Thursday, August 12, 2010

Islam and a Nation of Cowards

Conway here, if the reader has been here before, you already know about the myriad benefits of horrible, disgusting filth. Filth, and exposure to such will make you live longer, and live better.

The reader already knows that I loathe religion, so don't be surprised at the following vicious diatribe. Why do I loathe religion you may ask? answer: Due to the absolute fact that mankind, including my ancient ass, has no idea of what fucking god is, or may be, if such a creature actually exists. All of those on Earth are too goddamned stupid and short lived to even begin to describe eternity, a maker or a god; it is like one tiny piss ant trying to describe an entire fucking elephant on the African savanna.

Ask Christopher Hitchens. Though I may disagree with him on some points, I have no disagreement with him on his view of man's absurd religions. Those who subscribe to such superstitious nonsense are either fools or charlatans.

That said, moving to the subject of this rant, I hate to side with any particular group, but in this particular instance I must side with a hook-nosed kike named Abe Foxman and his ADL over the idiotic belief system known as Islam, and the desire of superstious fools to build a mosque in Lower Manhattan.

The head nigger Obama in the United States, a coward, has sided with the devout ragheads, who state there is a thing called Allah running this entropy filled universe, and that some dead sandnigger clown called Mohammed is Allah's prophet. Sure, and I'm the fucking pope, kiss my ring, and then my ass. There is no such thing as god, at least as man envisions such a creature, and I submit that Americans of today are limp-wristed cowards who don't have the guts to defend their traditions or motherfucking heritage; just take a look at my diatribe of queers marrying. Haven't finished that one yet, perhaps I will one day.

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