Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Utter Absurdity that IS America

Conway here.

I've been rather busy with trading the bourses as of late, but have no fear, I've been keeping abreast of the inane dreck endlessly coursing past on the Google news feeds like so much raw sewage.

Where to start.

Well, a gray haired old kike named Lee Abrams resigned from the Tribune Company today over a silly email, with an attached "Onion" video, apparently sent in jest. Hell, I thought it was funny, but that's me. Unfortunately, it seems that Mr. Abrams' rather ribald missive hurt everyone's itty-bitty-shitty feelings, due to some cunt in the video playing with her bare tits, so the powers that be cut off his pay and told him to resign. Really people, as if he gives a shit - I don't think it will hurt Abrams one iota, as he is obviously well heeled when it comes to bucks, and he can be himself without a bunch of hypocritical prudes fucking with him. So, fuck them, he shouldn't be around sourpuss assholes that have no sense of fucking humor anyway.

For the record, the "Tribune Company" is a bankrupt, lumbering, anachronistic media dinosaur, (print, TV, and so forth) wallowing in debt to the tune of 13 BILLION dollars or so. This outmoded, "employee owned" now useless failure of a business is supposedly "reorganizing", for whatever fucking good that will do. Tribune has about as much of a chance of surviving as Underwood Typewriter or Baldwin Locomotive did. Due to that, I submit that the Tribune Company should face the music, dispense with Chapter 11, go directly to Chapter 7 and be done with it. In other words, they should simply roll over and drop dead due to the fact that no one in their right mind reads their politically correct, propagandistic newspapers anymore; people use the Internet today and know of current events before Tribune Company and other dying dodo birds like them can even put it to print. Hell, even television is becoming obsolete and is on its way out, unless it's goddamn R rated, high definition cable pay-per-view. I swear, I wouldn't invest in that festering pile of dogshit if they gave me the shares for fucking free, they'd have to pay me to take them!

On to other things. The laughable "elections" are coming up, so the stupid masses can believe they actually have a choice in what happens to this dying nation, when in reality they are simply exchanging one greedy, lying political criminal for another. Candidates, both Democrat and Republican, are dragging out every fucking skeleton they can and throwing mud everywhere. The Democrats are in really deep shit, thanks to the head eight ball Obama's endless fuck ups. That obtuse, narcissistic nigger couldn't run a goddamned lemonade stand, let alone an entire fucking nation; the evidence presented by history has proven that conclusively to anyone capable of rational thinking.

As an aside, HL Mencken said that one day Americans would elect a President they DESERVED and I submit they finally have, by electing an inept fool who is driving this nation into the ground. That dubious fact noted for good or ill, Democrats are taking the offensive when it comes to cunning lies and ad hominem attacks on their electoral opponents. Three glaring examples come to mind, Ex-Governor Moonbeam Brown calls his opponent Whitman a whore, arrogant Harry Reid calls his opponent Angle a "radical", and Chris Coons calls airhead Christine O'Donnell a witch. Those examples simply prove that Democrats are much better at throwing mud and character assassination than Republicans could ever be, though when the tables are turned, Democrats whimper like schoolyard sissies and cry their opponents are "hateful" and "mean-spirited". What a fucking joke, there is no difference between these bastards beneath the surface facade; all they are after is money and power.

Just open your eyes and take a damn good long look at what actually is IN Congress these days. There are crooks, cheats and undesirables of all kinds, scheming scoundrels who take payoffs, pass pork and write bad checks, dozens of drunks, coke fiends, cocksuckers, dykes, sodomites and assorted perverts, but I'll bet not one of them smokes, uh, tobacco, that is. In other words, Congress is composed of a cadre of greedy, power-mad amoral bastards who honestly believe that following the blunt words of Niccolò Machiavelli is a virtuous act. Apparently, for them, "The Prince" is their version of the Bible. Further, these detached elitist clowns in Congress have their priorities so fucked up that they spend valuable time on frivolous issues like banning the use of "retard" for describing drooling mongoloid retards in Federal documents, rather than focusing on truly important issues like saving the nation and its citizens from utter destruction and chaos.

Now as far as amorality goes for the elitist swine ruling this dump, Republican or Democrat affiliation makes absolutely no goddamn difference at all. Examining our esteemed "leaders" sexual proclivities for a moment (those who have been caught, that is), insatiable whoremonger Bill Clinton was a Democrat Governor and President who fucked anything that walked, as long as it was female that is, and Governor Rudy Giuliani was a stiff-pricked hypocritical Republican schemer who fucked around on his wives. Yes, wives. Newt Gingrich was yet another Republican hypocrite with a roving eye who fucked around on his wives as well. The same goes for dripping dick Democrat John Edwards. Thanks to an uncontrollable hardon in his pants, he knocked up some dizzy broad named Rielle Hunter with a bastard child - while his wife was dying of fucking cancer! Some guy he is, real Presidential material indeed. Smiling hypocrite John Edwards has bad taste in women too; I've seen better heads in a bar - on a glass of beer. Further, when it comes to utter sexual perversity, both Democrats and Republicans are running neck and neck for the prize of "Cocksucker of the Year". Just look at Barney Fag, uh, I mean Frank, a southpaw kike peterpuffing cocksucker whose live-in "boyfriend" ran a gay whorehouse out of his residence. And they refer to these overpaid, soft-palmed unethical creatures as "honorable". Then we have Mark "holey" Foley, a queer Republican bastard who wanted to cornhole Congressional pages, in fact, he wanted to buttfuck a whole bunch of them according to the news. Oh yes, he claims to be a good Roman Catholic, as do several of the aforementioned hypocrites contained in this paragraph. And let's not forget Republican Larry "the fairy" Craig, who played footsies with a pig, sitting on a public john while taking a shit - and he was collared for it.

In contrast, we now have the optimistic Tea Partiers, claiming they alone can fix this decadent, forsaken monument to abject insanity. An utterly impossible job, America's too damn far gone, sort of like Ted Kennedy's welcome glioma was. Try as he might, wasting hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of the taxpayer's dollars on fancy surgical procedures, while pursuing a futile attempt to save his despicable fat ass, Ted Kennedy still croaked off from his glioma, chemo and gamma knives notwithstanding. I must say if there is a god out there, I should pause and thank it for removing that vile hypocrite from our collective presence, sending him to the bowels of hell where he belongs. That said, even if the Tea Party has good intentions, there is nothing they can do about the terminal case called the USA.

EARTH TO TEA PARTY: The United States of America is an utterly bankrupt entity, a gigantic, multi trillion-dollar version of Tribune Company, and it can't be saved, period. It is like Ted Kennedy was - terminal. Please realize this and note the following insurmountable and undeniable facts.

1) Our manufacturing base is, for the most part, gonesville, and those left are outsourcing jobs to Mexico, China or anywhere else where the cost of labor is at least conducive to making a profit. They are resorting to such remedies out of sheer necessity, rather than going bankrupt from paying under worked, overpaid, drunken and stoned American union slobs $75.00 an hour to screw fucking lug nuts on with an impact wrench.

2) The nation has been fragmented and Balkanized due to insane immigration policies, for which we can thank dead assholes like Ted Kennedy, may he rot in his silly grave for all eternity. Certain areas in major cities are no-go areas for the pigs, as they are filled with interloping people who refuse to assimilate, and expect those born here to kiss their foreign asses. Examples are: Murderous spic gangs like MS-13, Koran toting Moslem ragheads who are "offended" if you even look at them wrong, foreign niggers who look down their broad noses at American niggers and everyone else too, along with pakis, gypsies, gooks from Southeast Asia, and who knows what the hell else.

3) There are no real jobs to be had, skilled or professional, nor will there be any in the foreseeable future, that is unless you feel like being a menial peon, working for a petty subsistence wage, slinging burgers for McDonald's or stocking shelves at the fucking neighborhood Wal-Mart.

4) People are losing their homes everyday, and are destined to live in the streets, as they cannot afford to rent any domicile, because they have no jobs and no fucking money. Many are already in the streets mind you, though some of the "wealthier" ones are living in their cars, at least for the time being, until the pigs arrest them for being vagrants, or disturbing the peace, or picking their noses, or whatever else pigs use to harass those folks that have no defense against power mad, jackbooted thugs with badges.

5) Every goddamned malcontent with an agenda, from atheists to zoophiles, are clamoring for special fucking "rights" and preferential treatment over those comprising the majority.

That noted, the silly Tea Party hopefuls CAN FIX NONE OF THESE PROBLEMS, even if they actually wanted to. Only insurrection and a blood-drenched civil war will, if one wants to call the slaughter of millions and the destruction of infrastructure fixing a problem.

Oh yes, and some good news - the Chilean miners were rescued.


  1. You made me laugh, you made me think. Great fucking post, man. Glad I found it.

  2. Thanks for your comment dude, as I noted on another post, fucking around with this blog after the market closes is a catharsis for me. Some of the ridiculous shit going on these days would actually be laughable if the nuttiness occurring had no impact on me, or those whom I may know. Luckily, most of it doesn't have any real impact, though I do confess that myriad examples of gross stupidity coming from my fellow talking simians has always annoyed me greatly.

    At times I truly wonder if I'm not languishing somewhere in a deep coma, hallucinating the nightmarish insanity that has become the United States, not to mention the world arena. Then I pinch myself and realize the situation is real, so, not being able to do a fucking thing about it, I just shrug, shake my head and go on.

  3. I've given the fuck up on America. As you said, it's bankrupt. It's nothing but driftwood in a stagnant pool of it's own oozing bullshit, ignorant and clinging to a soggy raft of failed policies commandeered by jackasses hellbent on squeezing every fucking dollar they can out of her bloated lifeless corpse.

    And that goes for the entire world, too. But I wonder how shitty it would all seem if we had the internet 300 years ago. Would we be reading about the same silly ass bullshit from back then now, comparing our current situation with our forefathers and saying, "holy shit, we've always been greedy stupid assholes, we're doomed!"

    You mentioned the good news being the Chilean miners being rescued at the end of your post. That's funny because I found your blog after typing "fuck the Chilean miners" in the Google blog search.

  4. I venture society would probably be the same, as the Internet would have been hijacked and subverted by say, 1695 or so, facilitated by either elected criminals or maniacal despots employing legalistic legerdemain. Nothing really changes regarding the race of man, you see, as humanity is little more than a fucking corrupt band of talking simians, whose first and foremost mantra is "the end justifies the means".

    That said, the Internet will eventually go the same way as television, with Goebbelsian propaganda from the powers that be drowning out every other voice in a tidal wave of lies.

    Same goes with my blog, no one really notices it, and if those in power did and I became a threat to them, I would first be dismissed as a "crackpot", a "malcontent", a "hater" or whatever. If that hackneyed ploy didn't work, they'd sic the fucking IRS on me, or they'd call me a drug dealer, a wife beater, or a child molester. If that failed, they'd simply put a bullet in my ancient skull and blame it on a "burglar"; like Machiavelli, those bastards would employ any tactic, no matter how odious, to solve the problem of little old me.

    Anyway, as far as the Chilean miners go, I put that in as a contrast to the other items in the post. I did the same on another when Tony Curtis croaked off a few weeks back. As for giving one real shit about any of those silly bastards, I don't know the fuckers and I never will. I grew tired of hearing about them after the first day, and I now hope they will all fade away like a rank fart in the wind.

    Unfortunately, you'll probably see several of those silly smiling spics in the media for months on end, culminating with one of those idiots appearing on "Dancing with the Fucking Stars", or other such annoying dreck.