Thursday, September 2, 2010

"Pigdom" Redux

"Proud, Intelligent Guardians of Society".

That's what "police" (read pigs) like to call themselves, the cocksucking bastards, when they are actually "Perverse, Intransigent Ghouls and Sadists". Pink Floyd put it best with regard to pigs in their album "Animals", but I'll leave that for some other time.

We now focus a pig named Alfonso Mendez, evidently a spic, employed by the NYPD, the most corrupt police force known to man, caught with his pants down and his dick in his hand, figuratively. Just ask Frank Fucking Serpico of the NYPD, pigs tried to kill him decades ago, due to the fact that his fellow pigs were even more criminal that the criminal offenders they pursued. Or did they, as payoffs were so fucking lucrative?

Anyway, seems that spic pig Alfonso, in his callous disregard for human life and insatiable love for power, allowed and apparently enjoyed watching a little girl, named Briana Ojeda, another spic mind you, die from a goddamned asthma attack. What a callous, criminal bastard, quite typical of pigs. I'll bet he's a good Catholic and goes to fucking church every Sunday too, praying to his non-existent god for dispensation. Get this - the debacle all started out when Briana's loving mother, Carmen Ojeda, discovered that her daughter was dying of SUFFOCATION and needed to go to the hospital. Hence, she took it in her own hands to drive her offspring there, resorting to some, uh, shall I say, unorthodox maneuvers on her part, resulting in the sideswiping of a common fucking automobile. Who cares, life is more important than a fucking car. Dutiful pig Mendez noted this vexing situation while gassing up his pig cruiser, and went into full "pig" mode, sirens and lights blazing, afterward pulling Carmen over for terrible crimes, real or imagined.

Carmen attempted to tell pig Mendez that her daughter was in a life-threatening situation (read DYING) and asked him to perform CPR on her daughter Briana. Mr. Alfonso PIG refused, stating he did not know how to perform CPR, apparently enjoying the pain and suffering he was causing. It's a goddamned wonder that he didn't pull his dick out and start masturbating at the thought of another human suffering, like a typical hardnosed PIG. As a result, young Briana DIED, and supposedly is now in the loving arms of Jeebus, that is if you believe in such nonsensical garbage.

The dutiful NYPD has stated that pig Mendez will not be criminally charged, and has been placed on "suspension". Typical - pigs can get away with anything, as they are the "good guys". If today's pigs are the good guys, I'd hate to see who the fucking bad guys are!

All that written, THIS GODDAMNED, MOTHERFUCKING, COCKSUCKING PIG ALFONSO MENDEZ SHOULD NOT ONLY BE FIRED, HE SHOULD BE CHARGED WITH NEGLIGENT HOMICIDE! A young girl died due to his love for power, and desire to control other people. After conviction, he should be sent to prison so he can be fucked in his ass by jailhouse queers until he dies. I swear to goddamned motherfucking Christ, every time one of those jackbooted thug PIGS catches a bullet in their rotten, criminal heads, and dies from their injuries, regardless if the assailant is a criminal or not - I laugh like a goddamned jackal!




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  1. I have asthma, and instances like this have crossed my mind. The apathy in this country is intolerable.