Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bad Comedy

In the ongoing, rapidly becoming completely banal, Koran burning horseshit story, I have been waiting on the edge of my seat with baited breath for loony Christian fundamentalist Terry Jones to put his money where his mouth is, and burn those fucking silly Korans he has amassed and get it over with. I wager he can't and he won't, as he hasn't the cunt lips to do it, and the whole stunt was for publicity.

I must confess that it would give me immense pleasure to see Korans burn, as I thoroughly detest Islam, much more than I detest other religions, though I do detest all religions, from Animism to Zoroastrianism and any in between. Why, you may ask? I have several reasons, first and foremost of which is: Because none of them are true; this personal deduction arrived at by using Occam's razor and simple logic. Further, man hasn't the mental ability or capacity to envision such a theoretical being, or beings. As noted earlier, and from the available scientific evidence so far observed, catalogued and published, there is not one shred of credible evidence that any god exists, nor is there any evidence that angels, demons, or ghosts exist. Fact is folks, we live in an indifferent universe, sans god and his little helpers. No one fucking cares, no one ever fucking did, and no one ever fucking will - so, fuck it, get over it, live and enjoy your life. That's what I do; hell, maybe Nietzsche's eternal recurrence is the answer, who the fuck knows - I suggest you ask Stephen Hawking for his input.

Back to the debacle - supposedly, some interloping, Floridian imam sandnigger was making a deal with a fanatical imam sandnigger raghead residing in NYC, the stipulation of the "agreement" being that if Jones wouldn't burn the stupid fucking Korans, they would move the ground-zero Mosque, hopefully to Venus, Mars or perhaps Alpha-Centauri. Pastor Terry Jones apparently bought this pathetic ruse like the gullible, foolish, doddering simpleton he seems to be, just like most modern day Americans are - dumbed-down, endlessly consuming, taxpaying, mindless lemmings. At any rate, Pastor Terry said he'd call off the Burn-A-Koran rally, only to retract that statement hours later, as the sandnigger in NYC pulled the prayer rug out from under him and said he would never agree to such a thing, and that Jones was an silly old fool, and that he'd better not burn any Korans on the pain of death. He also probably said, "Death to America", and "Kill all Jews", and "Freedom go to Hell," and "God Bless Hitler", etc, etc, etc... Typical, obfuscating, labyrinthine Moslem rhetoric - fucking Moslems are absolute crazy people, and they should be dealt with as such. Perhaps sedation with thiopental sodium and electro-shock therapy are in order for those misanthropic, misogynistic, childish bastards.

Now it comes to pass at this late hour that the Floridian imam bluntly states that Jones is lying about the "deal", and Jones says both imams are lying about the "deal". My take on the situation: They are ALL lying, Jones being the lesser guilty of the three obvious liars as he is not sufficiently educated or cunning to be considered credible before Joe Six-Pack and his hordes of empty-eyed, slackjawed American television viewers. That's what Christianity does to you, I guess; I've witnessed myriad examples. "The Three Liars" - Moe, Larry and Curly. I submit that Pastor Terry is a fucking idiot: he's been fooled by experts and caught with his pants down and his cock in his hand. He'll either burn the silly fucking Korans on Saturday, or kill himself over the weekend (or perhaps he will be killed by someone employed by somebody high up - take a guess as to whom) and afterward dutifully reported as a "suicide" by the smiling media - my wager is on the latter.

Incidentally, one little item about Islam that feckless American nitwits like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Ron Paul, gormless twat Sarah Palin and a score of other "leaders" do not realize, is that, according to the Koran, it is perfectly alright for Moslems to LIE to "infidels" in the name of Allah, whatever that actually is. There you are - Moslems are born and sanctioned liars; I have had the opportunity to debate many of them from my atheist viewpoint, easily destroying their idiotic, superstitious assertions, finally having them get pissed at me and trudging off in anger. One told me that I HAD to believe in Allah. I responded to this fanatical, frothing-mouthed prick that I didn't have to to anything at all, except for breathing, eating, and dying. Well, maybe getting fucked by a comely wench occasionally is a necessity as well; jury's still out on that one. Anyway, the delusional Moslem idiot then had the unmitigated audacity to ask me what would happen to me after inevitable death, implying that I would be tormented for eternity in "hell" with Satan, whatever that is, and whoever the fuck Satan is. I smirked in disgust, narrowed my eyes and quoted Bertrand Russell to his astonished sandnigger face.

I'll be back to add to this terse, hate-filled rant later; the bourses are calling.

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