Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Omar Thornton, a common thief and wanton murderer

Oh well, no sooner do I condemn a vicious cracker pig named Mehsearle for shooting an unarmed nigger named Grant in San Francisco, when, like an apostate demon from hell, appears a crazy, vengeful jig named Omar, of all fucking names, on the opposite side of the country. Omar Thornton, an apparent psychopath, literally went out of his goddamned way to cause harm to his fellow man, and he managed to blow away a bunch of hapless whiteys with a handgun at a beer distribution facility in Connecticut.

Nigger shooter Omar capped eight honkys and sent them off to sing hymns to a dead kike named Jeebus in Neverland, or maybe something called Allah, or perhaps even fucking Vishnu of the Hindus, who knows? I neither know, nor do I fucking care, though I do I venture that criminal junglebunny Omar was rather good with a goddamn gun, a sort of alternative universe "Dirty Harry", so to speak, who, rather than killing criminals, slaughtered innocent people to satisfy a bizarre internecine need, lurking in his twisted mind.

Go figure, humans of any age, shade or gender are little more than fucking idiots who apparently enjoy blaming others for their problems. Just look at the absolute fools running this nation; Democrats blame Republicans, and Republicans blame Democrats, when BOTH are the cause of ALL of America's fucking problems. I don't give this dying nation any more than five years before the entire place melts down in a vicious cacophony of explosions and unimaginable violence that will make the French and Russian revolutions look like a Sunday afternoon outing. "Bloodbath" will not even come near to describing the horrific carnage; the death toll will be incredible, perhaps half the current population as of this writing.

Go ahead reader, think something like: "Well, do you have a better idea in your ugly head Conway, you jaded, foul-mouthed, misanthropic, hateful, evil old bastard?"

My dispassionate answer: One has to actually fucking care first to even begin to come up with a possible solution to the vexing anarchy permeating the United States. I am actually enjoying the demise of this vile country, as America and its people completely deserve what is happening to them - cringing cocksuckers the lot of them, with no will to fight for what they supposedly believe in, i.e., if they believe in anything at all other than hedonistic materialism.

To wit: The United States sold its birthright for a fucking pot of porridge nearly 100 years ago, and is now reaping the whirlwind for its collective folly.

Enough of all that, figure out what I said later; back to the latest killings in the ridiculous cavalcade of unrelenting slaughter, presented to us in living color by the media. Christ, it reminds me of a latter-day fucking Roman Empire without the gladiators; bread and the games of the fucking circus.

Now, according to nigger Omar, before he did the world a favor and blew his miserable thieving ass away, saving the taxpayers millions, the whiteys at the facility were "raciss" or words to that effect. Funny, the Teamster Union boss had never heard one complaint from Omar regarding anything, not even something as nebulous as "racism", whatever that is. Further, according to a video presented to shooter Omar yesterday morning, Omar the spook was a common thief who liked to steal beer from a truck he drove for the company, and Omar was too fucking stupid to realize that he was being monitored, and recorded, via camera. As a rebuttal to the charge of thievery, with evidence to prove the charge, Omar decided that the company was "raciss" and then proceeded to slaughter eight innocent humans.

You know, the "racist" canard is really becoming fucking shopworn; I'm tired of hearing the the goddamned word, usually uttered by a black individual with his or her hand in the cookie jar. I wonder how the the fucking media, NAACP, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Louis Farrakhan will explain the little tidbit of thievery away, on dear old Omar's part.

Another thing - I'll bet that cowardly shitskin Omar Thornton had egg on his fucking face when he watched the video of himself stealing beer before his peers. Too bad he rejected responsibility and resorted to killing others, rather than blaming the real culprit for his dismissal - himself, as he was a goddamned common thief.

Death and more death - when will it end? When the human race dies out; good riddance, I say.



Live long like Conway!

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