Friday, July 23, 2010

Everyone has the right to be a racist part 2

Conway here.

Last time I wrote of a bunch of silly niggers in the NAACP that were pissed off at a bunch of whiteys in the fucking useless Tea Party, the niggers of NAACP calling the Tea Party whiteys "racists" in order to intimidate them. Their cunning tactic seems to have worked, as whiteys these days are sniveling cowards and are getting exactly what they deserve. Teapartiers are little more than hand-wringing, guilt-ridden honky faggots who refuse to stand up for their rights. Evolution will deal with crackers, an absolute failure of natural selection, as those who refuse to defend and promote their kind will die out, and deservedly so.

Example: Rather than telling the NAACP niggers to fuck off and die, the Teapartiers immediately turned on their own kind, and threw out several other whiteys for the unforgivable crime of voicing their true opinions. So much for the fucking First Amendment, I guess. What about "tolerance of dissent"? Oh, I'm sorry, that only works for those who want "diversity", another code word to disarm guilt ridden, stupid crackers.

Yeah, right, diversity is our strength, and I'm the fucking Pope.

I'll bet the NAACP coons laughed their black asses off at the stupid infighting Tea Party whiteys, having sent hapless crackers at each other's throats, which was exactly what the niggers intended to accomplish. I laughed with them; a brilliant ploy; it paid off handsomely. A lot of folks say niggers are stupid; I say whiteys are stupid, for falling for such a contrived ruse, the canard of "racism".

All that aside, I recall having written of a Congressional asshole years back who said that he looked forward to a time when the race of man was a "delightful shade of tan" or words to that effect. Alright, let us assume that all humans in a future time will be a delightful shade of tan, or maybe even fucking green. Reminds me of a Twilight Zone episode starring Walter Matthau, but I'll leave that for another time.

Okay, for the sake of argument, everybody on the entire fucking planet looks like Walter Matthau, male or female, young or old, gay or straight, religious or irreligious, liberal or conservative. In other words, all humans look like a dour, cynical, big nosed kike, excepting that their skin is green or maybe even fucking purple. Everyone will now get along and love one another, right?


Captain Kirk and Mister Spock couldn't tell Bele or Loki from each other, until Bele said at a conference, "I am white on the right side." Hell, it barely dawned on them then. I guess Kirk and Spock were fucking stupid, or Gene Roddenberry was an idealistic dreamer, his head in the clouds. Both needed a better scriptwriter if you ask me, someone to balance the opposing points of view; in the end I agreed with Bele's position, which I am loathe to admit, but the episode left me no choice.

Returning to the scenario, though future humans may look like Walter Matthau and appear the same to an outside observer - everyone is still different. I will now dispense with the Walter Matthau analogy, as it is becoming fucking tedious for me, and quickly would for the reader; hence, I will use the word "human" to describe the future talking simian assholes who look alike and are of the same physical appearance and color.

Aside from appearing alike, human nature would be the same; there would be a myriad of differences below the physical level that would continue to cause conflict. There would be male and female humans, a source of conflict in gender, as there would be young and old humans, another source of conflict with regard to age. There would be gay humans, and straight ones, as well as "switchhitters", with conflicts between all. There would be religious humans, and irreligious humans, yet another source of conflict, as there would be conservative and liberal humans, adding even more fuel to the fire.

There would even be bizarre combinations based on the above - like an old, male, gay, conservative, religious human, or a young, female, gay, conservative, irreligious human. Or even a young, male, straight, liberal, religious human, or the converse, and so forth, as so the theory goes, ad infinitum. All differences would cause conflict, i.e., hatred, murder, war, destruction, atrocities, genocide, et cetera.

And all participants would all appear the same to an outside, objective observer. I needn't give examples other than the following:

Subject one, an old, male, gay, conservative human, is running the beautiful country of Shitland, founded by his father's father's fathers. He, Shitland's Glorious Leader, is very religious, and worships wax fruit and the attending god of said wax fruit. Subject one is appalled that Subject Two, a young, female, straight, liberal human President of the nation of Pissland, the daughter of a whore, made a speech insulting Shitland yesterday, calling glorious leader's wax fruit god a farce, and that there is no such thing as fucking god anyway.

Remember, everyone looks the same; there are no crackers, niggers, gooks, spicks or injuns. Both powers, Shitland and Pissland, are nuclear armed, with missiles facing each other. The people of Pissland, unlike today's whiteys, are proud of their nation and don't give a flying fuck what the lowly inhabitants of Shitland think of them, and vice-versa.

Shitland's ambassador demands an apology from the leader of Pissland. Pissland's angry leader says, during thunderous applause from her followers, "Fuck off Shitland, your god and your leader licks my pussy."

Glorious Leader responds with, "Fuck her, I'm gay and I like to suck dicks, and fuck that homophobic racist facist, capitalist communist bitch, and I would never lick her disgusting pussy if she were the last sex partner on earth!" His remarks are also greeted by thunderous applause in the Hall of Shitland.

Ambassadors from both nations are recalled immediately, and the world waits in apprehension. The controlled media of both nations give their spin, in a clumsy attempt to mobilize the stupid citizenry.

Days later, their world, a world where everyone is the same color, is annihilated in a nuclear holocaust, due to politics and religion; the conflict has nothing to do with race.

Does the reader now see how fucking stupid humans are, of any color?



Live long like Conway!

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