Sunday, November 7, 2010

Our Esteemed "Betters"

I will never cease to be amazed at the elitist arrogance of the contemporary "leaders" ruling this decadent, bankrupt pigsty called the United States. Not that earlier soft-palmed hominids were any fucking better, but some of these megalomaniacs make their predecessors look like the most benevolent leaders that ever lived. Such is the focus of this terse and vitriolic diatribe; while perusing the virtual dumpster of the Google news feeds over the past weeks, I recall several articles illustrating the detached, malignant narcissism and utter arrogance of the top-dog eightball, otherwise known as Barack Obama.

This inexperienced, condescending, fan-eared, smooth talking porchmonkey is so goddamned impressed with his own delusional self-importance and pseudo-intellect that it is beyond fucking belief. I've seen legions of conceited, self-absorbed assholes in my day, but I've never seen anyone more aloof and utterly in love with himself than Barack Hussein Obama. Rather than admit that he, like everyone else, is fallible, he chastises and berates his lowly "subjects", claiming they simply don't understand his grandiose, perfect vision of the world, blaming everyone, other than himself, for his utter failure and obvious unsuitability as a leader.

Case in point: Obama had the unmitigated audacity before the election to cynically pontificate that voters had become "irrational" out of "fear" and that they were more inclined to vote for Republicans because they were "scared". Notice that not one bit of blame goes to him or his obtuse policies, as he is so much more intelligent, visionary and logical that the rest of we lowly, ignorant mortals. Evidently, according to this arrogant jig, the people should abandon their principles and embrace him as their true and only messiah - who will lead us to the promised land of milk and honey total bankruptcy. Really, who the fuck does this delusional, motherfucking bastard think he is - a fusion of Jesus Christ and Sigmund Freud?

Obama, the infallible, diarrhea-mouthed eightball, is never at a loss for words, even blurting out such lead balloons like, "We don’t mind the Republicans joining us. They can come for the ride, but they gotta sit in back.” What a clueless, self-serving, verbalizing simian; not only is he a condescending sack of shit, without his teleprompter, most everything he utters is a complete fuck up, with worshipful sycophants in the media immediately going to "damage control" mode, telling everyone that Dumbo the top coon didn't say what he actually SAID. I swear to fucking Christ, if I didn't know better, I'd think today's "journalists" graduated from the University of Goebbels!

That brings to mind an aging cracker broad named Kellyanne Conway (no relation, her clan hates sludge, even the mention of it). Not a bad looking bitch either. I'd drill her, but she'd say no, so I guess I'd just jerk off to a photo of her instead. That would be a chore in itself, considering I have arthritis and chronic gonorrhea. Anyway, in 2008, she was virtually crucified by the left-wing media as a "racist" for remarking, "This is what he's (asshole McCain) doing behind the scenes now while Hillary and Obama argue about whether she should let him sit on the back of the bus of her presidential ticket, or he argues whether or not she lied us into war in 2002." That aside for a moment, have you ever noticed that John McCain looks like the human personification of a gerbil?

Everybody and anybody in all forms of media vilified Kellyanne Conway as an "insensitive racist" for comparing the nigger politician Obama to the jigs ordered to "the back of the bus", before the "civil rights" horseshit of the 1960's. In another brief tangent, we never needed divisive "civil rights" legislation, that is if the governments of the various states actually followed what was already written in the fucking Constitution! Take time to READ the First through Fourteenth Amendments. I candidly submit that the tools were already there for use, without any further, pandering legislation being necessary.

Not that I have any real use for Republicans, which I don't, but the glaring double standards Democrats have employed for at least the past two decades proves they feel exempt from their own implemented politically correct line, and dismiss the American electorate as a drooling cadre of fucking simpletons who will swallow anything these amoral, power mad rhetoricians say. On the last point Democrats are probably correct, sad to say, that's what gives them the advantage over the silly, delusional fools who call themselves Republicans. Further, the ever so polite, idiotic Republicans never fight fire with fire, as I would do in taking them on, pointing out obvious corrupt, two-faced, lying charlatans like Obama, Biden, Clinton, Pelosi, Reid, and of course, the ever-entertaining, lisping cocksucker Barney Fag, oh, sorry, I mean Barney Frank.

Then we have Obama's simpering, dimwitted sidekick, Joseph Biden, a brain-dead cracker loudmouth who looks just as fucking stupid as he sounds. When told of the disaffection of his party with the reckless policies of the head ape, this baldheaded white bread piece of shit told his lesser charges to "stop whining". I don't know how the fuck that pathetically ignorant, tactless, grade-A asshole was ever elected to anything; let alone making it to the goddamned Vice-Presidency. Go figure; I've seen turds often float to the top of a commode, I suppose that simple fact explains Biden's success as a politician.

Whitey Joseph Biden’s clearly insulting remark toward his supporters simply proves the American people of any stripe are no more important to these elitist bastards, both Democrat and Republican, than common serfs - to be used, lied to, or even killed if any of us get in their way. Get over it, that is exactly how all of them look at the "common subjects" of this now terminal nation. Just ask Harry Reid of Nevada; the very people he loves to insult just returned his arrogant, elitist ass to the Senate, where he can continue to fuck the people and line his pockets with more lucre.

Sadly, reader, I submit that the United States of America, judging from the apparently incurable stupidity of the overall electorate, is getting exactly what it DESERVES.

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