Sunday, October 24, 2010

Interesting "Stats"

Yeah, right.

Conway here, which shouldn't surprise you at all, as I'm the only motherfucker who tends to this blog, a little island of utter political incorrectness, racial epithets, foul language, total irreverence, blasphemy, and bitter sarcasm. I sincerely hope that you find it refreshing or at least amusing, and if you don't, well, you know what to do, as the fucking close button is located in the upper right corner. I really don't care if superstitious, talking simians, usually referred to as people, find any of my remarks offensive, as no one asked anyone to come here.

I've noticed lately that every time I make a new post, I receive a nearly instantaneous burst of hits from the most disparate of places, e.g., China, Ireland, Russia, Kenya, Poland; a veritable plethora of non-sequitur viewers that make no sense to most people, that is unless you are paranoid, like me. I have a fairly good idea of whom it actually is, as proxies are readily available to anyone with even a remote knowledge of how the Internet works.

Considering that this blog is devoted en toto to incidents occurring in the insane asylum called United States of America, it would make very little sense for individuals from countries like Indonesia to rack up 40 hits, back to back, within 5 minutes. Same goes for countries like China, Kenya, Russia, Germany, Denmark, Finland, and South Africa.

That said, enjoy yourselves clowns, keep a watchful eye on little old me while your real enemies plot your destruction, right underneath your overpaid, obtuse, blind, brainwashed, politically correct noses.

Joseph Stalin and his NKVD would have loved you stupid bastards.

Disclaimer: The preceding message does not apply to those who just fall in thanks to an errant search engine, or repeat visitors who find this sarcastic shit entertaining.



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