Saturday, October 30, 2010

Grasping at Straws

Hello again, and welcome to the wonderful world of your friend Conway. I'm a rather blunt, foul-mouthed and opinionated man that has no time for hypocrites, liars or zealots. As a true believer in the equality of man, all of the aforementioned simians disgust me equally. Most are employed in the time-honored professions of politics or the clergy, both groups no more respectable than the oldest profession, prostitution. Regarding them and occasionally other examples, I have an ingrained habit of calling things as I see them, and if any reader doesn't my harsh and jaded viewpoint; the reader is free to leave anytime. The close button is by default located in the upper right corner, unless you are one of those types who fuck around with screen settings.

I've noticed since my last post that traffic has dropped off to practically nil, which was expected, considering those who actually live in remote places like Borneo, China or Madagascar have no fucking reason at all to peruse a terse and unforgiving blog exclusively devoted to the corrupt, dying insane asylum called the United States. Go figure, I suppose I'm no fun anymore for the overpaid, stoic, brainwashed automatons lurking at the FBI and NSA. I wager those conscienceless, zealous, squared-away freaks of nature would immediately rape and murder their own mothers if the head junglebunny ordered them to; they make past amateur psychopaths like Lavrenti Beria look like fucking jolly old Saint Nick.

Anyway, the pack of drooling, simianesque dimwits collectively called the human race never ceases to amaze me - when I think they have reached the ultimate low, they prove me wrong, time after time. Prince or pauper, gook, nigger or whitey, young or old, male or female, straight or gay, people never fail to sink to further lows when it comes to subjective, self-serving, argumentative rhetoric, even when such arguments fly in the face of glaring, indisputable facts, or are so utterly ridiculous that it is beyond comprehension.

For example, the sub-species of talking hominids usually referred to as spics are now calling the flaky Nevadan Tea Party twat Sharron Angle and her latest campaign commercial "racist", due to the ad depicting undocumented wetbacks flooding in from Mexico as common criminals. Okay, let's face the facts, people: Illegal aliens, whether they be spics, limeys, ragheads or anything else ARE indeed CRIMINALS. Therefore, the adjective "illegal" placed before the common noun "alien" is a proper and accurate phrase used to describe those foreign individuals who disobey American immigration laws. Further, most of them get away with it, as the US Federal government absolutely refuses to enforce immigration laws. They are doing that for three reasons, as follows:

1) Politicians (laughingly) claim they want to broaden the tax base, even though most illegal aliens pay little or no taxes, let alone make any goddamned Social Security contributions. They laugh even louder at us, knowing firsthand that many American voters are too damn stupid to even begin to comprehend the contradictory nature of such absurd statements. You don't believe this? Well, I've conversed with several nitwits from both sexes who voted for a particular candidate because they were cute and nothing more.

2) Each major political party (Democrat, Republican) panders to these invading, illiterate, destructive beaners, so their legal allies and relatives here will vote for their party and put or keep them in power. Sitting outside a polling place and buying votes for hard cash would be more honest, though the pigs, acting on direct orders from the very politicians who bought the votes, would probably confiscate it from the voter as "drug proceeds" shortly afterward.

3) Politicians want the population of drones born here to be completely alienated and disgusted, and not vote at all. Cynically, they take into account that half of the population, like yours truly, don't even bother to vote, as they realize their votes are as worthless as tits on a boar. Voters these days are little more than glorified rubber stamps voting in rigged elections, used to facilitate the personal agendas of a loathsome cadre of lying, crooked, power mad bastards who do as they please once elected anyway. Incidentally, the politicians and their devoted minions don't care in the least if you show up to vote; they simply arrange to have someone vote for you, which in any other universe is called FRAUD.

It is plainly evident that politicians, just like illegal aliens, are criminals too; this observation includes "Tea Partiers". That's why I don't bother to vote and haven't bothered to for decades; I'd spend my time better pissing up against a fucking brick wall. Believe me, it doesn't matter who wins, Democrat or Republican, "conservative" or "liberal"; none of them are any good, for the country or the people. All of them are the same, egotistical, greedy, power mad megalomaniacs; it seems that one of the most important qualifications for elective office is expert proficiency at unscrupulous lying. Once elected, regardless of any irrelevant, bothersome campaign promises, politicians do as they goddamn well please, filling their pockets while ignoring their constituency, fucking the very people who elected them.

Hey folks, I'm very sorry to tell you this, but that's the way it is. So get over it, we are the lowly peons and serfs; they are our betters and masters. Digressing for a moment, it must be noted that one benefit gained by voting for and electing a maverick newcomer is that they haven't yet forged the connections of corruption that makes being a long term incumbent so damn lucrative.

That brings us to the annoying, empty-headed asshole Keith Olbermann, spin doctor par excellence. He replayed Sharron Angle's accurate commercial on his program, and afterward harangued viewers with his usual editorializing propaganda, stating that Angle's ad depicted privileged, racist whiteys under siege by harmless, fun-loving spics that only want a better life for themselves. Frowning, squinty-eyed Olbermann then promoted the idea that Angle was "picking on underprivileged minorities" to win an election. Really Keith, what is so goddamned, motherfucking hard to understand about the word illegal when it comes to undocumented interlopers entering surreptitiously from a foreign nation like Mexico? As they are breaking immigration laws, illegal aliens of ANY type ARE criminals, period, just like politicians. There is no fucking way around it; such people enter the US by stealth (usually from Mexico), without visas, permission, or any sort of documentation. It goes on to follow that most illegal aliens entering the United States from Mexico are spics, and if that obtuse, pandering, four-eyed shit-for-brains Olbermann can't see that, I reckon he should get himself another pair of goddamned spectacles. Conversely, in all fairness, perhaps Sharron Angle is picking on the wetbacks for some sort of kicks, though she is actually telling the truth and making others aware of the very big issue of illegal immigration and the problems it causes.

All that horseshit aside, none of it alters the fact that illegal aliens from Mexico, and Christ knows where else, are heading to Nevada and elsewhere in the United States, squatting, taking jobs and appropriating state benefits from those born in this nation. Or even worse, some wetback scofflaws and those like them are taking their already evident criminality to new heights, joining murderous, racist gangs like MS-13. Why? Why the hell not, there is strength in numbers you know; the money and perks are lucrative too. Gang recruits even get their own illegal automatic weapons, which are used to mow down rival gang members, rival drug dealers, nosy pigs, and the occasional innocent bystander. Other, more entrepreneurial illegals, once they blunder in, strike out on their own, employing themselves in the fine professions of dope dealer, home invader, fence, extortionist, car thief or pimp. When times grow tough for greaser crooks, some of them actually moonlight at making an honest living, disguised as construction workers, gas station attendants, stockboys or roofers, though they never pay any income taxes, which is also considered a crime. Still others, the "unskilled" among them, not knowing what to do, wander about the country aimlessly, raping, murdering, pillaging and plundering hapless people encountered along the way. Further, the vast majority of illegal aliens are spics; there is no way around that glaring fact either.

So, to any objective, detached observer, the above atrocious actions committed by the hordes of illegal aliens make the smirking mestizos referenced to in the commercial fair game indeed. Really people, Angle would have nothing to use against them if they simply stayed down Mexico way where they were born, rather than coming to the United States and fucking it up for the folks living here. Hell, the US has enough problems already (murders, rapes, robberies, no jobs, etc), without importing arrogant criminal interlopers from a shithole third world country. Putting the shoe on the other foot, Americans living in Mexico illegally are apprehended by the pigs, jailed, and (if they live through the ordeal) are deported back to the US. The government of Mexico, with all its myriad faults, does not tolerate its borders being violated by unwelcome invaders. That's something the US Federal government should emulate, but never will, as long as corrupt, power mad crooks selling out for beaner votes have anything to say about it.

Anyway, a silly, beady eyed kike twat named Rachel Maddow stuck her hooked nose into the fray too, stating that Angle is a racist, and that she supports the concept of "conservatives" (whatever they actually are) taking up guns if the Tea Partiers fail to be elected. Yes, you read it right the first time, a cunning Maddow paints with a very wide brush, shrilly implying that "conservatives" were planning to take up arms against the head nigger Obama and his coterie of crooked cronies smelling up the White House. Her absurd synthesis: Angle supports the idea of armed insurrection against the powers that be, and therefore supports the concept of "illegal revolution". So did President Thomas Jefferson of the United States, so I guess Sharron Angle is in good company. Guess what, you stupid hymie cunt, ALL revolutions start out as illegal actions, that is until they succeed, by forcefully removing the incumbent "illegal" regime. I guess it all depends one one's point of view. Then, the "illegal revolution" magically becomes "legal" for whatever reason, and the former traitors who conducted said revolution are now identified as brave heroes for the masses to admire. Simply recall folks like George Washington, Maximilien Robespierre, or Vladimir Lenin. All of those men started "illegal" revolutions that ultimately succeeded, paid for with a lot of death, blood and destruction, for good or ill.

Even that fat, talentless wop piece of shit Joy Behar from "the View" had the gall to add her inane squawkings to the cacophony of bleating liberal voices, calling Angle a "bitch" and telling her to go to hell. Really, who the fuck does that ugly old bitch think she is? It's none of her goddamned business, as she's nothing but an ignorant, overpaid court jester loudmouth, and about as funny as a fucking rubber crutch.

Next up is a dead honky guy named Jeffrey Landrigan, a career criminal executed in Arizona last Tuesday. He and his mouthpieces, grasping at straws for anything to keep his sorry ass from being bumped off, questioned the efficacy of a dose of thiopental sodium procured from Britain, which was used to knock his murderous ass out before they killed him. Guilty of double murder, Landrigan's unscrupulous attorneys whimpered like fucking sissies that if the barbiturate (thiopental sodium) was ineffective, he might feel pain from the potassium chloride used to stop his depraved heart or the pancuronium bromide used to paralyze his diaphragm. I sit here, idly wondering if Landrigan paused to think, even for the tiniest moment, about the pain he was causing while he coldly murdered his innocent victims. No, I think not, he was only interested in whatever twisted pleasure he obtained by slaughtering people, along with feeling sorry for himself when he was caught by the pigs, tried before a jury of his peers and sentenced to death by a judge.

The obtuse argument alleging that FDA unapproved foreign sodium thiopental may be "unsafe" is a clear example of his attorney's employment of any method, no matter how ridiculous, to avert the inevitable, Landrigan's deserved execution for felony murder. One, Great Britain is not a goddamned third world shithole that uses tap water for anesthesia, and two; the laws of physics are no different in Britain than anywhere else in the goddamn universe. Thiopental sodium is fucking thiopental sodium, everywhere, even in the Andromeda galaxy - should there be intelligent creatures there that employ it as an anesthetic or perhaps as a mixer for cocktails. Further, why in the fuck was this idiot Landrigan worried if it was "safe" - they were using it to sedate his ass before killing him! Even if it didn't work properly, who gives a shit, no one would know but him and he was being executed anyway, in a much more merciful method than he used to murder his victims, I might add.

Jesus Christ, how corrupt the legal profession is when comes to the cunning legerdemain used to thwart the execution of a goddamned fiend. If there is an afterlife of sorts, Jeffrey Landrigan should consider himself very lucky that he died quietly in such a wimpy fashion, as this decadent pigsty doesn't even have the cunt lips to execute people properly anymore. Lethal injection has too much detail involved in it - I'm of the old school, the electric chair, a firing squad, the gas chamber or hanging by the neck until dead is the proper way to get bumped off for capital offenses. Were I running this fucking joint, I'd have dealt with Landrigan severely, like having his miserable, screaming ass guillotined face up while fully conscious, or maybe by having him thrown feet first into a running jet engine. I wonder how he would have liked those fucking apples!

Now for a short redux on Juan Williams, the nigger fired from NPR simply because he uttered his opinion of Moslems on dipshit O'Reilly's show. A blogger at the "Atlantic" did a hatchet piece on him, admonishing him for being "bigoted toward Moslems". Well, guess what folks, Moslems are bigoted toward anyone who is not Moslem, specifically, "infidels". Infidels are those individuals that do not adhere to a misogynistic, 7th century worldview, don't believe in shitkicker Allah, or Mohammed's prophethood, and wish to live their lives as they see fit, with or without other religious bullshit. Just ask any Moslem; if Islam's hateful, mean spirited opinion of "infidels" and how to deal with them isn't the very goddamned poster child for absolute BIGOTRY, I don't know what the fuck is.

Oh yes, and a group of peace loving Somali Moslem fundamentalist swine executed a pair of teenaged nigger girls last week, allegedly for the crime of "spying", slaughtered mercilessly by zeal driven psychotics, in the name of a non-existent thing named Allah.



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