Sunday, October 3, 2010

Tyler Clementi and Tolerating the Intolerable in the Name of Tolerance

Kindly old Conway here, composing yet another politically incorrect diatribe for the amusement of all, and the dismay of some.

Oswald Spengler once wrote that any culture has a lifespan, from birth and adolescence, to adulthood, decline, and eventual death. I submit that the United States is currently in the "decline" phase, rapidly heading toward the oblivion of death, and deservedly so. Either this bankrupt, decadent, police state mobocracy will perish by civil war, or its enemies will easily conquer it, as it is no longer worth defending by anyone even remotely capable of objective, rational thinking.

That brings us once again to the utterly ridiculous case of Tyler Clementi, a deceased, rotting, overly sensitive, budding fag. His case is a glaring example of the continuing, vexing phenomenon of virtually bankrupt cultural decadence, with talking heads from New York to Los Angeles bleating in unison that new laws are needed to keep poor little outcast queers from being "bullied" by their peers. For motherfucking Christ's sake people, we already have enough fucking laws on the books, and all the goddamn laws in the universe are never going to stop people from teasing each other, hating each other, or even killing each other.

Please take note that limp-wristed Tyler Clementi apparently bears no responsibility for any of his reckless actions, from being stupid enough to allow himself to be viewed sucking dicks or getting his asshole reamed via webcam, to murdering himself via suicide, and that all the blame is apparently to be placed on a pair of teenaged pranksters named Dhaurn Ravi and his fun-loving partner Molly Wei. Really, if Clementi was so damn technologically challenged that he didn't have the mental alacrity to turn off or cover the lens of a fucking webcam, he deserved what he got, even if the prank of Ravi and Wei was in incredibly poor taste. Adding insult to injury, this silly fairy then decided, "Nobody likes me, everybody hates me - I'm going out and jump off a bridge!" All because he wasn't man enough to look at himself squarely in the mirror, admit he was a cocksucking gay guy, and then perhaps poke Dhaurn Ravi in the mouth with his fist and knock out a few of his teeth for fucking with him.

No, instead of a fairy standing up for himself, he took the easy way out and bumped himself off. Thanks to him, we now have a idiotic parade of opportunistic, pandering politicians, some of them queers as well, hand-wringing liberal commentators, overpaid and underworked Hollywood celebrities, and assorted faggots, dykes and other loudmouths all vying for their turn in the spotlight of absurdity that has become the United States. All are demanding that perhaps 10% of the population now receive privileged legal status (read special "rights") over the rest of the population, all due to their clearly abnormal "sexual preference", which will never be accepted as normative, ever, by the vast majority of those hairless apes inhabiting planet Earth. Most people are heterosexual, you see, and there seems to be in inborn revulsion of collective humanity to deviance from whatever norm evolution has established, for whatever reason. For example, most people don't fuck their siblings, their parents, their children or other close relatives, evidently due to an unwritten evolutionary rule against inbreeding. The same rule goes for same-sex encounters. Such couplings, when viewed from a simple reproductive standpoint, produce nothing (other than the occasional orgasm), and are viewed by the majority either with silent, jaded derision or by a smaller subset of the majority with utter horror. Why horror? Who the fuck knows, that's just the way it is.

Some political loudmouths are even calling for the prosecution of Ravi and Wei for "hate crimes" or for possibly violating girly-boy Tyler's "civil rights", whatever they actually are, which is now used as a legal catch-all for "When we can't get them for anything else, let's say they violated his civil rights." Typical modern day, cunning subterfuge from a pack of amoral, power mad gangsters who are determined to turn the United States into a fucking jail, even if they have to slaughter every goddamned dissenting citizen to accomplish their draconian task.

Now don't be a bigoted ass and get me wrong, I'm not and never have said that Ravi and Wei deserve to go scot free for their idiotic actions, as there are already laws on the books with regard to invasion of privacy. Therefore, for invading Clementi's privacy, that is, viewing and posting a video on the Internet of him sucking dicks and getting fucked up the ass, they deserve to be prosecuted on that charge, i.e., invasion of privacy, and nothing more. The maximum penalty for this offense is five years in prison, and if that isn't enough for the bastards running this forsaken dump to exact their pound of flesh, I don't know what is. Hell, I wager those bastards would try to enact retroactive legislation against Ravi and Wei; trouble is, that silly US Constitution is in the way. Just give them time.

All that horseshit aside, the United States was originally founded on the principles of liberty, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Yes, somehow folks like Jefferson and Madison managed to overlook the rights of niggers, injuns, broads and crackers who were not landowners, but hey, no one is fucking perfect, are they, and if anyone reading this can write a better Declaration of Independence, Constitution or Bill of Rights, I invite them to take pen in hand and do so.

Anyway, the supposed interpretation of the Bill of Rights, at least for the past 140 years or so, is that all those residing within the United States have the same rights under the law as everyone else, regardless of station, race, sex, or belief. That may be the idealistic interpretation, but in reality, some folks have far more rights than others, especially if they are wealthy, and others have far less rights than others.

Examples of those who have more rights are those like the dead and decaying, coffinbound amoral mick, former Senator Edward Moore Kennedy, and currently incarcerated nigger O.J. Simpson. Other worthless garbage like Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan are also so much better then we common trash, as are the unprincipled criminals governing this dying pigsty. Those who apparently have less rights overall are those who use their hands for a living, which includes but is not limited to poor honkys of all ethnicities, niggers, spics and polygamous Mormons.

Yes, polygamous Mormons who fuck several women within their own domicile are definitely a group who have less rights than the rest of Americans, as they are constantly accused of the terrible crime of "bigamy", you know, a man married to a bunch of broads. In a society where queers can marry, and the illegitimacy rate is well over 50%, why in the fuck is the US government bothering people who are happy within their arrangements of polygamy? Hell, there are whiteys, spics, gooks and nigger men who have ten kids by ten different cunts of every color, and no one says a fucking word, but due to the fact certain Mormon males are "married" to several broads makes it a "crime", in fact, a felony.

I have always despised fucking double standards, even though they have been the norm throughout history. Enough of this, I must tend to more important things, like eating, sleeping, taking a shit or checking the bourses.



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