Monday, September 6, 2010

Burn the Koran and fuck Allah!

Conway here.

In a hilarious example of a fragmented, dying America, a bunch of loony Christian religious fanatics hailing from Dove Outreach Church have decided to designate September 11, 2010 as "Burn the Koran Day". Terry Jones, their pastor, is leader of the merry band of “Holy” Koran burners, for whom a permit for a Koran bonfire was denied by cowardly, politically correct assholes controlling Gainesville, Florida. The authorities there publicly state that such an event would be a “fire hazard”, or would “harm the little-bitty environment”.

Yeah, right, just how fucking stupid do you think I am? For instance, a Koran, like any other book, is made of paper, or perhaps parchment on occasion, and is no more a goddamned fire hazard or a threat to the fucking environment than smoldering charcoal briquettes with a pair of charred Porterhouse steaks, sitting on a Sunday afternoon barbeque in Jacksonville. That said; the REAL REASON for the authorities wanting to ban such a spectacle has NOTHING to do with ANY of the above. In reality, it seems glaringly apparent that our esteemed leaders are such wanton COWARDS that they cringe at the threats of a pack of loudmouthed foreign sandniggers, while attempting to deny the civil rights of their fellow Americans.

Typical, George W. Bush’s draconian "Homeland Security" Gestapo and the jackbooted nazi pigs residing at goddamned airports do it everyday, go figure. You know, drooling “security personnel” with protruding hardons feeling cute broads up and licking their fingers afterward. Not to mention their penchant for accusing certain folks who pass by with cash, or even CHECKS on their persons of being "drug dealers" or “money launderers”, along with other despotic horseshit cunningly designed to relieve American citizens of only one thing - their hard-earned MONEY. As a dying nation, the United States of America's Federal Government has lately begun to resort to literal STEALING in order to finance their unbridled tyranny, in the name of freedom, of course. These days, they seize entire farms for one fucking pot plant, and steal expensive cars from johns who want to buy whores on the local strip.

I should know, I was once "arrested" for the crime of simply carrying MONEY in the 1990's. A drunken, ex FBI lawyer told me that MONEY, an inanimate object, could actually commit a crime, even though I didn't. I replied that he was fucking insane, and told him to go fuck himself and his cunt mother. Perhaps I’ll reveal more on that Kafkaesque debacle in another post; back to the matter at hand.

Now don't get me wrong here regarding Dove Outreach Church. As an atheist, I despise all religions, especially Islam, though I must say that Terry Jones has more courage in his little fucking pinky toe than many of the hairless apes occupying America, and I greatly respect what he is doing - standing up for free speech, his beliefs, and the First fucking Amendment. I do think he is delusional for embracing idiotic Christianity, but I admire him for exercising his personal right to display his disdain and loathing for the ALIEN, blood-drenched cult called Islam. Go ahead; keep it up, elected American assholes. Feel powerful over your SUBJECTS, nay, invincible over them, and fuck with a tiny group of silly Christians in Florida, who, at least for the present, won't fight back. Can’t say the same thing for the rioting raghead sandniggers you so fear, can we, you cowardly bastards?

Just give Pastor Terry and his friends time. They'll see the politically correct faggots running this place as they really are, quickly change their Jesus loving minds and then it's fucking curtains for such skulking traitors who appease Moslem barbarians like a goddamned latter-day Neville Chamberlain. I submit our entire goddamned leadership has proven conclusively that they have no fucking guts at all when it comes to the possibility of REAL violence - and they are literally asking for insurrection and civil war. I certainly hope they get and enjoy it; as for myself, like the mythical Satan, I will sit back and LAUGH at them!

Anyway, that's the entire fucking problem with present-day America - it is led from top to bottom by cringing, limp wristed, cowardly pussies that don't even have the motherfucking guts to defend their own culture and traditions. Even the U.S. military is getting involved now, with an obvious dhimmi coward named General David Petraeus warning that the batshit crazy Afghani Taliban will be provoked to attacking emplaced troops, apparently thanks to Jones and his cohorts burning worthless fucking "Holy" Korans, better used for wrapping fish than reading.

As if they aren't already attacking you, you simple motherfucker; hell, they hang six-year-old Afghani kids as "American spies", for Christ's motherfucking sake, in the name of Allah! Hey Petraeus, you dhimmi asshole, why the fuck don't you try to be a LEADER for a change and respond to their aggression by KILLING OFF those Moslem bastards, General DICKHEAD? Then you won't have to worry about attacks, or is that too goddamned simple for you to understand? Come on, why don't you grow a fucking pair, Petraeus, and start dropping lard bombs on those fanatical cocksuckers, and burying them afterward with hog entrails? That would wise them up fast! Oh, I forgot, according to the head nigger, you have to "respect" their little bitty SHITTY fucking "beliefs"! Ask any of them if they respect your beliefs, Mister Sensitive. I swear, current "generals" like Petraeus wouldn't make a good bump on George S. Patton's ASS, let alone Bull Halsey's!

Even that ugly old fucking bitch, ex-hippie Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, has come out against poor Terry Jones and his harmless, merry band of Floridian Koran-burners. I say fuck her and the horse she rode in on, the wrinkled dyke. No goddamned wonder Bill had that fat kikette Monica Lewinsky blow him as he sat moaning and cumming in a leather chair in the Oval Office. I swear, if I had the misfortune to be married to such a disgusting twat like Hillary Clinton, I'd fuck around on her too, with practically anything female, not limited to but yes, including lower animals! Just see how long Hillary would last under the Islamic Taliban! Not long, I assure you. The Koran says queers, infidels, atheists like me, twat-sucking dykes like Hillary, smart-mouthed cunts, and women who disobey their husbands can and should be killed. Maybe Bill should have made her WATCH as Monica did her thing! Hell, what am I fucking saying - she probably did.

Not to be outdone in the disgusting parade of pathetic examples of groveling dhimmitude before Islam, the ancient two-faced Janus residing in the Vatican, head pedophile Joseph Ratzinger, has also come out against burning the "Holy" fucking Koran. Some "christian" Catholic Pope he is, if he devoted more time to ferreting out child molesting queer priests among his flock, rather than kissing the asses of those whom Catholics usually view as Mohammedan heathens, he may garner some respectability.

As for Islam, I am sick and fucking tired of watching those seventh-century, murderous, superstitious, animalistic cocksuckers fuck the rest of this world up for others who simply want to live their own goddamned lives the way they see fit. Right now, the assholes in Iran have decided to stone some ugly raghead broad for getting herself fucked, after beating the shit out of her for allegedly showing her face in a photograph. What a pack of barbaric, misogynistic shitheads, those Moslems. Get this; a few months back in Iran they hanged a pair of queers in the name of their non-existent piece of shit Allah and his pedophile prophet Mohammed, for simply being queers! Now I may not think queers should be married mind you, but neither do I think they should be killed for sucking dicks, or lezzies for eating pussies; for Christ's sake, queers are probably born that way! Whatever turns you on turns you on - who the fuck am I to say folks can't be queers, let alone some dour Moslem shithead Mullah in Saudi Arabia with an agenda from his non-existent piece of shit Allah? Oh well, what else can be expected from a religion that was founded by a devious, murderous pedophile that fucked a nine-year-old girl? Goofy "prophet" Mohammed was nuttier than a goddamned Christmas fruitcake, hallucinating on shrooms, hash and god only knows what else, along with having constant epileptic seizures while babbling utter nonsense about a delusional creature he called Allah, floating up somewhere in the sky like the Flying Dutchman. Fuck Mohammed's drug-addled delusions; like all gods, Allah, a creation of MAN (Mohammed, that is), is always invisible, and totally impotent to boot. I dare that piece of non-existent shit Allah to strike me dead right now; come on you impotent cocksucker! What are you so afraid of Allah - that little old me says you're a fucking fraud who hasn't the power to pull a sick whore off a goddamned piss pot? Oh well, I'm still here and writing viciously - I guess old egomaniacal Allah ain't half as powerful as stupid, superstitious ragheads say he is - I could have told you that without even fucking looking. In fact, I'll go further in this terse diatribe. If there actually is a piece of shit named Allah out there (which there isn't) I'd rather go to hell when I finally croak off at oh, say 310 years old, rather than even be in the presence of such a disgusting pretender of a god; I would become severely nauseated in such a creature's presence; Allah a literal supernatural syrup of ipecac - and then vomit up my entire gastrointestinal tract violently in his loathsome fucking face. After that, I'd whip out my cock and slowly fuck prophet Mohammed in his moneymaking mouth.

Meanwhile, the head nigger Obama, another dhimmi, has his broad nose stuck up an Imam's ass, smelling his colon, ignoring the will of 75% of the citizens in this dying country, giving support to the ragheads who want to build a fucking mosque in the area of Ground Zero, as a SLAP IN THE FACE to America, and the 3000 Americans who died as a result of the fucking death loving "Religion of Peace". Peace my cancer riddled asshole - read the fucking "Holy" Koran. Holy they say; they must be kidding. I have read that tedious, bullshit filled screed from cover to cover, all 114 Suras - the Koran is a disjointed book written by MEN, not any sort of god, filled with blatant contradiction, and not even worth the fucking paper it is written on. The Koran is littered throughout with hatred of outsiders, intolerance of other belief systems, misogyny, slavery, death for the most trivial of offenses; in other words, an all around hatred instruction manual - demanding as a point of faith the utter detestation and destruction for anyone not Moslem.

I cannot believe how stupid fucking people are today, especially Moslems - there is no such thing as god and there never was - at least not a "god" that man can perceive. We are too goddamned stupid to understand such things; it is absolutely beyond our ability to reason - for example, a theoretical entity or group of entities who actually created a 156 BILLION light-year wide universe, 13.7 BILLION fucking years ago. So, get real, get off the silly panacea of useless religion of any kind and get into horrible, disgusting filth; people might live longer, like me! I say fuck Islam, fuck Allah, fuck Mohammed, fuck the Koran, and especially FUCK AMERICAN TRAITORS!



Live Long Like Conway!


  1. Nice rant, agree with nearly the whole thing and this should be updated in support of the actions of the people against this ridiculous religon (Islam) that is. A book burning is offensive to the liberals of our nation, but no one has said a word on the counter attack of how offensive it was for the "sand niggers" as you so lovingly refer to them as, for the killings of the UN worker (not even Americans), see they can't even get that right (fucking goat herding fucks). What an outrage and what a shame to consider my self as an American, yet another reason to lose faith in my country once again, our Government is just one big dissapointment after another. Thanks for the blog and again, needs to repost and update this and let the rest of the "sane" members of society read it - good stuff. Ooops, almost forgot, running out to buy my copy of the Koran so I can burn it too.

  2. So instead of complaining you should move to a country that lows your civil liberties to be fully reached. I feel as if your political notions are almost embedded in pure racism but then again I don't know you. If you are to damn one god such as Allah damn every other god. The Koran is sacred to millions if people and in pretty sure that if somebody was destroying an object that meant EVERYTHING to you if would be an outrage. I implore your blantant honesty but it is because of people like you who create and maintain biases that make racist and ignorant comments.

  3. I shall post my rebuttal to friend Anonymous #2 below, after this message. As it is rather lengthy and detailed, I will have to divide it accordingly; hope you enjoy it. :)

  4. Hello to you anonymous, thank you very much for commenting. I have been waiting a long time for someone like you to make a comment, so I can take you apart before the world and expose you and those like you as the ignorant, deluded fools they truly are.

    I had to read your nearly incoherent and misspelled prose several times to deduce what you were trying to relate, and I found your remarks typical of an intransigent, self-convinced individual who wishes to cherry pick rebuttal points without being at all familiar with the entire essay. I will come back to this point several times in my rebuttal, but first I must make some conjectural observations, please feel free to correct me if I am in error.

    Judging from the content, style, and tone of your comment, I shall attempt to categorize you as an individual, as follows:

    1) You are a male.
    2) You are rather young, mid-teens to mid-twenties at most.
    3) You are a Moslem, totally convinced, thanks to your parents, that your worldview and that of Islam is the only correct worldview, and you are annoyed that others like myself (infidels) ridicule and disagree with Islam, and state it openly, plainly and forcefully that they do disagree with Islam and its hate-filled tome of death and destruction, the Koran.
    4) If you dwell in the United States, you are an immigrant, or the son of immigrants, probably from the Middle East or thereabouts.
    5) Your prose demonstrates that you have only a limited familiarity with the English language, or you are simply an uneducated individual.

    Those conjectural observations made regarding your person; I will move on to an analysis of your missive, beginning with a cursory overview:

    Apparently, you don’t read very well, or you have poor comprehension of what you read, or you only read what you wish to read, or perhaps only recall what you wish to remember. I truly have no idea which of the above applies to you, and don’t really care either, though I am certain that one of the above does indeed apply.

    Moving on, I will now examine your verbatim remarks, one at a time, in depth. Please note that I have pasted each sentence for rebuttal EXACTLY as you wrote it.

    Your remark #1: “So instead of complaining you should move to a country that lows your civil liberties to be fully reached.”

    My response to remark #1: The United States is my home. I was BORN here and I will leave it when I am goddamn good and ready to, that is if I choose to leave it at all. Further, I have the right, according to the First Amendment of the United States Constitution, to speak my mind, in whatever fashion that I may deem suitable, including but not limited to using foul language and racial/ethnic epithets, together with employing other pejoratives and blasphemous utterances directed toward mythical deities that do not exist. Hence, I am indeed exercising my civil liberties, and am already LIVING in a country that allows (at least theoretically) my civil liberties to be fully reached, as in relating my uncensored thoughts on this blog. Try reading the First Amendment for yourself if you doubt my veracity, and if you don’t like what it says, I suggest that you move somewhere that is more aligned with your personal worldview. That way, those like me won’t offend you.

  5. Your remark #2: “I feel as if your political notions are almost embedded in pure racism but then again I don't know you.”

    My response to remark #2: “Feelings” are based on conjecture and emotion. That said, your feelings regarding to my “political notions” are at best nebulous, and yes, you do not know me, and, more than likely, you never will. In addition, if you believe that the term “racism” applies to those individuals making pejorative observations directed toward a belief system, i.e., Islam, then you don’t know what the definition of racism is. I suggest that you look up and read the definition of “racism” in a dictionary.

    Your remark #3: “If you are to damn one god such as Allah damn every other god.”

    My response to remark #3: I already DO damn every other god; try actually reading the contents of my blog. You see, I don’t believe in ANY gods, and I don’t believe there ARE any gods. I never have, and I think those who do believe that gods exist are delusional individuals, to put it mildly. It is a fact that there is absolutely no empirical proof that any sort of god exists, or ever did exist, anywhere. Therefore, after much rumination and study of the subject, I have concluded that any and all of man’s conceptions of god are utterly obtuse, as man, myself included, is a much too short-lived and ignorant creature to truly deduce the existence of any theoretical transcendent beings; e.g., gods, devils, angels, demons, genies, ghosts, poltergeists, etc, etc. I candidly wager that you barely understand what I just tried to relate to you, if at all, but I did try.

    Your remark #4: “The Koran is sacred to millions if people and in pretty sure that if somebody was destroying an object that meant EVERYTHING to you if would be an outrage.”

    My response to remark #4: You are judging me using your own criteria; more often than not it is a mistake to make such an assumption. For the record, there are no objects, books, constructions or materials that mean much of anything to me personally, other than possible utility, as in a spanner wrench, money, an automobile or a hammer, and I think that those who have emotional attachments to material objects of any type should critically examine such attachments and dispense with them immediately. Therefore, I do NOT care, at all, if a Koran, a Bible, a crucifix, a Ford Mustang, an American Flag, the Mona Lisa or even fucking Playboy magazine is sacred to anyone, including you, and I don’t care if any or all are burned, mutilated, disposed of in a dumpster or otherwise destroyed. When material objects become more important than people and their right to disagree with the importance of any particular material object, there is NO freedom of speech or thought. I wager that you probably don’t understand that conception either, but again, I did try.

  6. Your remark #5: “I implore your blantant honesty but it is because of people like you who create and maintain biases that make racist and ignorant comments.”

    My response to remark #5: I was not even going to hazard a guess as to what the real meaning of this sentence is, but what the hell, I will do my best to decipher the cryptic message in this grammatical train wreck. That said; I conjecture that you were attempting to give me a left-handed compliment at the beginning of the sentence. Then, apparently, you are attempting to blame those like me for all of the evils in the world, due to the fact that I think shitkicker Allah is a non-existent farce and that Mohammed was a power-mad, misogynist, murderous epileptic pedophile and charlatan, suffering from delusions of grandeur. Moving further on in the sentence, you seemingly claim that I am “biased” against Islam. I suppose you could say that, but then again I have read the Koran and I find what it relates distasteful to MY personal worldview. You see, I don’t believe there is a god and I think that everyone should be free to believe whatever they want to believe, or NOT believe for that matter, and that people shouldn’t have to endure the misfortune of having absurd dogma forced upon them, as the Koran suggests and in fact orders. Then, once again you employ the shopworn canard of “racist” or perhaps “racism” in a pathetic and dubious attempt to equate my personal dislike and disagreement with a particular belief system, i.e., Islam, with a prejudicial attitude toward a racial/ethnic group. Islam is not a race or ethnic group, it is a BELIEF SYSTEM, nothing more, followed by all sorts of people, young, old, male, and female, of every race, i.e., whiteys, niggers, and slopes. As for ignorant comments, I have found yours to be some of the most ignorant and incoherent comments that I have ever had to read in my life.

    All that said, I haven’t decided yet, but I may devote an entire post to your obtuse remarks, and parade them before my readers so they too can see you for the unlettered, ignorant idiot that you seem to be. Further, if you don’t like my stance on Islam and Moslems, tough shit, I didn’t ask you to fucking come here, and don’t let the door hit you in the ass as you leave. Honestly, I don’t care if you are offended by my remarks, I don’t care about what you may believe in, and I don’t give a good goddamn about what you may think of me.



  7. Hello, Anonymous #2; I thank you very much for your short missive.

    You and other possible readers will now find that I publish EVERY comment made on this blog, no matter how obtuse, as long as it isn't spam and is, of course, related to posted content.

    I sit here idly wondering why you would post the word "stupid", without any further clarification. Perhaps you were compelled by shitkicker Allah to describe yourself concisely, using the most accurate and descriptive definition, as an overture for a dubious attempt at proselytism.

    Sorry friend, it won't work, your Islamic god and all other gods suck my ass. Why? Because gods do not exist and never did exist, period. I also notice that you don't have the cunt lips to make any sort of cogent rebuttal to my essay, which is typical of a shitkicking, superstitious Moslem with the IQ of a dust mite having an extra chromosome. I further suppose that I may have hurt your little, itty bitty, shitty feelings.

    Tough shit, ask me if I care. That said, go fuck yourself, or perhaps go fuck your bearded, ragheaded mother some more, and do have a nice day in Sandniggerville.



  8. Hey Conway. I was born a muslim and hence have firsthand experience with Islam, and I totally agree with you above essay. In my opinion the whole concept of religion and God was invented to make the humans powerless before a hypothetical God. If God were real he would answer his creation. He does not, ergo he and his prophets are not real.

  9. It may be a little late, but thank you, Anonymous.

  10. FUCK islam and allah!

  11. FUCK muslim and azathoth!