Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Everyone has the right to be a racist

Conway here.

I've been busy fucking around with my garden of weeds and other summertime horseshit like mowing grass, while ruminating on the latest propaganda coming from the media over the one eyed bitchbox I call a computer. FOX, MSNBC or CNN, they are all the same, just like Democrats, Republicans, and now, Teapartiers.

The Teapartiers don't seem to like things as they are, and I don't really blame them, as the entire fucking country is in a shambles, there are no jobs, the nation is bankrupt and is heading toward a civil war. Nevertheless, Teapartiers are just about as useless as the tits on a boar when it actually comes to promoting ideas that could at least slow down the inevitable, which is the dissolution of the United States via civil war and revolution.

Anyway, a bunch of loudmouthed niggers over at NAACP are busy calling the silly Teapartiers racists, apparently because they don't agree with NAACP and won't kiss their black asses. That upsets the NAACP coons, and the best way to silence a cowardly, sniveling cracker these days is to loudly cry "racist".

If the racist canard doesn't work to undermine the Tea Party, get ready to hear the jigs call the Teapartiers nazis, to up the ante, so to speak. Funny, from what history I've read, of National Socialist Germany that is, the Teapartiers wouldn't make a good bump on a nazi's ass, as nazis so accused would have simply marched over to NAACP headquarters, killed all the niggers with Sturmgewehr 44 automatic rifles, and burned their fucking building down, ironically proving NAACP's point.

Racism? What utter bullshit, everything on the entire goddamned planet is racist, from amoebas to zebras, which is a natural product of factual Darwinian evolution; i.e., antipathy to those "not of your kind". Humans are no goddamned different than ants, bees, or a colony of chimpanzees when it comes to "racism", and it's about fucking time that people get over the idea of being above the "lower animals" due to the fact that humans of all stripes behave exactly like animals, excepting for the ability to talk, because they are in fact animals. Dumb fuckers of all colors don't realize it though, claiming that humans are different, and they have souls given by a god, and other unprovable nonsense.

Keeping that in mind, I will now refer to that idiotic, worthless, toilet paper screed stored in an argon atmosphere in Washington DC, the Constitution of the good old USA, a document that has no more relevance to today than the fucking Bible does. For example, the First Amendment of the "Bill of Rights", part of the US Constitution (rights supposedly given to man by some ethereal god or whatever) guarantees that all people have the right to free speech, assembly, and association. That means, quite simply, that you, the reader, have the right to utter your opinions as to what you may like or dislike, you have the right to assemble and tell others of said likes and dislikes, and you have the right to exclusively associate with those allied to your worldview. Hence, the First Amendment guarantees the right of anyone to discriminate, and be racist, if they so desire.


1) Niggers have the right to be racists and many join the NAACP, shout that they hate whitey, and evidently make lots of money from "discrimination", whatever that is, by suing anyone who even looks at them wrong. They also have the right to join the Black Panthers, and shout kill whitey, while being obnoxious children at voting locations. Niggers also want to steal even more money from the Federal government and others by claiming "reparations" for their jungle bunny ancestors being enslaved by those long DEAD. Now don't get me wrong, I'm all for reparations being given to every still living nigger slave in the US, to be paid out by any still living cracker master, if there are any, otherwise it is just opportunistic extortion by some clever jigs.

2) Injuns have the right to be racists as well, to assemble with others of their respective tribes and cry racism, extort money via lawsuits from the Federal Government for alleged wrongdoing, much of the allegations justified, and shout that they hate whiteys, niggers and spicks, and maybe even kikes, if they are so inclined to do so.

3) Chinks, japs and gooks have the right to be racists too, and to join with and to assemble into political groups for whatever reason, and make money for themselves too, while hating crackers, niggers, injuns, kikes and anyone else not considered asian. In fact, japs interred during WWII banded together a while back and managed to extract tax dollars from the Federal Government, and probably deservedly so, considering that they were dragged from their hovels by jackbooted thugs, literally imprisoned in internment camps, and never charged with a motherfucking thing, other than being japs, that is.

4) Though whiteys today are too damn cowardly to be "racist" and stand up for their rights, and hence are deserving what they are getting, they also have the right to join the goddamned Republicans, the Tea Party, the Ku Klux Klan, the White Citizen's Council, or even the fucking Nazis if they want to, for the purpose of promoting their own interests and making money, of course. They also have the right to hate anyone they wish to.

5) The same goes for kikes and sheenies, though ostensibly of Caucasian extraction, they have a "religious" difference from the rest of the talking simians of this tiny planet and have created groups like the Anti-defamation League and the JDL, to promote their interests and, of course, to make money.

Note that each of the preceding examples have two things in common - the right to promote the interests of the respective group, and to make money. Each has its roots in Darwinian evolution, which all those considered human are absolute prisoners of.

Comparing humans to chimps, as they are man's closest relative, the chimpanzee is a clannish creature who rarely associates outside his own group, and resorts to stealing, rape and murder of other chimpanzee bands to achieve his aims. Hence, the murderous chimps are only promoting their own interests and are making money, albeit in the form of coconuts, females and bananas. Humans are no different, and it is about time that they face the fucking facts of their respective existences, the fact being that all humans will never get along.

Even if limp-wristed dreamers manage to make the entire world a "delightful shade of tan" to quote an asshole from years ago in the US Congress, there would still be myriad differences between humans in outlook, belief systems, and general worldview.

Yes, I'm talking about politics and religion, examples are literally everywhere; humans are just like common chimpanzees, except they have less hair and can talk.

I'll put up a diatribe about that fact of life next time, and if you don't like what you've read, well, don't let the door hit you in the ass as you leave.

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