Thursday, September 2, 2010

CRAZY ENVIRONMENTALIST GOOK James J. Lee dropped by pigs

Holy motherfucking Christ!

Seems the pigs actually did something useful for a change. That simply proves that even broken clocks are right twice a day - unless such devices are 24 hour clocks, and in that case only once.

You know, the above depicted cocksucker wouldn't make a good bump on Wo Fats' ass.

That said, this slanty-eyed, chink goofball, James J. Lee, was a shooting star of the first degree - seems he took Al Gore's lies to heart and died for it, thanks to the pigs. You see, failed lawyer and non-scientist Al Gore doesn't give one good goddamn about the fucking Earth, Global Warming, or anyone else except himself, just ask his estranged cunt Tipper - all he gives a shit about is fucking money and power, and apparently, feeling up young cunts in massage parlors. Stupid really, considering he's a burned out old man who is going to croak off in a few years, leaving his ill-gotten gains to a bunch of greedy heirs who will fight over his remains like a pack of fucking vultures.

As a man, though I can't say for other men, I'd love to feel up and lick off my slimy, cooze covered fingers after touching the tight, fragrant, juicy cunt of a fresh young horny bitch, she nude, spreadlegged and drooling for my attentions, id est, my stiff, dripping prick. However, unlike pitiful CHILD Al Gore - I know I'm too fucking old for such to ever happen. Al Gore reminds me of George Soudini without the bullets - the stupid balding bastard thinks he can fuck twenty year olds; just wait until he finally realizes that he can't, and that his beloved Tipper is now fucking nigger Al Sharpton while laughing at him. Al will go off if he lives a few years more - perhaps killing a pack of young, smartmouthed twats at a club who told him to fuck off and die, as young females of any stripe are completely fucking disgusted by stupid old horny men who have the audacity to think they can get a piece.

Evolution has instructed them so, young ladies need hot, young, virile male seed from stupid young men to produce the next generation, so they can sue them for child support later. Humans are animals - if we weren't, the species would die out in one fucking generation.

Hey - returning to horny Al - at least Tipper can cry out Al, while fucking nigger Al Sharpton, without being accused of fantisizing. Name's the same, so what the fuck.

I'll laugh, fuck you Gore, you lying, unqualified FRAUD. I'll write of the misanthropic Chink Lee some more later today, or possibly tomorrow, or perhaps fucking never, as I have better things to do as of the moment.




  1. James Lee's formative environment was the WatchTower Cult. To read more about the lives of James Jae Lee and other Jehovah's Witness Kidnappers, such as the Jaycee Lee Dugard Kidnappers, here are summaries of 100s of criminal and civil court cases:

  2. James Lee's formative environment was the WatchTower Cult. To read more about the lives of James Jae Lee and other Jehovah's Witness Kidnappers, such as the Jaycee Lee Dugard Kidnappers, here are summaries of 100s of criminal and civil court cases:

  3. Interesting comment; I thank you for the reference material. Strange, I thought most gooks were Buddhists, go fucking figure. A lot of niggers are Jehovah's Witnesses too, as are a bunch of spics in my area - silly me for being prejudicial - I used to think most spics were silly beadrattlers.

    Incidentally, you are the very first commenter on this blog of white-hot anger, though there is no prize to be had for commenting on my tedious, politically incorrect, foul-mouthed, hate-filled posts and replies.

    Now, as far a Jehovah's Witnesses go, I despise them almost as much as I do the goddamned Islamic Mohammedans, not that I have any use for other religion either. Religion of any faith is all a crock of superstitious shit in my book, and that is my stance; it is unalterable.

    Whether there actually is or is not a maker or creator of our universe is irrelevant to our situation; the entire race of man is composed of an idiotic cadre of born liars who live much too short and are much too ignorant do describe reality accurately, whatever reality actually is, myself included.

    Anyway, if you enjoy reading my filthy, misanthropic, hateful, epithet filled screeds, feel free to tell your friends, and have them visit too.

    Those who do can either agree or disagree with me, as Conway's Blog is an absolute motherfucking free speech zone. I will publish all comments, sans the spam, of course.

    Go ahead, call me a racist, a hater, or an anarchist; tell me I'm great or brilliant, wish me dead, hope that I get cancer, tell me I'm going to hell or even call me a motherfucker if you are so inclined. Call me a nazi, call me a communist, compare me to Rush Limbaugh or Che Guevara if you like. Say you agree with me or tell me I'm ugly, say I'm a closet queer who sucks cocks, tell me I'm a 193 year-old virgin who has never had pussy.

    You see, I don't really fucking care what people think of me, at all. I'm too damned old to give a shit about what silly people think, for opinions are like assholes - everyone has one and they usually stink.

    That said, I prefer to devote my time to trading equities, because I absolutely love fucking money and I admit it with a smile. I trade the bourses between hating politicians of all stripes, jackbooted, power-mad pigs, worthless clergy of all faiths, liars, hypocrites and other assorted hairless, talking simians, collectively known as homo-sapiens.

    "Man the wise" - what a fucking joke, and a bad one.


    "Man the wiseass" - a much more accurate description.

    Kind Regards to you,