Wednesday, November 9, 2016


That noted, if the loudmouthed motherfucker does half of what he claims he will do, I can die a happy man.


Friday, October 14, 2016


I am an amoral, vicious, diabolical bastard, a veritable demon like prick, and I spend my idle time dreaming up clever methods to cause trouble for those individuals who do not believe in freedom of speech by using their own laws against them.

Here is a great way to make money for yourself. simply go to a shopping mall with a friend while wearing a T shirt or hoodie that shows your support of Donald Trump, and walk about but do not loiter. Be certain that you make several purchases of cheap items, and wait for someone to assault you, which is probable, considering the odious political atmosphere of today.

Instruct your friend beforehand to record the encounter on his or her smartphone, and if security guards to not detain the assailant for arrest by the police, then you can sue the shopping mall. Further, you may be able to sue the shopping mall even if they do detain the assailant, for not protecting you and for allowing criminal thugs to walk about in their establishment unfettered. Do be careful, as you may end up with cuts, contusions and other injuries, even broken bones. That, and falling to the floor in agony before your friend's recording smartphone can only increase the payout, especially if you exaggerate your injuries by requesting an ambulance to take you to the Emergency Room for treatment.

It may take several trips to various establishments to accomplish your task, but eventually, someone will take a poke at you, and then you can look forward to your bank account balance increasing exponentially.

Do not be obnoxious, and do not provoke the assault. If assaulted, try to keep yourself from fighting your assailant. Once the situation is resolved and you arrive home, have your friend put up the video on You Tube, Facebook, Twitter, et cetera, naming the location you were harmed, showing how you were an innocent victim viciously beaten by an intolerant hater. This will elicit sympathy from viewers of your video.

Once the owners of the shopping mall or other establishment become aware of your actions, they will settle out of court, be certain that you sue them for at least a million USD; that should garner you around one hundred thousand dollars, at least, after giving your shyster a cut of the dough, of course. If they insist on fucking with you, take them to court, once the jury views the video, you WILL become rich.

Another possibility for making money in this fashion is to choose a clerk at the checkout that matches the profile of an anti-Trump individual, and wait for them to refuse you service - that is discrimination, and is against the law; it violates your civil rights, equal protection and all that happy horseshit. Again, if refused service, record the incident, do not protest, and then leave. Head to your local shyster, and have him file a lawsuit for you, which could garner you the sum of five to ten thousand dollars. they will pay you off just to get rid of you, and save themselves from negative publicity.

Remember also to never discuss the situation with anyone other than your lawyer, do not brag that you deliberately set about to cause a conflict - that will create negative publicity regarding YOU, and can cost you any award that you may have received. Succinctly - keep your fucking mouth SHUT, and once you receive your check, make your way to the BANK!

Take your hard-earned money and then put it in the market, buying hard commodity equities like HL, SLW, MUX, and SSRI, along with, of course, Goldcorp (GG).

I, of course, assume no responsibility if you are killed in your quest to be assaulted, but look at it this way - your surviving family will become rich!



Sunday, October 2, 2016

An Election Like No Other in US History

Hello again.

Mean old fucking evil Conway here, who, after a long hiatus, has decided to provide the reader with another pejorative laced missive of my jaded observations, though I really think that composing my vicious polemical essays is about as useless as pissing into an operating fan. Not only would I get warm, smelly piss all over my legs, but I'd probably blow my cock off from the electrical shock. Urine is saline, and does conduct electricity you know, unlike common water, so the effect of piss contacting the AC stator electrodes in an operating induction motor would be a prime example of I = V/R, with my pissing dick acting as the unwitting load resistor. Amperage is the key, and a very unpleasant one.

Anyway, I figure that an update and analysis to the upcoming election is in order, which has been narrowed down to a pair of revolting, verminous scoundrels that make Roman emperor Gaius Caligula appear as an exemplar of human virtue. Perhaps he is, considering what humanity actually is - a cadre of hubristic, self-convinced talking apes that have no more collective value than a maggot infested bucket of shit. On one hand, we have an ancient, stroked out, meretricious, prevaricating bisexual female career criminal named Hillary R. Clinton, a latter day Bitch of Buchenwald who has the ethics of Machiavelli, and the morals of Elizabeth Bathory. On the other hand we have Donald J. Trump, an old, filthy rich serial philanderer with the ethics of Jay Gould, and the morals of Hugh Hefner.

I do confess that I prefer Trump to Clinton, but as I no longer vote for the lesser of two evils, that fact renders my candid observation moot. How in hell did this moribund nation come to this utterly disgusting situation - to have a pair of presidential candidates that thirty years ago would have been as unelectable as fucking Charles Manson? I have no goddamn clue, but that fact does not bode well for the citizenry of America, or even the world for that matter.

H.L. Mencken stated repeatedly that the American electorate was a pack of goddamned ignorant fools, and I agree with him totally, but I wager he would spin in his motherfucking grave if he saw the pair of self absorbed, contemptible, braying jackasses being offered as presidential candidates today.

To say that I despise Hillary Clinton and her ugly Muslim lesbian lover Huma Abedin, who, by the way, is married to and now separated from deviate Anthony Weiner, the hook-nosed kike pervert who likes to show off his cock on Twitter, is an understatement by any measure of the word. That bitch Clinton can, did, and will get away with anything, just look at her history; i.e., Whitewater, Travelgate, Vince Foster, Benghazi, emails - that despicable cunt makes ski slope-nosed Richard Nixon look like the goddamned spic pedophile pope in comparison. The Goebbelsian media makes any and every excuse for her actions, while berating asshole Trump every chance that they get, as he constantly steps on his own dick like the arrogant, clumsy buffoon that he is.

I predict that mendacious cunt Clinton will be elected president by the drooling, slackjawed drones, provided that she doesn't get indicted for something else we don't know about, the odds of which are less than that of a snowball in hell, thanks to the thoroughly corrupt Obama Administration, and an Attorney General coon named Loretta Lynch who is even less trustworthy than goddamned Al Capone. For fucking Chrissakes, I can think of many black men or women that would be excellent candidates for president, but to think that nigger jackanapes Obama was elected and then re-elected conclusively proves how utterly obtuse the American electorate really is. Americans are electing presidents they deserve, at least from the time of LBJ.

So, how will Hillary Clinton achieve the exalted position of head gangster? Easily, in one of three ways:

1) She will order Donald Trump killed, which I still wager will happen, if only to ensure her election to the exalted position of head gangster. All she has to do is to buy off the Secret Service, providing an opportunity for an assassin with a Remington 700 chambered in 30.06. Regardless of her lies - she has the dough - the average price for a real hit today on the average schmuck is $100,000, for Trump - ten million will do, in physical gold, probably in an Asian bank account.

2) The elections will be rigged, if they haven't already, just look at the Clinton/Sanders "Democratic" primary. Sanders has been cheated in so many fucking states that it's ridiculous - and yet that servile, doddering, senile hebe shoves his nose up her twat, pledging to support her in the effort to stop the the loudmouth Trump at any cost - even his own honor. As much as I dislike Sanders - I once respected him, I don't now.

3) Trump will continue to fuck up - and simply give her the election, if that wasn't his function in the first place, which I wager it is.

It is unbelievable that such a two-faced creature is leading in the polls, which is exactly what Clinton is doing, according to the Goebbelsian rhetoricians, perhaps as a clever ploy to discourage Trump supporters, which the polls are in fact doing. Just look at the spin the media manipulators put on what happened on 12 June of this year - a bunch of queers in Orlando, Florida, 50 in all, were blown away by an anchor baby Muslim cocksucker named Omar Mateen, an Afghan closeted homosexual. Trump expressed support and sympathy for the queers slaughtered, but the media has already turned it around, stating that Hillary Clinton, an opportunistic bitch who utterly despises niggers, kikes and queers, is the champion of limp-wristed homos, even as she supports Muslims who loathe gays and hurl them from buildings by the fucking wagonload.

All of this makes no sense to a critically thinking mind - the Democrats support the filthy rich, hypocritical, racist, anti-Semitic bisexual dyke Hillary Clinton without reservation, while Republican elites deride Donald Trump in a pathetic effort to keep their cushy, high paid jobs of bilking the idiotic fools who vote for them, passing bills that fuck the very constituents they promised to represent. They all laugh at you - the taxpayer who makes maybe fifty grand a year while they make $170,000 plus for sitting on their asses and lying to you.

Hell, both parties are no fucking good anyway - what America needs is a revolution, but I candidly submit that the current populace of what passes for citizens are little more than apathetic cowards, who will willingly give up their weapons so that Chairman Clinton can do away with them at her leisure - and they will DESERVE it.

History repeats itself, with a nod to Santayana.

Friday, September 11, 2015

NEWSFLASH! Meccan Ragheads Crushed by Crane!

Conway here, just a short missive to inform the reader that 117 swarthy sandniggers were crushed to death by a portable crane that fell on the holiest shithouse in Mecca, the Grand Mosque.

Enjoy the video - I certainly did!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Conway's Jaded Eye on America: Donald Trump is DOOMED, But NOT in The Way You Think

It's been a while, and I was determined not to bother with this worthless blog that no one reads any further. After receiving two apparent 'yes' votes on my query post of 10 July 2015, I elected to resume vitriolic commentary, at least for the time being. 

I wager my good friends at the NSA were those who voiced approval and will eagerly comb over this post in imitation of their hero, Lavrentiy Beria - looking for anything that can be construed as "threatening" toward the filthy rich, unscrupulous freebooters functioning as our 'leaders'. They'll find nothing useful, as I'm quite sure they will destroy themselves in the end without the slightest bit of assistance from little old me, history proves that. It is an absolute fact that I wish them every ill, up to and including syphilis of the brain. However, wishing pestilence and myriad poxes upon them is not a criminal offense in the United States, at least not yet; just give them time. If there was a any sort of god to pray to, I would kneel at any convenient altar and pray that the Ten Plagues of Egypt were visited upon them, together with their stupid, mesmerized citizenry, afflicting them first with frogs, lice, flies, disease, boils, hail and locusts. There is no need, when their inevitable day of reckoning occurs, they will tearfully wring their hands and ask themselves why, just like Louis XVI, Nicholas Romanov, Benito Mussolini and Nicolae CeauČ™escu did, while I sit back and laugh at them like a vengeful demon.

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it - no, I didn't say it - George Santayana did a long time ago.

Arriving at the focus of this post, I will cursorily examine a billionaire real estate investor named Donald Trump, who is running for the exalted position of head gangster, otherwise known as "president" of the United States. No introduction or biography is needed for Mr. Trump, anyone with even the semblance of a brain knows who he is, and that he is a rather opinionated, vociferous individual with the tact of a sledgehammer.

My personal opinion of the man is generally neutral compared to most politicians, considering what most politicians ARE - devious, duplicitous, hypocritical racketeers, rotten to the very core, with the ethics of Machiavelli and the morals of Cesare Borgia.

The nagging question is - would Donald Trump make a good President? Who really knows, and who really cares anymore - but I wager he'd be better than the past four jackasses that were elected by the mindless American drones - two wealthy, crooked Democrats and two wealthy, crooked Republicans. Look at how all of them managed to completely fuck up what is left of this nation and our relations with the rest of the globe - practically the entire goddamned planet hates us now, thanks to them. Hell, a babbling clown like Charles Manson could have done a better job than any of those bastards, and he's madder than a goddamned hatter!

That said, the media and corporate America utterly despise Trump - therefore it logically follows that he must be doing something right. Any enemy of them may not be a friend of mine, but I certainly view him in a more favorable light than either of the former.

“When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re not sending you (pointing to the audience). They’re not sending you (pointing again). They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems to us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people. But I speak to border guards and they tell us what we’re getting. And it only makes common sense. They’re sending us not the right people. It’s coming from more than Mexico. It’s coming from all over South and Latin America, and it’s coming probably from the Middle East. But we don’t know. Because we have no protection and we have no competence, we don’t know what’s happening. And it’s got to stop and it’s got to stop fast.”

Donald Trump, June 16, 2015.

The truth hurts.

Starting with Phase One, activated shortly after Trump stated that many illegal aliens are drug dealers, criminals and rapists, the talking heads immediately shrieked that he is a "loudmouth", a "bigoted man" and that he is "mean-spirited". The latter phrases are typical catchwords of the condescending, left-leaning "journalists" that pollute the airwaves with their obnoxious, mind-numbing Goebbelsian rhetoric. They have also called him a "liar", "egotistical" and "narcissistic" - words that describe the detached, megalomanical moolie in the White House perfectly, along with most current American politicians. At this point in time, various "commentators", following express orders from their esteemed betters, are determined to "character assassinate" Donald Trump, an uncontrollable maverick who has them terrified, and probably for damn good reasons. The man cannot be bought, has nothing to hide, and he speaks his mind, for good or ill.

For example -. Trump bluntly said that Mexico doesn't send the "best people" to the United States, and that many are criminals, rapists and drug dealers. It is OBVIOUS that many of them ARE in FACT drug dealers, criminals and rapists  - try looking at the goddamn crime stats, and do it yourself - I'm not your fucking gopher.

Wait a minute, maybe I am your fucking gopher - at least this time. I won't have some anonymous, mealy mouthed cocksucker comment that I don't back up my charges with facts - have a good long look at the following articles with your OWN EYES if you believe I am not being truthful.




Here's an interesting article from Louisiana: 


Here is another article from Nebraska:


What unbelievable DEPRAVITY - please note that ALL of these crimes occurred long before Donald Trump said ONE GODDAMNED, MOTHERFUCKING WORD.

Rubbing it in, here's a gigantic pile of links to articles on Google, describing illegal alien criminals of all kinds:


Yes, one keyword was mistyped, (mexical) but the links were too damn good not to point out - here's the links with 'Mexican illegal alien rapists":


Here are Google articles regarding illegal alien drug dealers:


Here is another catch-all of Google links for your reading pleasure:


UPDATE: Here is a website devoted to identifying illegal alien criminals.


I didn't write the stories - so don't blame me. Tell me where Donald Trump was wrong in what he said, considering the links SUPPORT HIS VERY ARGUMENT. If anyone actually peruses these links, they will find that most are from small news agencies, some right leaning, and television stations, interspersed with left leaning websites attempting to either minimize the crimes of illegal aliens, or attack Trump's assertions. Also note that you see virtually NOTHING from the major news networks, including the laughable FOX News. This does not mean that the stories are unimportant, or fabricated, it means they are SUPPRESSED by the mainstream media, due to their and the politician's combined AGENDA, which seems to be to fill the American nation with illiterate, superstitious, easily controlled people.

For example, the "Mexican baby rapist's" name is "Jose Luis Aguilar" with 5,700 or so links found using the keywords "Jose Luis Aguilar" and rapist.

Here is the PROOF, read it and weep:


I dare you, try to prove Trump wrong - you can't. No amount of "interpretation" or other word-twisting rhetorical sophistry will alter the FACT that many of the "illegal aliens" flooding into the United States, whether they are spics, niggers, whiteys, gooks, ragheads, half breeds, queers, dwarves, acromegalous monsters, male, female, young or old - are goddamned CRIMINALS. The fact that they are "illegal aliens" makes them criminals by default, and it's only DOWNHILL from there.

Moving on, one thing Donald Trump should do is pick his battles more carefully, rather than arguing over idiotic Twitter or Facebook with the likes of Republican shitheads like senile John McCain and FAILURE Karl Rove, the latter "Republican" wanting to see the Second Amendment repealed. Attacking such frauds looks VERY BAD, not to mention puerile to the point of being infantile. I like Penn Jillette, so I don't classify or include him as a "shithead", and for Donald Trump to bother deriding he, his Las Vegas show and his atheism is, quite bluntly, idiotic, pointless, and makes him appear so petty that it is embarrassing to even look at him at times. Think about it - no one anywhere truly knows if there is such a thing as god, and, judging from the available empirical evidence, there probably isn't one anyway, at least a god that gives one shit about us.

I candidly submit to the reader that religion was created by cunning men, and is promoted by cunning men to keep lesser men in line, in a paraphrase of Critias.

So, a presidential candidate ranking on an atheist magician and entertainer is fucking obtuse and produces nothing except laughter, derision and contempt, making Trump look like an absolute fool. The same goes for his remarks regarding the Huffington Post and has-been comedian and apparent pervert Bill Cosby - he should stick with the issues, and not get himself sidetracked regarding unimportant matters. It seems that after making his truthful remarks regarding illegal aliens, Trump is insisting on shooting himself in the foot, so to speak, lending credence to the charge that he is only running for President out of vanity. Really, no serious person sets out to deliberately make an ass out of himself.

Regarding Twitter, I haven't bothered with it, and likely never will, as I see no point in conversing with silly people that I will never meet and couldn't care less about. I did have a Facebook account once, but it produced nothing, except for being a colossal waste of my time, so I canned it.

As far as Donald Trump's remarks on immigration and the economy goes - they are the TRUTH, and that seems to greatly bother the glorified pirates running this moribund, sinking Titanic of a nation, both Democrat and Republican. Bringing in Muslims, Mexicans and other illiterate, criminal degenerates to do menial jobs is no way to keep a nation alive, let alone create a tax base, considering that such people never make enough fucking money to actually PAY taxes and are a burden on the citizens that DO pay taxes. All the elected racketeers want them here for is to ensure that they, their sycophants and their offspring keep their grip on POWER, by promising such worthless people cash, telephones, free broadband and other perquisites for voting them in, a familiar situation which was addressed by a wise Greek philosopher named Plato 2,500 years ago.

So far, it seems that the media's attacks on Mr. Trump are having little effect, much to the chagrin of the Democrats and Republicans, as his popularity seemingly increases among the citizenry. I imagine the time may be rapidly approaching for Phase Two - which means they must step up their personal attacks, whether true or not, and claim that Trump is a Nazi, or a pedophile, or that he fingered his sister in 1958, or called a garbageman a nigger in 1963. Watch - it will happen, whether Trump will take the bait remains to be seen, considering his past and current antics, he may focus on such bullshit at the peril of his campaign.

Look at Hillary Clinton's example - I detest her and hope she has a debilitating stroke that leaves her paralyzed and drooling until she is 90, but she is SMART, and knows how to selectively ignore ANYTHING that makes her appear bad - even if it is TRUE, and her devoted sycophants ignore anything, no matter how compelling, that may reduce her chances for the Democrat nomination. That vicious, amoral miscreant bitch makes Richard Milhous Nixon look like the Archangel Gabriel, but is the media as if she was Mother Teresa. Hillary Clinton could kill someone on national television, with the blood on her fucking hands, and an hour later it would be conveniently forgotten by the media. They would quickly change the subject and focus obsessively on meaningless horseshit like Transvestite Jenner, Lezzie Cyrus, Confederate flags or the fat-assed, bed-hopping Kardashian whores.

One glaring fact has been established - Donald Trump is DANGEROUS to those holding the reins of power, and the time to pull a "Bobby Kennedy Special" on him is approaching at warp speed, especially if he continues to rise in the polls, or seems to be headed for the Republican nomination. Only time will tell.

UPDATE: Phase Two of the "Trump character assassination bandwagon" seems to have been activated, considering that Trump is now leading in the GOP polls. Current headlines (as of 31 July 2015) state that Trump has connections to the "mob", whatever they are or may be, and state that his sons have engaged in "big game hunting". How in the fuck Donald Trump is responsible for the actions of his full grown offspring, I'll never know, but it has made for a few interesting hatchet pieces by the likes of Huffington Post and Mother Jones. The Goebbelsian media also states that Trump requested 1100 visas for LEGAL immigrants so he could hire them - who fucking cares - what he did is completely legal to do, and is done by many companies, not just Trump.

The remote possibility of his ascension to the Presidency is what makes Trump DOOMED - in Phase Three, the Democrats and Republicans, working together as they always do behind the scenes - will conveniently arrange a "heart attack", a "stroke" or perhaps an "accident", in the form of a plane or an automobile crash, to keep him from becoming a threat to their criminal hegemony.

If none of those tactics work, look for a convenient sniper with a Remington 700 chambered in 30.06, fired from a range of 1500 meters or so, which will blow Trump's head off, solving their problem quickly, and permanently. If ever caught, the sniper, originally hired for cash by the Democrat and Republican hierarchy, will become a drugged up patsy who pleads "guilty" in a nearby courtroom several months later, and then "dies of a stroke". Once in custody, he will automatically be labeled a "terrorist" by the parroting media, that is, either a "left-wing" or "right-wing" radical, or whatever it takes for their blatant LIE to appear believable to the slackjawed drones.

And please remember, most members of both parties pose as "Christians" - only to dupe Christian fools into voting for such chameleons as "one of them", while they laugh out loud at their stupid constituents. The prevaricating fiends running this dying nation are no more "Christian" or religious than I am; they are all cynical atheists who use the mask of religion in a Machiavellian vein to further their relentless quest for MONEY, POWER and CONTROL of the ignorant masses. I reiterate: they WILL have Trump MURDERED if he gets their way, and all involved will cry crocodile tears at his funeral. The American people are stupid fools, to the point of it being beyond the ridiculous, and our "leaders" KNOW THAT, and delight in that FACT. Americans are so pathetically obtuse that they think "magic bullets" exist, that ANFO has enough brisance to shatter reinforced concrete pillars, and they think common kerosene can melt steel beams into fucking LIQUID, so it should prove ridiculously easy to make such ignoramuses believe that Donald Trump was killed by an anarchist wild man from fucking Borneo.

Conversely, with the events of 2015 only increasing the fragmentation of the American citizenry, e.g., amendment violating Supreme Court decisions, freedom of association rights being violated over queers demanding "wedding cakes", together with idiotic protests and posturing over silly old Confederate flags, the "forced demise" of Donald Trump by our criminal politicians could likely be the straw that breaks the camel's back, and initiates a welcome civil war.

As always, for readers that don't appreciate what I have to say, just close the page, and don't let the door hit you in the ass as you leave. Anyone, pro or con, may feel free to comment, but do so at your own risk - make a cogent statement, or don't bother commenting at all. I assure you, I don't give a good goddamn what anyone on the entire planet thinks of me or what I have written.



Monday, March 31, 2014

A Nation, Founded on LIES, Part Five

The following is the fifth in a series of polemical essays devoted to proving that "god given rights" are only rhetorical contrivances created by man, and are in reality nothing but lies. Judging from historical precedent, it is plainly evident that American citizens have no inalienable, god given rights at all and they never did. Further, the only rights people have ever had anywhere, at any time in history, are rights that they take by force, and maintain by employing further force when necessary.

In a departure from preceding essays, this particular installment will be written in a more traditional fashion, sans expletives. I recently received a missive on my public email address where the correspondent stated that what I was relating is, in his opinion, too important to lace with foul language, ribald remarks and racial epithets. Having considered the message over several days, I found that I agree with his observation.

Therefore, for the remainder of these polemics I shall refrain from using "colorful" language; exceptions being future essays or rants unrelated to the Constitution or the Bill of Rights. However, I will continue to refer to politicians and their police enforcers by employing somewhat "uncomplimentary" descriptions, as follows: aloof, elitist scoundrels, jackbooted thugs, amoral meretricians, badged privateers, soft palmed, mendacious gangsters, hypocrites, duly-sworn pirates, megalomaniacs, trigger-happy sadists, and so forth. In addition, earlier articles related to the Bill of Rights will be edited for "offensive" content, revised and presented separately on another blog, as an "updated, sanitized version" of the original essays. The original articles, as written, will be preserved here for reference and continuity.

Over the past four installments, the reader has learned via historical example that they do not have freedom of belief, speech or association; they do not have the right to keep and bear arms, nor do they have the right to prevent troops from being quartered in their homes, neither do they have the right to be secure in their homes, properties and papers. The reader has also learned that for most of the history of this nation, the Bill of Rights did not even apply to the States, and now only certain rights do apply to the States, in limited circumstances. Further, even when they do apply, cunning rhetorical machinations are employed by the State's well-paid shysters to thwart the citizen/victim from exercising their "rights" in the pursuit of justice. In other words, if they want you, they will get you, in any way and every way they can, your "god given rights" notwithstanding.

Again, it is asserted that James Madison, author of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, was either a very naive, well intentioned, intelligent man, or a very shrewd, capable, intelligent man; that determination will be left for the reader to decide.

I now present the text of the Fifth Amendment for the reader, verbatim:


No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the Militia, when in actual service in time of War or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.

On the surface, the above Amendment seems to be a cogent statement, though the text is a blatant example of a run-on sentence with too many semicolons. A caveat is very apparent as well, which will be elaborated on shortly. The text of the Fifth Amendment will now be dissected and analyzed for the reader. After presentation, each section will be refuted, using historical judicial precedent, and proven for the lies that they are. 

Beginning the analysis, the first two sections of the Fifth Amendment will be contrasted against each other: "No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury,".

The above statement seems quite reasonable, though when contrasted with the next section, "except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the Militia, when in actual service in time of War or public danger;" one can see how ridiculously easy it is to completely negate the first section by using the second section, by employing "interpretive" legerdemain, dependent on the given situation.

Focusing on the text of the second section, when contrasted against the first section, it all depends on whether one is a member of the "land or naval forces" (armed forces) or the "Militia" (state armed forces, like the present day National Guard), "when in actual service in time of War or public danger". In such situations, the first section obviously does not apply at all, and is rendered meaningless, as in examples of "summary judgement", via Military Law, which always applies to those individuals serving in the armed forces, even in times of peace. 

That noted, historical precedent also shows that it is simple to arbitrarily classify a civilian citizen as a "sympathizer", an "armed combatant" or a "spy" in a "time of War" or "public danger", and to summarily judge and sentence the civilian accused via military law. So much for civilian citizens having the right not to be "held to answer for a capital, or otherwise "infamous crime", e.g., murder, rape, kidnapping, robbery, brigandage, pillaging, or plundering, as a "presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury" no longer applies in such situations; you can be held, summarily convicted, shot, and interred within minutes, all without the benefit of a "Grand Jury".

Further, what exactly constitutes a "war"? An invasion? Armed insurrection? A foreign war on the other side of the planet? A riot? A street corner fistfight? What exactly constitutes "public danger"? An earthquake? A hurricane? A tornado?  A bonfire? A drunken party of noisy revelers on New Year's Eve? It all depends on how those in authority arbitrarily define a given situation, and in such cases, the first section of the Fifth Amendment becomes even more worthless than the moldy parchment it was written on. Further, all of it goes out the window if "martial law" is declared, which authorities can and will resort to implementing if their agenda is even remotely threatened.

One would suppose if no wars are going on, or no public danger is evident, that the first section may in fact apply in some cases, provided that the Fifth Amendment is recognized by authorities as "incorporated" against the States and the Federal Government. History has shown that those in power are out to jealously protect and further their own interests, period. Conversely, they couldn't care less about the interests of accused citizens, guilty or not; they have unlimited resources as well, and the overwhelming majority of citizens do not.

Moving on to the third section: "nor shall any person be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb;" On the surface, this statement seems to be ironclad - if the authorities were honest men and not the cunning, amoral rhetoricians of today. Employing historical precedent, the above statement can be easily demolished by using contemporary judicial edicts over the past two decades, for example, Alex Blueford of Arkansas, cited in a link below. Presented further down in the list of links is the case of Terry Lynn Nichols, of Oklahoma City bombing infamy; this man tried twice for "capital or otherwise other infamous crimes" by cunning prosecutors legally splitting hairs with regard to the plainly contrived concept of "separate sovereignties" regarding the United States Federal and State governments. Other notable cases proving the above section from the Fifth Amendment is a lie are members of various police forces having been tried by the Federal Government for the same offenses, albeit cunningly disguised as "civil rights violations", e.g., BART policeman Johannes Mehserle, who killed Oscar Grant for no discernible reason, and the four murderous, NOLA jackbooted thugs of the Danziger Bridge debacle.

Immediately below are links to earlier articles I wrote and posted with regard to police brutality. They are provided for reference, with the titles sanitized in accordance with my pledge to not employ "offensive" language in this piece. Warning - the articles themselves are NOT sanitized:

BART policeman Johannes Mehserle kills Oscar Grant

NOPD policemen kill unarmed, innocent people on Danziger Bridge

Here are several links, proving the above highlighted statement in the preceding paragraph as a lie, the Double Jeopardy Wikipedia link is given for reference:,8599,2096915,00.html

The below links illustrate and explain contemporary legalistic legerdemain with regard to "Independent or Separate Sovereigns" and "Double Jeopardy".

The fourth section will be noted next:  "nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself," There are several examples of this statement being violated by both the State and Federal Governments, but opposers of such a stance will attempt to split hairs as well, stating that some examples are "civil" cases, e.g., the IRS, as such the above statement does not apply. In a sense they are correct - none of it truly applies at all, as the Fifth Amendment is nothing but contrived mendaciousness for credulous, easily duped ignoramuses anyway.

Here is an article which easily explains the utterly absurd SCOTUS decision in the case of Berghuis v. Thompkins, 130 S.Ct. 2250 (2010), regarding "self incrimination" presented above:

This article gives the background of the above fatuous SCOTUS decision in the case of Salinas v. Texas, 133 S.Ct. 2174 (2013), also regarding "self incrimination:

Evidence from historical precedent plainly proves that the Fifth Amendment means very little in reality, if anything at all. This is especially apparent when nine arrogant, soft-palmed, wealthy, elitist rhetoricians, shrouded in ridiculous robes, can simply bang a gavel and blithely state that you have no such right and that you never did. That, reader, is EXACTLY how it works; so much for your "inalienable, god given rights"; the concept is not only untenable, based on the above adjudicated cases, but utterly obtuse to anyone capable of critical thinking. 

Facts are facts - throughout history, the race of man gives man rights. Rights are not given by a god, nor are the rights that man gives man "inalienable". Man can, and does, take them away, via legislation, judicial edict, or martial law - god, if such a creature exists, has nothing at all to do with it. At best, our rights are privileges at best, and during the past three decades, have been referred to by government shysters as "privileges"; simply watch old C-SPAN videos for verification.

Here are selected articles regarding your risible Fifth Amendment "right" against self incrimination, as applied to the IRS:

In addition, the very act of being legally required to file tax returns with the legally sanctioned protection racket known as the IRS is forcing one to give testimony against oneself, which is a violation of the Fifth Amendment - but I suppose that's another story. You are legally required to PAY THEM from the fruits of YOUR LABORS, receiving NOTHING in return, or "something bad" will happen to you, like fines and PRISON. Al Capone couldn't have figured out a better racket. The aloof, condescending, elitist criminals running the United States don't care about you at all - they are out to bilk, enslave and control you, so they can maintain their power over you.

The fifth section is simply ludicrous: "nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law;". Tell that meaningless sophistry to the police, who mow innocent people down everyday, from every walk of life, killing them on the street, in vehicles, and even in their own homes.

Links to classic cases illustrating the above section as nothing but a lie are easily available, and have been referred to in my earlier essays as well:

Yes, I shall beat these thoroughly dead horses until they disarticulate from the relentless assault - considering that so many of the supposed "rights" of the above victims were deliberately ignored by the megalomanical tyrants and their jackbooted enforcers running this moribund nation.

Here's a few more, both cases have been referred to in earlier polemical essays:

I wager it is safe to say the above individuals were deprived of life, liberty and property, without due process of law. There are HUNDREDS of other victims of the sadistic, badged pirates called police, slaughtering innocent citizens in the "name of the law":

Yeah, I know - the police make "mistakes" - and then they LIE about their actions, and often get away with it. Further, their victims are DEAD, and there is no recovering from that.

The sixth section is now presented: "nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation." 

The authorities have gotten around this section using a ridiculously easy method: "Civil Forfeiture". You see, "civil" cases are not covered by the Fifth Amendment. All the soft palmed scoundrels have to do is to have their enforcers, badged, jackbooted, duly sworn pirates, declare you a "drug dealer", or a child molester, or perhaps a terrorist, without ANY EVIDENCE, and then they can "legally" steal your money, seize your bank accounts, take your house and car, and leave you utterly DESTITUTE, without "compensation" for your losses.

Here are links to several cases, proving that the United States Federal and State governments, using their enforcers, the police, can steal any of your property, for no legitimate reason at all, and there is nothing that you can do about it at all.

Here is a convenient link to the "rules" that our elected gangsters and their enforcers use to legally steal your property:

Even the mendacious, verminous, megalomanical jackanapes in the White House has gotten into the act of legalized thievery, with an Executive Order plainly stating that HE and his minions can steal YOUR PROPERTY, and any other property that he can lay his scurvy paws on, in the name of baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and Chevrolet.

Aside from easily proving the last section of the Fifth Amendment as the lie that it is, there is also a not-so-hidden reason for the explosion of asset forfeitures within the United States - the Federal Government and the States are virtually bankrupt, with the elected criminals now resorting to STEALING from their own citizens to fund their agenda of POWER for themselves and CONTROL over the people as serfs in a fiefdom. Eventually, the entire corrupt system, rotten from top to bottom, will collapse, igniting a vicious insurrection that will destroy whatever is left of the United States, in a blood-drenched revolt that will make the French and Bolshevik Revolutions look like amateurish skirmishes. Those who have nothing left to lose have everything to win, and it will take only a small part of the populace to achieve that aim.

Coming to the end of this polemical essay, after dissection, analysis, and refutation of each section by employing citations contradicting accepted beliefs, I submit that the entire text of the Fifth Amendment of the United States Constitution is a tissue of mendacity, or quite plainly, a LIE. I have employed documents from the United States government to prove this - having used their own words AGAINST THEM.

Some may not like what I have written, but I don't care about that; I never have and I never will. I invite any reader, from accredited Constitutional Scholar, to jingoistic cretin, to refute what I contend, using the same method of historical precedent, citation of adjudicated cases, and explanation of cited cases, to prove me wrong.

Stay tuned for the next installment, when I destroy the Sixth Amendment, and prove it for the lie that it is.



Thursday, March 27, 2014

A Nation, Founded on LIES, Part Four

Over several articles, followed by a terse, cynical potshot at the narcissistic jackanapes and the enjoyable slapping down of a superstitious, lunatic ignoramus, who has, fortunately, vanished for the time being, the reader has learned that the first three Amendments of the risible US Constitution's "Bill of Rights" are lies, and that some of the Amendments in the "Bill of Rights" don't even apply to the States, TODAY, according to our elitist masters. Didn't teach you those facts in "civics class" did they? No, they "taught" you what they wanted you to know, or rather believe, so you could live a life of DELUSION, thinking that you had "inalienable rights" given to you by some sort of god. Hell, not that I fault them, even they believed it, which proves that even academics are easily fooled by those who are cunning; i.e., the initiated, creepy, elitist, self-serving monsters that run this benighted dump for their own ends, in the name of "god": a cunning ruse promoted to dupe credulous fools.

That's why I am here; I don't think there are gods and I never did; I scornfully spit in the face of all men and I laughingly spit in the face of your non-existent deities, from Anubis to Zeus. I arrogantly dare any of those fraudulent constructs to strike me dead before I can post this polemical essay. 

Oh well, so much for god; and for those so inclined, your contrived, conjectural, calligraphy strewn sophistries cannot stop me, only the ravages of unstoppable time, together with man-made knives, bullets or bombs can stop me - I await you, smiling, with nary a care - death comes to us all, and my unavoidable demise and coming non-existence does not frighten me in the least, unlike YOU, who so cares about your personal "importance" in this meaningless goddamned universe. Conversely, I scare you feckless, posturing, superstitious bastards to death - I KNOW exactly what man is, be you black, white or yellow, male or female, young or old - first and foremost, you are a self-interested, devious, cunning, talking animal with the average brainpower of a fucking dog; a greed driven, bare-faced liar and two-faced hypocrite unworthy of the respect given to common cockroaches. Yeah, you don't like that. Ask me if I care; I don't give a fuck what you think, and I never did.

Moving on, by employing the Hegelian dialectic, sharpened by the atavistic, defining lens of Protagoras and the focusing lens of Marxian dialectal materialism, I KNOW that the Bill of Rights is a blatant tissue of fucking lies, written for credulous goddamned idiots, and that the US Constitution is a document better used as bathroom tissue than it is as a guidebook for anything, including masturbating in a basement, standing next to a hot coal furnace. Just look at the corrupt force of amoral elitists making up the US Federal and State Governments - who RULE YOU, in the name of "freedom". Open your goddamned eyes, the criminals running this place have their own rules, much different than the rules for you, and usually when the hapless, deluded serf discovers this fact, they are either under arrest or in prison. 

They, our esteemed "betters", like Louis XVI or Czar Nicholas, are allowed to bilk you, extorting funds that you WORKED for in the form of taxes, so they can live like KINGS over you. They are permitted to make millions of dollars via insider trading, you are not, and can be fined and imprisoned for doing so, unlike THEM. They are permitted to have and use automatic firearms at their pleasure, you are not allowed to possess or use such weapons, or you will be jailed for decades, in the name of the law. They are allowed to steal from you and confiscate your property at their whim; you can do nothing about it, while they laugh at you, and tell you how "free" you are. They are allowed to employ enforcers; armed, sanctioned, jackbooted thugs who break into your home, and quarter theirselves within, breaking your jaw or worse if you get in their way. Using their thugs, commonly called pigs, they are allowed to kill you and anyone else who gets in their way, for resisting their agenda. 

Isn't it nice to be free? Honestly, this nation would be better off ruled by the Mafia - with the likes of Al Capone or Dutch Schultz as "president" - at least with them, you knew what you were in for from the beginning.

This polemical essay will conclusively prove to the reader that the Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution is a goddamned, motherfucking lie, just like the preceding three Amendments; little more than contrived sophistry written on parchment, by employing recorded historical occurrences as proof of the assertion. Whether mendaciousness was the intention of Madison, et al, remains to be seen, but whatever their intentions were, noble or not, history has proven that the first three Amendments are indeed lies, and it therefore naturally fallows that the remainder of the Amendments are lies, especially the first Ten Amendments, known as the "Bill of Rights".

Presented below, the text of the Fourth Amendment.


The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

This Amendment seems to be cogently written and promises a lot; too bad that it is, in reality, a lie, just like like all those "treaties" made by the United States with those gullible "dumb Injuns" in the Nineteenth Century. In addition, this Amendment has been "incorporated" against the States by the Warren Court in 1961, which supposedly means that the various States must adhere to the specifications of the Fourth Amendment, as does the Federal Government, which neither do - by employing legalistic trickery like "interpretation". Before 1961, the pigs were able to break down your door, seize whatever the hell they wanted, and then arrest you if any of the items seized were deemed "illegal". Now they supposedly cannot employ such methods, but they've figured out a cunning way around that small obstruction, by obtaining warrants based on nebulous, or even fraudulent, evidence. If they want you - Federal or State, they will get you, in any way and every way they can  - and there is nothing that you can do about it.

The following links will inform the reader about the legalistic legerdemain that the Supreme Court used for nearly a century to keep the "rights" of the citizen/serfs in check. Prior to Twentieth Century "incorporation" of select parts of the Bill of Rights, individual States were, in effect, fiefdoms that suppressed rights and supposed "liberties". They still do, of course, but on paper, it is stated that we have "rights" - which I have proven and shall continue to prove as nothing but lies.

The above link is the first record of the Supreme Court boldly stating that the Bill of Rights did not apply to the States. Before that, I assume that they may have applied to the States, or may not have applied to the States - who the fuck knows? I wager James Madison wasn't half as smart as he thought he was, considering the glaring loophole in Article One of the Constitution that was so easily exploited by the Supreme Court; hell, by that time he was probably senile anyway. Honestly, if the Supreme Court decision of 1833 is in fact true, why did the States ratify such inapplicable nonsense - possibly to keep the Federal Government off their backs? That's one explanation, but I seriously doubt they were that sophisticated - to actually foresee the future of the nation with unbridled growth of Federal power, to this day? 

Hardly; most of the folks in those days were either traditional country lawyers with bad teeth, or smelly, toothless, drunken shithouse philosophers with magna cum laude degrees from the school of hard knocks, but when compared to the manicured, cap-toothed, cunning rhetorician savants running the States today, I concede they were absolute geniuses. They, at least, for the most part, had some idea of what "justice" is supposed to be, unlike those amoral, elected hedonists living today, who live only for themselves, and will "legally" annihilate anyone that gets in their way. Further, based on SCOTUS precedents, why do some selected "rights" from the Bill of Rights apply to the States now, but others still do not? Weren't they all given by "god" whatever that is, or may be, and thus are "inalienable" rights?

No, our "rights" are a crock of shit, dependent on the whims of those in POWER, that's what they are.

This above link illustrates the "evolution of interpretation" with regard to the Bill of Rights applying to the States, proving that the talking apes called man are mostly composed of feckless idiots, with a smaller group of cunning scoundrels; the Supreme Court having been charged with defining and "legally codifying" the obvious intentions of the framers of the Constitution. Some may take issue with my usage of "obvious" - then why in the hell do most, but not all, Amendments of the Bill of Rights apply to the States today?

This above link plainly shows that the Fourth Amendment was only so much contrived horseshit, until 1961. It still is horseshit for the most part, but the Fourth Amendment is now considered "legally incorporated" against the States, by judicial edict, which in reality doesn't mean a goddamn thing, at least no more than waving a "magic wand" does.

Regarding the "Bill of Rights":

Looking at the situation critically, if the race of man, particularly those individuals called Americans, are "endowed" with "inalienable rights" given by some sort of god, then why did man, in the form of James Madison, have to conceive of such "rights" and put them down on paper? Then, why did people, consolidated into the form of "a State", have to "ratify" such "god-given" rights first, and then charge a group of judges, in the form of man, to "interpret them" afterward, and then have another group of judges "incorporate" them later against the very States that ratified them in the first place? Conversely, what of other "rights" not ratified, as in rejected Amendments originally in the Bill of Rights? Were they not given by a god too? Further, if god exists, how can, and how DO the people decide what "god" has already endowed them with?

Yeah, that may be hard to understand, so I will reduce the sophistry above to GLARING REALITY.

I'll tell you how, easily - our "rights" are contrivances, little more than mental constructs springing from the mind of man, and they have nothing at all to do with god, even if such a being exists, which, judging from the available evidence, does not. I submit that rights are given by man; they can be, and are, rescinded by man, history is replete with examples, from Hammurabi to Barack Obama. If rights were inalienable, and given by a god, they could not be taken away by man via proclamation, force or coercion, as they would be inherent and immutable, forever, guaranteed by "god". It is therefore easy to recognize the idea of god having given man rights as nothing but rhetorical sophistry for credulous idiots. Further, not one religious text that I have ever read, from the Bible, to the Koran, to the Baghavad-Gita, along with lesser known religious texts like the Avesta, state anywhere that the race of man, in any form, has "inalienable rights" of any type.

Please consult the above links if you like, and consult other sources for verification; in reality, you have no fucking rights and you never did, only privileges at best, and then only in select circumstances, decided by your betters who rule over you.

I hate being repetitive, but a classic example of an individual having no rights is the now deceased Jose Guerena, noted in the preceding polemical essay, and an earlier essay that I wrote in May 2011:

Reiterating, Mr.Guerena was an Arizonan spic ex-Marine with no criminal record, who was minding his own goddamned business, sleeping in his own goddamned home, when jackbooted pigs burst in on he and his family, on 5 May 2011, killing him in the name of freedom, apple pie and bald eagles. His killers had obtained a "search warrant" based on fraudulent "evidence" that he was a "drug dealer", you see. He wasn't a drug dealer, and Guerena's Fourth Amendment rights meant nothing at all, neither did any of his other supposed rights - especially since he's DEAD, courtesy of "our heroes", the pigs. I submit, considering the circumstances, that it is reasonable to view the search of his residence as rather "unreasonable", to say the least. 

For the record, two of his siblings were in fact "drug dealers", but Jose Guerena was NOT a drug dealer, nor was there any reason to suspect that he was a drug dealer. You see, the "birds of a feather" excuse to defend the pigs will make no headway with me, as I only deal with the facts of the case.

If you don't like that, tough, close the fucking page; I won't give a shit.

I will again post links about this atrocious incident, for reference:

Here's a pile of articles on Jose Guerena, a man slaughtered in his own house for no fucking reason at all:

Again, if you don't like those links, just look elsewhere - left or right leaning, you will find the SAME irrefutable data at sites all over the Internet.

In the next example, citing ancient history, we have a little known rum-runner from Georgia, Mr. Mitch Miller, who made money by selling moonshine. Unfortunately for Miller, not only did he violate silly laws in place against distilling booze, he didn't pay his taxes on the hooch that he distilled and sold. Enter the greedy Federal Government, in the form of the Treasury Department's Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms. On 18 December 1972, a pig from the Houston County sheriff's office stopped a truck carrying contraband supplies for the manufacture of illegal alcohol. One thing led to another and the ATF presented subpoenas to a bank for Miller's records and transaction statements. The bank complied, and for years, Mr. Miller and his lawyer fought against (attempted to suppress) the records being presented in court as a violation of the Fourth Amendment's supposed protections against the seizure of "private papers", and as such, the records were unrelated to his arrest for making and selling untaxed booze.

A lower court agreed with Mr. Miller, and the case was appealed by the prosecution to the highest rubber-stamp, kangaroo court in the land, the Supreme Court of the United States of America, AKA "SCOTUS", an entity famous for restricting the liberties of the people to benefit the ever growing, power grabbing Federal Government and its disgusting coterie of elitist gangsters who don't like the idea of anyone competing with their racket. In a majority decision, on 21 April 1976, Mitch Miller was fucked and his non-existent Fourth Amendment right negated, by six robed hypocrites who blithely stated that Miller's bank records were not his "private papers", but were "business records" held by the bank, in a stunning example of rhetorical semantics. 

You see, anything can be defined variably, as man is the measure of all things, based on fact or opinion; e.g., liquid nitrogen is "hot", when compared to liquid helium, even when both are rather cold when compared to metallic mercury at room temperature, or even frigid when compared to molten pig iron sitting in an old Bessemer converter - whereas, in the relations of man, it is "good" to kill the "enemy", but "bad" to kill the "innocent", using either a political or religious prism to make the value judgement. You know - one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter, and so forth. Yeah, it's all a bunch of shit - get over it, or become a politician.

Curiously, in United States vs Miller, 425 U.S. 435 (1976), we see a prescient employment of the whoremonger William J. Clinton's method of "variable meaning", or perhaps more accurately, "variable definition". Oh well, so much for the "right" to be secure in your fucking "papers", I guess, one day I expect the Supreme Court to define reagent strength nitric acid as "water", due to both being clear, and delineate RTV silicone as "toothpaste" due to both being contained and dispensed from squeezable plastic tubes.

Here are two links to the above case, you may find them interesting:

Moving to a contemporary example of Fourth Amendment violations by badged privateers, we have the dreadful case involving Mr. Joseph Milcarek, 71, and his wife Mary Catherine, 67, of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It seems that their son, Joseph Milcarek, Jr., 45, on 4 February 2012, was allegedly driving around in a vehicle with a suspended registration, and was collared for such by the fuzz. While a pig named David Sisak was checking Milcarek's information, he found that Milcarek, Jr was a defendant in a "protection from abuse" proceeding. Strangely, the woman who was supposedly "protected from abuse" by Milcarek was a passenger in Milcarek's vehicle, but I guess that's another story; logic and practical information don't seem to apply to planet Earth and its billions of delusional, talking apes.

Going into full "pig" mode, automaton Sisak found a lone shotgun shell sitting in the vehicle, and immediately arrested Mr. Milcarek for "violating" the PFA statute. It seems that possessing firearms or ammunition for PFA defendants is "illegal" in Pennsylvania - so much for the worthless Second Amendment, another "right" not worth the moldy parchment it is written on.

Adding insult to injury, determined jackbooted thug Sisak obtained a search warrant for the address on the license, which was the home of Milcarek's parents, and even after being told by various neighbors that Milcarek, Junior did not live at the residence beforehand, broke down the rear door of Milcarek, Senior's home, destroying it, and destroyed other items in their domicile during their search for "evidence", apparently without finding any firearms, all in the name of "freedom", "justice", and the "American Way". The pigs did leave the broken door leaning against the destroyed jamb, apparently to "rub it in" in the name of freedom, having flexed their mighty porcine muscles for all to see.

Below are independent articles regarding the above case. Please, don't believe one fucking word that I've said, in this, or any other essay I have written. NEVER believe ANYTHING you read unless you can VERIFY the data; for I could be lying to you, for whatever reason, e.g., a personal agenda not revealed on this blog. I could be a lying commie "Russki" posting disinformation, or a far right employee of the "Koch brothers", or even a paid blogger posting for nigger Obama and George Soros, though I doubt that the nigger jackanapes would pay me to call him a nigger jackanapes, which he is, let alone pay for all the other shit I've written here, but, considering his Machiavellian, false flag tactics, who the fuck knows?

That stated, look and THINK for yourself, read and digest links pertaining to the case:

Here are links to the lawsuit:

It seems that duly sworn Pittsburgh pig David Sisak doesn't like shitskinned jungle bunnies either, and enjoys beating on them:

"Officer" Sisak being SUED for it, as of this writing, along with being sued by Mr. and Mrs. Milcarek, for being a self-convinced, jackbooted pig who has no consideration for the supposed rights of other individuals. You see, being a banana-lipped jig is NOT a criminal offense, unless you are a Klansman, and the last time I looked, Klansmen were not duly sworn officers of the State.

Now I shall address an even more insidious example of Fourth Amendment violations by "Big Brother", in the form of the National Security Agency, or NSA, an "information gathering unit" of the Federal Government, created by an asshole named Harry S. Truman. I'm sure those overpaid cocksuckers have a dossier a mile thick on my ancient ass, probably filed under "unpatriotic dissenting crackpot" or other such puerile nomenclature.

Try refuting what I have written, paid government pricks, I wager you cannot, unless you reformulate the English language into nebulous Orwellian Newspeak, and then convince 1.5 billion speakers of English that my humble, UNPAID words are lies, using semantical rhetoric. 

Anyway, those obsessed, paranoid NSA bastards are, at this very moment, allowed and sanctioned by the United States Federal Government to conduct "domestic surveillance" on US citizens without a warrant, which was promoted by the simpering, empty-eyed idiot, George W. Bush, who isn't half the idiot he appears to be. You see, he passed the "USA Patriot Act" on 23 October 2001, as a measure to turn the United States into a JAIL, using his "Homeland Security" apparatus created by he and Congress on 25 November 2002. One can be sure he was trained well by his asshole father, George H. W. Bush, former DIRECTOR of the CIA, and later President of the United States. 

Jingoistic American morons, Democrat and Republican, politician, pundit, and media drone, cried and still cry foul when Yuri Andropov and Vladimir Putin, both alumni of the KGB, became leaders, the former as General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, and the latter as President of its political descendant, Russia..Why? Because the fucking hypocrites running the United States wear "white hats" and are so much "better" than the rest of the planet, that's why! I don't really see one fucking bit of difference between the CIA and the KGB, both used the same methods and achieved the same results, except that the latter may have been, at least, less corrupt.

Now, with those laws in place, the NSA is allowed to record your telephone conversations, hack into your computers, and steal whatever information they want, without a WARRANT, as is specified in the Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution. Who knows what the FBI is doing, let alone the CIA. Remember, drone, they are your "friends" -  who are paid with your tax dollars to facilitate your "best interests". With friends like the preceding, who the fuck needs enemies?

Read these, then seek out other sites for verification:

Here are links with regard to Bush's "Patriot Act" and "Homeland Security":

Here are more examples of the wonderful, free country you live in, where pigs BRIBE you to surrender your personal privacy:

Wonderful country we live in, isn't it? Authorities, in the form of pigs, can do whatever they want, whenever they want, our "rights" have no validity or meaning, the nation is run by elitist megalomaniacs who will harass, accuse, jail and even kill people to achieve their aims, with all of it wrapped up in "Old Glory" - a flag that is just as useless as the worthless Constitution it supposedly represents. No wonder that I couldn't care less if people burn the US flag, as it now represents NOTHING, other than TYRANNY.

Please remember, reader, that my "inviolable" Fourth Amendment rights were violated too, by pigs, when they arrested me decades ago for the "crime" of possessing my MONEY, that I EARNED FROM MY LABORS, repairing broken electronics for customers, PIGS slamming me against the left quarter panel of my long gone, former old junker sedan, hard enough to dent it, using my body to dent it with. Then they rummaged through my old junker and stole a toolbox full of MY tools, in the name of freedom. I used to be a "patriotic" voting citizen, until they made me their intransigent ENEMY for all time, using their pigs. I now despise all of them, and I hope to live to see them annihilated; I couldn't care less as to how it happens, as long as they are eliminated, using whatever means necessary to accomplish the task.

I again say that your "rights" are a goddamned, motherfucking LIE - try proving me wrong. Not one individual has as of yet, though one delusional freak has tried to claim that I am "Legion", a minion of the mythical Satan, the lesser god of Jews, Christians, and Muslims. Really, folks, if I am Legion, what can silly mortals do to defeat me and my position? Go ahead, destroy me here f you can, by invoking your gods. I'll just reappear elsewhere, like I already have, it's as simple as that, if such as your puerile superstition is true. Your pathetic invocations cannot stop me, try as you will.

I'll even tell you what can defeat my words - NOTHING. Curse me if you want - I simply employ your OWN idiotic words against you, and I laugh in your feckless faces, like a goddamned jackal, and there is nothing that you can do about it. Try praying to your god; a few have even tried to contact Google; nothing has been done; I've sat here for six fucking years, mocking all that you consider "dear", and I will continue to do so.

Just wait until I utterly demolish the silly Fifth Amendment, before your very eyes, it is yet another motherfucking LIE for credulous drones. I will employ American historical precedent, case law, and contemporary examples to prove my position, and I dare anyone to try to refute it.

With a cynical nod to my vanished friend "Anonymous", I AM BECOME LEGION: for we are MANY, and are DESTROYERS of WORLDS.