Sunday, September 19, 2010

Christine O'Donnell, Carl Rove, Bill Maher and a nation of fucking hypocrites

Conway here.

To say I am a mean, old jaded bastard is the understatement of the goddamned millennium, but current events are causing even me to take notice. I sit at my monitor, viewing current events via Google, amazed at the utter stupidity and blatant hypocrisy of my fellow man; seemingly a collective insanity is overwhelming the United States and much of the Western world.

The primary election victory of honky Catholic Christine O'Donnell in Delaware is a prime example of this phenomenon. Again, don't try to get ahead of me or prejudge my stance like a typical bigoted asshole, though I do honestly believe the lady is a few cards short of a full deck.

Her opponent, an ancient whitey joker named Mike Castle, a "moderate" Republican (meaning in truth he is a liberal) has the unmitigated gall to be a sore loser and refuses to congratulate Ms. O'Donnell on her victory. What can I say; the man is an absolute shithead.

Which brings us to Carl Rove, an unrepentant, unscrupulous Republican with the ethical outlook of Machiavelli, and Bill Maher, a court jester, Moslem apologist and atheist kike. Taking Rove first, this hypocritical pile of shit states that O'Donnell is "unqualified" to be a candidate for the Senate, or perhaps any political office. Really, so Carl, how does one become fucking "qualified" for a political office? If they pass your subjective tests, I imagine - who the fuck do you think you are, some sort of god? In the past, all that was required is for the people (i.e. voters) to approve those seeking office via the ballot box. In other words, the fucking PEOPLE were the ones who decided who was qualified for public office, not a group of soft-palmed, sedentary, elitist swine like Rove.

Honestly, how qualified is that incompetent, malignantly narcissistic, nigger president occupying the Oval Office? Judging from the available evidence, and the absolute lack of progress Obama has made while in office, coupled with the widening racial divide occurring in this nation, thanks to him, I submit that Obama is no more qualified for office than O'Donnell, or perhaps even a fucking mongoloid idiot with an IQ of forty-two. That said, public office, and the election to such, is nothing but on-the-job training, with the attendant trial and error. Obama himself is proof of this assertion. Further, there is no field of study nor is there an internship program which can prepare any individual for "leadership" - not a fucking Master's or even a Doctorate in "political science" from Harvard can prepare anyone for the responsibilities, and the pitfalls, of governance.

This brings us to Bill Maher, a word-twisting, smart mouthed, dwarfish, Moslem fearing, atheist kike "comedian", who, in all honesty, is about as funny as a fucking turd in a punch bowl. This simpering creature, a glaring example of the non-plus-ultra definition of the term liberal, is determined to make O'Donnell appear as a fool (which she may in fact be), but the fact remains that it is none of his fucking business. It is the business of the voters of Delaware, and no one else. Anyway, dipshit Maher is doing his very best to fuck up her campaign by replaying some rather inane remarks she made on his utterly boring television show; especially regarding "witchcraft", or as it is now called, "Wicca". I wonder why this supposed atheist kike has such a problem with "witchcraft". He claims to despise all religion, as I do; yet he sucks the ass of Moslems like the sniveling coward that he is, though will never admit. I wonder how he'd feel to have his head sawed off as an infidel like Daniel Pearl experienced, mercilessly killed by a group of bloodthirsty, chanting, masked Moslem savages? Really people, why is this dwarf kike Maher ranking on this dumb bitch?

According to him, O'Donnell is "unqualified", whatever the hell that actually means.

Again, I ask, as with Carl Rove, who the fuck is Bill Maher to be any kind of arbiter for "Congressional qualification"? The true answer is that Maher disagrees with her politics, nothing more, and is using his constant exposure via the media to character assassinate her. Further, O'Donnell publicly states that she was interested in that particular form of superstition when she was a teenager. She's 41 now and has returned to being a beadrattler who eschews masturbation. Why? Who knows, and who cares? So, what the fuck does her past "witchcraft" interests or personal views have to do with today, or her platform? Nothing at all, and even if she was still into Wicca or paganism, big fucking deal, the First Amendment specifically states that all Americans have freedom of religion.

Besides all that, Congress is already filled with an appalling roster of wasps, kikes, niggers, beadrattlers, silly Mormons, Mohammedans, lezzies, gangsters, cocksuckers, whoremongers, drunks, crooks, Prozac freaks and cokeheads. It runs the gamut - what possible threat could a lone witch be in a legislative body filled with egotistical, power-mad loonies?

Would I vote for Christine O'Donnell? Nope, as I gave up voting for anyone when Teddy Roosevelt lost his "Bull Moose Party" bid for President.

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