Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fishing for fairies who can't fly in the Hudson

I just read on the Google news feeds that Kojak and his fellow pigs finally dredged up the mortal remains of Tyler Clementi from its watery abode in the Hudson River. It's been a week since he offed himself by jumping from the George Washington Bridge, you see. I swear to Christ, his bloated, waterlogged carcass must look like an overripe melon and smell like two-month old hamburger sitting forlorn in a broken refrigerator!

That graphic depiction aside, can you imagine an open coffin memorial service in this case? The stench alone would be absolutely atrocious, not to mention the horrific visage of a pale, rotting, formaldehyde filled, partially crab-eaten and fish nibbled carcass, laid out for all to gawk at. Face it people, there ain't any mortician, anywhere on this entire goddamned Earth, no matter how talented they may be, that are ever gonna be able to even remotely fix up the spoiled and disfigured remains of Tyler Clementi for mournful viewing at the local parlor. Take my word for it - he's too far gone, as the old saying goes. That is, unless they go all out and create a waxwork dummy at the morgue, and then exchange it for a bloated, decaying, putrescent mound of partially consumed, rotting flesh that is in fact the mortal remains of Tyler Clementi. All that said, with regard to a future memorial service for Clementi, it's hermetically sealed, closed coffin city, that's for damn sure!

As you know, Tyler Clementi was outed as a limp-wristed fag by his playful, comedic roommate Dhaurn Ravi and his wacky sidekick Molly Wei. They, in their myopic, childish interpretation of "good clean American fun", apparently posted an explicit video of Tyler sexually frolicking with another fairy, sending it out over the Internet for the entertainment of all. Really, I sit here wondering how funny Dhaurn and Molly thought it was when they learned that bashful, four-eyed, violin playing, skin flute tooting Tyler had leapt from a New York city bridge? I also wonder how funny they thought it was when his rotting carcass turned up today floating facedown in the Hudson, deader than bleached driftwood?

The damage done, I submit that young Tyler wasn't man enough to stand up for "Gay Pride", whatever that actually is, so he killed himself rather than face the off-key music of his budding queerdom. I can see it all now - "Tyler and Tony sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g. First comes love, then comes blah blah blah..." Oh well, I guess Tyler didn't remember the old aphorism: "Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me." I wager photos and videos don't physically hurt anyone either, hell, all kinds of porn, bestiality, sex acts and nude videos, both consensual and non-consensual, are all over the fucking Internet, just ask Erin Andrews. Kindly note that she hasn't killed herself over what a goofy perverted masturbator named Michael David Barrett did for kicks: playing with himself while filming her surreptitiously in a hotel room, parading about totally nude. Then the twisted bastard Barrett went even further, and had the unmitigated gall to post the video on the Internet. No, Erin didn't kill herself for being humiliated before the entire world; she took the matter into her hands, called the authorities, and prosecuted the clown for invasion of privacy, getting her well-deserved revenge. I think gayguy Tyler Clementi should have taken the cue from Erin, and prosecuted Ravi and Wei for their stupid actions, rather than bumping himself off, which was pointless. Pardon me for stating the obvious, but I do feel that revenge is a much better alternative than suicide could ever be, as suicide is so deeply personal, not to mention absolutely final.

Good lord, what a whining, overemotional, immature pansy man this Tyler Clementi was, and yes, according to the law he WAS in fact a man. Get the fuck over it folks, eighteen year old males are considered adult men. My misanthropic heart of stone truly pumps gallons of purple panther piss for Tyler Clementi, or should I say his corpse; he should have tried being a goddamned adult rather than a whimpering boy in a cruel and uncaring world. I've been shot at and missed, shit at and hit, the pigs have fucked with me for years on end, and I've been called every fucking name in the book by my fellow man, and woman, mind you. Call me a thick skinned bastard, but I couldn't care less about what anyone says or thinks about me, including any readers who may disapprove of my blunt vitriol spewed forth here.

Moving on, this dead, bloated, rotting, potato-nosed, four-eyed closet queen is enough to make a fucking maggot barf up its guts, as, judging from his actions, in my humble opinion, he was a sniveling coward and a common hypocrite to boot. Further, I'll bet he used to schmooze about making girls with his friends in the dorm, all the while bed hopping with other gay guys between attending classes. Hell, look on the bright side people, if there is an afterlife of sorts, he's in the loving arms of Jeebus, and has also removed his harmful, destructive carbon footprint from our tiny, overpopulated, polluted planet.

Anyway, according to current statistics from wherever, young queers (i.e., gays, lezzies, trannys, and other assorted oddballs) are four times as likely to bump themselves off than straight kids, probably due to the fact that they haven't the guts to get it over with, come out and say they are in fact queers. So, rather than blaming themselves, queers, a de-facto oddity in a world filled to the brim with heterosexuals, instead shift the blame to "straights", apparently so they can be a fucking annoying pain in the ass to the rest of the goddamned population. Really people, how can queers like this faint-hearted clown ever hope to be truly "accepted" by anyone when they skulk around stealthily, blowing folks on the side, and don't even have the common balls to look in the mirror and admit they are in fact gay?

Now don't be a politically correct, hateful bigot and think I'm picking on queers for even a second. I don't give one fuck about them in the least, other than writing about this current dead fairy, as they're evidently born that way. I candidly submit that nothing can ever be done about homosexuality, other than perhaps identifying and aborting fetuses so afflicted in the future, that is if a woman carrying such a creature chooses to do so, of course.

What my point is on this lengthy rant is that people of any stripe should simply be themselves, rather than pretending they are someone they are not. Such obfuscations are the very essence of blatant, all too human hypocrisy; something the apelike race of man has been expertly adroit at for untold millennia. Just look at our fucking clergy and politicians for starters, you know, the pious, queer, boy loving pedophile priests, along with the ever present, smiling, cap-toothed garden-variety elected liars, both Democrat and Republican, running this benighted dump like the anarchic insane asylum it truly is. As a citizen of this ongoing farce, the United States, always remember that they, our betters, are so much more worthy than we common, smelly, callous handed peons could ever be. Just ask Harry Reid, he'll tell you so to your face.

Even nationally famous dyke Ellen DeGeneres is getting involved in this utterly ridiculous situation, running her mannish looking face on the boob tube. Strange, all the dykes I've ever met loathe men, be they gay or straight. Anyway, DeGeneres shrilly stated that four or so homos have bumped themselves off across the country in September, and that something must be done about it. Like what woman, suicide is already illegal, yet folks still kill themselves. Who in the fuck is actually paid good money to note and record such worthless statistics for the lemminglike masses to peruse? I say big fucking deal, people die everyday from self inflicted trauma, and if one chooses to be an outcast they are literally asking for trouble - human nature being as it is - herd mentality, plain and simple. The Japs have a saying: "The nail that sticks up gets hammered down." I know the score, I venture this degenerate dyke DeGeneres wants to legislate fucking morality, whatever that actually is, in a dubious attempt to force people to "accept" faggotry and dykedom.

I wish you luck, vagina breath Ellen - your vision will never happen in any universe, specifically, the "acceptance" part of your obtuse and completely subjective "reasoning". I submit that such draconian legislation (granting special elevated status and "rights" to queers, perverts and other assorted oddballs), if eventually passed, along with the other inane social tinkering promoted during the past fifty years, will ultimately lead to a vicious bloodbath such as the world has never seen.

I don't know about anyone else, but I plan to sit back and laugh my ancient ass off when it happens, as I could have told all of you so beforehand.

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  1. Man, you're a little fucked in the head but I did enjoy the blunt truth of it all.