Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Utter Goebbelsian Propaganda, Now Direct to You Via the Internet

Dr. Paul Joseph Goebbels, Ph.D

Conway here. Gold, silver and oil are up, so is the Dow, the dollar's wallowing at 1.40 and a bit versus the Euro. Just wait until the head sheenie Bernanke rolls out QE 2.0, after that, who fucking knows?

Wading through pools of hip deep bullshit on the Google news feeds, I happened upon a laughable article originally entitled Six Terrorists Inspired by Fox News and Glenn Beck, written by a hand wringing, four-eyed honky humanoid named Jim Edwards of BNET, an individual who seems more a legend in his own mind than anything else.

Jim Edwards of BNET

I had never even heard of this joker until I read his silly article, which was little more than supercharged liberal spin; his screed actually attempting to blame Glenn Beck and FOX news for the actions of a group of misanthropic criminals, some of them fiendish murderers, others simply having threatened mayhem, for which they too were prosecuted.

Now don't be a bigoted ass and think I have any use for simpering Glenn Beck or the goddamned FOX News channel. Glenn Beck is a boring, fraudulent, "conservative" ACTOR who whines, cries and blubbers on cue, and FOX is a thinly disguised outlet for blatant right wing propaganda, albeit with damn good looking broads cast as reporters of a sort. However, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS and NBC, along with good old NPR, are government-sanctioned outlets for blatant LEFT wing propaganda, complete with woefully ugly broads cast as reporters of a sort. Further, like a distorted mirror of Glenn Beck, the old, wrinkled ugly cunts babbling on "The View" are programmed rhetoricians who constantly BLEAT the left wing line without respite.

As you can see, this invective filled diatribe isn't even remotely starting off in the way you imagined. I have no use for television at all and I avoid it as much as possible, due to TV being nothing but an electronic propaganda machine promoted by the all invasive government at large; a one-eyed, 24 hour bitchbox used to jam their slanted, subjective worldview down the people's goddamned throats. Television, originally a device intended for the entertainment and education of the masses, has evolved into an Orwellian telescreen - totally devoted to brainwashing the addled populace with senseless, unimportant garbage like sports figures, the lives of airheaded Hollywood whores, their latest stiff pricked paramours, drunken, drug addicted, annoying "socialites", and propagandistic cartoons for conditioning the kiddies. All of this trash is punctuated on occasion by slanted, editorialized "news" commentary made by overwhelmingly liberal talking heads like the dogfaced old twat Katie Couric, stoic automatons like Keith Olbermann or self impressed shitheads like Chris Matthews, each mindlessly speaking the current government approved line in unison.

Have you ever wondered why the Federal government was so concerned that everyone procure a RF converter box so they could continue to watch TV after the digital switchover? They went out of their goddamn way to offer discount coupons for everyone, so their devoted lemmings could continue to be hypnotized by the idiotic flotsam floating across the boob-tube - with the head junglebunny Obama even extending analog television broadcasts for several months via executive fucking order!

Back to the obvious liberal hack named Jim Edwards, he claims that six "terrorists", i.e., Charles Alan Wilson, Byron Williams, Jim David Adkisson, Richard Andrew Poplawski, James W. Von Brunn and Gregory Lee Giusti were inspired by joker Beck and the hot dripping cunts on FOX news. I imagine the simple bastard doesn't realize that everyone is responsible for his or her own actions; no, who am I kidding, he knows that all too well. He simply wanted to pull six loser cracker misanthropes out of a bag and depict them as "outcast whitey males brainwashed by shithead Beck and evil FOX news". Yeah right; I submit to the reader that Mr. Edwards is little more than an amateur Goebbelsian propagandist intent on promoting the left wing worldview at ANY COST, even if it appears obtuse. Anyone with an IQ over 85 should be able to see through such reaching, contrived horseshit; problem is, when the media endlessly repeats the same line, fools will undoubtedly become convinced of the validity of the lie, if only because they are tired of hearing it.

Illustrating just how damn clumsy Edwards' ludicrous thesis is, I can just as easily come up with six brainwashed individuals who were apparently inspired by the endless left wing propaganda uttered by Barack Obama, Albert Gore, William Clinton, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC and NPR. Get this, these liberal inspired loonies and murderers slaughtered 31 fucking people, and wounded at least 32 more, a lot more than the paltry six killed and two wounded mentioned in Edwards' inane, beyond the pale hatchet piece.

For your perusal, my examples:

1) Omar S. Thornton, a blue-gummed, nigger truck driver, blamed evil, monkey-suited crackers for his sorry lot in life, as is constantly repeated, endlessly, by left-wing media hacks on CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC and NPR. Omar, convinced of the utter validity of their heart wrenching reports, took matters into his own hands, killing eight unarmed honky "racists" and wounding two others in a fit of childish rage. He told the pigs over the horn that the "raciss" whiteys called him a nigger, so that gave him the right to kill all those terrible fucking crackers. Alas, the pigs disagreed with Omar's observation, which probably offended Omar's itty-bitty shitty feelings, but that's another story. Mr. Thornton actually slaughtered all those hapless whiteys because his bosses caught him with his hand in the cookie jar, so to speak; he having stolen a case of beer, recorded on CAMERA, for Christ's sake! Perhaps he stole the beer to impress his honky girlfriend that he must have hated so much, considering she was a "raciss" whitey and so forth, but that's another story too. Luckily, this piece of craven, murderous humanoid shit killed himself after the pigs said they were coming to take out his murderous black ass, saving Connecticut taxpayers millions of dollars, not to mention saving the pigs some ammunition and bothersome paperwork.

Omar S. Thornton

2) James J. Lee, a crazy environmentalist gook that tried to kill a bunch of people with a  bomb at Discovery Channel's headquarters in Maryland. Lee, originally an annoying, albeit harmless Jehovah's Witness, had heard the dark Gospel of charlatan Albert Gore, a professional liar, whoremonger and non-scientist who thinks he knows everything about how to "save" Earth - by forcing people to pay HIM billions of dollars for his miraculous "carbon tax" credits. CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC and NPR evangelize the airwaves with the Good News of Gore's Old Time Gospel Show, telling everyone the sky is falling, day in and day out. Anyway, the "scales were removed" from Lee's formerly blind eyes and he saw the light, making himself at first an royal pain in the ass for the folks at Discovery Channel HQ, and later a delusional, brainwashed maniac who endangered the lives of innocent people there. All of this terror occurred thanks to that wealthy, silver tongued, baldheaded FRAUD Albert Gore and his flock of true believers at CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC and NPR, that constantly promote his unqualified babblings as truth. Luckily, the pigs actually did something good for a change and blew that crazy, dour, slant-eyed motherfucker away, with no harm coming to his hapless hostages. His rapid removal from our inexplicable existence also saved Maryland taxpayers millions of dollars, though Lee’s antics did cost them the time, fuel and resources of the pigs sent there to kill him, together with the cost of one bullet.

James J. Lee

3) Major Nidal Malik Hasan of the US Army, a batshit crazy Moslem raghead who worships shitkicker Allah, a non-existent "god" invented in the seventh century CE by a murderous, sandnigger child molester by the name of Mohammed. Shouting Allāhu Akbar and blundering around like the fucking Terminator at Fort Hood, Texas, Hasan killed 13 people and wounded 30 others, most of them unarmed due to a stupid goddamned rule on military bases (enacted under perjerous whoremonger Clinton's watch) prohibiting servicemen from carrying sidearms on military bases. Anyway, this loony fucking raghead slaughtered whiteys, gooks, pregnant spics, and even wounded some jigs; it seemed that he didn't give a fuck who he shot, as they were all "infidels" anyway, scheming, evil kafirs working for the "Great Satan" to defeat Allah's minions. As the cyborg-like Terminator/Hasan was occupied pumping slugs into another unarmed, fleeing soldier, a lady pig named Sergeant Kimberly D. Munley arrived and pumped a slug into Hasan, who in turn pumped three slugs into Munley. Then another pig, Sergeant Mark Todd walked in; together he and the wounded Munley filled Hasan's rotten falafel munching ass full of holes. Unfortunately, the fanatical Islamic bastard didn't die, but he is paralyzed from the waist down. As another example of pigs actually doing something good for a change, they did manage to stop Hasan's murder spree, though I would reprimand them severely for not killing that sandnigger piece of shit, and my damning report of their combined dereliction of duty would go on their permanent records.

Major Nidal Malik Hasan

You know, I'll bet that Moslem cocksucker would try to sue the pigs for injuring him if he could actually find a willing shyster to file the briefs. Major Hasan has yet to be tried via court-martial, though I don't for the fucking life of me know why they are even bothering. Hasan the Fanatical Moslem Terminator is guilty as all hell; they should dispense with the court martial, tie an anchor to his paralyzed Moslem ass and throw him off a fucking bridge to drown.

Oh yes, and always remember, slackjawed lemming: Moslems are kind, peaceful folks that have red blood too, and only want to practice their peaceful, innocuous religion of Islam, as duly reported, constantly, by our truthful friends at CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC and NPR. Silly me, I guess that’s why Moslems kill people in the name of shitkicker Allah, because they are so goddamned, motherfucking peaceful.

4) Harlan James Drake, an utterly stupid looking, bearded, tattooed, fat tub of shit left-wing cracker from Michigan. He got a hair up his ass and slaughtered two people, one an anti abortion activist and another a businessman. Drake was "offended" by anti-abortion literature, you see; I suppose successful businessmen offended him, too. He was hunting for a third victim but the pigs collared him and dragged his lily-white ass off in a paddy wagon to the local hoosegow. Wasting the time of judges, jurors, bailiffs and lawyers, Mr. Drake was later tried and sentenced to life in prison, which is one hell of a lot better than the cold blooded executions he sentenced his murdered victims to. I say the pigs should have simply killed his worthless, fat, tattooed ass to save time and effort, but go figure.

Harlan James Drake

Oh well, as people are evidently easily “inspired” by whatever they watch or hear, I submit that Mr. Drake learned to be offended and kill people for his being offended by watching endless hours of CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, and NBC, or perhaps spent his spare time listening to NPR. These caring, left wing networks always tell the absolute truth you see, unlike the evil, uncaring FOX News, airing the tragic news of kindly, devoted abortion physicians and scores of nurses slaughtered every day in the United States by hateful, mean spirited, intolerant abortion protesters.

5) Reginald and Jonathan Carr, a pair of loathsome eight balls who coldly murdered five white-bread honkys of both sexes in Kansas. They raped, beat, tortured, robbed, and finally slaughtered their defenseless victims, apparently because Reggie and Jon were so motherfucking underprivileged, according to the empty talking heads depicted on CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, and NPR. These talking hominid savages are now enjoying their lives in quiet solitude on death row, which means we'll be feeding and clothing their evil black asses for free - for at least 20 fucking years. I'll tell you this, those murderous, monstrous moolies are getting a lot better than I'd give 'em - my duly adjudicated sentence for both would have been immediate DEATH by "justified buttfucking", courtesy of triple life, musclebound jailhouse queers.

Reginald and Jonathan Carr

6) Rodolfo Godinez, an illegal alien mestizo greaser and MS-13 gang member, who, along with 5 other spics, murdered three hapless niggers who were simply minding their own fucking business at a schoolyard in New Jersey. This talking simian got 200 years for his manly act of hacking and shooting a trio of unarmed coons, which means we'll be clothing and feeding his spic ass for free, for the rest of his worthless goddamned life. As he more then likely couldn’t speak English worth a shit, he probably only listened to NPR – in SPANISH, of course!

Rodolfo Godinez

Liberals and their facilitators spend a lot of time intimating that conservatives are evil, jackbooted nazis, trigger happy gun nuts and honky racists from the fucking Ku Klux Klan, who are going to kill the wonderful liberals, spooks, spics and slopes, after taking them away to concentration camps at gunpoint. The devoted viewers of CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC and NPR ARE the gunmen WHO HAVE KILLED those with whom they disagree, 31 in all from the five murderers listed above. The silly gook Lee doesn't count, as he only terrorized people, though he did threaten to kill them, much like several listed in Mr. Edwards' article. (And note how it's servicemen/women and monkey-suited crackers who are mostly taking bullets from the liberal media's viewers.)

I'm not saying CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC and NPR support cold blooded, self-pitying, fanatical TERRORIST KILLERS, I'm saying CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC and NPR INSPIRE them.



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