Saturday, October 23, 2010

Another LIE: America's Supposed "Freedom"

Yeah, I'm here again, running my ancient, jaded, politically incorrect, filthy fucking mouth, sure to arouse the ire of most, the agreement of some, and the laughter of a few.

I read on Slate or some other such site that the Federal pigs are now monitoring sites like Facebook, My Space and Twitter, apparently because they have nothing better to do with their time, like say, fighting crime and real criminals. Remember folks, real criminals have no compunction about putting bullets in anyone who fucks with them, especially when it comes to pigs, and it's much easier for the FBI to harass people who can't or won't fight back. That's nothing new, as those stoic, monkey suited busybodies have been monitoring private telephone conversations for years, with or without warrants.

Regardless if a clueless, narcissistic, half-breed Marxist coon is currently sitting in the Oval Office, for the past few decades a totalitarian, security mad neo-McCarthyism has permeated the entire government, determined to keep the people under total control. Those behind this are foolish if they think they can actually preserve this dying mess, as all governments are eventually overthrown by those they seek to subjugate, one only needs to study history. Usually, insurrection is a rather bloody affair, with myriad casualties and atrocities inflicted on both sides. Often it becomes a war of attrition, complete with the accompanying destruction of infrastructure.

I imagine that the dutiful clowns at the FBI are obsessed with monitoring blogs as well, so if they are, they can deeply french kiss my asshole. What I write is what I fucking think, and it is based on the obvious truth of a totally appalling situation, though in some other dying countries the truth is no defense at all, namely Germany, France, and the Netherlands. In those places a man can go to prison for simply "offending" someone; the goddamn hand wringing faggots. Just ask a dude named Geert Wilders; he's on trial for offending ragheads and "inciting racial hatred" in the Netherlands. It doesn't matter if the interloping Moslem sandnigger cocksuckers are destroying Amsterdam and the rest of Western Europe by raping children, killing people and demanding Sharia law, the native inhabitants are legally forced to tolerate these savage pieces of foreign shit and not "offend" them. The same goes for the cowardly traitors running France, once lovely Brigitte Bardot has been arrested and fined for simply saying that France should be for fucking French people. And those yellow bastards running France have the unmitigated GALL to call Marshal P├ętain a goddamned traitor!

What really gets me about all this shit is that America (and the Western World in general) is fast becoming more like something out of George Orwell's 1984, on steroids mind you, only with a "smiley face" plastered over all of the draconian abuses, complete with hackneyed, propagandistic bullshit bleated by the controlled media about how "free" clueless Americans are.

Free? Sure, I'm free, these days I'm free to be a limp-wristed queer if I want, and blow on some dude's meat whistle, though I wouldn't make a very good gay guy because I happen to exclusively prefer women. Silly me, go figure, I like pussy - sue me. I'm free to have another fag's boner stuck up my ass for a while too, but again, my hateful, bigoted, inflexible heterosexuality gets in the way of someone's pleasure. Hell, I don't even know how women can stand men, let alone other men; it must be one of those female things. Then again, if I were in fact a liberated cunt I could be a mannish lezzie, and I'd also be free to rip a fetus from my twat on demand if I became pregnant and didn't like the idea. What wonderful freedoms I have; I'm free to have interloping foreigners who refuse to assimilate shoved down my goddamned throat constantly in the name of "multicultural diversity" and "tolerance". I'm free to be a totally annoying asshole if I like and demand special privileges - for queers, or for militant atheists, or for fanatical Moslem shitheads, or for other such misfits simply out to cause nothing but trouble for everyone. I'm also free to fuck up other's traditional holidays by stating that I despise Christmas, hate Santa Claus and loathe nativity scenes, like some sort of a latter-day Ebenezer fucking Scrooge.

Sorry Uncle Sam, but I don't WANT any of those "freedoms". Thank you anyway, but take them away and shove them up your ass sideways while you're at it.

But, on the other hand, am I free to pursue everyday activities like perhaps smoking dope occasionally or snorting some coke if I like, on my own time, on my own fucking property? After all, it is MY body and my life, and my home is supposedly my fucking "castle", so if I want to pollute it with drugs, tobacco, alcohol, or even fucking potassium cyanide, it should be my own goddamned business and no one else's, period. Too bad they want to tell me how to live my own life in so many ways, and then tell me to tolerate other's actions that are so goddamned bizarre you'd think such creatures belong in a fucking freak show.

That said, anyone who has read my terse diatribes before already knows how much I despise Moslems and religion in general, not to mention crooked politicians, but when the FBI begins tracking a Moslem raghead that was born here, who was not suspected of any fucking crime, even my eyebrows raise. For the record, his name is Yassir Afifi, and he found a GPS tracking device attached to his vehicle by the stealthy swine from the FBI. He then posted a picture of it on the Internet, not knowing what it was and looking for info on the device. Catching on fast and caught with their pants down, the Federal pigs confronted Afifi two days later, and demanded the return of the tracking device. Yassir Afifi was a better man than I am; if those cocksuckers put such a device on my beat up old clunker, they'd get it back for sure - in little fucking pieces.

Isn't that nice, we now have the freedom to be spied on by the pigs and possibly arrested for no goddamned reason at all, other than for being "suspicious", I suppose. No warrants are needed either, just ask the doddering old fools sitting on the Supreme Court. Remember Kathy Parker? I do, she was the honky broad who was accosted and persecuted in an airport last summer for the "crime" of having $8,000 in checks in her pocket, harassed for hours by jackbooted TSA pigs who had nothing better to do other than cause trouble for someone. When Parker protested about the pigs taking her checks, a smart mouthed pig replied, "It's not your money". Anyway, after the rubber hose goon squad was finished with harassing her, the checks were returned without apology and she went about her business, while the pigs went on to harass their next hapless victim. I sincerely hope with all my heart that smart mouthed, vicious, nazi pig bastard catches a hot bullet in his sadistic head from a real criminal. Further, I hope he survives the ordeal and is left a conscious, drooling, unspeaking, diaper-clad vegetable that lives to be 110 years old. I say fuck the TSA, fuck their unreasonable searches, fuck the airports and fuck their goddamned 30-year-old junk airplanes. If I ever have to go anywhere far from my hovel, I'll drive my beat up old clunker, climb on a bus, or take a goddamned boat.

I can truly empathize with Ms. Parker's reaction to a typical infuriating pig's remark, as pigs attempted to confiscate my hard earned cash years ago during a traffic stop for a fucking burnt out tail light. For the terrible "crime" of having cash on my person, I was arrested by a smiling, abusive pig that accused me of being a "drug dealer", after which they held me in a cell for twelve hours. It took me a fucking year and a pair of hook-nosed kike shyster lawyers to get my dough back, and only after I signed a document stating that I would not sue them for false arrest. Oh yes, and I had the pay the hook-nosed kikes a grand for their "services" - getting MY money back from the government sanctioned thieves who stole it from me. Hey, I'm not the only motherfucker ensnared by these modern day highwaymen with badges; this phenomenon has been occurring for at least the past twenty years or so. The Federal and State governments now employ freebooter tactics to literally steal money and valuables from people, due to the glaring fact that the government is quite literally going bankrupt. Oh well, so much for the fucking Fourth Amendment, yet another goddamned LIE.

Here's a little background for the reader on the preceding noted abuses by the pigs, i.e., STEALING PEOPLE'S MONEY - incidents like these began to escalate when a goddamned piece of shit Republican millionaire President named George H.W. Bush decreed that any of we lowly peons found with more than $5,000 on their persons can be arrested and held for being a "drug dealer", a "money launderer", a "smuggler", or whatever the pigs can dream up so they can steal money for the government - some of them even get a cut of the loot. It doesn't fucking matter if the money was obtained honestly, the judge will cut you loose on a recog without formal charges and then the government will KEEP the money they took from you! They tried to do it to me, telling my shyster that my money was "abandoned funds" unless I signed a document waiving my supposed RIGHT to sue those cocksuckers for false arrest! As a consequence of that vexing affair, I now despise pigs and laugh when any of them are killed. I don't vote anymore and I never will again, I rarely socialize outside those I truly know and I'm generally a stock trading, paranoid recluse who absolutely loathes what this goddamned place has become - a FUCKING JAIL, sans the bars. Don't believe my words - use your fucking head and look any of it up. Sadly, most people choose not to fight these duly sworn, oinking pirates and they lose their confiscated valuables, e.g., their money, their automobiles, sometimes even their fucking domiciles. All of these abuses are sanctioned by an organized kleptocracy that makes criminals of people for simply existing, and creates a very lucrative method for the crooked pigs to line their pockets with LEGAL GRAFT. I swear to fucking Christ, if there is a god out there to pray to, I pray on bended knee that George H.W. Bush dies slowly of an excruciatingly painful brain hemorrhage.

So, reader, you still think you have freedom after all that? Well then - here's some fucking freedom for you, or should I say "negative freedoms".

Get this: You don't have the fucking freedom to choose what kind of light bulbs to buy anymore, thanks to the control freaks in the Federal Government, and you don't have the freedom to purchase an automobile that isn't already fitted with federally mandated garbage to "protect" you. For your information, there is another "standard feature" that current vehicles come equipped with but they never tell you about: an onboard computer that informs the pigs as to whether you were driving recklessly or speeding when one of the tiny, ugly pieces of shit that pass for cars these days hits a fucking tree or something. In addition, you don't have the freedom to ride your motorcycle without a fucking helmet, hell, they are now arresting children for not wearing a "safety helmet" when they pedal a simple motherfucking bicycle down the street! What's next, you can't walk down the street without full armor so you don't skin your knees? Further, you don't have the freedom to associate or not associate with people of your own goddamned choosing, and if you run any sort of business you can't discriminate against whatever piece of disgusting shit decides to blunder in through your door. Freedom my ass; the cocksuckers running this place don't even know the meaning of the fucking word.

Hey, don't feel bad; normal freedom (like the right to be left the hell alone to live your life as you see fit) in the US is a thing of the past, thanks to the dimwitted American electorate's utter stupidity - by repeatedly sending lying, power mad control freaks into office. For example, some FOX news nigger named Juan Williams doesn't even have the goddamned freedom to express his opinion on the fucking fanatical ragheads, as this nation is apparently run by a pack of cringing cowards that don't want to offend Moslems or their silly shit eating god! For the record, National Propaganda Radio, or NPR for short, decided to fire the jig Williams last week for talking with that idiotic mick Bill O'Reilly on FOX news about how he is unnerved when around sandniggers wearing their silly looking Mohammedan garb. No fucking shit; Williams has a BRAIN in his head, and he uses his reasoning to feel trepidation whenever he sees Moslem shitheads. Every time I see one of those fanatical bastards I expect a fucking bomb to go off in the name of that impotent, non-existent shitkicker Allah.

Hey folks, it wasn't fucking Laplanders or goddamned Hottentots that destroyed the World Trade Centers in NYC, it was fucking MOSLEMS!

Back to Williams, you see, "freedom of speech" is a goddamned lie too. Go ahead, try to speak your true feelings on nearly any fucking topic and see how far you get. These days, it's more like "You have freedom of speech as long as you agree with the contemporary mainstream politically correct line". Or, when debating with brainwashed lemmings that swallow anything the government tells them, "You have freedom of speech as long as you agree with us". I submit to the reader that the United States is becoming more like fucking Mao's China or Stalin's Russia every day, with the populace literally afraid to express their true views out of fear of being ostracized, fired or even worse.

That's not the way this goddamned, bankrupt shithole of a nation was supposed to be, but that's the way it is now. A few years back a dumb, potato nosed polock acquaintance had the utter stupidity to state that calling a nigger a nigger was against the fucking law! He also tried to admonish me that the common noun "nigger" was a racist term, and that "racism" was against the law because it hurt people's itty-bitty shitty feelings. Stunned, I asked him where he had heard such obtuse nonsense. He stammered and said, "Well, it's going to be against the law soon", or words to that effect. That simple minded, idiotic ski blockhead was a typical, garden-variety, dumbed down, brainwashed American clown; no wonder this place is so fucked up.

See how much goddamned freedom you have when you try to defend yourself against an assailant. Five will get you ten that the pigs will arrest you for assaulting your assailant! I should know - I've been there. This place is BEYOND insane - five year olds are being arrested for "sexual harassment", for the terrible crime of kissing another kindergartener.

End of diatribe, hope you enjoyed it. If you didn't, oh well, click the fucking close button and move on, I don't care.



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