Just look at typical American Roman Catholics, like the rotting, putrescent corpse of Senator Edward Moore Kennedy, who when alive supported the idea of slaughtering the unborn via abortion, when the head pedophile of his laughable, corrupt church repeatedly stated that abortion is in fact a sin before their god. "Gay Christians" are another prime example; cocksucking (by men that is) is expressly forbidden and condemned as "sin" in the Christian Bible, specifically in Leviticus, but that doesn't stop assfucking cocksuckers from going to church, and even preaching to congregations as "pastors", leading brain-dead flocks composed of drooling, delusional Christian idiots. Hell, most of those claiming to be Christians have never even read the fucking Bible, so such oxymoronic situations are not surprising in the least.

Back to "freedom of speech" and its continual erosion by cunning, power mad, amoral despotic bastards who are absolutely determined to tell their lowly subjects what to say, write and even fucking THINK. Years ago, a small Coloradoan publishing concern called Paladin Press was sued by shyster rhetoricians representing some greedy niggers from Maryland. Paladin Press was sued for printing and selling a silly paperback book entitled "Hit Man: A Technical Manual for Independent Contractors". You can even read it free of charge online if you like; consider it a "Christmas present", to those so interested, from me. Here's a link to use:  It seems a felonious jailbird eightball named James Perry was hired by another jig named Lawrence T. Horn to kill one Mildred Horn, his wife, their disabled son, Trevor, and a nurse named Janice Saunders. Yes, you read it correctly, a stupid, wannabe moolie hit man bought a paperback book, written for the hell of it by a Floridian housewife under the pseudonym of "Rex Feral" so he could "learn" how to kill three other hapless niggers as a "hit man". Apparently Mr. Perry was either too fucking stupid to learn much from the book, as he was quickly caught by the pigs after making his "hit", or the book was a hoax, which it was, or perhaps even both are true - which it actually is. Anyway, to make a long, tedious story short, swarthy, hook nosed, shyster lawyers claimed that the book "Hit Man" and the publisher Paladin Press, were responsible for the actions of James Perry, the adjudicated murderer of the three niggers, noted above. Yeah, Paladin is responsible for the actions of James Perry, and I'm Napoleon Bonaparte, loaded guns wander around all by themselves, murdering people, money can commit crimes, and now, books kill people, or can even induce individuals to commit pedophilia. WHERE is the PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY HERE? It's fucking ridiculous, according to the law, inanimate objects like books are now considered silent accomplices to cold-blooded murderers. People are madder than hatters these days - it must be something in the goddamned air or perhaps the water; I honestly expect that some elected, overpaid Congressional moron will attempt to repeal the law of fucking gravity next, perhaps going as far as to introduce a bipartisan bill on Capitol Hill to save people from the unfair indignity of being injured or killed in a fall.

Anyone capable of critical thinking can easily see that the United States and the rest of the Western World are no longer free societies, all rapidly degenerating into moribund, legalistic dictatorship POLICE STATES, ruled by privileged cadres of power mad, zealous, hypocritical control freaks. Their enforcers, the pigs, go about arresting little children for "sexual harassment" or "bullying", their judges convict 19 year old men who fuck their 16 year old girlfriends as "pedophiles", and now, a man from Colorado, Phillip R. Greaves II, has been arrested by zealous pigs from FLORIDA for writing a silly motherfucking BOOK. Where will it end; societies that arrest people for writing books are NOT free societies by any goddamned measure of the word, despite carefully crafted Goebbelsian propaganda promulgated otherwise. For example, in the past, "free" nations, that is, nations that called themselves free nations on parchment, like Hitler's Nazi Germany, Stalin's USSR, and Mao's "Peoples Republic of China" banned and burned books that they did not want their subjects reading. These "enlightened, progressive societies" also had people ARRESTED for composing and disseminating written information not approved by the ruling megalomaniacs, and sent those so charged off to remote prisons where they were either worked to death or slaughtered in the most unspeakable of ways. Is it a return to that atrocious form of governance that the Western World is now headed to? If so, welcome to the fucking dark ages people – hope you enjoy the toboggan ride.

Oh yes, and Merry Fucking Christmas to all, that is if anyone can actually manage such a thing in this dying, insane hellhole; I suppose some dour Christian fundie, looney raghead, hooknosed kike or militant atheist may find my Yuletide wishes offensive to their itty bitty sensitive goddamned feelings. If you do, kindly kiss my motherfucking ass, close the page, and move on.




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