Sunday, November 14, 2010

Elizabeth Smart and True Justice


Conway here, again presenting jaded commentary on the follies of the superstitious, ignorant, savage, apelike creature that calls itself man. Though I am a cynical, mean, callous old bastard with a heart of basalt, there are times when even I am surprised at the continuing bad behavior of my fellow hairless simians, otherwise known as humans, living on this tiny ball of rock in the middle of nowhere, otherwise known as Earth.

That blunt observation brings us to the utterly dreadful case of Ms. Elizabeth Smart, a plainly superstitious, though not altogether bad looking white bread Mormon broad of 23, who was kidnapped from her own fucking bedroom at age 14 by a bearded, drunken cracker piece of shit named Brian David Mitchell. It seems to be an unwritten rule that nearly all weirdoes of whatever type are identified by police and media using three names, i.e., "Christian name", middle and last name, this odd trend apparently having started in late 1963 with Mr. Lee Harvey Oswald, the man who allegedly blew away JFK. Notable exceptions to the above stated rule include the queer Milwaukee murderer/cannibal/necrophiliac Jeffrey Dahmer, and rapist/murderer/necrophiliac Theodore "Ted" Bundy.

Mr. Mitchell, evidently a Mormon of sorts, known by some in Salt Lake City as "prophet" Emmanuel, had an accomplice - his loving wife, a honky creature named Wanda Barzee. Wanda is an utterly disgusting, wrinkled, ugly old cunt whose hideous face would probably gag maggots if they were capable of perceiving such a revolting countenance. Fucking mud fences are much more attractive to look at; perhaps being a complete human failure and having to look at Barzee's horrific visage day in and day out drove Brian Mitchell to commit the atrocious acts perpetrated on the person of Ms. Smart, but I guess that's another story. Anyway, this fanatical misfit abducted Ms. Smart, which was only the beginning of a grueling, nine-month ordeal for the abductee. Duly noted horrors include a forced "marriage" of Smart to Mitchell, that grotesque farce conducted by the drooling, stiff pricked psychopath himself, probably as a dubious excuse to rationalize and self-legitimize his later plans for her. Clad in only a simple robe he forced her to wear for the "marriage ceremony", Ms. Smart then had to endure repeated forcible rapes by Mitchell, a depraved, drunken, babbling freak old enough to be her goddamned father.

Mitchell, you see, was a self-styled Mormon "prophet", a latter day Mohammed so it seems, who evidently never read his Book of Mormon, or perhaps conveniently forgot what he read in it. Same goes for the Bible apparently, considering the despicable bastard seemingly went out of his way to violate many of the tenets put forth in the aforementioned books. Brian Mitchell was and is a thief, a liar, a rapist and yes, an adulterer; these acts violate several of the Ten Commandments so revered by Mormons, Christians and Jews. Mr. Mitchell also liberally employed foul language when conversing with his fellows and swore like a goddamned, motherfucking sailor. Oh well, I submit he is a typical hypocrite, which is a very common quality indeed among those who consider themselves religious people - I've met scores of them in my travels. Mitchell, threatening Ms. Smart and her family with death, also forced her to get drunk and view pornographic movies, along with forcing her and his cunt wife Wanda to live like filthy, homeless street urchins outside Salt Lake City. All of these distasteful events were punctuated by rambling, self-promoting, nonsensical homilies from Mitchell, who never seemed to tire of talking about himself.

Elizabeth Smart was abducted at knifepoint by "prophet" Brian Mitchell on June 5, 2002, and was finally freed from the clutches of that depraved, psychotic bastard on March 12, 2003. Naturally, as usual with all pigs, when initially informed of the situation, the Salt Lake City pigs immediately suspected her father, Ed Smart, wasting valuable time, taxpayer money and effort, not to mention defaming the man's name before the entire fucking nation. You see, the pigs were trying to pin his daughter Elizabeth's disappearance on him so they could be seen by the drone like masses as doing their job, when in reality they were just a pack of lazy, donut munching bastards who wanted to "solve" the crime in the easiest way possible - by frying her goddamned father. When that carefully laid, draconian plan didn't work, as old man Smart passed the interrogations, polygraphs, and probable rubber hose threats with flying colors, the pigs went on to plan B.

Like the fucking Keystone Kops, they pursued a silly 26 year old dope fiend named Bret Michael Edmunds across the country to West Virginia; where said dope fiend Edmunds was languishing in a hospital due to a drug overdose - please note the "weirdo" three-name identification. After wasting more time and many thousands of dollars in taxpayer funds, which included paying stoic, robot like FBI agents to tow off and search a clunker Saturn, plan B proved a red herring. So, undaunted by their latest failure, the Salt Lake City pigs went on to plan C, turning their attentions to a known criminal named Richard Ricci, who was being held in the local hoosegow on felony burglary charges. Where the pigs got the lame brained idea that a common thief was also a moonlighter in the field of kidnapping, I'll never know, but that turned out to be a dead end as well, as Ricci, no matter how hard they tried, would not confess that he had done anything when it came to the missing person of Elizabeth Smart.

Regardless of his steadfast denials, even the ugly bitch Nancy Grace of CNN got involved in the situation, haranguing in her utterly arrogant, know-it-all, snide way that Ricci was the culprit and had in fact murdered her! Mr. Ricci conveniently died of a cerebral hemorrhage while in prison and was summarily crossed off the "active" list of suspects, apparently due to his being dead, though the pigs and Nancy Grace still figured he was their man, dead or not, as he was a thief, so why not a kidnapper too? How Ricci managed to have his brain hemorrhage while in jail is a matter of speculation; I suppose he "fell down" and hit his head or something. Still speculating, rubber hoses are not known for causing strokes, though batons, or perhaps being thrown repeatedly against concrete walls by hard nosed pigs and sadistic jailhouse screws can cause such a life-threatening life-extinguishing condition. After all, Richard Ricci had been convicted years earlier for attempting to kill a pig named Mike Hill, so I imagine the boys in blue may have been getting some "payback", so to speak. His widow, Angela Ricci, did get 150 grand from the Utah Department of Corrections, so there is definitely something amiss with regard to Ricci's untimely demise. She tried to sue the pigs too, but was thwarted in her attempt by a Federal Judge.

Anyway, the pigs shrugged, threw up their hands and went back to writing tickets, harassing people, drinking coffee and eating donuts. Perhaps the Smart case was becoming boring for them and they found better, more interesting cases to pursue. Who the fuck knows, but the ordeal of Elizabeth Smart, the pigs totally clueless of her predicament, continued for nine long months, she a prisoner at the hands of the depraved, unsought, religion-babbling rapist Brian David Mitchell.

Time went on, and in October of 2002, Smart's younger sister Mary Katherine suddenly remembered that the voice of the kidnapper sounded much like the voice of a sometime laborer, panhandler and religious nut case she knew as "Emmanuel". Short on "social skills", the callous pigs dismissed her remarks as the fantasies of a stupid child that missed her sister. This arrogant determination of course infuriated Elizabeth's parents, and rightfully so I might add, who then accused the pigs of dragging their feet, which they, judging from the evidence, in fact were. Apparently getting only condescending lip service from the lazy pigs, the elder Smarts decided to take matters into their own hands, employing a sketch artist to depict suspected abductor "Emmanuel". This sketch was then shown to the public on "America's Most Wanted", a television program hosted by a dude named Mr. John Walsh, whose six year old son was murdered in 1981 by a vicious bastard named Ottis Toole, the sidekick of another one-eyed, toothless, murderous fucking freak named Henry Lee Lucas.

What a wonderful society we live in; would you believe that, as a dark harbinger of the future, the pigs too suspected John Walsh was involved in the disappearance of his child? And I thought I was a cynical bastard - it's enough to make you fucking puke. Jackbooted, sadistic pigs of the past 40 years or thereabouts are so goddamned lazy, arrogant, stupid and clueless that it boggles the fucking mind. Every time someone shows up dead or missing - the pigs nearly always initially accuse elder male family members as the perpetrators, some pigs literally going out of their goddamned way to do so.

Recall John Ramsey, father of JonBenét Ramsey. Mr. Ramsey was, for years, the number one suspect by most of the pigs occupying their donut strewn pigsty in Boulder, Colorado. Only after DNA evidence conclusively PROVED that Mr. Ramsey (and his deceased wife Patricia) had nothing to do with the death of his daughter, did they relent, without apology, of course - the lousy fucking bastards.

So much for the bullshit of "innocent until proven guilty" and other window dressing for the American police state. On a tangent, if a suspected individual in a crime is so goddamned "innocent until proven guilty" why then do the authorities JAIL practically all the supposed "innocent" suspects until their trial, in lieu of bail they cannot afford in most cases? Why, because innocent until proven guilty is a fucking lie, plain and simple. It's time people realize that in any supposed infraction the pigs accuse an individual of, they are GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT, period. Conversely, if a crooked pig, or their facilitators, crooked, power mad, wealthy politicians, or perhaps rich Hollywood trash or famous sports figures commit any crime, it is often covered up, or the blame is conveniently moved to a lesser "patsy" type individual who cannot defend themselves. That is, unless the fucking bastards are literally caught with the blood on their hands, or perhaps not even then, as in the cases of dead, drunken, rich mick Senator Edward Moore Kennedy, or the sports figure/actor/nigger/armed robber OJ Simpson.

Returning to the subject of this diatribe, to make this long horror story a bit shorter, Elizabeth Smart, after having been held and continually raped for nine months at the hands of Brian David Mitchell, was finally freed from her captor Mitchell on March 12, 2003. This happened thanks to the determined actions of her parents and the laudable efforts of John Walsh, not the pigs, who simply sat there like drooling Mongoloid idiots with their fingers stuck up their asses. Christ only knows what Ms. Smart had to endure with regard to possible venereal and reproductive consequences of her ordeal; these facts have never been revealed, but one can assume they were graphic, harrowing and mentally destructive to the psyche of Ms. Smart. Nevertheless, in a rare positive observation on my part, Elizabeth Smart is either the strongest woman I have ever seen, or a goddamned good actress; only she knows.

With the two miscreants, Mitchell and Barzee, in custody, then began the farcical "mental evaluations" of these contemptible pieces of shit, when they should have simply been thrown naked into a pit containing several large, vicious, starving dogs, letting nature take its course. Alas, that did not happen, so, for years, millions of taxpayer dollars were wasted in the vain attempt to shepherd these supposedly delusional freaks back to some sort of condition to stand trial. Ugly Wanda Barzee, finally, after six fucking years of worthless "psychological tests", forced medication and idiotic legal maneuvers on the part of her attorneys, was sentenced to 15 years for being an accomplice in the kidnapping of Ms. Smart. I reckon harpy Wanda should consider her circumstances and reinvent herself as a carpet munching jailhouse dyke, considering the only cock she'll be getting will be in her dreams.

Moving on, the idiotic trial of clearly guilty Brian David Mitchell is still being conducted, for what reason, who the fuck knows. While his shyster attorneys attempt cunning legal legerdemain, e.g., changes of venue, mistrials, and other maneuvers simply meant to postpone the inevitable, Mitchell occupies himself signing hymns to his non-existent god, occasionally yelling at judges, feigning delusional states and other annoying antics too numerous to mention. Ms. Elizabeth Smart, Brian David Mitchell's victim, is, of course, repeatedly forced to relive her horrible ordeal each time she is subpoenaed and again dragged into these torturous mockeries of justice, having had to record graphic testimony at depositions, along with attending competency hearings, the trial of dogface Barzee, shithead Mitchell's ongoing trial, etc. How she can stand all this horseshit is totally beyond me; the broad must be fucking Wonder Woman, or perhaps has a vengeful streak a mile wide; if she does, my hat's off to her. If she were able to smuggle a .44 Magnum into the proceedings and blow Mitchell's goddamned head off with it, I would be the first to demand the case be treated as justifiable homicide, and that she be given a gold medal for removing that depraved piece of shit rapist from our collective presence.

All that said, if there were any semblance of true justice in this dying madhouse called the United States, such farces would not be tolerated - placing victims of horrendous crimes in situations where they have to relive the experience. Using a now politically correct term constantly uttered by hand wringing liberals like Charles Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and programmed talking heads like Keith Olbermann and Katie Couric, I find such situations "offensive". Further, if I had any say in the dispensing of justice for depraved bastard Mitchell and his ugly cunt wife Wanda, I would refer to the past penalties employed in the US for forcible rape and kidnapping, which was DEATH. Not simply wanting to dispose of them by simple execution, I would then refer to and take a literalistic view from the ancient Code of Hammurabi, and sentence both of them to death, using the same punishments that they put Elizabeth Smart through.

Let's see how such a scenario would unfold.

Considering that both pieces of shit are obviously guilty of destroying Elizabeth Smart's childhood, not to mention her fucking life, regardless of the probable facade that Ms. Smart publicly exhibits, no appeals would be considered, on the grounds of such appeals being a waste of the court's time. Therefore, after sentencing, Mitchell and Barzee would be conducted, dragged or carried to the place of execution, say a 30 foot by 30 foot steel cage, like those used in a circus for lions, tigers, leopards or dancing bears. They would be unceremoniously dumped in the cage before a hand picked quartet of sadistic jailhouse rapists; a pair of musclebound homosexual butch john queers for Mitchell, and a pair of typical, garden variety heterosexual rapists for Barzee. The cage would be locked by guards; each pair of executioner/rapists would be instructed to slowly rape the condemned to death, in every way possible, without any penalty being assessed by the State against them for their duly instructed actions. After execution, the bodies of Mitchell and Barzee would be hauled away in a pickup truck, taken to a local pig farm and dumped into a mud, slop and shit filled pigpen, their disgusting remains to be used as sustenance for ravenous hogs.

That would be true justice for rape victim Elizabeth Smart; I'll be back when something else about the insane asylum called the US rouses my ire.




  1. well said dude

  2. The SLC police department is worthless. They cannot solve a crime unless there is a witness that gives a shit enough to say something or if someone walks into the station and gives themselves up.

    Mitchell was a Mormon but from the beginning only used his membership as a way to manipulate those around him. He was excommunicated from the Mormon church after being confronted about abusing his step-children.

    Being religious is not being superstitious. I'm a Mormon, I hate cops and I hate people that use religion to take advantage of others.