Sunday, December 26, 2010

More GOOD News!

Christmas 2010 was such a bountiful, fun filled holiday this year, your friend Conway smiling and feeling good cheer, especially after perusing and digesting welcome information from the Google news feeds, while drinking cups of sludge-nog. At least for the most part that is; I frowned when the chinks, like legions of slant-eyed Ebenezer Scrooges, raised interest rates on Christmas Day, which could very well send gold into the shitter next week. Oh well, gold won't be down for long, considering the counterfeiters at the Federal Reserve are still pumping out funny money by the truckload, while doing other goofy things like buying worthless US T Bonds, using the worthless funny money they create to purchase them. Yes, that's exactly what the Fed is doing; it's all a desperate act of smoke and mirrors, considering no foreign nation in their right mind these days will even touch any form of US securitized debt with a ten foot pole. I guess sheenie Benjamin Bernanke feels it's his solemn duty to keep this bad joke of a system propped up for a few more years before the whole fucking shebang collapses like a house of cards in a spring breeze, igniting a civil war. Anyway, determined not to let the vexing revelation of chink subterfuge dampen my festive holiday spirit, I turned to other headlines, looking for the touching story that would steer my cynical, materialistic, diabolical mind from obsessing on the relative values of gold, oil, silver, uranium and copper futures.

I soon found an article that made my cold heart of granite suddenly burst with joy - a veritable Christmas present for me, illustrating the epitome of apelike mankind's love for one another. It appeared on my screen like magic on Christmas, the blessed holiday of peace and good will, describing welcome events that occurred in the idyllic, peaceful nation of Pakistan. My Christmas wish of good news had arrived - wonderful news of a looney, hateful, mean-spirited, grenade hurling, burqa clad Moslem cunt that slaughtered herself, along with 45 other delusional ragheads, by using a bomb. On joyous Christmas day she sent them all to the non-existent oblivion of DEATH. Yes, death, plain and simple, not an orgy of gluttony and sex presided over by mythical shitkicker Allah, a non-existent deity invented well over a millennia ago by the illiterate, drooling, epileptic pedophile and con man, the "prophet" Mohammed.

I, your friend Conway, want to be recognized by the world as the first man to congratulate and nominate the heroic, brave burqa bomber of Pakistan for the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize, she having done the entire planet a favor by sparing those still living from having to tolerate the continued noxious presence of 46 annoying, idiotic Moslem maniacs. The only downside in the entire affair is that she didn't kill even more of those silly fucking bastards; oh well, can't have everything I guess. In the interest of efficiency, I candidly recommend that the next bomber should carry a larger quantity of TNT or perhaps employ a more powerful explosive like C-4, any device laced of course with nails, screws, wheel weights or ball bearings.

The narcissistic, fan eared eightball, US President Barack H. Obama, condemned the latest "Peaceful Islam" inspired carnage as he sat on his worthless, impotent, dimwitted ass in Honolulu, Hawaii, stating the attack was "outrageous", adding ridiculously, "Killing innocent civilians outside a World Food Program distribution point is an affront to the people of Pakistan, and to all humanity." It is? According to whom, you? Well, I have some news for you, delusional nigger megalomaniac, pull your thick, nappy head from your ass and realize no one is innocent when it comes to continually escalating, emotion driven situations like these. Like the Hatfields and McCoys, it's a remorseless blood feud, plain and simple; tit for tat, one blows up some and another blows up still more, the carnage going on forever until one side is totally vanquished by the other. A Pyrrhic victory, sure, but that's how goofy fanatical ragheads do it, who the hell are we to tell them otherwise? Further, if those lazy Moslem bastards had not been leeching parasites, standing there with their fucking hands out, and if they had actually worked for a goddamned living, rather than muttering about terrible Western infidels and killing people in their spare time, they might still be alive. Had they simply pursued gainful employment, they would have had no need to stand in a line while cursing America, waiting for free grub sent in by foolish American morons who enjoy feeding people sworn on their shitkicker god to kill evil, atheistic infidels and all others not considered Mohammedan.

Talk about absolute fucking insanity, can you imagine if, during WWII, FDR and his cronies had been softheaded morons, sending food and medicine to Heinrich Himmler's Waffen SS, rather than sending bomb laden B17s, while nazis, undaunted, continued slaughtering kikes, limeys, niggers, frogs, polacks, russkis, queers, retards, religious fanatics and anyone else they could lay their fucking hands on? Or, could you imagine FDR sending in "humanitarian aid", instead of B29s packing napalm, for the poor, slant eyed jap monkeymen who conducted disgraceful atrocities like the Bataan Death March, so they wouldn't have to eat "steaks" carved from the asses of dead American GIs that dropped along the way? Such horrors, i.e., CANNIBALISM, did indeed happen in the Pacific Theatre; the imperial japs under Hirohito and Tojo were a disciplined, pragmatic, racist pack of vicious, bloodthirsty bastards that made the fucking nazis seem tame by comparison. Further, the jap army, arrogant to the core, tougher than fucking nails and meaner than a rabid wolverine, called any whiteys, chinks, gooks or flips they captured "mongrelized apes", literally going out of their fucking way to treat prisoners worse than animals. There were beatings, beheadings, burnings and torture, with some japs killing anyone who even dared to look at them wrong. So, as enemies of the Japanese Empire were considered subhuman, their army had no compunction regarding the consumption of murdered GI, or civilian, "animal protein", human remains butchered and used for delicious dishes like yankee dog soup, chink curry, flip flamb├ę, and gook goulash.

Sherman said it best: "War is hell". War is hell indeed, but some folks, like crazy Moslems, seem to live for it and even thrive on it. What can I say - people are fucking animals; get used to that idea while you can and react accordingly. Just wait until WWIII comes, and it WILL come; you may be vaporized if you are very lucky. Otherwise, be very wary, you will encounter many opportunities to be beaten, beheaded, branded, burned, tortured or raped, and perhaps your dead flesh will be utilized by creative chefs as wholesome food for hungry soldiers.

Moving on in this diatribe, I cannot speak for anyone else, but I for one don't think World War Two could have ever been won by aiding our enemies, like we do with our enemies today. Then again, perhaps I'm just a "mean-spirited", hateful old crackpot that simply doesn't understand the altruistic, secular humanist actions of my esteemed betters, who know so goddamned much more than I do. Really, perhaps by nurturing and permitting our sworn enemies to slaughter us by the fucking shipload is good for the planet, by removing our dangerous, destructive "carbon footprints" from Mother Earth, putting the brakes on anthropogenic global warming. Hell, the greedy, whoremongering, Elmer Gantryesque charlatan, Albert Gore, would probably agree with that blunt observation, as long as he isn't slaughtered by hordes of fanatical ragheads.

All that silly horseshit aside, it seems to any detached, critically thinking observer that the entire "Western World" is now filled to the fucking gunwales with guilt-ridden, worthless, demoralized cracker pieces of shit who despise their own existences and absolutely refuse to defend themselves as penance for crimes real or imagined. Just ask an insane kike russki from Massachusetts named Noel Ignatiev; he is the current pseudo intellectual cheerleader promoting rhetorical, Goebbelsian nonsense, such as is described in the preceding sentence. Look him up for yourself and peruse what he has to say; I'm not a fucking encyclopedia. Further, stupid, degenerate honkies following Mr. Ignatiev's clarion call are obviously bent on committing literal suicide, by opening sovereign borders to any piece of babbling, hate-filled shit that can crawl, float or fly in, while wasting taxpayer dollars supplying sustenance to failed nations infested with illiterate, fanatical, Koran toting maniacs who enjoy killing others in the name of a non-existent, imaginary deity, the impotent, invisible shitkicker, Allah.

Alas, I freely submit whitey simpletons across the planet are getting exactly what they deserve, extinction at the hands of vicious, hateful enemies they refuse to defend themselves from. Meanwhile, I, an uncaring, cynical atheist who couldn't care less if the entire race of man goes extinct tomorrow, can sit back, relax, and enjoy reading of and watching stupid, fanatical, superstitious Moslems, of every race, killing each other like the fucking retarded idiots they truly are.

Better them than me, I always say.



Wednesday, December 22, 2010

AMERICA: Land of the Pathetically STUPID and Home of the Morons

Season’s Greetings are sincerely bid to everyone reading, from your friend Conway.

I originally intended to post jaded observations with regard to McDonald's, beadrattler Mel Gibson and kike Henry Kissinger, but the incredible events of the past few days has necessitated the preemption or cancellation of that post, to be replaced by the following politically incorrect, foul-mouthed diatribe, devoted en toto to the concept of FREE SPEECH.

To start, it is readily apparent to an observer like myself that the average American citizen of today is so goddamned, motherfucking stupid that they couldn't pour piss out of a boot, with the directions written on the heel. They know nothing of the law, or of the US Constitution, or of how the US government is actually supposed to work; their IGNORANCE, if it wasn't so frightening, would actually be laughable. To refer to slackjawed, brainwashed American drones as stupid creatures is an accurate determination, as the stupid are uneducated, some born feebleminded by a quirk of genetics, others embracing stupidity by conscious, deliberate choice, as do nigger gangbangers across the nation. In fact, many of those having intellectual potential seemingly GO OUT OF THEIR WAY to remain uneducated fools; alas, a mind is a terrible thing to waste. I noted in an earlier post (for those who actually read this cynical shit) that a weak chinned, scatterbrained polock dolt once said to me that to call a nigger a "nigger", was against the law. I'd love to know where the fuck that blockheaded ski got that obtuse idea, but it does illustrate how grossly ignorant and incompetent the simians infesting America have become, especially when it comes to white bread crackers of all varieties.

That brings us to latest example of American injustice and double-standards: The arrest of Phillip R. Greaves II, a man with no criminal record of any kind, who authored a book entitled "The Pedophile’s Guide to Love and Pleasure: a Child-Lover’s Code of Conduct". Yeah, Mr. Greaves wrote that, perhaps not a book I'd be interested in perusing, but he wrote it, nevertheless. As to why Mr. Greaves wrote such a controversial tome, who the fuck knows; perhaps he did it as an entrepreneurial venture to make a few bucks from pedophiles of either gender. However, why he wrote it isn't the issue here. What IS in fact the issue is revealed in the following paragraph.

It seems that a power-mad, arrogant, sanctimonious pig named Sheriff Grady Judd, hailing from Polk County, Florida, apparently with nothing better to do other than harass people, got a hair up his ass and decided that he didn't like the idea of Mr. Greaves writing and selling a book with such a, shall I say, questionable title. So, like a crafty pig, Sheriff Judd ordered one of his oinking, donut munching underlings to purchase a copy of the book from Mr. Greaves, who resides in Pueblo, Colorado, so he could charge him with the crime of "obscenity" in FLORIDA, under the same Floridian statute that artist Mike Diana was charged (and convicted) under, in 1996. At least that's Judd's story, perhaps his real reason was to get himself a few cheap thrills from reading it. Perhaps Judd got pissed that "The Pedophile’s Guide to Love and Pleasure: a Child-Lover’s Code of Conduct" turned him on, so he decided to blame Greaves for turning him into a fucking pervert. That theory makes just about as much fucking sense as to charge a man halfway across an entire goddamned continent with a nebulous charge like "obscenity", over writing a fucking BOOK.

EARTH TO SHERIFF GRADY JUDD: Just exactly what fucking part of the term "Freedom of Speech" don't you understand? I realize from experience that the average IQ of a typical, hardnosed, jackbooted pig is only 90, but I believe it is fair to assume that, as a Sheriff, you can actually READ, and must at least be capable of comprehending what you read. The pathetic excuses "I don't approve of what Mr. Greaves has written and I find it obscene" or "Children may be hurt by his writings" will not suffice, as those are your opinions. There is nothing rooted in fact to support either of your statements, as one cannot predict the actions of another, based on the actions of still others in the past, e.g., a random selection of known pedophiles, contrasted with someone reading a book allegedly supporting pedophilia. Opinions, like moralities, are subjective determinations based on personal criteria; kindly consult the blood-drenched, despotic history of apelike mankind for factual proof of these blunt assertions. Further, you are not, and neither is anyone else, an objective arbiter of what can or cannot be classified as "obscene", as the judging of writings or depictions (as with Mike Diana's comic books) as "obscene" cannot and never can be made objectively.

That said, I candidly suggest that you mind your OWN FUCKING BUSINESS, Mr. Judd, and go back to drinking coffee, eating donuts, writing tickets, beating confessions out of prisoners, stealing money from innocent people, selling confiscated drugs, and whatever else crooked pigs amuse themselves with in Polk County, Florida.

Now for a little background on the defendant, Phillip R. Greaves II; he is an average, 47 year old male, a clearly disturbed, unkempt, unemployed, penniless whitey failure at life who claims he was a "pedophile" as a child. Yes, you read it right, this talking simian clown said he was a "pedophile" from the age of 7 until he was 15 years old, and then stopped being a "pedophile" for whatever reason. How a child can actually be a pedophile is unclear; apparently, Mr. Greaves is a literal basket case, and he clearly doesn't understand the standard definition of the noun "pedophile" at all, preferring his own definition of the word.

Emperor Hadrian and Prophet Mohammed were pedophiles, Greaves is not; he's a weirdo perhaps, but not a pedophile. What the hell, these days, you can define fire as water if you like, or sulfuric acid as ice cream; just ask whoremonger Bill Clinton, he's a master at twisting the meaning of any goddamned word in the dictionary. Further, Phillip Greaves isn't wrapped too fucking tight, and plainly states that 7-year-old boys having sex with 10-year-old girls are pedophiles. Yeah, Greaves actually said that too; next he'll say that lawn tractors, washing machines and '63 Chevys are pedophiles. I candidly wager the guy is some sort of undiagnosed masochistic fucking nut, but that vexing pathological condition shouldn't keep him from writing a goddamned book, nor should he prosecuted for selling a goddamned book - even one on pedophilia. Continuing, Greaves, apparently wanting to prove some sort of point, has duly allowed himself to be extradited from Colorado to Florida, in order to face obtuse charges of "obscenity", claiming he was "entrapped" by Sheriff Judd and his coterie of zealous, donut gobbling pigs. Apparently, Mr. Greaves is also a rather fucking stupid individual, as, in a small defense of Sheriff Judd's actions, he was not enticed nor entrapped by the Polk County Police Department to commit any alleged offense. Rather, a First Amendment defense with a competent shyster before a properly voir dired jury of his peers is a much more plausible way to assure an easy acquittal, paving the way for a hefty damage lawsuit to be directed toward Sheriff Grady Judd and the Polk County Police Department. That's what I'd use on that overreaching pig bastard Judd, but apparently, Mr. Greaves has other plans. Perhaps, as a masochist, he simply enjoys pain and welcomes being imprisoned as a method of getting free meals.

Sheriff Grady Judd of Polk County, for whatever it's worth, totally agrees that Mr. Greaves is indeed a pedophile, clearly showing that he is either a very stupid individual, or a devotee of the "William J. Clinton" method of variably defining modern English words. He also is taking the extreme liberty of comparing Mr. Greaves' book with the idea of someone threatening to "kill the president"; how he arrived at this idiotic conclusion escapes me. Anyway, now the legal system of Polk County Florida is going to waste thousands of dollars in taxpayer funds on a ridiculous trial of a clearly self-tortured, maladjusted oddball who seemingly belongs on a psychiatrist's couch or an institution, rather than a courtroom; I swear to Christ, justice is not only blind, it is absolutely fucking stupid.

Now, after reading all this, dear reader, please don't be a prejudicial, bigoted asshole, getting your fucking blood pressure all awry by thinking for even one moment that I am attempting to defend pedophiles or pedophilia, which I am not defending and never will defend. On the contrary, I, unlike most of the cringing sissies living in the US, actually think that pedophiles and rapists should be killed, personally preferring slow, prolonged physical torture of the condemned as the applied method of execution. What I am defending is the right of ANYONE to write or say ANYTHING they want to, as long as it is NOT considered a direct threat to ANYONE in particular. You see, the law already covers the idea of threats to personal safety, including the safety of narcissistic eightball presidents, you know, the "fire in a theater" allusion, decided way back in the late 19th century or thereabouts. That aside, Mr. Greaves' idiotic book may seem rather unsavory to most folks upon reading the title, myself included, but who fucking cares about that, a prospective reader, like Sheriff Grady Judd, has to go through the trouble to buy it from him, and Mr. Greaves is not forcing anyone to read his "offensive and obscene" scrawlings. What we have here is a "slippery slope" so to speak, blatantly leading to literal censorship of "unapproved" writings, depictions, or speech. Where exactly does one draw the line when it comes to "obscene" or "offensive" compositions or utterances? You know the saying - one man's trash is another man's treasure, just as Playboy, the Bible, Andrew Dice Clay's foulmouthed monologues, Piss Christ, Trilby, Sarah Silverman's videos, The Satanic Verses, Hustler Magazine or the Moslem Koran are either forms of art, sacred writings, or wanton obscenities. All are variously condemned, laughed at, agreed with or revered by disparate groups across the goddamned planet, dependent upon the personal, subjective worldviews of those exposed to any of the preceding examples.

As for myself, I personally find injunctions to murder people in the Koran disgusting, offensive and obscene, as I find incest in the Bible disgusting, offensive and obscene, as I find Mohammed's pedophilia, as recorded in the Hadiths, disgusting, offensive and obscene. Not to mention the arbitrary, bloodthirsty, megalomaniacal gods that are referenced to and endlessly praised within the Koran, the Bible, or the Hebrew Torah, also known as the Pentateuch. Perhaps I should call up Sheriff Grady Judd and suggest that he go about arresting the twisted, offensive people who sell or purchase these books, as such volumes may in fact induce a reader to murder someone, or perhaps fuck their sister, or even rape helpless children. Today, unlike Mr. Greaves' "obscene" book, there is a "children's book" readily available on, titled "Heather Has Two Mommies", this tome describing a "pleasant family situation" involving a pair of cuntlicking dykes raising a brat as if it were considered a normative. Where's sanctimonious pig Grady Judd when it comes to that "obscene" composition? Nowhere to be found, evidently, so I guess bull dyke lumberjacks, promiscuous, cross dressing, AIDS infected cocksuckers and perhaps even devotees of bestiality, of either gender, raising America's children to maturity, is completely fine in selectively moralizing Sheriff Judd's view, as long as they're not pedophiles too.

On the other hand, perhaps the reader should call up Sheriff Grady Judd over kindly old Conway, due to the fact that I endlessly call my fellow hairless simians whiteys, niggers, or gooks, and I use foul, mean-spirited words like motherfucker, cunt, sonofabitch, bastard, fuck, cock, and piss. Further, I call the President of the United States a fan eared eightball, an arrogant nigger, and a narcissistic pseudo intellectual, mulatto shitskin with delusions of grandeur. What the fuck, I'd call Barack Hussein Obama any of that, in person, right to his goddamned face, on national television mind you, not that I'll ever get the chance to, unfortunately, as in their eyes I'm just an ancient, hateful, offensive, misanthropic "crackpot" who enjoys the fine art of writing in the most utterly offensive prose that I possibly can. Hell, I even call our "honorable" elected Congressional officials greedy, power-mad criminals, as all of them are little more than smiling, two faced, cheating, glad-handing liars, corrupt, overpaid gangsters, dope fiends, whoremongers, high priced whores, cocksuckers, and drunks. I plainly compare them to Mafiosi like Lucky Luciano or Al Capone, though, defending the latter two, they were at least honest criminals, and didn't even try to hide what they really were.

Not stopping there, I repeatedly employ blasphemous profanities directed toward absurd, worthless, middle eastern belief systems, disgusted at those who give any credence to the inane superstition composed by drug addled primitives or delusional, convulsing epileptics. I continually go out of my way to use and shall continue to use "uncomplimentary" phrases like "goddamn", "shitkicker Allah", "Jeebus", "Jesus Fucking Christ" and I candidly refer to all of mankind's "impotent, non-existent gods" as the imaginary HOGWASH myths that they truly are, like a modern day Critias on steroids. Along with all that, I bluntly call homosexuals faggots, queers, cocksuckers, cunt lickers, peter puffers, and butch dykes. Why do I define and refer to all of the above using such terms? Because, aside from their contrived facades or whitewashed depictions, that's EXACTLY what they fucking ARE, and when anyone tells people the TRUTH about themselves, those so identified usually don't like others who dare to expose them before the unwashed, stupid, drone like masses.

Just look at the story of Jesus Christ, as recorded in the New Testament Gospels. Jesus, by most accounts I've read, was a relatively harmless, though clearly delusional, spiritually inclined man who truthfully told the Hebrew Pharisees and Sadducees that they were materialistic, corrupt hypocrites, bound straight for the bowels of hell in anyone's book. For that terrible, though absolutely accurate observation, the Hebrew High Priests had Jesus beaten senseless and murdered via crucifixion, badgering and twisting the arm of a Roman governor named Pontius Pilate for legal sanction to dispose of Jesus, the offensive, mean-spirited preacher from Nazareth. Today, sheenies, also referred to as Christkillers, obfuscate the issue, stating that the terrible Romans were solely responsible for the slaughter of Mr. Christ; when it is recorded that clearly hateful, mean-spirited, swarthy hooknoses occupying Jerusalem were in fact the ones that wished him dead, stating, "Let his blood be on our hands, and on the hands of our children". Don't blame me people, read the fucking New Testament for yourself, that's what it SAYS; hebes are clearly implicated as the prime culprits in this utterly appalling miscarriage of justice, perpetrated upon Jesus Christ, King of the Jews. As with Jesus, persecutions of those considered a threat to those in power continues to this very day, just look at Mr. Julian P. Assange, of WikiLeaks fame.

Enough of that tangent; for years I have watched this society, indeed, the world at large, go from at least the semblance of sane civilization, to a graphic, worldwide insane asylum composed of politically correct "secular puritans", like those of Sweden, contrasted with murderous Moslem religious fanatics, along with legions of hypocritical, arrogant bastards of whatever faith, whose foremost mantra seems to be "Do as I say, not as I do". Just look at typical American Roman Catholics, like the rotting, putrescent corpse of Senator Edward Moore Kennedy, who when alive supported the idea of slaughtering the unborn via abortion, when the head pedophile of his laughable, corrupt church repeatedly stated that abortion is in fact a sin before their god. "Gay Christians" are another prime example; cocksucking (by men that is) is expressly forbidden and condemned as "sin" in the Christian Bible, specifically in Leviticus, but that doesn't stop assfucking cocksuckers from going to church, and even preaching to congregations as "pastors", leading brain-dead flocks composed of drooling, delusional Christian idiots. Hell, most of those claiming to be Christians have never even read the fucking Bible, so such oxymoronic situations are not surprising in the least.

Back to "freedom of speech" and its continual erosion by cunning, power mad, amoral despotic bastards who are absolutely determined to tell their lowly subjects what to say, write and even fucking THINK. Years ago, a small Coloradoan publishing concern called Paladin Press was sued by shyster rhetoricians representing some greedy niggers from Maryland. Paladin Press was sued for printing and selling a silly paperback book entitled "Hit Man: A Technical Manual for Independent Contractors". You can even read it free of charge online if you like; consider it a "Christmas present", to those so interested, from me. Here's a link to use:  It seems a felonious jailbird eightball named James Perry was hired by another jig named Lawrence T. Horn to kill one Mildred Horn, his wife, their disabled son, Trevor, and a nurse named Janice Saunders. Yes, you read it correctly, a stupid, wannabe moolie hit man bought a paperback book, written for the hell of it by a Floridian housewife under the pseudonym of "Rex Feral" so he could "learn" how to kill three other hapless niggers as a "hit man". Apparently Mr. Perry was either too fucking stupid to learn much from the book, as he was quickly caught by the pigs after making his "hit", or the book was a hoax, which it was, or perhaps even both are true - which it actually is. Anyway, to make a long, tedious story short, swarthy, hook nosed, shyster lawyers claimed that the book "Hit Man" and the publisher Paladin Press, were responsible for the actions of James Perry, the adjudicated murderer of the three niggers, noted above. Yeah, Paladin is responsible for the actions of James Perry, and I'm Napoleon Bonaparte, loaded guns wander around all by themselves, murdering people, money can commit crimes, and now, books kill people, or can even induce individuals to commit pedophilia. WHERE is the PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY HERE? It's fucking ridiculous, according to the law, inanimate objects like books are now considered silent accomplices to cold-blooded murderers. People are madder than hatters these days - it must be something in the goddamned air or perhaps the water; I honestly expect that some elected, overpaid Congressional moron will attempt to repeal the law of fucking gravity next, perhaps going as far as to introduce a bipartisan bill on Capitol Hill to save people from the unfair indignity of being injured or killed in a fall.

Anyone capable of critical thinking can easily see that the United States and the rest of the Western World are no longer free societies, all rapidly degenerating into moribund, legalistic dictatorship POLICE STATES, ruled by privileged cadres of power mad, zealous, hypocritical control freaks. Their enforcers, the pigs, go about arresting little children for "sexual harassment" or "bullying", their judges convict 19 year old men who fuck their 16 year old girlfriends as "pedophiles", and now, a man from Colorado, Phillip R. Greaves II, has been arrested by zealous pigs from FLORIDA for writing a silly motherfucking BOOK. Where will it end; societies that arrest people for writing books are NOT free societies by any goddamned measure of the word, despite carefully crafted Goebbelsian propaganda promulgated otherwise. For example, in the past, "free" nations, that is, nations that called themselves free nations on parchment, like Hitler's Nazi Germany, Stalin's USSR, and Mao's "Peoples Republic of China" banned and burned books that they did not want their subjects reading. These "enlightened, progressive societies" also had people ARRESTED for composing and disseminating written information not approved by the ruling megalomaniacs, and sent those so charged off to remote prisons where they were either worked to death or slaughtered in the most unspeakable of ways. Is it a return to that atrocious form of governance that the Western World is now headed to? If so, welcome to the fucking dark ages people – hope you enjoy the toboggan ride.

Oh yes, and Merry Fucking Christmas to all, that is if anyone can actually manage such a thing in this dying, insane hellhole; I suppose some dour Christian fundie, looney raghead, hooknosed kike or militant atheist may find my Yuletide wishes offensive to their itty bitty sensitive goddamned feelings. If you do, kindly kiss my motherfucking ass, close the page, and move on.



Friday, December 17, 2010

An Interrogative for Someone From the Ethers

Hello there.

I sit here idly wondering as to why anyone in their right mind would configure a computer to access only one of my terse, insensitive diatribes repeatedly.

Oh well, whatever floats your boat, I guess.

Have fun.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Some GOOD News, for a Change

Hi there, kindly old Conway here.

This afternoon, while shares of Hecla Mining and Kodiak Oil fell through the fucking floor, I had the good fortune to come across a delightful article entitled "Suicide bombers kill 39 Shia mourners in Iran". According to the article, the Shia "mourners" were mourning for a mythical Moslem jackass named Imam Hussein who croaked off some 1200 years ago or thereabouts. As to why they were "mourning" for this dead clown, who the hell knows, but later, these fanatical morons, had they not been annihilated beforehand in a cacophonous explosion, would have mulled about the town of Chabahar, Iran, wailing and beating themselves with chains in memory of the Hussein character, apparently because they were rather fond of having bleeding bruises and feeling pain. I couldn't help but smile as I digested each gory detail, the story describing determined, fanatical Sunni suicide bombers infiltrating a crowd of mourning Shia fanatics near and within a Mosque, shortly thereafter slaughtering their fellow Moslem brethren, who had the unmitigated audacity to be fucking hell bound, heretical Shiite bastards. You see, Shia Moslems, who are the mortal enemies of Sunni Moslems, believe in a slightly different version of a non-existent deity, the impotent shitkicker Allah. This particular "god", known to non-Moslem "infidels" like myself as an utterly evil, capricious, vengeful, murderous spirit of the windswept desert, was dreamed up by a nutty epileptic camel jockey named Mohammed, who lived in Arabia during the seventh century; I forget exactly where at the moment due to not really giving a shit.

Anyway, Sunni Moslems believe in "shitkicker Allah 1.0", whereas Shia Moslems believe in "shitkicker Allah 1.1". There are other "apostate Islamic" sects knocking around the Middle East called Druze and Sufi Moslems, believing in god only knows what, all of these misanthropic, foolish clowns detesting one another and occasionally murdering each other in the name of the "true interpretation of Islam", or so they would have others believe. Strangely, there is absolutely NO PROOF whatsoever that shitkicker Allah even exists, but thankfully, that inconvenient fact doesn't keep these delusional fools from destroying each other by the wagonload, using guns or homemade bombs, just like the kind grandmother used to make. Yeah, it's sort of like the Catholic and Protestant micks of the Emerald Isle; both claim to be Christians of a sort and yet have despised and slaughtered each other for centuries.

Encouraged by the wonderful news of silly, idiotic Moslems annihilating each other, I clicked on another pleasant article entitled "Suicide bombers kill 40 in restive Iranian province". Well, maybe it's 40, and maybe it's 39, though it must be admitted the planet has more than enough crazy sandniggers to go around, so let's hope it was 40, a nice even number of ragheads. Too fucking bad it wasn't 40,000 of those backward, delusional dipshits, but I'm sure they'll get around to that kind of score soon, just give them time. Afterward, between monitoring the prices of gold, copper and oil, I perused several other takes on this amusing, man-made disaster, all stories describing stoic Sunni Terminators blowing themselves up and bumping off heretical Shia zealots in the name of the idiotic religious superstition called Sunni Islam.

The "leader" of Iran, a weird looking mutant, shit for breath dwarf named Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has formally accused the limeys, the hebes, and the yankees of supporting and facilitating the Sunni suicide bombers, which, even if they did support them, is simply tit for tat in my fucking book. Considering that scores of zany, fun loving, "peaceful Moslems" have been busy with wholesale murder for years, killing hundreds of limeys, kikes, micks, yankees, spics, tightwads, niggers, pakis, krauts, gooks, polacks, frogs, mulattoes and anyone else they can lay their motherfucking hands on, I say what the hell, it's about time someone got off their ass and started bumping off those misanthropic, delusional bastards. I'll tell you one thing, that goofy sonofabitch Ahmadinejad should thank his shitkicker Allah that I'm not running this decadent, politically correct dump; I'd dispense with using inefficient suicide bombers and simply launch a nuclear tipped ICBM at his ugly ass, shortly after telling him to go fuck himself over the goddamn horn and hanging up on him.

Moving on, to state that I despise the very concept of religion is an understatement, but I particularly loathe every variety of the Mohammedan "faith" above all other forms of vacuous simian superstition. I have personally found while debating them that followers of Islam are, to an individual, intolerant, sanctimonious, arrogant and intransigent, standing on high in prejudicial, holier than thou judgment of others not inclined to buy their absurd, distasteful Koranic hogwash. Another particularly annoying trait of Mohammedans is they feel it is their right to force absurd Islamic fairy tales on everyone they encounter, and to despise those they accost if they decline to accept and embrace their inane, badgering, endless proselytizing. For those very reasons I find adherents of Islam the most loathsome, disgusting creatures I have ever encountered in my life. It's too goddamn bad that "prophet" Mohammed, who couldn't read anyway, never had a literate follower acquaint him with an Arabic translation of the Christian Gospels. That noted, if Moslems simply behaved like Bible beating Baptist fanatics, Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons, or perhaps even Hare Krishnas, I would still find them extremely annoying, but not at all loathsome and disgusting, as, once I would tell them to fuck off, they would simply kick the dust from their feet and leave my presence, the thought of harming me for being an atheist not once crossing their minds. That's why I garnered immense pleasure from reading about those fanatical shitheads destroying their own - it's too goddamn bad they don't make a daily habit of it. Hell, if I could figure out a way, I'd donate sums of money or provide materiel to both sides, Sunni and Shia, so I could enjoy watching those dopey cocksuckers kill each other off to the last goddamned deluded man.

Now I suppose there are dimwitted, idiotic American liberals reading this terse, malevolent screed who think - "What a terrible, hateful, mean-spirited man Conway is, he wants poor, peace loving Moslems to kill each other." To which my response is: Yes I do indeed; would you rather have them killing Americans, like they did to nearly 3000 innocent fucking people on September 11, 2001?

Well, would you rather that happen again, or is your memory too fucking short; perhaps having been thoroughly brainwashed by Goebbelsian talking heads squawking on the goddamn boob tube?

If so, let me refresh it for you; one young man who DIED, thanks to peaceful Moslem bastards, was a husband and father named Kevin Cosgrove. If you have the guts, you can listen to a chilling recording of him perishing as the WTC South tower collapsed on top of him. Here's a fucking link for you:

Go ahead, after listening to that, tell me those goddamned, motherfucking ragheaded Moslem bastards are worthy of one iota of respect or consideration.

Oh yes, I almost forgot - "Season's Greetings".



Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Lunacy, Plain and Simple, the Crucifixion of Julian Assange, and INCEST

M-o-o-n, that spells moon.

Conway here once again, penning even more vicious, insensitive, foulmouthed diatribe for readers to peruse, should they wish to; it is their choice. That said, any niggers, crackers or gooks, of either gender, i.e., bucks or bitches, of any age, i.e., punks or geezers, offended by my blunt remarks may leave now; please don't let the motherfucking door hit you in the ass as you leave.

Alas, the dimwitted, hairless simian calling itself man never ceases to amaze me, regardless of their race, gender or professed belief system. Man everywhere embraces and promotes hypocrisy, arrogance, zeal, conceit and delusion as if they were goddamned virtues. Believing themselves intelligent and wise, they become FOOLS, displaying a collective egotism so glaring that it outshines a fucking supernova. With each passing day, these smug, verbalizing, walking shit factories sink further into rationalized abject insanity, proving if there is a creator of sorts out there somewhere, it must be an absolute moron, having erroneously created lesser, mortal buffoons bent on complete self-destruction. That, or in a dark Cartesian vein, the assumed creator is a quite literal demon; a sadistic monster, garnering pleasure from creating and observing inferior, arrogant, zeal driven creatures that have no discernable merits, other than possessing the adroit ability to go about harming one other in every conceivable way.

The latest absurdities coming from the remote northern icebox of "tolerant", blithering idiots inhabiting Sweden illustrates this vexing phenomenon. Now, the obtuse olafs intend to charge Julian Assange of WikiLeaks fame with the crime of "surprise sex", along with "failure to use a condom", these charges filed on behalf of the two hot, horny brunhildas he fucked some months ago. The term "surprise sex" brings to mind a ludicrous vision of Mr. Assange appearing from nowhere, as if beaming into a boudoir from the USS Enterprise or whatever, with either Ms. Arden or Ms. Wilen as helpless victims, his stiff dripping prick materializing in their wet, willing flues, albeit sans a sock. You know, it just occurred to me, humanoid foreplay usually includes oral sex these days, especially fellatio, so, I idly wonder, considering the sluts were allegedly so "worried" about Mr. Assange having syphilis or something, if either of those bags blew him while he wore a rubber. Really folks, I think not, considering all the cunts I've had the pleasure to discuss cocksucking with told me that dicks taste one hell of a lot better than rubbers ever could. It must be one of those "woman things" I guess; shit, if I were a broad, I'd be a card carrying, cunt licking dyke - I can't for the fucking life of me understand what women even see in men.

Anyhow, Assange's act, that of fucking willing, libidinous sluts without rubbers, is, in Sweden, evidently considered a crime, though apparently only for English speaking crackers named Assange, of whom US politicians are all pissed off about, some of them even publicly desiring that he be murdered for telling people the truth. Yes reader, you guessed it, the charges are clearly a contrived crock of shit, probably instigated and facilitated by the elected criminals running the US government, in a pathetically obvious attempt to discredit Mr. Assange before the entire world. Their campaign isn't working very well, but that won't stop the delusional fools running the USA from trying to discredit him anyway. Hell, they and their controlled media talking heads keep shoving utterly false, dogmatic LIES like created equality and its ugly sister multiculturalism down everyone's goddamned throat, while decaying American society rapidly becomes Balkanized, heading toward an inevitable internecine civil war, crowned by a vengeance filled bloodbath. I swear on my rotten eyeteeth, if I live long enough to see it happen, I plan to laugh my ancient ass off when these idiots start killing each other like the zealous, self-convinced simians they are. You see, whether anyone wants to admit it, man (Homo Sapiens) is an animal, specifically, a variety of talking ape, though a mostly hairless ape. Homo Sapiens is a TRIBAL APE to boot, like chimpanzees, generally preferring the company of their own "tribe", i.e., those who look similar to him or her and are allied with his or her worldview. That's the fucking way it is, period, and that will never change until the end of time. Anyone even remotely capable of critical thinking can see this IS the case throughout most of the world, excepting "Western" countries of course, regardless of inane musings by clearly delusional shitheads, holding hands while singing kumbaya and promoting absolute nonsense - like everyone's the same, all men are "brothers", or the world's a fucking village and other idiotic, softheaded drivel. Give me a fucking break - the race of man has the GALL to call themselves Homo Sapiens - they fucking flatter themselves!

Back to the stupid olafs; not surprising in the least is the blatant double standard Swedish authorities are employing in this Kafkaesque case. Mr. Assange is being charged by the authorities with "rape", due to condom failure during consensual sex, while interloping camel jockeys who gangbang Swedish broads are treated with kid gloves - the cowardly, pandering authorities of Sweden citing "cultural differences" and "misunderstandings" as pathetic excuses for the glorified wrist slaps given to such animalistic, foreign sex offenders - often five sandniggers at a time arrested for fucking Swedish cracker gals against their will on a goddamned Stockholm sidewalk in broad daylight. Camel jockeys in Sweden often refer to Swedish cunts openly as "whores", due to the fact they don't walk around wearing tents for clothing, and ragheads use their "lack of proper attire" as an excuse to get their cocks wet, stating Swedish women deserve to be raped, or that they "ask" for it. Apparently, from what I've read, brain dead Swedish judges completely agree with Moslem sandnigger observations regarding hapless Swedish broads, as gangs of these uncontrolled, horny, Koran toting, shitskinned bastards ply the cities of Sweden unmolested, like sanctioned Mohammedan brigands. Further, in this Orwellian shithole of a society, Sweden, indigenous SWEDISH people can be and are in fact arrested by the pigs for "calling people names", e.g., calling sandniggers who rape their women sandniggers. This double standard has arisen out of the fear of "offending" the imported interlopers destroying what is left of Swedish society. Apparently, the indigenous inhabitants of Sweden (whiteys) have absolutely NO rights, IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY, while the humanoid flotsam washing in from fuck knows where have all the rights, receiving preferential and, yes, deferential treatment by the fucking traitors ruling Sweden. Actually, I can't blame ragheads there for behaving like uncivilized savages, as cowardly Sweden permits them to behave that way; the interlopers having no need to assimilate, to learn the Swedish language, or, apparently, the need to obey any fucking laws at all! Honestly, is that the fault of the ragheads? No, it is the fault of the stupid, cowardly white bread Swedish pieces of shit that have no fucking guts to defend their culture, laws, or traditions. Hence, they are getting exactly what they deserve, all of them, considering the elected, traitorous leaders of Sweden prosecute indigenous honkys who simply express the fucking desire to live with their own kind, i.e., for Sweden to be Swedish, and not awash in ragheaded, fanatical Moslem invaders who have absolutely no fucking respect for anything having to do with Swedish culture or the people that created it. I say fuck Sweden, they make me vomit; it's too goddamned bad Adolf Hitler or Joseph Stalin didn't annihilate those demented olaf cowards when they had the fucking chance.

All epithets and foul language aside for a short moment, it seems that the Caucasian variety of those creatures called Homo Sapiens has quickly devolved into incredibly stupid creatures, unworthy of survival - they are literally selling their own goddamned nations down the drain in the name of "tolerance", feeling guilty over what their long dead ancestors did. Well, I have news for stupid crackers, if the gooks or niggers had been on top in the past, they would have done the same fucking things to whiteys, and in some cases, they in fact did - in Haiti for example, and during the Bataan Death March. That proves all hairless simians can be goddamned savages, not just the pale-faced variety; other examples are easily available for perusal on the Internet, just look them up, should the reader be so inclined.

Moving on, between drinking coffee and trading the bourses, I came across a very interesting item with regard to the "last taboo", that is, incest. It seems that a New York dude named David Epstein, apparently a Christkiller, had consensual sex, that is, he fucked, his 24 year old daughter, with her express permission given to him beforehand. Mr. Epstein, apparently, according to the law, is considered a perpetrator of the felonious crime (!) of incest, and his unnamed daughter, a willing participant, is oddly considered a "victim" of said crime. Okay, bear with me here, if they, father and daughter, indeed fucked each other as consenting adults, how in hell can she be any sort of victim, and why isn't SHE being charged with incest as well? Now don't be a fucking prejudicial bigot and try to do my thinking for me here, it's tough enough to it on my own in this particular case; it took me all of about two seconds, honestly. That said, go ahead, call me liberal if you like, but who gives a shit if they fucked each other, both individuals in said case are ADULTS, and both made the informed decision to uh, conjugate their DNA, so to speak, by bumping uglies. Is what they did disgusting? Who the fuck knows, but how is what they did (i.e., fucking, sucking, licking, etc) any goddamned different from what ANY consenting adults do with each other sexually, other than the participants being related to one another? Come on people, adult gayguys fuck each other's asses until they bleed and blow each other silly, usually without rubbers mind you, and lezzies lick each other's cunts raw and wear strap-on dildos to fuck each other's twats, so what's the big goddamn deal about two horny relatives fucking each other? I mean really, everyone is supposed to be so motherfucking "progressive" these days - so what's the goddamn problem here? Oh yes - think of the possible inbred children, conceived in incest, some folks may say. Well, I say what business is it of yours, or of the nosy state of New York for that matter? I submit that's what ABORTION CLINICS are for; you know, excising such unwanted freaks from the gene pool, quickly, quietly and cleanly, for a fee. That way, daddy and adult daughter, or mother and adult son, or adult brother and adult sister, if they so desire, can fuck each other until the goddamned cows come home, and no drooling, wally eyed, web fingered idiots will arrive for the state to raise. In addition, is it incest for an adult lezzie daughter to go down on her willing mother, or the mother, her adult sister? Is it incest for a faggy father to blow his homosexual adult son, or perhaps fudgepack his own queer brother? Further, what about an orgy, reminiscent of ancient Rome, with the entire family mulling about nude, fucking, sucking and licking each other? Inquiring minds WANT to know.

Anyway, the legalistic, megalomaniacal dictators in New York want to put this poor hebe away for 4 long years, all because he parked his dick in his daughter's snatch, with her express permission. I now wonder how in hell they became apprised of his alleged fucking of his daughter. What happened, did his frigid wife rat him out, or did he slip a cog and call the pigs on himself? Regardless of how the authorities found out, once again, man's idiotic, hypocritical, selective zeal and love for power over others comes into play, prosecuting consenting, related adults who fuck each other for incest. It's fucking unbelievable; the authorities, i.e., pigs, ignoring thieves, rapists and running ax murderers, are instead prosecuting a silly sheenie for incest, along with hounding male Mormons for polygamy, while queers of all varieties do whatever the hell they want, including the siring of offspring, the carrying of offspring, or acquiring children for themselves via adoption. Further, swinging serial fornicators of either sex can fuck different partners until they're blue in the goddamned face, with fornicators or fornicatresses having 10 brats from ten different partners - and no one says a motherfucking word. Glaring double standards, that's what it is, yet another hallmark of man's revolting hypocrisy.

Oh yes - it's colder than a goddamned witch's tit across most of the Northern Hemisphere. Rather early too I might add, and there are articles across the Internet stating that the severe cold is caused by - get this - anthropogenic global warming. Yeah sure, up is down, light is dark, wrong is right, blue is red and cold is hot, silly me for thinking otherwise.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Hypocrisy, the Hallmark of American Politicians

Conway here, as always, certain to offend many and entertain a few, by posting cynical, insensitive, foulmouthed commentary on current events, complete with occasional analysis of the disgusting, elitist trash governing this terminally ill nation.

This post is related to the post of December 3rd, not so much about Julian Assange and the elected gangsters out to destroy him, but to take a closer look at those elected gangsters out to destroy what is left of the United States, together with the descendants of those who built it. This includes the descendants of both honkys and niggers, not to mention redskinned injuns, and perhaps a few slanty-eyed gooks that slipped in when no one was looking.

For those over say, 40 years old, anyone with even a ganglion for a brain should be able to see that things are not as they once were; the nation a victim of the "creeping malaise" the bucktoothed Baptist jackass President Jimmy Carter spoke of on television during one of his rare lucid moments.

Though it may seem an impossible myth to the young, there was once a time where people weren't afraid to plainly state what they believed, for good or ill, whether it was the mouthy old fart down the street, a neo-communist member of the SDS, a Ku Klux Klansman, a Black Panther, or a Nazi. Whether people liked them or not, at least someone knew where they stood in their eyes, and if necessary, whether to either defend themselves from them, or to make a strategic retreat from their presence. Indeed, all people had the inalienable right to be absolute fucking assholes, according to the First Amendment, and there was an air of freedom and independent thought readily available for everyone to experience. Slowly and inexorably, like the creeping malaise spoken of by the oafish, drawling, Bible beating Georgia peanut farmer/presidential buffoon, the United States went from a nation where yes, there were polarizing differences and those who would use violence if deemed necessary to achieve their aims, to a literal PRISON where true differences of opinion and the right to speak out have been effectively CRUSHED by the very bastards we elected. Of course, for the obtuse drones of America, these unconstitutional Federal intrusions into public discourse were and are marketed by paid Goebbelsian media propagandists, cleverly disguised as promoting "tolerance" or "diversity". Pardon me while I vomit profusely. The people effectively "legislated" into sullen silence, the polarizing differences are still there, under the surface and growing, though the pathetic, dimwitted, greedy idiots running this benighted dump think they can actually legislate people's fucking worldviews. That's as obtuse as attempting to legislate morality, or legally sanctioning a particular belief system; all they have done is, in effect, caped off a boiling pressure cooker, and the inevitable explosion that is going to occur will catch most everyone by surprise, leading to a vengeance filled bloodbath of epic proportions. Whenever it happens, and it will happen, easily within the lifetimes of many people reading this screed, remember that kindly old Conway told you it would.

Seeming exceptions to the absurd, draconian rule of legally enforced worldviews include imported, zealous, delusional ragheads, who seem to have the inalienable right to be complete misanthropic shitheads in the name of their non-existent shitkicker god Allah, Moslem minions killing and maiming many of those born here at will. Cited examples are the cases of Major Nidal Malik Hasan, the paralyzed Fort Hood Terminator, and yet another Moslem piece of shit named Muzzammil Hassan, of Buffalo, New York, who, in the name of Islam, lopped off his estranged wife's head in 2009. Militant niggers of the New Black Panther Party that intimidate voters during Presidential elections seem to be excepted from Congressional tyranny as well, probably in the name of "diversity" and "tolerance". Regardless of those odd exceptions, thanks to the efforts of elected despots who want to establish TOTAL CONTROL over every aspect of the people's lives, we now live in a society of total Orwellian surveillance and enforced political correctness; the US having quickly become a neo-Soviet Union, where people are AFRAID to speak their true opinions, and where privileged groups like superstitious, intolerant sandniggers and militant, angry, baton wielding junglebunnies in downtown Philadelphia have far more rights than the rest of the fucking population.

In addition, as far as threatening, loudmouthed New Black Panther Party eightballs in Philly getting away with blatant cracker voter intimidation, we can all thank Federal Attorney General, Mr. Eric Holder, of Barack Hussein Obama's Justice Department, for that utter travesty of justice, his office having dropped the case. I submit that Mr. Holder is a "hateful racist" who deliberated violated the rights of whiteys that were threatened and intimidated by racist niggers.

Alas, those actual, historical happenings noted above aside, looney liberals and assorted talking heads in the media endlessly deride those like myself. You know, those that have the unmitigated audacity to point out such glaring occurrences and facts, labeling any who dare disagree with their chanted Goebbelsian propaganda as “hateful”, “offensive”, "mean spirited", “racists” or “bigots”. Really, try asking me if I give a fuck about what clowns like that my call me. I'm not out for a fucking popularity contest, that should be obvious by now, and I couldn't care less of what anyone thinks of me, or anything I have written. I suppose that's why I haven't received any terse missives castigating my posts, as those reading realize it is pointless to even try to admonish me, and I assure any possible detractors that they are absolutely correct in their assumption.

Now, let's take a goddamned good look at the individuals responsible for Carter's "creeping malaise" - our "honorable" collection of amoral, greedy, Machiavellian gangsters occupying Congress. They have duly chosen and sworn to make life hell for the American people, and a virtual heaven for those members of their clique of materialistic, megalomaniacal criminals. You see, as our esteemed betters, many "ethics" rules forced on the average American citizen do not apply at all to members of Congress, like, for instance, "insider trading" laws. Yes, that's right, those evil, goddamned bastards made certain when they outlawed insider trading for the rest of the population, during senile Prune face Reagan's tenure in the White House, that they were and are still EXEMPT from such legislation, allowing Congressmen to take advantage of lucrative equity deals denied to the rest of the citizenry. That's not the end of it either; these sedentary, soft palmed, lazy cocksuckers didn't have to pay one fucking cent of Social Security taxes until 1984. Don't believe my words, use your goddamn brain and look it up for yourself, then write me and try to tell me I'm wrong. For years, Congress was also exempt from many other laws that applied to their "lesser subjects", that is, the people of this nation, though it must be admitted that the Republican "revolution" congress of 1994, under whoremonger Clinton, did make an effort to curb some of these exemptions, probably to keep a real revolution from occurring at that time.

For those readers who are too goddamned lazy to look up current laws Congress is exempt from, here's a link for you, straight from our friends from the fucking United States Federal Government: While you're at it, look up the average yields of Congressional equity portfolios, too. The reader will find that, in addition to making piles of cash and gaining lucrative perquisites for sitting on their big, fat asses, making life hell for the rest of us, they beat everybody hands down when it comes to trading the bourses.

These "Honorable Congressmen" (pardon me while I laugh out loud at the oxymoron), exempt from many troublesome laws they impose on the rest of us, are the same loathsome, materialistic swine that passed and strengthened American forfeiture laws. Such laws were cleverly promulgated under the dubious cover of "a war on drugs" or other abstract nonsense, so they, in their unbridled GREED and lust for power, can literally steal money and other valuables at will, like modern Sheriffs of Nottingham, from their lowly serflike subjects, the American people. Further, our elected, amoral freebooters, while demanding "openness" from everyone else, of course demand complete secrecy from the people, so they can make and close backroom deals that fuck the rest of us in spades, exempting themselves from such restrictions whenever they can. Standing before cameras, they and their allies smile and employ cunning rhetoric, such as "we passed this or that or do this or that in the name of freedom" - that shopworn fucking word twisted in Orwellian fashion to mean the exact goddamned opposite of what it originally meant. The same goes for their imposed restrictions on "offensive", "hateful" or "mean spirited" speech, whereas the people they supposedly serve are not permitted to state their true opinions, in fear of legal reprisal from these tyrannical, despotic bastards. Meanwhile, they, like the elitist, aloof hypocrites they are, can employ any insulting, offensive term they may deem suitable, as is so graphically revealed by the WikiLeaks cables.

It is glaringly obvious that our elected betters and their operatives were figuratively caught with their pants down, thanks to the efforts of Julian Assange and WikiLeaks, proving that the elitist swine running this dump are no goddamn better than a bunch of gossiping schoolchildren, saying one thing in person to their counterparts and then saying another behind their backs. Now, amoral, privileged pirates like spymaster Hillary Rodham Clinton come out and cry it's "unfair" for those they cannot control to expose them for the two-faced, underhanded, rotten sonofabitches that they really are. Not to be outdone by his lesser Congressional charges, the head gangster of this coterie of elected criminals, currently President Boofer Jackanapes Obama, has claimed the right, just like a swarthy Mafioso don, to order the murder of anyone he personally deems a threat, whether they be citizen, non-citizen, friend or foe. So much for the antiquated concepts of "rights" and "due process"; now, an American President, like a wicked despot of old, can simply pick up the fucking telephone and have anyone eliminated, by having them legally hunted down and killed like an animal, brazenly ignoring such Constitutional inconveniences as the Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and Fourteenth Amendments. Considering that, I wager the next item the President of the United States will claim for himself is the "divine right of Kings", and perhaps fucking godhood after that. After perusing such stunning revelations, anyone that seriously thinks this hypocritical pack of amoral bastards deserve the level of security and secrecy they demand, is either a stupid goddamned drone, a brainwashed federal employee, or perhaps both. That said, if events keep going in the direction they are headed, an Imperial US Presidency and Congress is in the offing, like a latter day Roman Empire. I can see it all now, an American Empire, complete with Senators serving for life and with deified Presidents too, like the rotting corpse of Kim Il Sung, the "Eternal President" of North Korea.

It occurs to me readers may be asking themselves as to why Conway, as a lowly, sludge drinking, unwashed serf, has such an utter lack of respect and low opinion of my esteemed betters in government. The answers are quite simple, based on the principles this nation was founded upon. I hold this nation's leaders to a higher standard than the rest of the simians on this planet. For our "leaders" to emulate common gangsters from Capone's Chicago, albeit disguised with a "smiley face" mask, is not only disgusting, but makes a absolute mockery of the fucking Constitution, a document these elected human swine claim on the surface to uphold and defend on their "honor". Further, respect for ANYONE is EARNED, not demanded, and I have not one iota of respect for two faced, mendacious, greedy hypocrites, who consistently say one thing and do another. Having watched them in action for decades, I submit none of them are any good, period, and the sooner they are removed from office, the better. It'll be damned hard to do though - elections won't work, and those self-serving motherfuckers would slaughter half the population, in the name of "liberty and freedom" (for themselves, that is) to maintain their absolute stranglehold on power.

Enough of that meandering horseshit; it now seems that WikiLeaks is up across the board and morphing into a juggernaut, with mirror sites appearing everywhere on the planet. The more, the merrier, I always say - let's see the obsessive control freaks stop that. More horseshit is coming out regarding Julian Assange and the pair of promiscuous sluts he fucked too; the olafs in Sweden have actually come out with a straight face and stated he is being prosecuted for broken rubbers cleverly twisted by Swedish prosecutors into charges of "rape", to defame and detain the man. It is also said that the loose olaf sluts he fucked (specifically, Anna Ardin and Sofia Wilen) are "worried" about "possible STDS" they may have acquired from Assange and his chowder squirting, unbound boner that he shoved into their willing, waiting, wet cunts. Apparently, this hot pair of horny Swedish fornicatresses were obsessed with Mr. Assange, and they couldn’t control their simian libidos when in his presence. It also seems these women did not stop for even a moment to consider the possibility of receiving a bit more than simple orgasms from Assange when they got naked, spread their legs and copulated with him. I honestly find it rather strange, all of a sudden the possibilities of clap, herpes, syphilis, CMV or AIDS occurs to them now, just as WikiLeaks exposes the United States Federal Government for being staffed with legions of two faced, lying hypocrites, posing as diplomats, led by an absolutely incorrigible Secretary of State named Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Anyway, as the story now goes, Ms. Arden and Ms. Wilen, citing health concerns, tried to contact Mr. Assange so he could contact a physician and be screened for STDs, after the fact with regard to their steamy sexual encounters. So, unable to contact him, as Assange's phone was evidently turned off, they went to the local pigs and claim he raped them. Okay, what's wrong with this picture, people; does anyone reading this see the total ABSURDITY of their statements? Further, what would be the point of Assange being tested for anything, even fucking bubonic plague, considering these promiscuous twats had already had their crotches thoroughly explored by Assange's stiff, throbbing cock? Really, if they were so goddamned worried about possible infection by STD's, why didn't they simply have themselves screened by a physician and acquire therapeutic specifics? After all, medical care is completely FREE in the nation of Sweden, so they can't say they didn't get tested or treated due to the costs involved. That candid observation craters their yarn easily; I submit Arden and Wilen are common tramps and compensated liars; their contrived "testimonies" of "rape" bought and paid for by operatives of the United States Federal Government.

Moving on, Mr. Assange, apparently fearing for his life, has made available a "nuclear option" in the event he expires from a "heart attack" or something like that, thanks to our friends in upper echelons - an encrypted file labeled "insurance.aes256". It can be easily downloaded from many sources on the Internet and saved for future use by those interested, using freely available bit torrent clients.

Also, "Operation Payback" seems to be causing some real trouble for sniveling, US Federal Government lackeys PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, and, to a smaller degree, Amazon; they are also fucking with the olaf pigs and Assange's flighty, hormone driven, fornicatress accusers in Sweden. The folks of Operation Payback are flooding and crashing their servers, you see, and if anyone wants to help them, they ask for those so inclined to do so. Any interested reader can download a really neat program called Low Orbit Ion Cannon, or LOIC for short; it comes in a Zip File and can be downloaded in various forms from . The later versions of LOIC allow machines so equipped to be configured as bots via IRC, and can run in the background while the owner does other, more pressing things, like playing online games, reading the news, or surfing porn. Assisting Operation Payback in their brave and audacious venture can be considered a crime in some areas of the world, particularly the United States. So, be warned, and for Christ's sake, use anonymous proxies.



Thursday, December 9, 2010

Operation Payback

Conway's Blog is proud to support the valiant efforts of the anonymous freedom fighters battling Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal, along with other enemies of WikiLeaks and Julian Assange via Operation: Payback.


Friday, December 3, 2010

WikiLeaks Waterloo, Julian Assange, and the Wicked Weasels of Washington, DC


Conway here, now posting jaded, foulmouthed and epithet-strewn observations, complete with occasional updates, regarding the ongoing WikiLeaks debacle.

As of this post, the WikiLeaks site is down, thanks to our friends at Amazon. They, like sniveling cowards, have booted them off their servers in the name of freedom or something like that. Yes, Amazon is also the website that was selling the pedophile instruction manual, so what the fuck can you expect? Shortly thereafter, WikiLeaks was booted from, and are apparently looking for yet another host. Though Amazon is resorting to a stance in stating that WikiLeaks "violated their terms of service"; anyone with a fucking brain can speculate as to who the real culprits are behind all of this. I candidly wager that "someone" from the US State Department contacted Amazon and ordered them to dump WikiLeaks, or "bad things" would happen to them in fucking spades. probably received the same threat, but is employing another excuse, stating that a DoS attack forced them to pull the WikiLeaks registrations. Uh-huh, that at least sounds reasonable. If it did indeed happen, I wonder where the DoS attack came from - was it the NSA, the CIA, the FBI, or perhaps it was our good friends at the Pentagon? We'll never know, but can all rest assured that the US doesn’t like watching it's dirty laundry being aired in public, and will give swift retribution to anyone defying that draconian decree.

According to the website, some pages can be viewed by using WikiLeaks IP addresses. Link:

Yes, I am indeed a paranoid old bastard, and it doesn't surprise me in the least that WikiLeaks and Julian Assange are now squarely in the crosshairs of the power-mad, Machiavellian United States Federal Government, facilitated by their paid lackeys abroad, i.e., Sweden. You see, Swedish authorities conveniently want to incarcerate Mr. Assange over a charge of “rape”. Yeah, and I'm the fucking pope; if the "rape" charges are so fucking true, why in hell did they allow him to leave Sweden unfettered, MONTHS ago? I'll tell you why, Mr. Assange is really wanted by the greedy, corrupt, evil megalomaniacs running the United States, and they're twisting Sweden's arm to get him, due to the fact he has exposed this bankrupt nation, run by pragmatic, two-faced, elected pirates, for the utterly contemptible fraud that it is. Just look at that sullied shitskin from New York, the "Honorable" Charles Rangel, a goddamned tax-evading nigger crook who has had his nose in the trough for 40 fucking YEARS! He was "censured" for "ethics violations" by his fellow ethically challenged freebooters in the House of Representatives, which is little more than a wrist slap, after which I'm sure he cried all the way to the bank, or perhaps laughed all the way there. So, this crooked, amoral, above-the-law prick, caught with his grubby hands in the cookie jar, has gotten away with criminal actions that would send anyone else to prison. I keep forgetting, Congressmen and other politicians are so much goddamn BETTER than the rest of the lowly trash populating this country, so laws made for the rest of the people don't apply to them. Silly me, that's what I get for thinking "all men are created equal" - what fucking BULLSHIT!

That noted, back to Julian Assange's obviously US manufactured Swedish legal troubles. An evidently looney, Christian feminist twat going by the name of Anna Ardin is apparently at the center of the allegations. Mr. Assange doesn't deny having fucked this left wing, rather hot, dizzy Swedish meatball, and has stated repeatedly that their sweaty copulation session was a completely consensual encounter. Oh brother, if what Assange says is a true statement, some "Christian" Ms. Ardin is; from what I've read in the Bible, chastity of both sexes is considered a virtue, and Christian women aren't supposed to be wanton SLUTS. Who knows, perhaps Assange is a premature ejaculator, or maybe even impotent, and left a horny Anna in the lurch, pissing her off so severely that she vowed revenge. Hell, that blunt speculation makes just about as much goddamn sense as what I've read of the situation anywhere else. Incidentally, regarding the "charges" against Mr. Assange, they are very nebulous, ranging from "rape", to "sexual molestation", to "failure to use a condom".

What? Failure to use a condom - what kind of silly fucking offense is that supposed to be? Talk about a gross invasion of personal privacy; they actually charge men in Sweden for neglecting to use socks on their stiff, dripping dicks? How the hell do they know who is using rubbers and who isn't - remote-controlled, miniaturized pussy cams, sending sex videos to the local pigs? No fucking wonder the native population of obtuse olafs occupying that idiotic icebox of a nation is falling through the goddamn floor, necessitating the importation of fanatical ragheads, illiterate niggers and other quasi-civilized interlopers that are about as Swedish as spear chucking 18th century Hottentots with bones through their noses. Further, these imported bastards from wherever absolutely refuse to assimilate into Swedish society, just as they refuse to assimilate when they squat ANYWHERE ELSE in the Western world, apparently wanting to turn Sweden and all other countries they occupy into the same strife ridden hellholes as the failed nations they migrated from. You see, stupid, greedy whiteys have stopped having children for the most part, so, idiotic governments, wanting to maintain their tax base, drag in any piece of fucking shit they can find, in a doomed, actually laughable effort to fund the extravagant Ponzi scheme pensions and social welfare perquisites promised to aging, retired crackers who never had any brats. This importation of myriad warm bodies is occurring based on the dubious theory that they will actually work and pay taxes, so retired crackers can continue to live lives of leisure, like the lazy, self-centered, egotistical bastards they have become. Pathetically stupid, politically correct politicians falling for the obtuse mantra of “all men are created equal” continue to promote this failed experiment - importing a fucking tax base from anywhere. They prejudicially assume, without any justification, like the typical bigots they are, that dogmatic, intolerant sandniggers from Arabia or superstitious, animistic, idol bowing porchmonkeys from darkest Africa can be morphed into "upwardly mobile, consuming, westernized drones", so they can continue to fund pensions for lazy crackers who refused to reproduce in the name of fucking greed. Problem is, most of the unskilled, foreign interlopers refuse to work or pay taxes, preferring welfare, so they can sit on their asses, fuck, and repopulate Western nations with even more dogmatic, superstitious, hateful, lazy offspring who think the world owes them a goddamned living. Call me harsh if you like, but I submit whiteys across the planet are getting exactly what they DESERVE, that is, extinction, thanks to their idiotic proclivity of chasing wealth and luxury, rather than doing what nature intended for all hairless simians: FUCKING AND HAVING GODDAMNED CHILDREN to replace themselves when they ultimately drop dead.

Anyway, don't be surprised if Mr. Assange, 39, conveniently expires from a "heart attack" or something like that. Such an event is to be expected, considering Assange is a very great danger to the powers that be, specifically the United States, a nation run by a determined coterie of Machiavellian gangsters that make Al Capone look like a fucking saint. If that doesn't happen, and the contrived "rape" charge doesn't stick, expect the Federal and Interpol pigs to hound Assange, painting him before the world as a "drug dealer", a "money launderer", or perhaps even a "child molester". Credulous fools will buy any of that horseshit, sitting slackjawed in front of television sets, mesmerized by paid Goebbelsian propagandists. Believe me, if anyone becomes a threat to the elected villains running this goddamned place, little inconveniences like "due process" and such fly out the fucking window, and they resort to employing any means necessary to achieve their objectives, even if they have to slaughter people to maintain TOTAL CONTROL. This latter option, that of simply having Assange killed by CIA operatives, has in fact been suggested publicly by several prominent American politicians, many of these soft palmed, sedentary clowns referring to him as a "terrorist" as well. This blunt, ill-considered rhetoric coming from our "leaders" is reminiscent of swarthy gangland mobsters like Lucky Luciano ordering a "hit" on someone, with the CIA assuming the role of a 21st century version of Murder, Incorporated. Further, such stupid, plainly malevolent statements uttered by these power mad maniacs only reinforce charges that the United States is ruled by cunning, two-faced, opportunistic, amoral, elitist hypocrites that have no fucking regard for anyone except themselves.

UPDATE: WikiLeaks has again acquired a new host, in Switzerland this time: . I sit here, idly wondering how long it will be before the guys in white hats from Langley or Fort Meade take the initiative and figure out a way to knock this incarnation of the website offline. Perhaps the narcissistic eightball in the White House will simply say fuck it all, and then order a hydrogen bomb to be dropped on Zurich to teach those disobedient yodeling bastards a lesson they won't forget. I certainly wouldn't put it past those looney, two-faced bastards - just read some of their cables, on WikiLeaks!

Connecticut kike Joseph Lieberman of the US Senate is taking credit for coercing Amazon to drop hosting of the WikiLeaks site; he must be so proud of himself. I wonder where the hell he was when Amazon was busy with selling detailed instruction books on pedophilia to perverts across the entire fucking world in the name of "freedom of information". Mr. Lieberman, obviously a hypocritical, scheming sheenie of the first degree, is behaving exactly like the totalitarian, despotic chinks running communist China behave, censoring material they find "embarrassing", the authorities there threatening, imprisoning or even killing those they can identify who fuck with them. Who knows, perhaps this arrogant, hooknosed hebe is simply emulating the jackbooted Nazis of WWII that he claims to despise so goddamned much, leaning on Amazon like an ersatz version of SS Obergruppenf├╝hrer Reinhard Heydrich. Further, a clearly grandstanding Leiberman stated that he wants to "make an example" of Assange and "bring him to justice", whatever that actually is. As to how he plans to accomplish this, who knows; Lieberman certainly isn't saying, probably because he has no fucking clue himself and was simply running off at the mouth like the posturing phony that he is. Considering the glaring fact that Mr. Assange is not a US citizen, never was, and has not broken any American laws, I'd love to see just how that swaggering, beady eyed, kosher putz Senator plans to do anything to him, unless he intends to have Mr. Assange kidnapped by the CIA, labeled a "terrorist combatant" by them, and have him sent to Gitmo for softening up, using a regimen of rubber hose sessions. Then perhaps Mr. Lieberman will fly his bagel ass down there and order him waterboarded, so the old fart can watch and get a few kicks.

Elsewhere in this dark world, populated by hairless, and clueless, talking simians, always at the rear of the battlefield and ever ready to run, the cowardly, Moslem fearing frogs running France are at last getting involved in this idiotic situation too - shrilly demanding that fucking WikiLeaks be "banned" from French servers, and across the globe as well. As with Mr. Lieberman's stated designs on Julian Assange, I wonder just how the hell they plan to accomplish that Herculean task - perhaps by destroying every goddamned computer on earth?

Oh yes, and US Government goons charged with administering this pathetic, dying mess have ORDERED the medicated, politically correct drones serving them not to view WikiLeaks, even on their own equipment, probably on the pain of firing, death or perhaps even worse, even going so far as to block access to the website at several government agencies. Spokesmen for government agencies also ridiculously claim that classified material viewed on WikiLeaks could endanger "national security" and must not be viewed by their employees. Whatever idiot came up with that illogical, unenforceable directive is apparently so fucking dimwitted that they don't realize the supposedly "classified" missives are available, en toto, for public view by ANYONE on the goddamned planet - the “secret” missives having been "de-classified" by none other than WikiLeaks! No wonder this place is so fucked up, it's not only run by crazy people, it is run by plainly OBTUSE crazy people. What are they so fucking AFRAID of anyway, that their own employees will finally see our "leaders" for the contemptible goddamned charlatans that they really are? You know what I mean, the "Emperor has no clothes" and so forth. Really people, what's wrong with this picture - is it that politicians don't enjoy the idea of being exposed for the lying, backstabbing, amoral, arrogant, condescending, power-mad, elitist, hypocritical fucking bastards that they ARE? Silly me, who would have figured that?

Oh well, so much for fucking "freedom of speech", which in reality is nothing but a trite phrase that may sound nice, but when the shit hits the fan, it instantly vanishes like the shimmering mirage that it is. Always remember from now on that "freedom of speech" is paid only lip service by the power-mad megalomaniacs running this dump. They cynically promote this cleverly crafted LIE, which of course is swallowed hook, line and sinker by credulous, drooling fools who do not realize that we only have freedom of speech when our ESTEEMED BETTERS allow us to have it, and then only if we AGREE with them.

UPDATE 2: Paypal, the American Internet company famous for taking years to settle monetary disputes with customers, some of their "disputes" so fucking frivolous that strains credulity, announced it has "frozen" the WikiLeaks donation account. This probably occurred via the direct orders of the head jig and his sycophantic coterie of condescending, power-mad, amoral megalomaniacs running the United States. Perhaps the Federal pigs intend to confiscate the money in the name of the law as "alleged drug proceeds", like the jackbooted, duly sworn pigs tried to do to me decades ago, so they could LEGALLY STEAL my funds. The United States Federal and State governments now resort to employing these amoral tactics regularly, STEALING MONEY and OTHER VALUABLES from often INNOCENT people who cannot defend themselves, in order to keep this dying, miasmic mess going a little longer before it collapses completely. Paypal, of course, denies any coercion from American authorities, stating, "Our payment service cannot be used for any activities that encourage, promote, facilitate or instruct others to engage in illegal activity." I would just LOVE to know just what "illegal activity" they are referring to on the part of WikiLeaks, considering they have not gathered, appropriated, stolen, or otherwise surreptitiously taken ANY of the documents presented on their site. Nor do they actively solicit documents or pay for them in any way; it is the decision and responsibility of the uploader to provide them to WikiLeaks gratis. Indeed, we already KNOW the individual who DID indeed appropriate and upload the "secret documents" and videos, a certain PFC Bradley Manning, age 22, an intelligence analyst from the United States Army. How in the fuck WikiLeaks or Julian Assange could be responsible for the deliberate and clearly traitorous actions of Mr. Manning, Christ only knows, but I'm sure the elected criminals ruling this dump will dream up something to charge Assange and company with, just give their word twisting, semantical rhetorician, shyster lawyers the goddamned time.

You know, it just occurred to me - how, in the name all sanity, did a 22 year old, high school dropout, "Specialist" army grunt, a literal low man on the totem pole, acquire a fucking security clearance at that tender age and become the "intelligence analyst" he is described as by the media? In addition, it turns out Bradley Manning is a totally unfit candidate for military service in any normal universe, he being an angry, maladjusted, man-chasing cocksucker, and with a violent streak too - having been demoted from "specialist" to PFC, for apparently taking a poke at another soldier serving with him. Who knows why he did that, perhaps the soldier turned a horny Manning down for a blowjob or something. Talk about arrant stupidity on the part of American politicians, forcing the armed forces to allow anything, including fags and dykes, to join up; it's no goddamned wonder morale in the service is lower than fucking whaleshit. Oh well, that's what you get when you allow queers to serve in the military. Anyway, it is said PFC Fairy Manning faces 52 long years at USDB Leavenworth after an inevitable court-martial. I candidly suggest that the military court dispense with such formalities, put a bullet in his queer goddamned head for being a traitor, bury the remains in a landfill and be done with it.

Meanwhile, empty-eyed spokesmen for United States "control central" are now stating that identified "supporters" of WikiLeaks may be ineligible for gainful employment in "much coveted" (yeah, right) federal jobs. I idly wonder how they will reconcile that draconian proposition with the "freedom of association" clause in the First Amendment, but I suppose they'll get around that small inconvenience somehow, just like they got around the Fourth Amendment prohibition of "unreasonable search and seizure" when they decided that they needed to LEGALLY STEAL PEOPLE'S MONEY, like they tried to do with me. Really - as if anyone with ambition, intelligence and capable of independent thinking would actually WANT to work for these politically correct, drone making control freaks. I cannot speak for any possible readers, but I would rather dig ditches for a dollar a day, for the rest of my fucking life, rather than spend even one second of my valuable time sitting in a cubicle, assisting in the creation, facilitation and furtherance of an ORWELLIAN POLICE STATE that has done everything in its goddamned power to destroy the original freedoms that Americans were once guaranteed under the US Constitution. Further, considering the dreadful economic condition the nation is currently in, and with President Narcissistic Eightball having frozen pay increases for all federal workers, who the FUCK in their RIGHT MIND would even WANT to work for those evil bastards?

UPDATE 3: 6 December 2010: Now the dimwitted, blundering olafs in Sweden are claiming that Julian Assange committed yet another nebulous offence of "unlawful coercion", against someone, probably Anna Ardin. Apparently, this charge is related to the other three, i.e., rape, sexual molestation, and failure to use a condom. I assume the pigs mean that Mr. Assange repeatedly asked Ms. Ardin for a piece of ass, and when he wouldn't stop begging for a slice of hair pie, she simply acquiesced and fucked him to get it over with, rather than simply saying no. Sure, that spiel sounds believable, and I'm the goddamned Speaker of the House. Then, after getting drilled, she changed her mind like a fickle vixen and is now claiming Assange raped her, so she won't feel like such a cheap Christian chippie who spreads her legs at the drop of a hat.

In addition, Mr. Assange's Swiss bank account has been closed, and rather quickly I might add; the authorities there claiming that he gave false information regarding residency in Switzerland. Whether the account has been “frozen” is unclear as of this point, conflicting articles state he is either free to claim his funds, or the authorities are withholding them – yeah, the greedy bastards are probably withholding his money as “alleged drug proceeds”, I candidly wager.

So, dear reader - how does it feel to be a goddamned SERF, with no real fucking rights at all; endlessly mocked, used and laughed at by your betters in government? Like it or not, that's exactly what you are, and there's not a damn thing you can do about it.

Live long like Conway!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

News, Conway Style

Conway here, once again presenting politically incorrect, epithet strewn, foulmouthed commentary on current events, with special emphasis on the latest insanities occurring in the United States of America and the world at large. I imagine if I received compensation for writing this horseshit I might entertain the idea of employing a different approach. However, I don't get paid for this crap and I never will, so I compose it using my own brutally honest fashion, which is virtually certain to offend someone, though I truly don't give a shit if it does.

That out of the way, this harangue begins with a jaded look at foreign news, starting with the Koreas, the southern part of that Far Eastern peninsula occupied with wealthy, industrious, upwardly mobile gooks, and the northern part, apparently occupied with starving gook serfs who wish to flee by any means available, including wading out to the open sea using only a fucking patched inner tube for buoyancy. That would explain why so many North Korean slopes now reside in countries like China, South Korea, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. You see, the northern part of the Korean peninsula is more like the ninth layer of hell than any sort of "Democratic People's Republic", as it is so called by those members of the "Korean Worker's Party", an exclusive clique of specially favored political douche bags more akin to jackbooted left-wing nazis than any sort of workers. Members of the KWP, like most soft-palmed politicians, actually do very little work of any kind, other than bullying, subjugating and occasionally killing the lesser peons in this literal torture dungeon of a society. When performing "work" assigned to them by upper echelon KWP gooks, they go out of their way to be utterly vicious bastards, competing with each other in behaving like the most sadistic of inquisitors. Party members do this in an effort earn brownie points from superiors, and to appear powerful before their peers in the party. Perquisites gained by joining the KWP include the filling of pockets, eating actual food, fucking the best sex partners taken from villages, and living in the best housing, rather like what current politicians running the United States would love to emulate, but cannot, as of yet. Just give them time.

This literal festering boil on the face of the world, North Korea, is a country about the size of Pennsylvania, but the similarity abruptly ends there. It is ruled by a weird looking, paranoid, four-eyed despotic slope ironically called "Dear Leader" by his inner circle of brown nosed, terrified sycophants. Dear Leader is known to the rest of the planet as Kim Jong-Il. Mr. Kim/Dear Leader is the deranged offspring of an earlier "Dear Leader", who was yet another four-eyed, Stalinesque, megalomaniacal Communist gook named Kim Il-Sung. Interestingly, the elder Kim's rotting, putrescent corpse is considered the "Eternal President" of North Korea, though it is unclear if the presidential cadaver is required or called upon to perform any state functions. Talk about state-sponsored necrophilia - I thought Lenin's tomb was bad enough, but these gooks take the prize when it comes to the ridiculous deification of deceased "leaders". Anyway, Kim Jong Il, who according to NK media always gets a hole-in-one when playing golf, is actually a nuclear armed madman who makes the now cadaverous chink Chairman Mao of China look like a rank amateur by comparison. Last week, on orders from this psychotic, diabetic zipperhead, the North Korean army shelled an island in South Korea, apparently in a determined attempt to start Korean War II by destroying infrastructure and sending four South Korean gooks to their graves. Who the fuck knows what will happen next; the USS George Washington, on orders from the nigger, has headed at flank speed to the Yellow Sea, apparently to see if head slope Kim will try to lob an atomic bomb at it or something. I reckon the shit will hit the fan if that happens, but such a conflict should be very good for a welcome price rise in hard commodities like gold, silver, copper and oil. As for the narcissistic eightball in the White House doing anything if presented with 6500 naval bodies and the twisted remains of a glowing, sunken, radioactive aircraft carrier, courtesy of gook Kim - don't hold your goddamn breath; Obama's wife, the banana-lipped, appearance challenged moolie Michelle, is more of a man than he could ever be.

In Russia, members of their legislative body, the Duma, have finally admitted that Marshal Joseph Stalin of the USSR personally authorized the Katyn massacre. No shit Sherlock, it only comes 70 fucking years too late. As it turns out, good old "Uncle Joe" and his sadistic gremlins from the Kremlin, rather than Hitler's kike killing, goose-stepping Waffen SS, committed that particular atrocity, when Stalin’s fun-loving Soviet NKVD summarily exterminated 20,000 hapless polacks in the Katyn Forest in 1940. That dubious fact doesn't make the dead blockheads executed any less dead, but it does seem to open new opportunities for the current crop of polacks running Poland. Now, after the official admission of Stalin's guilt, the polacks want "compensation" from the russkis, ostensibly to be paid to the victim's families. Considering that the Katyn massacre occurred nearly three quarters of a fucking century ago, I seriously doubt there are any aggrieved immediate relatives looking for dough, as they are likely all DEAD. I wager the "families" are just opportunistic collateral descendants who could have never even known the victims, all bleary eyed with hands out, looking for a windfall. How cynical of me, but I idly wonder how much loot they have already extracted from Germany over the now ancient Katyn affair.

That's the problem with the race of man, everyone is looking for free money; it's like the American niggers who want compensation for slavery that occurred 150 fucking years ago. All the cash in the world won't help the now dead and decomposed coons that were enslaved one iota, but it sure as hell can fatten the bank accounts of living jigs today that never saw slavery, at taxpayer expense, of course. Hell, the kikes have been occupied suing Germany for decades over what the Nazis did; even sheenies who were never anywhere near a goddamn concentration camp, or fucking Germany for that matter. I guess hebes, like proverbial Shylocks, have set the precedent for extracting either pounds of flesh or literal blood money - now everyone feeling wronged by life can join in for a slice of the pie! By the same token, why don't the descendants of the slaughtered frog Huguenots sue the current beadrattlers occupying the Vatican for what their mackerel smacking faithful did in France during the late 1500's? Or, why don't the limeys, krauts and frogs get together and sue the wops for what the fucking Romans did to them two millennia ago? Further, why don't the relatives of yankees who died at the Boston massacre sue the limeys for what the goddamned redcoats did in 1770? Why don't the drunken micks in Ireland sue the limeys over what fucking Oliver Cromwell did 400 years ago? Really, it all makes about as much sense as what the greedy polacks want to do - extract FREE MONEY from Russian taxpayers who didn't have one motherfucking thing to do with the goddamned Katyn massacre, as atrocious as it was. Justice for those abused or slaughtered by their fellow psychotic simians does not come out of an ATM via court order, as there IS NO justice, at least none that man can perceive.

To put it simply, and bluntly: For most humanoids throughout history, and even those yet to be born the future, life was, is or will be a goddamned shitbrick, a meaningless existence and struggle for survival hardly even worth experiencing. All humanoids die, whether by infectious disease, old age, cancer, accident, or expiring by the score in fucking slit trenches with bullets in their heads, while a sadistic bastard holding a smoking Tommy gun laughs at them. Conversely, even for those rare fortunates who have money falling out of their assholes, fuck prom queens, and die peacefully in their sleep, death is still death. Distant relatives making a buck off the abuse or slaughter of their forebears only cheapens a disgusting situation further, reducing people to mere lucre, and does nothing for those who died.

In other foreign news, Canadian pigs, hailing from Ottawa, in her Majesty the Queen's service, strip searched a nigger broad named Stacy Bonds on September 28, 2008, apparently for some kind of power trip or sexual kicks. I sit here idly wondering what took so fucking long for this incident to come to the surface; the phrases "cover up" and "whitewash" come to mind. First, the pigs arrested her for "public intoxication" in the name of the law and dragged her off to their sty, over the protests of an allegedly SOBER Ms. Bonds. If that wasn't enough, then a sow kicked Ms. Bonds to the floor, after which a sadistic male pig cut off her blouse and bra, apparently because he wanted to see some titties. Then the pigs had the audacity to toss her half naked into a cell, afterward charging Bonds with "assaulting" the pigs, probably while Mr. Sharp Scissors jerked off in the can. Fast forward to the present; a judge named Richard Lajoie threw the entire case out, and called the incident a "travesty" upon the person of Ms. Bonds. No shit, I wonder why it took two fucking years to adjudicate the prosecution persecution of an innocent jig with no prior criminal record who should have never been arrested anyway. Mr. Matthew Webber, Bonds' mouthpiece, says his client's confidence in the police has been shaken and that she is considering filing a lawsuit against the pigs that fucked with her. Now this IS INDEED a situation where a whole shitload of bucks are definitely due to an innocent VICTIM of pigs, though I wager those jackbooted chinook sons of bitches will try to figure some way out of the mess they're in - probably by LYING, as is usual for power-mad, sadistic PIGS from any country.

Now on to domestic news; beginning with an evidently senile cracker from South Carolina that allegedly threatened to bump off the head jig running this bankrupt, terminal dump. Get this - a silly old fart going by the name of Michael Stephen Bowden, 78 (note the standard three-name "weirdo" identification), told a bemused nurse at a local VA hospital that he wanted to shoot the narcissistic, arrogant eightball, and then himself, because the arrogant eightball wasn't doing enough for all the other coons. Yeah, he said that, and now this geriatric honky simian is in the capable though sadistic hands of the Federal pigs, probably being tasered, waterboarded or god only knows what else. Honestly, Mr. Bowden must have severe brain damage; I have already submitted that nothing can be done to save this place, and especially so if a drooling idiot like Joseph Biden was left in charge of the fucking United States! For Christ's sake, why the hell do you think Barack Obama picked his simpering, plugheaded puss for VP? He needed an effective insurance policy against going the way of William McKinley, that's why! Obama may be an arrogant, egotistical, grade-A asshole with pathological delusions of grandeur, that's a given, but Biden is even WORSE; a pathetic creature so goddamn utterly brain-dead that it's amazing he can even breathe, let alone speak coherently. Really folks, no self respecting would-be assassin, when confronted with the utter disaster of Joseph Biden becoming President, would even consider the idea of kicking Obama in the balls, let alone taking him out; the cost to what's left of this nation would be too fucking much!

In Portland, Oregon, a misanthropic, interloping, foreign Moslem spearchucker laid plans to "make jihad" and blow up a fucking Christmas tree lighting ceremony, apparently because he hated Americans like Major Nidal Malik Hasan did, despised Christmas, like Ebenezer Scrooge did, and loathed Christians, like most Moslems seemingly do. Mr. Mohamed Osman Mohamud (ALERT: three-name "weirdo" identification), an imported, bushy haired nigger kid of 19, hailing from the bad joke of a "nation" called Somalia, wanted to kill perhaps hundreds of people attending and celebrating the tree lighting ceremony. Strangely, Mohamud's draconian though unsuccessful attempt on the lives of innocent people is NOT considered a "hate crime" by our friends at the FBI. However, the torching of a fucking eyesore of a Mosque in apparent retaliation IS considered a "hate crime" by the FBI, though their quixotic reasoning pattern on these issues eludes me. You know what I mean, what's good for the goose is good for the gander, and so forth. Anyway, as a rare plus for the Feds, the only reason this hateful, intolerant ape slaughtered no one is that Mohamud was a boastful, inept fool, and first attempted to contact an Al Qaeda network in Pakistan via email, wanting to die a "martyr" in the name of shitkicker Allah. I wager those missives set off myriad alarm bells at the NSA, who probably monitor every fucking email sent on the entire goddamned planet, they in turn contacting the FBI pigs to monitor, and then collar, the vengeful and intolerant jig. Now cooling his heels in the hoosegow, probably for life, Mohamud, a young and very stupid eightball, was an utter failure as a budding terrorist, and was so fucking clueless that he relied on FBI instructions and materials for the creation of his "bomb" - a truly laughable situation. Oh well, I reckon Mohamed will have plenty of time to reflect on those gigantic blunders while he is regularly beat senseless by sapper wielding screws, between getting passed around among jailhouse queers and getting fucked in his ass. Incidentally, can someone, somewhere, please tell me WHY practically every goddamned, motherfucking Koran toting male humanoid is named "Mohammed" or a variation thereof?

As an aside, if the reader happens to be a follower of Christianity, don't feel singled out by these fanatical, murderous Islamic cocksuckers - Moslems hate anyone who isn't Moslem and declines to kiss their collective raghead asses to boot. Hell, Moslems hate hook-nosed Jews, polytheistic, dot-headed Hindus and Allah-denying, blasphemous atheists even more than they hate fucking Christians. I should know, as I'm an avowed atheist and I think shitkicker Allah, as revealed by "prophet" Mohammed, was a drug-induced figment of a carrot-topped bedouin sandnigger's vivid imagination. Further, several Moslems have told me they hate me, and that I should be killed like Theo Van Gogh was, due to my zealous embracement of life as an "infidel", along with my observation that Mohammed was an epileptic, power-mad control freak, and my occasional comparisons of their silly god to the likes of common swine. I guess threats made against the life of a sludge drinking, atheistic equity trader are unimportant to the American Federal Government and their overpaid legions of jackbooted, stoic pigs, who are so concerned with the "civil rights" of destructive, imported religious fanatics, sworn on their non-existent god, shitkicker Allah, to make the entire goddamned world a Moslem shithole.

In Oklahoma, their duly passed statute against Moslem Sharia law has been precluded from being implemented thanks to a Federal judge named Vicki Miles-LaGrange, her adjudication regarding this matter made on behalf of an interloping, four-eyed sandnigger named Muneer Awad, a member of the Council on American Islamic Relations, or CAIR. This organization, CAIR, is composed of a fanatical cadre of raghead troublemakers dedicated to using our OWN LAWS against us. Yes, it is also the same CAIR that is alleged to be involved in funneling money to Moslem terrorists, in the name of "religious freedom", of course, CAIR expertly shoving our First Amendment up our collective asses sideways. Don't you just love how the Federal government is literally going out of it's way to undo anything the states are trying to do to defend themselves against camel jockeys, spics and other interlopers who utterly detest the American way of life? Just look at fucking Arizona, which is hip-deep in illegal beaners; they pass a statute where pigs can actually do something useful for a change, i.e., ferreting out illegal aliens, and the Federal government, not enforcing its own laws against illegal aliens mind you, sticks its nose in and sets aside parts of the Arizona statute, with the arrogant, narcissistic nigger in the White House calling the law "misguided". Like I have written before, the United States Federal Government, not to mention most of the state and municipal legislatures, is now controlled by absolutely crazy people, dedicated from top to bottom to the complete destruction of this nation. Further, these reckless, lunatic "leaders" evidently don't give a flying fuck if they too are destroyed in the easily predictable conflagration that will occur sometime in the future, which, as history has shown, eventually happens to EVERY NATION that EVER EXISTED on Earth. What can I say; history has proven it conclusively: the hairless, talking creatures comprising the race of man are, sadly, for the most part, fools.

Turning to other "religious news" in these wacky United States, a 52 year old, cocksucking, bead-rattling, pedophile priest (which seems to be most of them) named "reverend" John M. Fiala, of Dallas, Texas, tried to hire a hit man so he could forever silence his now 18 year old accuser, an unnamed Texas man who was 16 at the time of Fiala's unwanted and unsolicited homosexual advances. After enduring the vile depredations and homicidal/suicidal threats of Father Fagala, sorry, I mean Fiala, for two fucking long years, the teenager finally got up the cojones and went off to see a guidance counselor. Then, evidently urged on by the counselor, he went off to see the pigs, which, doing something good for a change, arrested and dragged the perverted, bead-rattling bastard off to the hoosegow for sucking the cocks of teenaged boys. Anyway, this wasn't enough for evil Father Fag, who, while out on bail, added insult to injury and attempted to solicit the boy's murder.

This is a new one for pedophile priests; usually they take their punishment and end up getting murdered in jail, which happened to another queer priest named John J. Geoghan (pronounced gay-gan, it fucking figures). Father Gayguy - sorry, I mean Geoghan, got his just desserts from a vengeful dude who despised queers, named Joseph Druce. Call me different if you like; I submit Mr. Druce should have been given a fucking gold medal and released from prison, but alas, my recommendation carries no weight in this case. Perhaps I'm missing something, though I consider myself familiar with due process, and I do know there are many laws on the books prohibiting murder, but I am unaware of any statute anywhere in the United States that specifically prohibits the killing of a queer priest. Unfortunately, for his service of dispatching a homosexual pedophile priest RAPIST, Joseph Druce was unjustly sentenced to "life in prison", for whatever reason. Yeah, as if it actually mattered to Mr. Druce - he was already sentenced to life in prison for killing another limp-wristed, cocksucking son of a bitch who fucked with him while hitchhiking. The reader, if interested, can watch a great video of Father Geoghan being bumped off by Mr. Druce on YouTube. Highlights include guards vainly attempting to get into the cell where faggot Geoghan is receiving non-adjudicated justice from Mr. Druce, who eventually strangled and stomped the queer bastard to death.

Back to "reverend" Fiala, now languishing in custody. Now everyone can watch the State of Texas waste a pile of taxpayer money by trying this disgusting, predatory fag priest in court, when they could solve the entire problem quickly and easily by simply locking the queer bastard in a cell, and handing him a rope. After all, Faggy Fiala did say that he wanted to commit suicide; an appropriate length of rope in a locked cell would make this possible. Perhaps I'm being a little callous here, but I think the Justice Department of Texas should give him the chance to kill himself - just think of all the taxpayer money saved that could be put to better use in these hard times.

In other news, professional agitator and nigger Al Sharpton wants the FCC to ban Rush Limbaugh from the airwaves. Highlighted below is some of the nonsense this troublemaking loudmouth said on his radio show regarding Mr. Limbaugh.

"You've got to remember that those stations that Rush Limbaugh is on and others are regulated by FCC, granted by FCC; they go back to them to get waivers. They go back to them to get consolidation. They have the right to set standards. That does not impair your right to speak what you believe, but it does say that you are not going to do that to offend groups of Americans based on their race, their gender, their sexual status - none of that."

Now this blue-gum wants the FCC to make life easier by letting he and those in his corner lie through their fucking teeth - literally telling others what to THINK, with no opportunity for opponents like Rush Limbaugh to provide rebuttal from the other end of the spectrum. Typical, predictable liberal rhetoric; I wonder what part of the phrase "free speech" this semi-articulate eightball doesn't understand. Free speech is and can be OFFENSIVE speech, especially political speech, which liberals like Mr. Sharpton will defend to the death - as long as it's speech they personally AGREE with. Otherwise, such unapproved, mean-spirited "hate speech" is taboo for liberals, especially if it contains non-politically correct references to Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, jigs, feminist twats, queers, wetbacks, and so forth. I happen to find much of Mr. Sharpton's speech offensive, considering that he can barely put coherent sentences together - you should watch on YouTube when this out-of-his-league jackass in humanoid skin attempts to "debate" religion with atheist Christopher Hitchens. Fractured pronunciations, misused words, straw man arguments that a child could slap down; this obtuse, inarticulate clod defeats HIMSELF whenever he opens his goddamned mouth. Mr. Hitchens only adds icing to the cake, destroying Mr. Sharpton effortlessly, and with much more civility and finesse than I'd ever use if forced into debating this stupid, fraudulent, superstitious junglebunny.

Well, that's the news folks, if you liked it, that's fine. If you don't like it, well, the close button is always available for immediate use, don't let me stop you.