Thursday, September 30, 2010

So much for Gay Pride

Conway here, noting that current events and the reporting thereof have now reached the height of the ridiculous.

According to the endless, idiotic drivel drifting across the Internet like so many floating turds, disguised as actual news mind you, an alleged peter puffer with the likely name of Tyler Clementi bumped himself off over being exposed as a closet cocksucker via U-tube or some other such video site. This wop fairy, Clementi, was apparently a limp-wristed closet case, ashamed before his laughing peers that he was a young male who had an acquired taste for stiff seven-inch tube steaks, that is, he was a girly-boy that went for the dudes. Big deal, is this actually news? Really people, who motherfucking cares if the guy was queer; though nothing disgusts me more than a goddamned hypocrite.

Two idiotic, merry pranksters, Dhaurn Ravi and Molly Wei, set up a webcam surreptitiously so they could enjoy watching roommate Clementi moan in ecstacy while swapping spit, and god knows only what else, with another man. Kinda sick really, who the fuck would actually want to watch such a disgusting spectacle? It certainly says something for the voyeurs involved, Ravi and Wei, doesn't it? Regardless of that, in a decadent, dying society where no one takes responsibility for their own actions, i.e., suicide, as "bullies", Ravi and Wei will be literally crucified because a silly, despondent closet fag took a flyer from a bridge.

Looking at the scenario from another angle, if being queer is so fucking "normal", why then was Tyler Clementi so mortified to be depicted "making out" with another man? Why didn't he stand up proudly, throw back his shoulders, walk out of the dorm with a rainbow flag, and shout before all, "I'm gay and proud of it!"

Why didn't he do that?

Why? Because queers and their allies make up perhaps 10% of the population at best, and society at large across the entire goddamned planet will never embrace homosexuality as typical, no matter how much propaganda masters state otherwise while trying to promote faggotry as a normative lifestyle. It would be very different indeed if 50% of the population was queer; I wager my one rotten tooth that no one would even fucking notice them. Alas, this unfortunate state of affairs will never change until Sol becomes a red giant and sears Earth to the bone, destroying all life.

So much for gay pride, I guess.

Oh yes, and actor Tony Curtis dropped dead yesterday, at 85 years young. My humble condolences go out to his wife and family.



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