Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Bureaucrats, Bankrupt Banks, Biased Broadcasters and Boofers

Conway here.

Really, who the hell else did you expect to be here, Gaius Caligula?

Anyway, I got yet another hair up my ass over the endless streams of propagandistic flotsam drifting over the Google news feeds like so many bodies floating down the Kigara River. So, I figured I would once again catharsize myself by posting more terse, politically incorrect, vitriol laced diatribe and cynical observations, naturally strewn with insensitive stereotypes, offensive racial epithets, foul language and utterly blasphemous remarks directed toward various non-existent deities worshipped by billions of fools on this benighted globe. In other words, typical Conway, the ancient, rotten toothed, sludge drinking, equity trading, vicious, mean bastard you have all come to know and love, or perhaps know and utterly despise.

Not that my blunt observations or jaded opinions mean one goddamned, motherfucking thing, at least in this dark universe, perhaps in others my counterpart is a market analyst, a salty seafarer, or perhaps was never even born, dying in the womb due to an undetected sludge deficiency. Here, as a bewildered prisoner of this insane reality, I don't matter at all in the scheme of things, except that my buy or sell orders usually go through if the price is right. Hell, my "readership", if you can call it that, has dropped off to practically nothing since I candidly called the Federal goons in a preceding post, regarding their obsessive-compulsive quest to monitor the screeds of anyone deemed an Internet dissident or who pokes fun at crooked Democrats, amoral Republicans and other such corrupt, hypocritical simians, not to mention the clueless, fan eared, lying, narcissistic head eightball, Barack Obama. I can see it all now, once alerted to the bitter, sarcastic, invective filled polemics of your friend Conway, a wog "supervisor" with the likely name of Patel was roused from his torpor and was summoned to a nearby cubicle. Alarmed, one of the Prozac medicated drones had blundered across my terse screeds between munching Doritos and amusing himself ogling porn sites. Staring at the screen for a moment, Patel, a bored, GS-15 cog in the American governmental machinery of total insanity, summarily dismissed my diatribes as little more than the scrawlings of a foulmouthed, insensitive, paranoid "crank" or "crackpot".

Whatever, I don't really fucking care what anyone thinks of what I write, or what anyone thinks of me, for that matter. This artificial construct of a nation, the United States, is rapidly heading to its downfall, and seemingly deserves it, due to a programmed and now ingrained fear of not "offending" anyone - no matter how fucking offensive the legally protected offender may actually be. For example, America's "intelligence agencies" are but a pale shadow of what they once were - now staffed by politically correct, mindless brainwashed honkys, incompetent affirmative action niggers, assorted first-generation gooks, spics, limp-wristed queers and silly cunts sporting "liberal arts" degrees that immediately file "sexual harassment" lawsuits if someone accidentally opens a door for them, smiles when greeting them or perhaps compliments their attire.

This incredible, destructive phenomenon began to unfold at various American intelligence agencies at least 20 years ago, illustrated by the following summary:

Greedy, power mad politicians and their devious henchmen systematically began retiring qualified, trained, patriotic American individuals, regardless of value or skills, for whatever reason, replacing them with legally enforced, unqualified morons with the collective intellectual capacity of a field of goddamn sweet potatoes.

Such a damning account of the past is validated by an account of what occurred shortly thereafter:

Federal employees charged with the security of the nation were so goddamned stupid that they couldn't intercept or even detect 19 fucking fanatical Moslem camel jockeys flying 3 jets into a pair of skyscrapers and the Pentagon until it was much too late. Thanks to good old-fashioned American incompetence, said ragheads managed to slaughter nearly 3000 innocent people on September 11, 2001.

Drooling incompetents such as they are running this dump from top to bottom today - legions of determined, destructive idiots, marching in lockstep, all seemingly dedicated to obliterating everything that has been built. Now, on to a colorful analysis of selected news from the past few weeks, some graphically illustrating for the reader the latest lunatic actions of those leaders and bureaucrats so unflatteringly described in the preceding sentence.

In California, the land of fruits, nuts, and a place where queers of either variety can "marry" each other, their Supreme Court, apparently composed of a slackjawed coterie of brain-dead nitwits that don't even have the combined IQ of the fucking Three Stooges, decided that it was perfectly alright to provide illegal aliens with in-state tuition preferential treatment. Yes, you read it correctly - illegal aliens - mainly composed of interloping, greasy scofflaws from down Mexico way that shouldn't even be in the motherfucking United States, but are, nevertheless, for whatever reason. Next they'll say they have the right to vote - just watch, it WILL happen, I assure you, probably just before this bad joke of a nation collapses completely, at first financially, then into anarchy - which will turn into a bloodbath.

What can I say - the inmates are literally running the insane asylum, it's the only goddamned explanation that fits. You see, crazy people don't care if their actions are destructive, or even if it includes their own destruction. I suppose that's why they're called crazy, or perhaps, in a more PC vein, "reality challenged".

Even more bullshit is coming out about the foreclosure mess, politicians and talking heads blaming banks that were literally forced by greedy, pandering, power-mad politicians in the Federal Government to grant loans to "minorities", regardless if they could afford them or not. Note how when times were good, everyone in the media complained about discrimination and "redlining", that is, banks, looking out for their own self-interest, would arbitrarily refuse to grant loans to individuals looking to purchase real estate in a given area. That means that Darnell nigger, Raul the spic, or Jimbo the white-trash honky would be turned down for a loan due to several disqualifying conditions:

1) Any one of the above three humanoids was trying to buy an abandoned crackhouse in the absolute worst section of town, sitting on a postage stamp lot strewn with assorted junk, fallen trees, and bramble. Abandoned crackhouse comes complete with leaking roof, fallen plaster, no windows, termites, mice, rats, a flooded basement, and has three added features - it is totally bereft of heating, plumbing or wiring. Abandoned crackhouse is a steal, priced to sell by Shylock Realty for say, $250,000.

2) Though the applicant, smartly dressed in the best duds the Salvation Army has to offer, tries to put his best foot forward when consulting with the loan officer, it quickly becomes apparent to all involved that nigger Darnell, spic Raul or whitey Jimbo has a credit score of -300, hasn't held any kind of job for over twenty years, collects welfare, is wanted for various crimes in five states, and is addicted to methamphetamine.

As expected in any normal universe, Darnell, Raul, or Jimbo is turned down, due to being a bad risk. Angry remarks, dependant on the individual, are then hurled like ballista bolts at the offending loan officer:

Darnell: This bank is run by racist hymie discriminators!

Raul: Racist kike discriminators run this bank!

Jimbo: Fuck you, banks hate poor people - you hebes discriminate against the poor! Note that the "racist" canard is ineffective when it comes to crackers, especially in this scenario, considering that sheenie Christkillers are usually considered demographically as a variety of honky.

Anyway, those in power, folks like Barney Fag, sorry, I mean Frank, didn't like that, and insisted the banks were discriminating (which they must do, to stay in business) and even promoted the ludicrous idea that people, regardless if they can afford one or not, have the "right" to own a fucking home. Now that the shit has hit the fan, with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac down at the head and their sterns rising toward the sky, it's all the bank's fault.

I recall receiving a telephone call from the now-defunct Countrywide Financial a few years back. A clown with a singsong voice began squawking in my ear, interrupting my morning coffee and my trading of the bourses. He excitedly told me Countrywide Financial could beat the interest rate on my current mortgage. I replied, "Oh really?" and allowed the wog or paki drone to continue for a moment, attempting to play with him. As he continued with his idiotic peroration, I interrupted and said, "I don't have a job, guy." He immediately replied, "We don't care, we'll give you a loan anyway." My jaw dropped at his obtuse statement. Realizing I could continue no further in this unentertaining farce of a call, I simply hung up the phone and went back to work. Now everyone knows why the current foreclosure "crisis" occurred, THESE JOKERS DIDN'T EVEN FUCKING CARE if loans they made could be paid back, as they already had plan in their pocket for such a contingency. There was a very interesting reason for this total lack of concern; technical analysts working for Countrywide and other firms optimistically figured they could always foreclose on defaulted properties, as they would theoretically appreciate in value due to the ongoing housing bubble. Therefore, Countrywide Financial and others sowed bad loans so they could later, theoretically, make an absolute killing, reaping gigantic profits for themselves by selling off said foreclosures to other speculating fools.

Alas, bubbles, whether real estate, antique vehicles or tulips, don't go on forever, and today Countrywide Financial is dead and gone, due to wanton FRAUD perpetrated by a certain wop CEO named Angelo R. Mozilo, together with millions of dollars in bad loans coming home to roost, which were literally given to scheming crooks, unqualified crackheads, and probably even rotting corpses in fucking graveyards for all anyone knows. This wanton fraud was accomplished with the blessings of "honorable" politicians like Senators Christopher Dolt Dodd and Cunt Kent Conrad, who were two of the many "friends" of Mr. Angelo Mozilo. They, and many other politicians as well, had received special "discounted" loans from good old Angelo and his loaded buddies at Countrywide Financial. Talk about "buying someone off", these crooked, greedy bastards were absolutely brazen, and this financial carbuncle finally came to a head when the housing bubble burst. After being collared for his part in the collapse of Countrywide Financial, Angelo "moneybags" Mozilo, whose fraudulent antics make Charles Ponzi look like a goddamned saint, was fined 67.5 million dollars by the SEC, making the Federal Government some money, apparently so they could pay the wages of corrupt Congressmen like Mr. Dodd and Mr. Conrad. Defrauded investors, of course, received NOTHING, as seems to be par for the course, considering examples of other swindles in history. Just ask sheenie Bernard Madoff, self-crowned King of Swindlers, now doing time in a Federal pen in North Carolina. Time went on, and the bankrupt carcass of Countrywide Financial was swallowed up by the nearly bankrupt Bank of America, for the sum of 4 billion dollars in US funny money, printed of course by the crooked, never-audited Federal Reserve, this mysterious entity headed by chief counterfeiter Benjamin Bernanke. Yes, none of this makes any sense to anyone thinking rationally; it isn't supposed to make sense - it's fucking Keynesian economics, for Christ's sake! Quite simply: It's little more than a complicated shell game; the money made, used, fined or defrauded is worthless fiat currency anyway, backed by NOTHING AT ALL, so no one really loses anything and everyone wins, or at least it's supposed to appear that way to brain-dead American observers. Don't blame me people - I'm only the messenger; I didn't create the system.

Incidentally, Mr. Mozilo, guinea fraudster, is still worth some 500 million dollars, so he's still set for a life of leisure. At 72, if he can still get a hardon, he could buy different thousand dollar whores, every night, for the rest of his crooked goddamned life and still have lots of dough left over to leave to whatever family he has. In addition, Mozilo will serve no time as the SEC lawsuit was a "civil" matter, and the terms of his settlement guarantee that he will not be prosecuted for any criminal wrongdoing in relation to the wreck of Countrywide Financial.

What a cushy deal; off scot free with a tiny fine and lots of bucks left in the bank to boot! Seems to me Bernie Madoff should have used Mozilo's shyster mouthpieces to get a better "settlement" for himself, considering he's rotting in the hoosegow while Mozilo is probably sipping martinis and getting massages from tightassed rent-a-sluts. You know, maybe Mr. Madoff should try to appeal on the grounds that Mozilo was a greasy crooked wop fraudster who got off with a wrist slap, whereas he is a swarthy kike fraudster who got railroaded for 150 FUCKING YEARS by an apparently anti-Semitic, imported chink Federal judge with the ironic name of Chin, who originally hails from the environs of Hong Kong, for Christ's sake! Talk about a raw deal, though Madoff's 65 billion dollar swindle makes Mozilo's little game look like penny-ante poker by comparison. Madoff, however, swindled mostly his fellow hebes, and everyone knows how pissed off kikes get when someone fucks with their dough; perhaps that is the underlying difference. Olivepicker Mozilo targeted most anybody, while hooknose Madoff specifically targeted already greedy Christkillers looking to make even more dough. Who knows, everyone, including myself, could be complicating the entire matter needlessly, perhaps all of this horseshit only has to do with the Federal Government selectively persecuting individuals in the financial sector whose surnames begin with "M". I'm sure Michael Milken would find that hypothesis interesting.

Moving on, Alfred E. Neumanesque hebe Ted Koppel did a brilliant piece about the death of real news; now all the cable simians, from four-eyes Olbermann to mick O'Reilly, are deriding the man as if he were the reincarnation of Julius Streicher. I say the contemporary talking heads doth protest too fucking much - Koppel hit the nail right on the head; today's "journalists" wouldn't make a good pimple on Edward R. Murrow's face, let alone his buttocks. These days, whether they are left or right leaning, every goddamn overpaid, under worked media hack editorializes out the ass and put their own spins on nearly every fucking news item they "report". Even a flaming liberal like Walter Cronkite would spin in his goddamned grave if he knew of the blatant bias and clumsy editorializing that endlessly comes from CNN, FOX News, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, NPR, CNBC, Reuters, AP, and a host of other, lesser-known Goebbelsian propaganda masters.

On another note, while wading through Internet news flotsam I paused to peruse several articles referring to a study recently released by The Council of the Great City Schools, founded in 1956. It relates that school aged niggers of the male variety weren't doing as well in their studies as female jigs, or crackers of either sex. They were also compared to either sex of assorted gooks, spics, kikes, and maybe even red skinned injun brats too, and they still didn't fare as well as those examples of young, humanoid simians, either. That leads individuals capable of critical thinking to come to one of two conclusions, illustrated in the following dialectic:

Thesis: Either male coons are simply born morons, or there is a factor in their physical or social environment that makes them seem, on the surface to any given observer, to be born morons.

Antithesis: If the first part of the above thesis is true, one would expect that female niggers should be as just as dopey and ignorant as male spooks, or perhaps even dumber, but that isn't the case according to the study. This wide statistical variation in learning accomplishment between male and female junglebunnies inevitably leads to the obvious synthesis:

Synthesis: There is some factor in either the physical or social environment of school aged male niggers which is turning the vast majority of them into illiterate dolts, or is causing the cohort of young male eightballs to appear to observers as illiterate dolts. Considering that female porchmonkeys generally live in the same physical environment as their male nigger counterparts, this factor cancels out. Therefore, having eliminated all other variables, it must be an underlying social factor.

Putting aside the "all hairless simians are created equal" horseshit for a moment, there are obvious differences between groups, and even within groups; no one on this entire goddamned planet is "equal" to another, except, theoretically, with regard to the law, and the "created" part is at best conjectural. Most people have met individuals of low intelligence from every race and both sexes, and have more than likely met individuals from every race and either sex who are highly intelligent.

All of this disconcerting information begs the question:

What is, then, causing the terrible problem of dumb male niggers across the entire fucking nation?

Answer: A persistent, ingrained sub-culture among male darkies that values STUPIDITY as a virtue, along with a deliberately learned ability for vocalizing speech in the most unintelligible mumbling possible, making the afflicted individual, regardless of any possible underlying intelligence, appear to an observer as a complete fucking idiot with the brain of a goddamned cabbage. Further, this persistent, destructive, ingrained sub-culture also values criminality, mysogyny, and brute force strength as virtues, along with a persistent predilection for blaming others for perceived wrongs, real or imagined, like whitey keeping him down, or slavery from 150 motherfucking years ago.

In addition, any male nigger who may try to excel at their studies, or protests that it may be wrong to steal cars, rape women, kill people or sell crack, is immediately castigated and ostracized by their peers (if they are very lucky) or are beaten senseless or even dead by their fellows, probably while being called bookworm, egghead, Uncle Tom, Oreo, etc. If the ostracized male subject survives the beating(s), he may be forced to reconsider his position in the world. Utilizing his remaining intellect, he realizes that bookworms get their asses kicked, learning anything is futile, and survival is the key to continued existence. He will then become more inclined to abandon his studies, start talking like an idiot, and go on to be a general fucking nuisance in the attempt to fit in and identify with his peer group. Yes, a mind is a terrible thing to waste, and the persistent, self-defeating, nigger subculture is creating yet another generation of criminal coons for the nation's prisons.

Now don't be a prejudicial, bigoted ass and think I'm the motherfucker who came to these obvious conclusions. Suspending my epithet-strewn prose for a moment, this observation has been voiced by several intelligent, successful members of the "Black Community", as it is so called. Don't believe a goddamn word I write, use your fucking BRAIN and look it up, several black observers have said much the same thing, though a bit more eloquently, and without foul language too. For this, such black individuals have been called Uncle Toms, Oreos, and race traitors, by their black brothers mind you, due to the unfortunate fact (for them at least) they do NOT embrace utter STUPIDITY as a goddamned virtue.

That said, until the majority of the male niggers decide to hit the fucking books, talk correctly, and not look forward with misty eyes to exciting careers selling crack, pimping whores, or being gangbangers, they will continue to be perceived by much of the population as a cadre of STUPID GODDAMNED FOOLS or BORN CRIMINALS.

Such is my take on the news, for good or ill. If you find it troubling, welcome to the group. This entire mess called America makes me want to throw my guts up, but there isn't a goddamn thing I can do about it.

Oh yeah, and Happy Fucking Thanksgiving.




  1. Bruce Karatz, former CEO of KB Home Inc., has asked the federal judge in charge of his case to ignore prosecutors' demands that he serve at least 14 years in prison for stock options backdating. Mozilo and Karatz were the minds behind exotic mortgages like the "Balloon". At one time it was called KB Home Countrywide mortgage, Countrywide was a spin off. Bank of Italy, became Bank of America... nice sounding Italian name don't you think. Just Google KB Home Sucks. Will Bruce get to do the payoff deal like Angelo? In fact yes he got a better deal then Moz, 8 months home detention in his Bel-Air Mansion!

  2. Checked out your site LemonMeister, I offer my sincere condolences regarding your situation. You know, I thought my hundred-year-old hovel was a dump, though I was fully aware it was a dump when I bought it and have no complaints. I swear to Christ, once crooked bastards grab your dough, whether they're politicians, panderers, pigs or fucking pirates, it's usually impossible to get it back.

    Thanks for the heads up on "philanthropist" Bruce KaRATz - I just KNEW there had to be a scheming hebe deep down in the Countrywide scam somewhere, as wops generally prefer to be gangsters and usually don't have the intellectual finesse, style or temperament to make a living in finance. Just look at New York ex-governor Mario Cuomo - when people who didn't know him were shown his picture, most thought he was a Mafia Don or something.

    Fellow sheenie Bernie Madoff must be really pissed now; I figure this adjudicated debacle only gives him more of a chance at an appeal!